Pure Blood Formula

A strong remedy for cancer, the Pure Blood formula contains mostly echinacea (an immune booster) and chaparral, the "creosote" bush, a strong antiseptic herb. While this is a good blood cleanser, it would be best to also use silymarin (1 capsule per day) while using the Pure Blood Formula to protect the liver. Although it contains cascara sagrada, a laxative, it is but a small amount and this is not a formula for colon cleansing,

Echinacea - 25%
Chaparral - 25%
Red Clover Blossoms - 6%
Cascara Sagrada - 3%
Kelp - 3%
Astragalus - 10%
Grifola - 6%
Ginseng (American) - 10%
Poria cocos (fu ling) - 4%
Licorice - 4%
Cayenne - 4%

The recommended serving is two "00" size capsules of a powder of the above formula taken three or four times daily, or if tolerable use as a tea 1 tsp. to 1 c. hot water - steep for about 10 - 15 minutes