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Some of the webpages which have links to  www.electroherbalism.com.

Psychotherapy, Psychology and Psychophysiology

Royal Rife Technologies Homepage - James Bare's website.  His book, "Resonant Frequency Therapy, Building the Rife Beam Ray Device," is available here.

Papercut Suicide - Digital Art, Fractal Music, Sonic Alchemy and Brainwave Entrainment Info

DFE Research Network -  Information on Rife-Bare research and complementary health and nutrition plus info on DIY rife, an excellent list of links to suppliers of Rife components, and microscope information.  Nina Silver's Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing is available for sale on this site, too.

Kelly Research Technologies invented the BETAR sound relaxation system plus offers radionic analyzers, systems, and accessories as well as E.L.F. generators which produce the Schumann resonance waveform..

Brainwave Frequency Listing Bibliography

complementary Health Approaches Forum



Vibrant Health Rife

Rife-Bare, Rife, Cancer and Hepatitis-C Information

The Rife Forum


Paul R West.com

Borderlands Link File

Cancer CureZone

Burisch Internet Sites

complementary Energy Healing


LEC Natural Healing Solutions

Raw Living Foods

IP Research - Magnetic Field Therapy

Rife Centre Christchurch, NZ

Pacific Health Products

Tesla Motors

Tadej Spletne Objave




FutureTech Today

Lyme Disease and Rife Machines


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