IBS and Crohn's Regimen

Summary: For one week, completely avoid dairy products and wheat and follow Eat Right 4 Your Type and The Water Cure. If this does not solve the problem, use Eclectic Institute Para-Fight (formally known as Intestinal Support) (as directed), turmeric (1 to 2 capsules three times per day) and fennel seed (2 to 6 capsules three times per day or as many as required to completely alleviate symptoms).

Crohn's and IBS may be caused by a pathogen, such as a low grade infection of giardia or bacteria (the Para-Fight, fennel seeds, and turmeric addresses this), a food sensitivity (usually to wheat or dairy, or the bacteria in dairy) , and sometimes it may merely be caused by lack of water or nutrients like magnesium. If liver function is severely impaired to the point it is not providing digestive acids, this may also be a factor.

If food is not being digested, consider using enzymes like RenewLife Digestmore or Enzymatic Therapy Megazymes, 2 to 4 or more, at each meal.

Consuming unsterilized dairy products is a common cause of IBS and Crohn's. The bacteria, many of which are still present even after pasteurization, can multiply quickly when the digestive tract environment is favorable to them. There are some sterile milk products available like the Parmalat milk which is sold unrefrigerated. Foods which contain dairy which are baked or otherwise cooked thoroughly will also be sterilized. Besides the bacteria in dairy products, some people are allergic to the dairy products themselves. Wheat is probably the next most common food allergen for this problem. Some people are gluten intolerant and it can cause problems identical to IBS. Try a week without these foods and follow the Water Cure and see if the problem is solved. If not, it may be caused by an infection.

Sometimes, IBS and Crohn's, the constipative type, is merely caused by lack of water and the body struggles to extract every last bit from waste before it is expelled, causing cramps, spasms, and hard stools. In this case, merely following the Water Cure will often alleviate the problem in a short time, but a 1:1 ratio calcium magnesium supplement should also be used. Besides providing adequate water, the Water Cure specifies that salt be used, which is a mild antiseptic when taken only with water, and this can also provide benefit when pathogens are a problem.

Turmeric extract (called curcumin) does not work as well as turmeric powder for the purpose of fighting intestinal pathogens. Use the plain root powder or eat fresh root (sometimes available at grocers), which looks like ginger and is not as spicy as the dried powder. Plain turmeric capsules are now available from NSI, one of the few manufacturers who markets them. Taking too much turmeric at one time can cause digestive upset, which is effectively prevented or treated by fennel seeds, so take them together.

Fennel seed powder capsules, which are widely available in health food stores, can be used in whatever amount is necessary to stop intestinal cramps, spasms, acid, and many other digestive disorders. Two to four capsules is a medium dose. Eight capsules can be taken at one time for acute problems after using small doses at first to assure that the supplement "agrees" with one's digestion. Raw fennel seeds, which have a licorice flavor, can be chewed instead of taking capsules, but they must be chewed very well since they have sharp edges and can irritate an inflamed digestive tract. If turmeric is not available, fennel seed capsules alone may provide a great measure of relief by themselves when taken in sufficient amounts until the turmeric can be found.

RenewLife Digestmore provides enzymes for better digestion of protein plus glutamine and other intestinal healing agents. Enzymes are also antiinflammatory. If this along with fennel seeds, turmeric, and Para-Fight do not provide significant improvement against diarrhea within three days, also use suma capsules (not liquid) at recommended dose.

A calcium magnesium supplement will occasionally speed results and in some cases it is critical to improve the disorder. Use an amino acid chelate product like Enzymatic Therapy Kreb's Cycle Calcium Magnesium at half dose for diarrheal type. Large doses of magnesium (especially oxide) can cause loose elimination, so if constipation is the problem, it may be beneficial to take larger amounts of magnesium. Both calcium and magnesium are necessary for the body to produce enzymes which digest food and enzymes are also antiinflammatory.

If the problem has been going on long term and it is thought that the intestinal flora needs even more help than the above provides, a beneficial bacteria supplement like PB8 or Cultured Cabbage Juice can be used.

Many people find relief with a product called Digestinol (same ingredients as Serovera and the formerly available Molocure) which is made for Crohn's, IBS, colitis, GERD, diverticulitis, and other digestive problems, as well as psoriasis, auto immune disorders, and CFS, et al.. It is a highly concentrated (1000:1) aloe extract and contains only the active ingredient of aloe, aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides (AMP), with some lecithin. At 270 capsules for $159, it appears to be a highly overpriced supplement. However, it contains 375mg AMP per capsule. Good aloe juice contains about 750mg AMP per liter, so each capsule is the equivalent of a half liter of aloe juice. Looking at it in this light, it is actually a good value. If this cannot be used due to the high price, George's Aloe Juice is a fractionally distilled aloe juice (all the laxative and bitter chemicals are removed), tastes almost like water, and is inexpensive. Many of the same benefits can also be achieved by using the cultured cabbage juice described above.

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Colitis_and_Diarrhea (inflammation of the colon) - 10000, 5000, 1550, 880, 832, 802, 787, 727, 621, 465, 454, 440, 433, 344, 152
Crohns_and_other_bowel_problems_v - 141, 488, 866, 468, 782, 664, 604, 187, 543, 1423, 972, 110, 133, 979, 173, 233, 672, 510, 447, 350
Crohns_disease (also use colitis, colon, and parasite freqs) - 10000, 727, 786, 440, 832, 880, 1550, 20
Irritable_bowel_syndrome (see also Parasites general set and Colitis) - 6766, 5429, 4334, 2018, 1550, 880, 832, 829, 812, 802, 787, 727, 465, 422, 407, 334, 20

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#1 hour

#Each year, about 600,000 Americans are diagnosed with IBD, a condition that consists of a spectrum of disorders that vary with cause and degree of intestinal inflammation. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are the two major, chronic inflammatory diseases that cause inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the digestive tract. This results in severe pain, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

duty 71.5
converge 1 .03125
pulse 4 60

1423, 979, 972, 866, 782,
672, 664, 604, 543, 510,
488, 468, 447, 350, 233,
187, 173, 141, 133, 110