Introduction to Bioelectronics - Includes the articles Bioelectronic Therapies, Zappers and Other Gizmos, Electrical and Frequency Effects on Pathogens, Introduction to Rife Bare, Recommendations for those who want to explore bioelectronics, and more.

Frequencies and Anecdotes - Includes the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL), Non-Consolidated Frequency List (NCFL), Anecdotes, Reports, Atelier Robin function generator files, TrueRife Frequency Files, Normalizing and Stimulating Frequency List, F-Scan Frequency Files, James Bare's Harmonic Associations, Hulda Clark Scalar Frequency Files, Brainwave Frequency Listing, and more.

Rife-Bare - Information on Rife-Bare plasma tube generators including an Introduction to Rife Bare, a biography of Royal Rife, an article on Morris Fishbein, an article on the Resonant Light PERL, plus many Technical Notes and Links.

Hulda Clark - Includes Zapper Tips, Who is Hulda Clark, Syncrometer Notes, a reprint of The Cure for all Diseases and Links to information on Hulda modalities.

Tesla - Includes an Introduction to Tesla, a Violet Ray section, Tesla versus Edison, and the ASTROD, an easy to build Tesla spark-gap device.

Other Bioelectronics - Includes articles and links to sites on Homemade DIY Colloidal Silver, Beck, EMEMs, Abrams, Lakovsky, HIV Electrotherapy, and more.


The Electroherbalism Listserver has been online since 2002. It is a Yahoogroup which discusses complementary health issues, bioelectronic devices, and alternative therapies. Sign up by sending a note to electroherbalism-subscribe@yahoogroups.comor visit

Peter Walker hosts the Rife Europe site which contains many historical and research Rife papers and also conducts the Rife Forum and mailing list.

James Bare designed and holds the patent on the Rife-Bare device and is the primary researcher in this field. His construction manual is offered for sale on this page. Bare also owns the Plasma Sonics company which sells components for constructing a Rife-Bare device oneself.

Resonant Light Technology is the oldest manufacturer of professionally built Rife-Bare units. They feature the Phorle model PERL which was rated as a Class II medical device in Canada. Resonant Light is an ISO certified company. Edna Tunney is the owner and president. sells programmable parasite zappers, F-scans, plasma tube devices, magnetotherapy devices, and a RamaLoop which can be connected to any zapper or function generator to run it wirelessly. Their premier product is the Quantum Harmony which is a wireless frequency generator to eliminate pathogens in the body based on Rife, Tesla and Hulda Clark research. This state-of-The-Art device is also able to harmonize the whole organism.

ERI Medical provides a new class of bioelectronic devices which perform screening and cross-platform treatment of diseases.

Vibrant Health specializes in building high-powered, high frequency Rife-Bare devices, the latest model being the IR/BPT-500. David Trebing is the owner and president of Vibrant Health.