Antiviral General Regimen

Summary: Use high dose vitamin C, oregano oil, olive leaf extract and echinacea. Follow The Water Cure and use Colloidal Silver if necessary. If a single combination product will be used, the best choice is probably NutriBiotic Defense Plus, a grapefruit seed extract with echinacea and other ingredients.

Echinacea should be used in high dose as soon as possible at the onset of an acute illness. Echinacea helps stop viruses from spreading by increasing the resistance of cells to virus penetration. It should be taken at triple recommended as soon as possible for the first day of the regimen. This would be 3 to 5g of the root or tops of a high quality product. For echinacea extracts, use 3 to 5 times the recommended serving size. Herb Pharm makes a good liquid echinacea extract, but the best is Gaia Echinacea Supreme Extra Strength. A warning regarding this Gaia product. One of the hallmarks of a good echinacea extract product is it temporarily numbs the tongue. A few drops of Gaia Echinacea Supreme Extra Strength taken straight can numb the entire throat, making it feel constricted and uncomfortable. Use it with care until one is used to this sensation, or mix it with a good deal of water before use.

Oregano oils such as North American Herb and Spice Oreganol are prediluted with olive or other carrier oil in about a 1:4 ratio (oregano oil to carrier oil). This type is used at 10 to 15 drops mixed in some water, juice, or vitamin C water three times or more per day.

Use Now Olive Leaf Extract, Gaia Olive Leaf, or other guaranteed potency extract as recommended up to double recommended.

If an acute condition is not improved 90% within 48 hours, increase vitamin C to very high or ultra dose, use at least double recommended of the oregano oil and olive leaf extract, perform The Water Cure, and use Colloidal Silver if available (1 tsp of 10ppm mixed in a cup of water 8 times per day). For this purpose, either pure ascorbic acid (like Now Ascorbic Acid Powder) or sodium ascorbate forms of vitamin C may be used. If an acute viral illness is known to be very serious, such as a deadly strain of flu, start with the ultra high dose vitamin C immediately, as much as 1 teaspoon per hour.

Although not usually recommend for acute illness, astragalus is often used for flu and other viral illnesses. It appears to stimulate immunity at a deep level, and is probably effective to help prevent viral infections. It can be simpled.

The top antiviral supplements as recommended by some books include elderberry extract, zinc, St. John's wort, and astragalus. Electroherbalism does consider elderberry extract as a good antiviral supplement when large servings are used, such as one or two ounces at a time of the most popular elderberry preparation. At this cost, though, it is not as economical as other good antivirals such as olive leaf, oregano oil, and vitamin C.

Zinc is also a good antiviral, and very economical, but causes stomach cramps in many people. 15mg is 100% RDA, and enough to cause cramps in some people. It is the ingredient which most often causes this problem in multivitamins. It certainly is a good supplement to use in moderate amounts as included in a multivitamin or other low-dose form to keep the immune system functioning properly.

St. John's wort is most often used to fight depression and other mental conditions, but is also a good antiviral. It is most effective when using the purified extract of hypericin in IV form, but products which are standardized for hypericin are still useful, at recommended dose, for chronic or severe acute viral illness. It should be used only as directed and not long term. Long term use can cause sensitivity to sunlight. For depression, see the Depression regimen.

Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments

CAFL - See the CAFL for specific types

TrueRife - Selected frequency sets in F100 format with comments

Viral Complex

#2 hours 57 minutes

#Viral Complex.frq

#Often times when we hear of illness it is categorized as a particular disease or pathogen by name. In reality, illness is often a complex of pathogens, some of which may be categorized as viral, others bacterial and still others as parasitical. The bodies immune system is constantly addressing all of these factors to maintain a balance of health.

#It is because of viral complex or the layering of pathogens that disease is often misdiagnosed and mistreated, and the illness may become chronic and systemic. Many look for the quick fix, the magic pill or specific treatment that will turn the tide, not realizing that just as the illness is a complex of pathogens, the solution may be a complex of protocols that addresses each layer to bring about resolution.

#Diet does play an important role in the battle against viral complex. Elevating pH levels alone to 7.0 or higher can eliminate an environment that supports over 140 diseases. Eliminating carbohydrates short term may also be necessary to starve out certain yeast infections. (Kicking the beast and then feeding it may not yield the desired results!)

#When it comes to using Rife Technology, one would want to research all the possible links to the disease or condition that they are battling, then begin running the programs systematically for weeks or months to burn out each layer of the condition. Along with these frequencies, other health protocols should be implemented to gain the maximum results.

#In looking at overall health, one may begin with parasite frequencies. Parasites have been determined by some researchers to be the underlying cause of many chronic as well as terminal conditions. Condtions such as arthritis, depression, lupus, and even some cancers have responded well to a parasite kill.

duty 71.5
pulse .5 80
dwell 180
converge .25 .0318309
10000 7344 5000 2950 2900 2650 2600 1550
430 620 624 646 866 5148 2213 1918 742.4 303
duty 20
23.2 20
duty 75
864 790 690 610 470 484 986 644 254
duty 20
30 33
duty 75
6000 599 611 613
pulse .21 75
2127, 2080, 2050, 2013, 2008,
2003, 2000, 1850, 880, 803,
800, 787, 727, 660, 484,
465, 440,
duty 25
duty 75
500 500 200, 68