Vitamins- Includes sections on Multivitamins and other vitamin supplements.

Minerals - Includes sections on Multiminerals and other mineral supplements.

Essential fatty acid supplements- information on EFA supplements including omega 3 oils like fish oil (EPA) and flax oil, plus omega 6 oils like GLA, and others.

Herbs - Descriptions of many of Electroherbalism's most often recommended herbs including the Favorite Herbs section.

Supplements 101- General notes on taking supplements..

General Maintenance Supplements - Sometimes just using general maintenance supplements to ensure 100% RDA of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids are helpful to ensure health and combat many different maladies.

Favorite Combination Supplements - Short descriptions of some the combination products recommended most often by Electroherbalism.There is also a Favorite Herbs page in the Herb section.

Popular Supplement Brands

Mineral Ascorbates - A description and explanation of some of the more popular mineral ascorbates products like Emergen-C and Ester-C

Toxins in Supplements details a problem of the health supplement industry and gives recommendations of supplements that may be safer to use long term if this is a concern.

Supplement Warnings Some supplements, including some recommended for short term use by Electroherbalism, should not be taken in large amounts and/or long term. Also see Herb Safety Guidelines in the Herbs section.

Single Supplement Remedies A collection of anecdotes of what may be economical remedies for some problems.