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Electroherbalism Home Page
Electroherbalism Home Page
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Electroherbalism Site Map
Electroherbalism Affiliates and Sponsors
Electroherbalism Introduction and Warnings
Electroherbalism Site Map
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Links to Informative complementary Health Websites
Bioelectronics/ 1 pages
FrequenciesandAnecdotes/ 19 pages
Electroherbalism Frequencies and Anecdotes
CAFL - The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List
NCFL - The Non-Consolidated Frequency List
The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists Book
Rife Frequency Reports
Brainwave Frequency List
Introduction to the Electroherbalism Frequency Lists
Cross Reference List of CAFL Frequencies - CAFL XREF
Hulda Clark Frequencies
Rife MORs
CAFL F-Scan 2 Frequencies Mystery.pdf
Frequencies and Wavelengths of Musical Notes
Harmonics and Heterodyning of Frequencies
Frequency Session Tools and Charts
Anecdotes/ 5 pages
Frequency Anecdotes
Rife Frequency Anecdotes 1997 - 1998
Rife Frequency Anecdotes 1999 - 2000
Rife Frequency Anecdotes 2001 - 2002
Rife Frequency Anecdotes 2003 - 2004
F100/ 1 pages
Atelier Robin Function Generators
JB_Harmonics/ 4 pages
electroherbalism Our Frequencies.pdf Instructions.pdf
HuldaClark/ 7 pages
Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Zapper Tips
Hulda Clark - Who is Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Syncrometer Notes and Instructions
The Cure for all Diseases
IntroductiontoBioelectronics/ 7 pages
Introduction to Bioelectronics
Recommendations for those who want to explore Bioelectronic devices
Bioelectronic Therapies
Zappers and Other Gizmos
Electrical and Frequency Effects on Pathogens
Plasma, Pad, and Related Devices
OtherBioelectronics/ 5 pages
Misc Bioelectronics
Homemade Colloidal Silver Generator
Albert Abrams
HIV Electrotherapy
EMEM Devices
RifeBare/ 5 pages
Rife and Rife-Bare Generators
Introduction to Rife-Bare Devices
Royal Rife Biography
Morris Fishbein, AMA Enemyof American Health
Resonant Light PERL
RifeBareTechNotes/ 22 pages
Rife-Bare Tech Notes
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Is Your Rife-Bare Device Working?
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Operating Notes
Rife Bare Tech Notes CB Mods
Rife Bare Tech Notes RF Chokes
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Construction and Position Notes
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Function Generators
Rife Bare Tech Notes > ISMl Carrier Frequencies
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Power Supplies
Rife Bare Tech Notes > RF Exposure Limits
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Rife Theory
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Transmission Lines
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Troubleshooting
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Tube Conditioning
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Tube Lighting
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Tubes
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Tube Wrapping
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Tuners
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Tuning
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Wire Lengths
Rife Bare Tech Notes > Young-Wormus CB Mods
Tesla/ 5 pages
Nikola Tesla
Introduction to Tesla
The Violet Ray
Tesla versus Edison
Tesla - The Greatest Hacker of all Time
ASTROD/ 6 pages
Tesla > ASTROD
Tesla > ASTROD > Capacitor Variations
Tesla > ASTROD > Circuit Construction
Tesla > ASTROD > Saltwater Capacitor Construction
Tesla > ASTROD > Spark Gaps
Tesla > ASTROD > Usage Notes
Naturopathy/ 2 pages
Naturopathic Regimens and Therapies Index
Self Education Tips for Naturopathy, Bioelectronics, and Other Alternatibe Health Topics
MiscAltHealthTopics/ 6 pages
Miscellaneous complementary Health Topics
Ozone Therapies
The VitaMix Blender / Juicer
Autoimmune Disorders
Ozone is Not Smog
Parasites/ 7 pages
Misc Alt Health Topics > Parasites
Parasites > Conventional Diagnosis of Parasites
Parasites > Do Parasites Rule the World?
Parasites > Fish and Parasites
Parasites > Gunn's Domestic Medicine historical article on Worms
Parasites > Historic Tapeworm Article from 1887 Universal Formulary
Parasites > Gross Parasite Pictures and Videos
Recipes_and_Formulas/ 14 pages
Recipes and Formulas
Cultured Cabbage Juice and Recipe
Date Nut Protein Bar Recipe
Garlic Syrup Recipe
Glyconutrient Recipes
Basic Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing Recipe
Salad Dressing Recipes from Rainwater Ranch
Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Recipe
Herbal Stick Deodorant Recipe
Ghee Recipe
Kefir Recipe and How to Use it
Quark Recipe
B Vitamins Recipe
Toothpaste Recipe
Regimens/ 69 pages
complementary Health Regimens
Liver Cleanse Regimen
Kidney Cleanse Regimen
Enzyme Therapy
General Maintenance Regimen
Antibacterial General Regimen
Antifungal General Regimen
General Parasite Regimen
Antiviral General Regimen
Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease Regimen
Acne Regimen
ADD ADHD Regimen
Age Sun Spot Regimen
Allergies and Sinus Congestion Regimen
Alzheimer's Regimen
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Regimen
Hypertension, Angina, and other Heart and Circulation Disorders
Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Disorders Regimen
Arthritis Regimen
Asthma Regimen
Backache Regimen
pH Balancing Regimen
BPH Regimen
Cancer Regimen
Skin Cancer Regimen
Macular Degeneration Regimen
Cholesterol and Triglycerides Regimen
IBS and Crohn's Regimen
CFS Regimen
Cold Regimen
Detox Reaction Regimen
Diabetes Regimen
Digestion Regimen
Psoriasis and Eczema Regimen
Endometriosis Regimen
Epilepsy Regimen
Seizures Regimen
Lipoma Regimen
Fibrocystic Breast Disease Regimen
Uterine Fibroids Regimen
Flu Regimen
Gout Regimen
Head Lice Regimen
Hepatitis Regimen
Herpes Regimen
Libido Regimen
Liver Flush Regimen
Lupus Regimen
Lyme Regimen
Malaria Regimen
Menopause Regimen
Migraine Headaches Regimen
Multiple Sclerosis Regimen
Muscular Dystrophy Regimen
Weight Loss Regimen
Pain General Regimen
Parkinson's Disease Regimen
Pregnancy Regimen
Prevaccination Regimen
Restless Legs Regimen
Scabies Regimen
Sciatica Regimen
Sinus Infection Regimen
Snoring Regimen
Stress Regimen
Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Regimen
Vitiligo Regimen
Sinus Congestion Regimen
Therapies/ 1 pages
complementary Therapies
Diet/ 10 pages
Diet Suggestions
Atkin's Diet
Eat Right 4 Your Type
Eat Right 4 Your Type Food Chart
The Zone Diet
Hulda Clark's Diet Suggestions
Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism
The Metabolic Typing Diet
Orthoexia Nervosa
Cultured Cabbage Juice and Recipe
FatsandOils/ 4 pages
Castor Oil - Natural Protection from Deadly Viruses
Fats and Oils
Introduction to Fats and Oils
Possible Problems with Canola Oil
Soy/ 4 pages
Soy and Problems with Soy
Newest Research On Why You Should Avoid Soy
Problems with Soy
The Shadow of Soy
MiscTherapies/ 10 pages
The Water Cure
complementary Bioelectronic Therapies
Sauna Therapy
Inclined Bed Therapy
Hot and Cold Water Immersion
Sinus Irrigation - Nasal Washes and Nasal Dips
Straight Line Back Stretching
Hemingway Rum Treatment
Camping and Backpacking Essentials
Supplements/ 8 pages
Favorite Supplements
Supplements 101 - Taking Supplements
General Maintenance Supplements
One Supplement Remedies
Popular Supplement Brands and the best places to buy them.
Supplement Warnings
Mineral Ascorbates
EFAs/ 1 pages
Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Supplements
Herbs/ 7 pages
Electroherbalism's Favorite Herbs
Taking Herbs During Pregnancy
The Kitchen Herbalist
Simpling with Herbs
Safety Guidelines for Herbs
Favorite Herb Remedies
Minerals/ 5 pages
Mineral Supplements
Mineral and Multimineral Supplements
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Minerals
Vitamins/ 3 pages
Supplements > Vitamins
Vitamin E and Mixed Tocopherols
VitaminC/ 9 pages
Vitamin C
AHA Attack on Vitamin C
Dr. Cathcart on High Dose Vitamin C Therapy
Does Vitamin C Cause DNA Damage?
Linus Pauling lectures on Vitamin C and Heart Disease
Dr. Zoltan Rona on Vitamin C
Unified Theory of Heart Disease by Pauling and Rath
Vitamin C and Allergy Treatment
Vitamin C, Arteries, and other Connective Tissues
ToxinAvoidance/ 13 pages
Toxin Avoidance
Toxin Free Body Care
Non-Toxic Cosmetics and Hair Care
Toxin Free Food Suggestions
Toxic Solvent Avoidance
Dust Avoidance in the Home
Harmful Fibers Avoidance in the Home
Home Solvents and Toxic Mold Avoidance
Reducing Toxin Exposure from Household Cleaners
Non Toxic Insect Control and Yard Care
Introduction to Toxin Avoidance
Toxic Metal Avoidance
Toxins in Supplements
BodyCare/ 1 pages
Toxin Free Sunscreens