Rife-Bare Tech Notes

These are mostly posts which were made to the Rife listservers in the mid to late 1990s on building and operating Rife-Bare devices. They are primarily on construction topics but also include information on Operation, Usage, and Theory. They may be helpful for those building or restoring a Rife-Bare device with older model components, for those who want more in-depth knowledge of the device, and for historical purposes. Most from before 1999, so outdated since many new components are now available, but there is still much useful info. Since there are now reliable commercial builders of Rife devices such as Resonant Light and Vibrant Health, most people no longer build their own device. Doing so can save a lot of money but since the devices are so fickle and often appear to work fine but have no effects if the slightest mistake is made, most people buy a professional unit these days.

CB Mods (also see Young Wormus CB Mods file below)


Construction and Position Notes This is a big file which contains many of the early notes on all these topics in one file. Obsolete since most of the information has been incorporated into the other files.

Function Generators

Grounding Components

Is Your Bare-Rife Working?

ISM Carrier Freqs

Operating Notes

Power Supplies

RF Exposure Limits

Rife Theory

Transmission Lines


Tube Conditioning

Tube Lighting

Tube Wrapping




Wire Lengths

Young Wormus CB Mods