Lipoma Regimen

Summary: Use FutureBiotics Silymarin Plus plus Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme or Twinlab Pancreatin or Source Naturals Pancreatin 8x (see Enzyme Therapy for a more complete discussion of enzymes) and a lecithin supplement. If there are not impressive results within one month, add The Water Cure,The Zone Diet, and Toxic Metals Avoidance.

If a liver supplement other than Silymarin Plus is used, ensure it contains as much choline, inositol, beet, and silymarin. If an enzyme other than Mega-Zyme or plain pancreatin is used, ensure it is non-acidic and contains as much lipase activity.

Use the Silymarin Plus as directed. Use the Megazymes 1 to 3 with each meal, and 1 to 3 between each meal or more as desired to speed results. If there is any acid indigestion as a result (which can occur when cleaning the liver or taking enzymes) increase water consumption and use fennel seeds. Using The Water Cure is a good idea from the onset of most therapies anyway. It is probably one of the best, and certainly among the most cost effective, methods of removing toxins from the body.

Lecithin is one of the best supplements available to break apart fatty deposits, although enzymes with lipase activity actually digest the fat. Lecithin can be a valuable addition to the regimen, especially considering it is very inexpensive. Usually, large amounts of lecithin are used, such as 4 capsules at a time. It also helps remove arterial plaque and fatty deposits all over the body.

Lipomas are non-malignant fatty tumors that can occur in various places in the body. They can occur if there is a lack of enzymes or other nutrients which assist the digestion of fat, or they can merely be sequestering toxins, particularly toxic metals, if the liver's function is impaired. Once the supplements are being taken, and if the lipoma is close enough to the surface, it may be helpful to stimulate the circulation in the lipoma by massaging it, or using a water therapy such as sitting in a jetted bathtub or Hot and Cold Water Immersion. Rosemary oil, diluted with a carrier such as castor oil and rubbed on topically once or twice daily, may speed results. Do not use rosemary oil on or near mucous membranes, but plain castor oil can be used anywhere and may provide some benefits by itself.

To avoid further problems, consider using the General Maintenance Regimen to provide adequate nutrients to allow the body to function more optimally, creating its own enzymes, and keeping the liver in good function.

If there has not been significant progress in the reduction of lipomas within one month, dietary means are probably necessary. Any diet which limits carbs and allows adequate protein and oils is fine. The Zone Diet is probably best for long term, but Atkin's can be used for fast results short term. For dogs, note that a prey diet (eating only what dogs would in the wild) is a quick and effective cure for lipomas in dogs.

Hulda Clark states that some lipomas may be caused by toxic metal accumulation, and it is a good idea regardless to limit absorbing or ingesting toxic metals, so follow Toxic Metals Avoidance as well as possible.

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Lipoma (benign, soft tumor of fatty tissue. Also use Liver support.) - 47, 606, 709
Liver_support (also try E_coli, Parasites_general and Parasites_flukes_general) - 33.13, 1552, 802, 751