Sunscreen and Deodorant Recipe: Zinc Oxide Lotion

Summary - Mix 170g (6oz) Bulk Apothecary Organic Lotion Base with 34g zinc oxide powder to make SPF 20 sunscreen or an effective zinc oxide deodorant.

This is a very easy to make formula with only two ingredients from Bulk Apothecary: Zinc Oxide Powder and Organic Lotion Base. It works well as a deodorant for most people, and is also an SPF 20 sunscreen that contains none of the usual potentially toxic chemicals in sunscreens, just the mechanical sunblock action of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide lotion can also be helpful for skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, diaper rash, acne, bug bites, fungal infections, and many others.

This makes a white lotion that fades once it is rubbed in but it can be applied thick and left white for the classic surfer/lifeguard white nose. For deodorant, only a pea-sized amount is necessary for both pits, and as a sunsreen, it only requires a dime sized dollop per limb. It spreads very easily and since it's white when first applied, easy to avoid missing areas. Oh, did I mention the best part? It costs a pittance to make compared to the exhorbitant costs of most zinc oxide sunscreens, deodorants, and diaper creams.

The formula for SPF 20 sunscreen as well as a good ratio for deodorant is use a 5:1 ratio of lotion to zinc oxide powder by weight. Consider getting a kitchen scale which is accurate to the gram. A high quality one can be purchased on ebay as can 8oz LDPE bottles to dispense the product.

An easy way to calculate the weight is to multiply the amount of lotion, in this case 6oz or 170g, by 0.20 to yield 34g zinc oxide powder. Heat the lotion on the lowest heat in a pan or on a double boiler on the stove, enough to warm and thin it a bit. Sprinkle in the zinc oxide powder slowly while using a small whisk to ensure that no lumps occur. Once it is completely mixed and perfectly smooth, dispense into 8oz squeeze bottle. Shake before use if it sits out in the sun for long.

The pound of zinc oxide powder is enough to make about 12 bottles of this formula. 12 bottles would require 72 oz of lotion. The lotion can also be used plain as a good non-greasy moisturizer and skin conditioner. Zinc oxide can also be used plain as a foot or body powder.