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Electroherbalism's Golden Brands of Supplements and Bodycare products

The following brands are recommended by Electroherbalism when supplements are used on a long-term basis. This is a subset of the Supplement Brands page, which contains almost all of the products listed by Electroherbalism for various purposes. Golden Brands are those who make all or almost all of their supplements and healthcare products without potentially toxic extractants or otherwise make an effort at using no petrochemicals in their manufacturing process. See Toxins in Supplements for more information. Note the small number of brands recommended. It is expensive to make supplements without, in particular, toxic extractants, making them usually priced more and less competitive with other brands that have no qualms in using petrochemicals and other toxins. Add to this the fact that it is almost, if no completely, impossible to find something like a multivitamin that is made with toxic extractants since there are no manufacturers that produce these types of ingredients that are used by supplement manufacturers. Note that the supplement manufacturers below do not carry any multivitamins, or multiminerals for that matter.

Golden Brands are the best for long term use. Other brands are typically fine for using up to a few months at a time, and there are plenty of individual products in these brands which are not produced with toxins. Also, just because a brand name is not on the Golden list does not mean that it is produced with toxic extractants. In the mid 1990's I spoke to Enzymatic Therapy supplement formulators who assured me that the only extractants they used were non-toxic ethyl alcohols. When I checked again in the late 1990's, I was told that their production process was proprietary and would not confirm if they used toxic extractants or not in their products. I would then assume that they had begun using them. Also, note that in general all non-extracted herb capsules are produced without toxins. Electroherbalism makes many recommendations for Nature's Way herbs in the Favorite Herbs section.

Golden Brands



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