Therapies - Contains sections on diet, toxins, cleansing, and supplements including herbs, minerals, and vitamins, plus miscellaneous other therapies including the Water Cure, enzyme therapy, bioelectronics, sauna, inclined bed therapy, homeopathy, water therapies, nasal washes, castor oil, and back stretching, among others. Many are specified as recommendations in the Regimens section below.

Regimens for Various Maladies - Specific recommendations for many health problems.

Miscellaneous Alt Health Topics - Complementary health information on Parasites, Ozone, the Vita-Mix and other topics.

Self-Education Tips - So, you want to be an amateur naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, complementary bio-electro-therapist, etc? Subtitled, "So, Where'd You Learn all this Stuff?"

The Cure for all Diseases (PDF Download) - A complete reprint of Hulda Clark's book which discusses many different illnesses and their complementary treatments.

Recipes and Formulas - Includes recipes for glyconutrient mixes, ghee, vinaigrettes, cultured cabbage juice, B vitamins, kefir, quark, protein bars, and others.


Death by Medicine

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