Lyme Regimen

Summary: As with any serious infection, see an MD immediately - strong IV antibiotics are often successful in treating Lyme disease. If antibiotics do not completely cure the problem, consider using additional antibacterial supplements such as Salt with vitamin C (see below), grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, and/or artemisinin. Use The Water Cure.

Bryan Rosner wrote the book When Antibiotics Fail - Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, available at his website. Below is an early article he wrote which evolved to the full length book where he details his successful fight against Lyme disease using bioelectronics and other modalities.

Besides bioelectronics, a promising therapy is the Salt-C method described at and reportedly very successful.It is to use 1g of vitamin C and 1g of salt 12 times per day along with plenty of water. I disagree that using tablets is a good method for administration. Tablets of plain vitamin C are notorious for upsetting the stomach, and capsules are not much better, even at low doses. It would be far better from this standpoint to use powdered ascorbic acid. A good salt to use is Real Salt, a mined "pink" salt, and rich in trace minerals, but still primarily sodium chloride.


Under Our Skin is a movie about the (non) treatment of Lyme disease by the conventional medical establishment


Bryan Rosner wrote the book When Antibiotics Fail - Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, available at his website. Below is an early article he wrote which evolved to the full length book.


This site ( includes all the information that I found to be essential. The obvious disclaimer comes with it, "I'm not advising anyone follow these instructions because I am not a licensed medical practitioner....."

Anyway, I found that most of the time, Rife fails in the treatment of Lyme Disease for reasons of misunderstanding, NOT for reasons relating to inefficacy of rife machines.

The book is very incomplete but I would rather post it to help those who need it now.

Bryan Rosner



The Amazing Rife Machine,
A Cure for Lyme Disease

The Patient Perspective

A patient’s experience with using
Rife machines to achieve a lasting cure.

A compilation of experiences from others who have Also used rife-machines to with great success.




(note: The machines described in this paper vary in design significantly from the original Rife Machine. However, for simplicity, machines in this paper will be referred to as “rife machines” or “rife-like machines.” The reader should be aware that these machines are not exact replicas of the original machine that Royal Raymond Rife invented, and that there are various schools of thought and belief regarding which of these various “rife-like” designs are most effective. Many rife-like designs currently used throughout the world will not be discussed in this paper. We will discuss only those machines which we have experienced as extremely beneficial to those with Lyme Disease)

If you picked up this paper and are not yet convinced that conventional medicine is unable to cure your Lyme Disease, I want you to know, I will not be the one to convince you. I will not spend time disproving the effectiveness of an antibiotic therapy regimen prescribed by conventional Lyme doctors. I know very well that some people achieve excellent results with antibiotics. However, there are just as many (or more) people who have not achieved results with antibiotics. I write for them.

Also, this paper is not written to educate people about Lyme Disease. This is written for those who are already experts in the arena of being a Lyme patient - you’ve read the books, searched the internet, done your homework, seen dozens of doctors. You know what Lyme Disease is - you know every symptom, and every challenge that a Lyme sufferer faces. You don’t need statistics, or information about tics, or the names of specialists. You’ve been down those roads, and you are still sick.

This writing is for those who are still suffering, despite trying everything under the sun - people who know that their answer does not lie in conventional approaches to treating Lyme Disease. Or, as it was in my case - those who chose to avoid antibiotics entirely because of so many stories of treatment failures and stories of those who became even sicker while on antibiotics.

Rife machines can offer you an answer!

This paper is divided in two sections: In the first section I will narrate my own experiences with rife machines, the lessons I’ve learned, and the treatments I found most effective. This section will include excerpts of emails between Marc and myself. Marc was an invaluable source of information and now, because of the Lyme ordeal, a good friend. Because my experience alone is not enough to justify the efficacy of rife machines, I have included a second section in which you will find stories of others who have used rife machines successfully to treat Lyme Disease.

You probably picked up this paper in desperation. You’ve listened to false promises, spent thousands of dollars, lost friends, alienated loved ones. Your life is a mess - you may have even given up hope in getting your life back. As you read these first few lines you are skeptical - as you should be. “Come on,” you’re thinking, “how could this really be it, the cure that I am looking for?”

Well, I can empathize. When Marc introduced me to rife-like machines, I ordered one - cost me $600.00. When it arrived and was sitting in my living room - I thought to myself, through my brain fog, “you’ve gotta be kidding - THIS funky looking apparatus is actually going to help cure such a horrible, unstoppable disease?” To my amazement, as I used that machine (and later, other machines), I began to see rapid improvements in my condition (with many severe herxheimer reactions, of course). Even in a matter of 10 days, I could say I was much better. This initial improvement - the first true improvement gained by anything tried thus far - spurred me on to learn more about the machines, and eventually own several other machines. From those first moments using the machine, I knew that this had to be the answer.

You are probably also asking, “why should I listen to you? Are you a doctor?”

Again, a good question. And the answer is, no, I’m not a doctor, and I offer no medical advice to you. I am simply a normal person who suffered from Lyme Disease until I found rife technology. When I got well, I would picture the faces of those I had met in doctors office waiting rooms, and my heart would wrench. I determined that I would do my part to help. I write now to offer you my story, in hopes that you might render your own judgment, and hopefully find a way out of the miserable disease, as I did.

I decided to write about my experiences, and the experiences of many others, because I know how many people suffer from Lyme Disease without much hope, and I know that there is an answer. A short time ago, I was one of these desperate people. I shared your story, over $50,000 spent in medical expenses, inability to work, alienation of friends and loved ones.

In this paper, you will read my story, and the stories of Doug, Dan, Marc, Kay, Chris, and others who are well because of rife technology. In addition, each of us knows of many others who have used the technology with equally satisfying results. And, the reports come in every day, of someone new succeeding with this method of healing from Lyme Disease.

I offer no promises. I know of a few people who have tried the machines without help, although most people are either helped greatly or cured. The ones who aren’t helped, in my opinion, either don’t have Lyme disease, or used the technology improperly. If you do have Lyme disease, and if you are willing to apply the technology as described in this paper, then I strongly urge you to keep reading. Still, you need to understand that this paper is simply a compilation of patient experiences and research, it is NOT A MEDICAL GUIDE.

This paper approaches the subject of healing from Lyme Disease not from a “placebo controlled, double blind study” angle - instead, this is a results-oriented approach. Many treatment modalities are touted by the “scientific” community, and said to have “solid reasoning” behind them. If you undergo regular antibiotic therapy, and still feel horrible, the doctors send you home telling you that you have “post-Lyme syndrome.” This is conventional medicine’s way of saying “we are still right - your Lyme Disease must be cured, because we said so.” The truth is (a lesson I learned early in my battle with Lyme Disease), antibiotics DO NOT always cure Lyme Disease, and those who have tried and failed antibiotic therapy are usually left to suffer for years without help. Unless they find a successful complementary method of combating the disease, such as rife technology.

And, as most long-time sufferers know, there really isn’t much real science as it pertains to the treatment of Lyme Disease. Many “LLMDs” (Lyme literate medical doctors) disagree about how to treat patients, and no LLMD I have heard of has astonishing success. With Lyme Disease, its almost always hit-and-miss. Maybe “Lyme Literate Medical Doctors” should be renamed: “Doctors Desperately Fighting A Losing Battle.”

So, I believe that my “hands on, patient perspective” approach is extremely valuable in light of this confusing, misunderstood, devastating disease, and in light of the fact that tried-and-true “medicine” continues to fail us. If antibiotics did work all the time, I wouldn’t be writing this.

As I began to understand that M.D.’s don’t have all the answers, I began to look elsewhere. I took a new approach, I began studying and trying things that helped REAL people feel better. I am quite certain than many reading this paper know exactly what I’m talking about - instead of listening to doctors, you start desperately searching for something to take the edge of, to give you your life back. You interview other Lyme patients and ask what has worked. I encountered various herbs, complementary treatments, acupuncture, homeopathy, essential oils, you name it. All these are wonderful treatments; all hold their place in the big picture of health. However - in my case, while some of these helped, the help was insignificant and very discouraging. I kept asking myself, “how is this treatment going to get the spirochetes out?” The answer was grim.

My strategy, then, was to find people who were well - people who cured themselves - and ask them how they did it. Not just people who were helped, now I wanted to speak with those who are cured. As I began to locate these people I noticed a striking commonality...Many of these people used rife machines to get well! Sure, there was the occasional person who succeeded with antibiotic treatment or herbs, but those were few and far between. By and large, what I found was that a Lyme sufferer had one out of two possible stories: Either, “I’m well because of the machines,” or “I’m still suffering.” Believe me, I searched and searched. Online forums, hundreds of emails, phone conversations...The same answer kept bubbling up...Rife. Without having any clue as to the science of rife technology, I became keenly interested. I told myself “it doesn’t matter how it works, all that matters are the stories of those who feel better.”

I was, however, skeptical. Why hadn’t I heard of this before? If it works so well, why isn’t everyone doing it? (I’ll try to answer these questions later). But, as many of you know, desperation drives a Lyme patient - and it drove me. So, I figured I would give it a try. And that first step saved my life - literally. Here I am today, healthy and recovered, because of rife technology. The answer to my question, “how am I going to get the spirochetes out,” was clear.

As I began getting well, I dug deeper into the mysterious and obscure background that surrounds rife technology, and its inventor, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. I watched videos and searched the internet. But my search was no longer desperate - I was getting well, and now it was more for fun. I also developed a limited working scientific knowledge of how these machines worked, and I was astonished! The science behind the machines was very concrete, and the evidence is really there! It has just been misunderstood, concealed, and abused for decades.

Still, I consider myself no expert in the science of all that I’ve experienced - a limited working knowledge is how I would describe my level of understanding. I do, however, consider myself an expert in healing from Lyme disease. My expertise in this area was not gained through any laboratory or post graduate degree - it was gained through the classroom of the disease itself. And, my purpose in this writing is not to offer you a technical reference on rife machines, nor a history of rife technology, nor an official, medical guide. Instead, I offer my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned, and most importantly, I offer you a shared hope, a hope which for me resulted in regaining my health.

You can find most of this information on the internet and in various research papers. Nothing I’m presenting here is original information - I claim credit for none of it. However, the information that you might come across in other places will most likely be scattered, fragmented, mixed with other useless information, and sometimes incorrect. I spent hundreds of hours pouring over this material, and I ended up in many treatment “dead-end.” So, I wanted to save you some of the same trouble, by allowing you to stand on the shoulders of the research I’ve already conducted, as well as my experience with various machines, and various strategies of treatment.

I will also note that in editing this writing, I have taken out much of the “fluff,” or information that is not pertinent to the critical issues. Most of you don’t have the energy to read a 400-page book. Also, Because writing this paper was not a full time occupation, I had limitations in the amount of time I was able to put into this project, and thus, I was not able to include all of the valuable resources I’ve encountered. I have included a section in the writing with resources for more detailed information.

Before continuing, I would like to examine some reasons why you may have never heard of rife machines:


This is a worthy question. In some countries, the use of rife-like machines are mainstream medicine. In the United States, their use is not as widespread, but they are becoming more and more popular as the general public loses faith in Conventional Medicine. Although not FDA approved, these machines are used more than you might think in the private homes of US citizens - however, use has been somewhat “below radar,” as the use and recommendation of a non-FDA approved treatment modality is punishable with severe consequences.

Why aren’t these machines FDA approved?

FDA approval requires long, expensive “clinical trials.” These trials (such as to approve a new drug) can cost upwards of $10 million. Usually these trials are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies, in return for their large expense in getting a new drug approved, are then able to obtain a patent on the product, and later sell it to the public and earn a profit. Profit drives capitalistic America - most of these pharmaceutical companies are public companies, and stockholders purchase stock in the company as an investment. While this “capitalistic” medicine does lead to major progress in health care, it can also lead to major problems when a particular research project lacks potential profit.

Unfortunately, the very principle behind rife technology cannot be patented, and is therefore not profitable. There does exist several rife-like machines that are patented, such as Jim Bare’s machine (commonly referred to as the Rife-Bare machine), yet these machines can easily be replicated with some over-the-counter parts from an electronic supply store, and thus, they would be difficult to sell at a profit. Just as water and air and fire cannot be patented, neither can electricity. Electricity is simply a natural force in the universe, and is available to those who might need it. This lack of profitability quickly turns to dis-incentive with regard to pharmaceutical companies, such that none of them are willing to put up millions of dollars for a treatment by which they may never produce a profit.

Ok, you are saying, why hasn’t it become more popular as an complementary? There are many non-patented complementary therapies that are very popular, why isn’t rife one of them?

Well, it is. The world-wide rife community is expansive, including an annual Rife Technology Conference, many books written about the subject, and thousands of machines used in homes today. Rife has not had much press yet, which could explain why you haven’t heard of it. The suppression of Rife’s work is a tragedy, I recommend reading “The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression” by Barry Lynes.

In addition, there are many reasons why rife machines are unknown, or not believed in, by the Lyme community itself. There are several large barriers to success with rife machines in the treatment of Lyme Disease. These barriers cause the true value of rife technology to become obscure.

Three significant barriers to use are encountered when treating Lyme Disease with rife machines:

1. The long road to recovery. As you will read later, it takes at least a year to get well from Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, this is usually also the case for those with late-stage Lyme who do respond favorably to antibiotic therapy. This long treatment window is usually unknown to people who try the treatment, and therefore, if they don't "get better" within a few weeks, they assume the treatment is failing. In addition - even if the long treatment window is known by Lyme patients, sometimes the amount of resolve and discipline required to carry through with treatment is too much, and the treatment is discontinued. However, those who are really sick are the ones who will pull through and see it to an end. These folks (like I was) are willing to do anything to get better.

(It should be noted that this long treatment window is not due to an insufficiency of rife technology. Many conditions are easily treated with only a few minutes use of a rife machine. The long treatment window in late-stage Lyme Disease is a function of the hardiness of the spirochete infection.)

2. The herxheimer reaction. As will be discussed later, most of the treatment period involves unpleasant herxheimer reactions, or “healing crisis.” These reactions are completely necessary to recovery through use of rife machines, and many people are unaware of this. Some people encounter herxheimer reactions while using rife machines and decide that their condition is worsening, and discontinue therapy. Others who are aware of the herxheimer phenomena believe that a herxheimer reaction should only occur once, and so as they continually experience reactions to the machine, they believe it is ineffective. You will see that the nature of the infection requires one to undergo many herxheimer reactions. If one is unaware of this fact, one would perceive that the machine is failing.

3. Quite possibly the most significant obstacle preventing rife machines from receiving due recognition in the Lyme community is the technical nature of the treatments. Because these machines are not FDA approved and/or regulated, there are literally a thousand variables involved in successful treatment. Do you have the right machine? Is it working properly? Are you operating it properly? Are you running the correct frequencies for an acceptable period of time? Are you treating yourself often enough or too often? Other variables also enter the picture to cloud the scene: Do you really have Lyme disease, or something else such as chronic fatigue syndrome? Are you supporting your body through exercise, diet and supplementation? As you can see, this myriad of complexly interwoven variables renders evaluation of the therapy very difficult. Many who fail to get healthy with rife machines begin to propagate the idea that they are ineffective, when in reality, one or more of the above stated variables stealthly intercedes and causes failure.

4. Many who treat with rife are unaware of the Herring Law of Cure. This law is explained in more detail later, but basically it states that in the reversal of chronic conditions, the patient begins to experience old symptoms which haven’t been experienced in some time. As I was getting well, it was very disturbing to note that my panic attacks began to return...I had not experienced these in a long time. However - as you will read, the reversal of Lyme involves awakening symptoms of long past. If you are unaware of this phenomenon, you may be extremely surprised to find that your rife treatments are causing old symptoms to return.

The odds are stacked up against rife machines, and mis-information is rampant. Their true value is concealed, and many suffer needlessly. Many conventional researchers have inadvertently exposed the truth behind rife treatments. Take this article, for example, right out of the March 30, 2000 issue of University of Washington’s campus publication:

Magnetic fields may hold key to malaria treatment, UW researchers find

A malaria parasite within a human red blood cell. The large circle in the parasite is a food vacuole. Stacked heme are visible inside the vacuole.

Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered a method of treating malaria with magnetic fields that could prove revolutionary in controlling the disease the World Health Organization calls one of the world's most complex and serious human health concerns.

Henry Lai, UW research professor of bioengineering, says the malaria parasite Plasmodium appears to lose vigor and can die when exposed to oscillating magnetic fields, which Lai thinks may cause tiny iron-containing particles inside the parasite to move in ways that damage the organism.

"If further studies confirm our findings and their application in animals and people, this would be an inexpensive and simple way to treat a disease that affects 500 million people every year, almost all in third-world countries," Lai said. According to the World Health Organization, as many as 2.7 million people die of malaria every year. Approximately 1 million of those are children.

In the past two decades, the emergence of drug-resistant malaria parasites has created enormous problems in controlling the disease. Lai says his method could bypass those concerns because it is unlikely Plasmodium could develop a resistance to magnetic fields.

Malaria is spread by female Anopheles mosquitoes. The organism first invades the liver, then re-emerges into the bloodstream and attacks red blood cells. This is what causes malaria's hallmark symptoms: fever, uncontrolled shivering, aches in the joints and headaches. Infected blood cells can block blood vessels to the brain, causing seizures and death. Other vital organs are also at risk.

Lai's research appears to take advantage of how the parasites feed. Malaria parasites "eat" the hemoglobin in red blood cells of the host. They break down the globin portion of the hemoglobin molecule, but the iron portion, or the heme, is left intact because the parasite lacks the enzyme needed to degrade it. This causes a problem for the parasite because free heme molecules can cause a chain reaction of oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, leading to membrane damage in the parasite. The malaria organism renders the free heme molecules non-toxic by binding them into long stacks - like "tiny bar magnets," according to Lai.

He and three other researchers have exposed Plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest of the four malaria parasite species, to a weak alternating, or oscillating, magnetic field. Data sets showed that exposed samples ended up with 33 to 70 percent fewer parasites than unexposed samples. Measurements of hypoxanthine, a precursor for nucleic acid synthesis used by the parasite, indicated that metabolic activities had also significantly slowed in exposed samples. Such reductions would be enough to manage malaria, Lai said.

The oscillating magnetic field may affect the parasites in two ways, according to Lai. In organisms still in the process of binding free heme molecules into stacks, the alternating field likely "shakes" the stacked heme molecules, preventing further stacking. That would allow harmful heme free reign within the parasite. If the parasite is further along in its life cycle and has already bound the heme into stacks, the oscillating field could cause the stacks to spin, causing damage and death of the parasite.

Although initially promising, Lai says more research is needed.

"We need to make certain that it won't harm the host," Lai said. "My guess is that it won't. It's a very weak magnetic field, just a little stronger than the earth's. The difference is that it is oscillating."

If the method is proven effective and safe, Lai envisions rooms equipped with magnetic coils to produce the oscillating field.

"It would be very easy. People could come to the room and sit and read or whatever while they're being treated," he said. "Or you could set it up in the back of a big transport truck, then drive from village to village to treat people."

Collaborating researchers include Jean E. Feagin, UW associate professor of pathobiology and senior scientist at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute; and Ceon Ramon, UW electrical engineering research scientist.

There are other such instances where conventional medicine stumbled upon rife-like technology. Its almost unbelievable that the conventional doctors are unable to recognize the fact that this is not new! It has been around since Royal Raymond Rife in 1930. Although the following article does not refer to the same theory as rife treatments, it is on the right track:

Double whammy destroys mouse tumors
New Scientist vol 177 issue 2380 - 01 February 2003, page 17

AN EXPERIMENTAL technique that destroys cancer cells without drugs, surgery or radiation is showing promise in the lab. British company Gendel says that it has used blasts of ultrasound to destroy tumor cells in mice.

Gendel has been quietly refining its procedure for two years - and hopes that if human trials are successful when they start in two years' time, its technology may lead to a noninvasive cancer therapy for tackling tumors that are hard to treat conventionally, such as those of the head and neck.

The technique relies on the application of an electric field to a tumor to make it susceptible to a follow-up blast of ultrasound. The combination appears to cause tumor cells to self-destruct.

The combined electric field and ultrasound (CEFUS) technology is based on a similar procedure Gendel - based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland - is developing to deliver drugs to difficult-to-reach parts of the body using a patient's own red blood cells as a drug shuttle (New Scientist, 30 June 2001, p 22).

Once "sensitized" outside the body with an electric field, the membranes of the red blood cells become permeable, in a process known as electroporation, and can be filled with a drug before they're returned to the patient. When ultrasound is beamed at the site where the drug is needed, the sensitized cells burst open, spilling the drug in the right place.

As the blood-based idea progressed to the stage where it will be tested later this year in people for the first time, Gendel founders Tony McHale and Les Russell wondered if it would be possible to destroy tumour cells with the same combination of electric field and ultrasound.

It worked both on tumour cells in vitro, and more recently on tumours in at least 50 mice. A slight tumour regrowth was eliminated by boosting electric field and ultrasound levels.

But the Gendel team still doesn't know why the porous cells rupture when exposed to ultrasound. Neither treatment works on its own (see Graph). Maybe the electric field makes the tumour cells permeable, so the cell is that little bit weaker when exposed to ultrasound, says McHale. Whatever the mechanism, Gendel believes the combined effect is to induce the cells to self-destruct.

If the technology ever becomes viable, Gendel hopes to treat both accessible tumours, such as those on the skin, as well as those on the gullet and mouth. For external applications, the electric field could be applied using conductive adhesive pads. For internal use, needle electrodes would be used.

"The tissue simply disappears and gets absorbed back into the body," says Russell. The aim is to produce a portable device with disposable electrodes that contains kit for both internal and external procedures. Aside from time for anaesthesia, the whole procedure would probably take little more than five minutes.

The electrosensitisation process might need to be applied under local anesthetic. But the ultrasound fields applied - though stronger than those used to image babies in the womb - are of a strength routinely applied to muscles in sports medicine.

Gendel's equipment would be tuned to deliver an appropriate dose of ultrasound to the tumour mass, but some healthy cells would inevitably be hit too. However, Russell points out that conventional surgery and radiation therapy have the same collateral damage problem.

But many cancer treatments have shown promise in animals only to fail in humans. Reinforcing the need for skepticism at this very early stage, a spokesman for Cancer-Research UK says Gendel's work should be treated with "absolute caution" until more information is available.


If you’ve come this far (seeking complementary means to heal from Lyme disease), you are probably already aware that the “conventional” antibiotic route has a high failure rate. I will not spend time convincing you of this fact, because I will assume you have come to believe it through your own experience. However, I will offer a brief discussion on the various treatments for Lyme disease, and my experiences with their failure. It is important to understand why these treatments fail, in order to understand why treatments with rife technology succeed. Having been a patient to all of the below discussed modalities (with very sparing use of antibiotics), my analysis is based on experience, and my own failure to gain long-lasting benefit from these treatments. Again - I am not approaching this subject from a conventional medicine standpoint - instead, I am approaching it from a patient, experiential angle. We’ve seen how conventional medicine sometimes fails miserably. Also, these statements represent only my opinions, not medical advice.


Why do antibiotics fail? The Lyme spirochete is capable of “drilling” through tissue, including tendons, joints, bone, etc. These spirochetes are extremely tough, smart organisms. The human immune system itself (one of the strongest defense systems in the universe) cannot handle the infection. Needless to say, the only way to feel better is to rid yourself of the infection. Most Lyme patients take a myriad of supplements, acupuncture, special herbal teas, etc. You have to ask yourself, “is this killing spirochetes?”

Antibiotics are an attempt to kill spirochetes. However, the first problem with is that they require “body channels” to be distributed throughout the body, such as arteries and blood vessels. Whether administered orally or intravenously, blood is still the carrier of the drug. Unfortunately, these channels of distribution have their limits. Many spirochetes have drilled beyond reach of the circulatory system - they hide in deeper parts of the body, and will never even see the antibiotics you swallow. Blood does not deliver a high concentration of drug to secluded areas like joints, bone, tendons, etc. Drugs reach the brain in VERY minute quantities (maybe 1/10th of the antibiotic in the blood stream reaches the brain). The brain has what is referred to as the “blood brain barrier,” which does not allow foreign substances to enter, and unfortunately, the spirochetes can “drill” right through this shield, infecting the brain. The brain actually becomes a nesting area for the spirochetes, and many sufferers experience devastating psychological and neurological symptoms.

Therefore, any treatment must reach the brain in order to be effective, and LLMDs know this. Antibiotics are given in an attempt to reach the brain, but a much higher dose of drug is required to get even small concentrations in the brain. Needless to say, this extremely high dose wreaks havoc on the rest of the body, and STILL only achieves minimal concentrations in the more secluded parts, joints, bone, etc. Herbs, and other treatments taken orally fall into the same category of inability to reach secluded areas, where blood flow is minimal.

IV antibiotics have the same problem - although they are introduced into the system through your veins instead of your digestive system, they STILL require your body's channels of distribution (i.e., blood) to gain access to locations in the body. The spirochetes remain out of reach.

The second problem with antibiotics is that they don’t always effectively de-vitalize the spirochete. Doug, the inventor of one type of rife machine, actually witnessed spirochetes reproducing in a solution of pure Rocephin (an IV antibiotic) under a microscope. Additionally, the spirochetes are capable of mutating into forms that are not susceptible to antibiotic killing. Thus, many people need to switch their medication often. The mere presence of antibiotics induces the spirochete to change forms into a non-metabolic, or “cyst” form. In this form, the spirochete is probably invulnerable to killing, and can re-emerge as an intact spirochete when the “coast is clear” (when antibiotics are stopped). The same goes for herbal treatments.

This means that if someone is taking a 90 day course of antibiotics, many spirochetes are “hiding” and waiting in cyst form. This person suffers the many adverse effects of antibiotics, including severe weakening of their immune system, only to be faced with the resurgence of many spirochetes upon cessation of antibiotic therapy. No wonder the downward spiral!

If antibiotics were to work, they would have to be continued for extremely extended periods of time, in order to outlast the spirochetes that remain in cyst form (I hypothesize that they cannot remain in this state forever). And, this long duration therapy would need to be high-dose as well, in order to keep drug levels in the brain high enough to continually kill spirochetes emerging from cysts. Spirochetes prefer lipid-like materials to nest in, and the brain is just that. This brings us to the third serious problem with antibiotic therapy.

The third problem with antibiotics is the COST. Not in dollars (although that is high as well), but in loss of health. You may or may not know that extended use of antibiotics can (does) lead to severe, dangerous systemic candida infections, as well as a compromised immune system. Read the side effects of some of the antibiotics commonly taken by Lyme patients - you’ll be amazed. Now, most side effects listed were based on minimal treatment durations, such as 10 or even 30 days. Imagine the attenuation of side effects over a one-year period! Self destruction.

When the person feels better, the antibiotics are stopped, and the spirochetes emerge from their protected cyst form in deep locations within the body. But this time, the person is weakened from a long course of antibiotics, and even less capable of fighting off the infection. Antibiotics are simply too costly to one’s health.

I’ve included a section in this paper about candida, a horrible yeast-like infection that usually always accompanies long-term use of antibiotics. From my own experience with yeast problems, I can tell you that candida infections are very difficult to eradicate, and are very miserable conditions. In addition, the symptoms of a candida infection mimic those of Lyme Disease, thus rendering some poor patients with both Lyme and Candida, and unable to tell the difference! Candida and Lyme become partners in crime so to speak, and together they have an incredible weakening effect on the body’s own healing abilities. As you can see - long term antibiotic use has severe consequences.

The topic of antibiotics and Lyme Disease is explored much more thoroughly in other sources. My goal here is not an exhaustive discussion, instead, simply a summary. Also, I’m assuming that at this point, it isn’t going to take much “convincing” for you to turn your back on antibiotics.


We can take the information about antibiotic failure and create a list of characteristics that a successful treatment program must possess:

1. Ability and practicality of continuing therapy for an extended period of time, i.e., 2 years, with the ability to take maintenance treatments indefinitely. This extended duration therapy will be explored later. The ideal treatment must be affordable, convenient (one cannot travel to a clinic every day for two years), and practical. One could make arrangements to travel to a clinic, or take hyperbaric oxygen treatments, if the duration was only a couple weeks, or even a couple months. But 2 years? Very difficult, if not impossible. Our ideal therapy must be realistic.

2. The extended duration of this therapy must also be non-toxic, as the human immune system is always the final warrior against disease, and it is always the mechanism that allows one to regain their health.

3. The ideal treatment must reach deep, sequestered places, such as the brain, joints, tendons, and other tissues where the spirochetes hide and reproduce. The treatment, therefore, cannot rely on a person’s “channels of distribution,” i.e., blood - because this would not allow treatment to penetrate the hiding places of the spirochete. The treatment must somehow be applied in such a way that it reaches the brain effectively.

4. Treatment must be adaptable to different strains of bacteria, as resistance forms rapidly to most drugs. Treatment must have a reliable devitalizing affect on the spirochete

Wow! That's a pretty hard list of requirements to meet! No wonder so many people don’t get well - most treatments can’t stand up to these demands, and most LLMD’s are left in a desperately losing battle!

This is an email conversation between Marc and myself, detailing the effectiveness of rife technology in treating Lyme Disease, as well as a helpful supplement that will be talked more about later in the paper:

Thanks for the reply. ICHT comments noted and appreciated. By the way I bought some Chito-power - this stuff is PHENOMENAL. Single most helpful supplement by FAR. Been taking it for 4 days and the last 3 of those 4 have been AWESOME. Not completely SX free but close. I know I'm not rid of the infection and that's not the point. The rifing will continue as usual. The point is that the stuff literally "sops" up the neurotoxins floating around and eliminates them thus allowing a rifer to travel through the recovery process more easily and free of toxins. Not to mention the obvious benefits of detox. Sure it makes "measuring" my symptoms more difficult (because I don't have symptoms), but who cares - my goal is to feel better and I believe my rife protocol is aggressive enough as to not need direct symptomatic monitoring. Anyway thought you should know. B

Hey Bry,

Wow. That's something -- thanks so much for the ref and for your experience with it!
I know exactly what you mean. It does remove, so to speak, an indicator - but hell, the program is working anyway and in spite. I know at least 2 folks using pycnogenol (which crosses blood/brain) for the same reason. I don't see it any different than those with intestinal somatics using psyllium and detox products to keep the toxicity ushering out there too.
The key thing though, is that you've demonstrated an important fact: the research says Bb emits neurotoxins that effect the head area. Your piloting the chilo shows how much effect the neurotoxins do have if the difference is that significant with it cleared. That is fascinating, for it may suggest that other body somatics may have toxicity as a significant component too - and would explain why successful vets of lyme have the myriad somatics clear up spontaneously when the Bb is nuked.

I wanted to note to you too that - I know you know this already but I'm just underscoring this in a new day - this path we are on IS the right path. No if, and, but, doubt, or reservation.

I noted last week that I was observing something, and I feel I can relate it more now.
Though I am an experimenter, I wanted to wait for a period to be sure that it wasn't just a temp, passing thing, or anomaly.

Early last week, I noticed I was feeling quite good. But I've noticed this before at different times with the B3 so just rolled with it. Then, I found that, for the first time since the moment the lyme first attacked little over two years ago, I had a week where I didn't have any "flair" cycle on the days I had always had them like clockwork.
Then, on Wednesday, I felt strange - not bad - just strange. I felt like...the only way I can describe it is...a fundamental change. Something about the Lyme complex had changed. There's been so many false points in the past though, I didn't want to put much on it.

The head inflammation has diminished by quite a bit since starting. The burning feet stuff also. The energy has been quite good on a fairly regular basis. (In fact, I work 40 hour week, work at night at home, and find it hard to go to sleep by 11-11:30 lately, yet up by 5:30-6:00) - which is quite a change from last year.) But that feeling last week was something different. I am still monitoring, of course, and "listening close".

Anyway - I am convinced the Doug is a certainty. And, that the B3 is extraordinary and hitting a different way. Not wholesale dramatic kill, but an effect in correlation with the immune system. I sense is the "vaccinating" or immune-recognition-programming of remains, pieces and particles effect I've noted before.

I told you about my heart getting palps and a little of the old arrhythmia coming back - and concerned because Bbs go for the heart and I had pretty bad arrhythmia years ago. Well, it actually had gotten to where, if I was very quiet, I could feel/hear a slight "click" after-beat, which is valve phenomena. Bb are notorious for messing up valves. Often, I would awake with it really going crazy in the bugfest period.

However, I still wasn't shook about it (having cured the heart once before), as I knew it would reverse with reversing the Bb - as those who've reversed their LD have found. However, I was thinking about the Doug, and was going to talk to Doug about it for there's provisos regarding application around the heart with the coil if its effected, and so on.

Well, also from last week forward, the heart phenomena is gone as well. (But it doesn't entirely surprise me, as when you hold cans in opposite hands, flow goes through the heart.)

Also, my vision is clearer and hyper-sensitivities (allergies) are attenuated. Good appetite and digestion. I had been keeping eye on stool, as it had since fall last year, gotten quite light in color - sign that the liver was effected as bile flow was obviously lessened. And now stool color/consistency is quite ideal, including often being "floaters" (indication of a positive balance of positive flora/bacteria in the alimentary).

All in all, I can say that I am actually doing currently better than when I did after Century Wellness Clinic (and at a tad better price (!)) - for though I felt much better then I still had the regular cyclical flairs afterwards (though lessened in intensity with bacterial load knocked back). I can just imagine what the coil will add to the mix.

My attention also continues in the direction of adjuncts that can "shorten the runway" in terms of timeframe to a 100% cure.

Rock on!


Lets take a look at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Again, similar to antibiotics, many have found some relief with this modality - and a bonus is that it is non-toxic, and even helpful to the immune system. I’ve even known some to be cured through this method. One man was symptom free for a year and a half - then had a full relapse.

Kay received 90 HBOC treatments, which helped, but was not a cure. Many others have experienced the same phenomena. I too received a round of HBOC treatments, with results that were notable, but not a cure.

Although hyperbaric pressure does force the oxygen deeper than it would normally go with regular breathing, certain areas of the body remain unaffected. Thus some patients experience long term relief, only to relapse after only a few sequestered spirochetes reemerge at a future date.

Additional problems with HBOC are the cost (in dollars this time), the inconvenience (must travel to an HBOC site, spend at least 90 minutes in the tank), as well as the potential side effects (even a slightly congested sinus passageway can render serious danger in HBOC treatments).

Also, hyperbaric oxygen does not always kill the spirochete. It is known that the spirochete dislikes high-oxygen environments, but is not necessarily killed on-contact with higher concentrations of oxygen.

Just like antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen does cure some people, but many do not achieve cure because of the many drawbacks of hyperbaric oxygen.


This is an email from a person who did achieve good results with ICHT:

SkyKing, thank you for your reply. I no longer use the rife as I did ICHT(not the type available in the U.S.) in Italy and am lyme free, off all abx and feel reborn after almost 19 years of battling this horrible illness. If you want info on where I was treated to rid myself of lyme and Babesia after trying every possible treatment, ABX oral and IV, HBO, rife, chiropractic, osteopathic manipulations, acupuncture, nutrition, etc go to Good luck to you and thank you very much for your reply. Rush

I underwent 7 weeks of hyperthermia treatments myself, 5 days a week. While I noticed significant improvements while taking treatment, after I stopped the treatment, I relapsed to the same condition I was in before the ICHT. I believe that if I had continued ICHT for a considerable, additional period of time, I may have achieved a cure. However, like hyperbaric oxygen treatments, ICHT is very expensive and inconvenient to undergo as a long term therapy. I spent approximately $30,000 and spent about 25 hours/week at the clinic. If I was rich, and was able to take a year off work, maybe this option would be right. Again - the focus is on reality.

I do, however, think that ICHT represents the best treatment complementary to rife therapy. If I had to choose the therapy that helped most, besides rife, this would be it. Combining ICHT with HBOC may present an even better complementary.



The answer must meet all the criteria necessary for success. We already set out the criteria, now I will answer it with a brief description of how rife machines meet it:


“Ability and practicality of continuing therapy for an extended period of time, i.e., 2 years, with the ability to take maintenance treatments indefinitely. This ideal treatment must be affordable, convenient (one cannot travel to a clinic every day for two years), and practical.”

Rife machines are relatively affordable, and once owned, cost very little to use (just a slight increase in your electrical bill). The ongoing treatments are highly convenient, as they can be completed in your own home, on your own schedule, never requiring more than a few hours per week. Imagine - the cure to your disease, in your own home, on your time - no doctors office, no traveling, no expense. Sound too good to be true? I thought so as well. It is, in fact, true.


“The extended duration of this therapy must also be non-toxic, as the human immune system is always the final warrior against disease, and it is always the mechanism that allows one to regain their health.”

Rife also accomplishes this naturally. Because the frequencies are tuned to the MORs (mortal oscillatory rates) of pathogens, and are harmless to human tissue, the treatments are non-toxic. As will be discussed in a later section, the progression of treatment does involve some very toxic herxheimer reactions. Unfortunately these cannot be avoided, and their very presence indicates reversal of the disease. However, since the use of rife does not involve ingestion or infusion of any foreign, toxic, synthetic substance into the body, there are no long-term toxic affects. To reiterate the importance of a non-toxic approach, keep in mind that a toxic treatment would be relatively harmless if the treatment duration was only 10 days. But due to the necessity of treating for at least a year, the treatment must be non-toxic.

In an email conversation between Marc and I, the question is posed as to whether the electromagnetic nature of rife treatments may have side effects. Keep in mind that this information is not scientifically verified - it is simply our experience:

On the flip side is my question for you - do you believe that this excessive exposure to such a massive EMF could be potentially harmful? Negative effects of so much EMF? Maybe I'm being paranoid - but I have this fear that I am going to "over-sensitize" myself to EMFs and eventually wind up becoming sick around any (even small) EMFs. Sort of like how a one-time, acute exposure to a toxic chemical can be the onset of a life-long chemical sensitivity complex. I'd love it if you could shed some light on why this isn't going to happen. I do believe that EMF sensitivity is secret bugs getting nuked - but is there such a thing as a REAL EMF sensitivity onset after over-exposure?


I don't see evidence of that particular aspect (sensitivity) occurring. Even in the controversies surrounding people living near high-power lines, no one looks at the obvious: guys who work on high-power lines for a living. There is no evidence of inordinate sensitivities or disorders, despite routine exposure to large and strong fields.

However, would I do that kind of work? No. Course, I don't even believe in electric blankets. I believe the body is an electro-bio organism with its own natural magnetic field and electrical pathways (cns).
I believe that bio-electrics, like any healing modality should not be used as a substitute for, or bypass of, the body or immune - just as an adjunct or assist to the body getting a handle That's why my keen interest to check Doug for his and his family's cure, with him doing it more frequently and his wife a third to half as much, yet a similar cure period. I am convinced of the proven pattern of gradiently treating the entire body without overly overwhelming it, and using effective freqs with the effective devices and good nutritional support - which we are pursuing.

And concertedly pursuing adjuncts or innovations that may shorten the runway. I know I've joked about using a 6' coil and huge amp, but in reality, I am convinced because of the nature of the Bb, it is the systematic reduction that eradicates them ultimately. It just may be that the non-metabolic forms don't emit much of a freq (suspended animation), so there's nothing there to resonate - until they are forced to come forth in a crisis action to try and re-seed due to wholesale annihilation of the specie at which time they are now vulnerable. And simultaneously they are also greeted with an increasingly "educated" immune system each time.

So, bottomline, I would think that strategic, judicious use of the Terminator coil, as art of the total program, "listening" to the body, using intuition, would not be adverse and certainly not result in developing an emf sensitivity.
By the way, if you're concerned, there are items that are supposed to balance the effect of emf - I think I saw one on Rense's site. Also, the vitamin niacin, with its characteristic "flush" acts to " run out" radiation (of which emf is a form of really).



I was further able to gain appreciation for the non-toxic nature of rife technology when I found out that Marc indeed did experience electromagnetic sensitivity at work. I was curious to see if this was nothing more than an inadvertent herxheimer reaction, and whether it would resolve as the Lyme complex improved:

It would be interesting to see if your EMF intolerance at work resides when the Bb is gone. Since you already have an issue with EMF at work - do you ever fear that exposure to more EMF (i.e., Doug and EMEM) will worsen your condition. I know that the current theory is that EMF sensitivity is just bugs - but what if threes more, and each time you expose yourself, you are "digging your hole deeper" so to speak, and wearing down your tolerance? eh?


Oh -- I have already noticed a difference! The cubicle is still the same as always, but I am effected very little at this point. Big difference.
It really isn't unlike having a headache and being near a humming electrical source that causes it to ache and throb. And once the headache is over, the humming has zero effect.
Just per what I've experienced so far, I have no reason to doubt that elimination of the infection will cause any peripheral sensitivities to disappear.


Although off topic from this section, Marc and I later theorized that some people with electromagnetic sensitivities might not be sensitive to electromagnetic fields - instead, they may have hidden, sub-clinical infections. Upon exposure to electromagnetic fields (even household items such as microwaves and appliances), these people might inadvertently be giving themselves a “rife-like” treatment, and the symptoms they experience might be the disruption of the infectious organisms! Think this is baloney? Check this out: These are the symptoms of “electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome,” taken from

Symptoms may include but are not limited to: Headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pressure and pain, breathing difficulty, and irregular heartbeat. Additional symptoms have been reported in some individuals such as paralysis, balance problems, body and/or muscle spasms, convulsions, confusion, depression, difficulty in concentrating, seizure, sleep disturbances, and memory difficulties.

Do you think its a coincidence that every symptom lines up with Lyme symptoms? Could it be possible that these people have very minor, sub-clinical Lyme infections, and are experiencing little flare-ups when they are exposed to EMFs which “stirr up” the infection?


“The ideal treatment must reach deep, sequestered places, such as the brain, joints, tendons, and other tissues where the spirochetes hide and reproduce. The treatment, therefore, cannot rely on a person’s “channels of distribution,” i.e., blood vessels - because this would not allow treatment to penetrate the hiding places of the spirochete. The treatment must somehow be applied in such a way that it reaches the brain effectively.”

This characteristic of rife treatments was what first intrigued me. Most other therapies require the body in some way - either the body’s immune system, or the body’s “channels of distribution.” We already know that both the immune system and the channels of distribution are incapable of exacting a cure. Therefore, before I had even heard of rife, I hypothesized that the true cure must be mechanical in nature, in other words, it must disrupt the spirochete without any help from the body. True, in the end, the immune system is the final weapon that defeats Lyme Disease. But while one is severely infected, the immune system alone is grossly insufficient.

Each of the three machine types discussed in this paper can reach each area of the body without calling on the resources of the body. You will read more about these machines later, but for now, here are a few sentences: The B3 literally uses your body as a “conductor.” You hold metal hand cylinders, and place your feet on metal foot pads. These hand cylinders and foot pads are wrapped in slightly damp terry cloth towels, such that while your hands/feet are placed on them, there is great conductivity between your skin and the metal. At a molecular level, most of your body is liquid. Then a current is passed through YOUR BODY from the foot pads to the hand rods. This current is, of course, tuned to the correct frequency. Your entire body becomes a conductor, and is literally “saturated” with the correct frequency.

The amazing and exciting thing to point out about this treatment is that the blood brain barrier does not effect the treatment! After spending years, thousands of dollars, and toxic IV antibiotics to get in the brain - now you’ll be able to get there much more effectively. Are you beginning to understand why the rife answer is such a wonderful help to Lyme patients?

The other two machines discussed, the EMEM and the Doug-Device, do not transmit current directly through contact with your body. Instead, these devices have “output mechanisms” that you simply hold near your body, maybe a few inches or a foot away (more discussion later). These output mechanisms (for example, the Doug-Device uses a large coil), when used properly, have a large electromagnetic field surrounding them. When you place your body inside this field, the field travels right through you - through your muscle, brain, skin, bone, etc. Again - you are able to receive a “head treatment” quite easily - without the necessity of consuming massive quantities of toxic drugs over months and months.


“Finally, Treatment must be adaptable to different strains of bacteria, as resistance forms rapidly to most drugs. The treatment must also devitalize the spirochete.”

Rife machines operate by “vibrating” the object at such a rate as to cause it’s destruction (as we’ve seen). This vibration, or MOR (mortal-oscillatory-rate), depends on the structure of the organism. There are MORs for nearly all micro-organisms - amoeba, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc. As a matter of fact, there is an MOR for every physical object. The beauty of rife machines in treating Lyme Disease is that, no matter how much a spirochete mutates, it is still a physical structure, and it is still vulnerable to a specific MOR. If any micro-organism can be destroyed with rife technology, then certainly a slightly mutated spirochete can.

This is an excerpt from an email written to me by Marc:

As far as the oscillation mechanics, it as been observed that all microorganisms apparently have protein clump structures which are periodically spaced and elastically coupled. They are capable of supporting resonant, standing, mechanical waves. Considering viruses, roughly half of the viruses that attack humans are lipid coated.

As an example, in looking at the outer structure of the common lipid-coated viruses that attack human beings, the periodically spaced-protein-structures can support resonant standing mechanical waves from rest position of the protein molecules BUT the waves becomes way too large during mechanical oscillation. Consequently, the physical / chemical bonds between the adjacent molecules will rupture and this essential microbe structure is destroyed.

When adjacent protein clumps oscillate 180 degrees out of phase, one protein clump is moving upward while its adjacent clumps are moving downward and visa versa. At maximum displacement of the protein clump from their equilibrium position, the stress at where the adjacent protein clumps are joined become a maximum. If the stress becomes large enough the bonding between adjacent protein clumps breaks down and the essential or critical structure for holding and delivering the virus genetic material is critically damaged or destroyed. This means the virus can not infect a new cell. Also, viruses that are forming and budding off of infected cells can be destroyed by this same method. This destruction / disintegration of forming and budding off viruses leaves holes in the infected cell's membrane, which can be fatal to the infected cell, which is actively producing viruses.
Viruses are miniscule compared to bacteria, but the same structural problems occur with them.

As the Lyme spirochete desperately mutates into different forms in the presence of antibiotics, the antibiotics can quickly be rendered ineffective. However, with rife, slight changes in bacterial structure can easily be accommodated by changing the frequency slightly. For example, if the MOR for a spirochete is 400hz, and the spirochete changes its form slightly to avoid being “nuked,” the new MOR, for the changed spirochete might be 398, or 402hz. By “sweeping” through frequencies, you will nail these mutated forms. Even if the spirochete continues to change it’s body structure, you can continue to vary the frequency.

There are limits beyond which the spirochete would be unable to change....for example, a spirochete cannot change into a frog! Therefore, there are certain ranges of frequencies that work well when treating Lyme Disease. Instead of using one simple frequency, such as 400hz, you will treat with a sweep around that frequency. An example would be a sweep from 390 - 410hz. This “sweep” accounts for the various forms the spirochetes may have mutated to.

Although understanding of the technical aspects of rife technology are not necessary to getting well, I have included some information for those who are interested in digging deeper into the “why” behind the treatment.

This is an email conversation between Marc and myself which took place when we were contemplating the effectiveness of various machines:

when I began using the Doug I was "feeling pretty good" from the b3. I thought "imp out of the woods and the doug probly won't do much." i was wrong - it seemed to attack a whole new layer ("layer" might be just the right word) of the disease....the first few times i used the doug, i realized that the "feeling pretty good" sensation i had had pre-doug was a total illusion and i was really infected right up to my teeth.

i wonder (hypothetically), if i were to use a doug machine with 10 times more power and a coil 10 times larger (maybe one you could put put your whole body inside), if i would experience another "layer" so to speak? Or maybe you reach a certain point in power/amplitude when you've "topped out" the Bb's ability to resist, and there are no more layers (ie an increase in power would have no meaning). just like, going from a bb gun up to a .45 would have a great affect on an attempt to kill a dog, but upgrading from a cannon to a nuclear bomb in killing the dog would be a worthless upgrade....just my ramblings....

I would think there would be something to experiment with there, Bryan.
Gary Wade wrote that he thought it theoretically possible to get a junkyard coil and attached to house current directly and blast the body for microbes. When I asked Doug about using stronger amps (like the Crown 3000 or 4000 watts) he admitted that might be doable. He just specifies the QSC because its something he knows, doesn't burn up, and is comfortable with it having used it in a lot of cases.

Just a note about his "magnetic" theory:
the thing he observed (the microbe turning to a blur) IS some of the phenomena Rife himself noted. In addition to other aspects, like it losing its unique spectaral light also under the universal scope (which is really intriguing). But that motion IS rapid oscillation. That IS exactly what Rife sought to find. MOR IS oscillation that the organism's structure cannot accomodate and therefore breaks or ruptures. The reason for the rapid oscillation isn't "magnetic" parts in the microbe, it is proteins and water within the microbe that move to the freq oscillation at different rates within the microbe and then fatally stresses, breaks and ruptures its structure. (I can send more on this)

Rife's tech IS based upon electromagnetic waves. That is essentially what RF is. (And he also used audio waves which are acoustic waves.) In the court trial he specifically refers to electromagnetic waves or freqs. The goal ultimately is to find the MOR which causes the microbe to vibrate/oscillate uncontrollably. All these device simply impart electromagnetic freq in different ways. Doug amped up the output dramatically and used a coil as the transmitter versus a tube, pad or dish. But even the EM puts out eletromagnetic waves. That's that noise you hear when its running.

In other words, the magnitude of Doug's coil is an important feature, BUT, the freqs still are what's carefully noted and run - whether its Bb or breast cancer - or the shingles list he asked me for or the hit list you're developing. That is, say you ran a "dead" freq (say 671). You could run it with 2000 watts or even double that and there's nothing happening - except for maybe nearby microbes in the lower 600 or 700 being vicariously effected. But run a live actual freq of Bb - 306 - and major phenomena occurs as MOR oscillations create havoc on the target microbes. In fact, reaching the point of no herxes anymore - or healed like Doug - there isn't any reaction to full-blast freqs anymore. Underscoring the difference is the microbial organisms own living freq.

Now, having said this, I do believe there could theoretically be a nearly common wave that nukes a wide range of different microbes simultaneously, but sense it is extremely high - in the millions of hz range (ultrasound) that Rife was experimenting with.


There are several reasons to stop ALL antibiotics when beginning your rife program.

First of all, you won't need them anymore. Read the stories from other sufferers and note that most were able to discontinue their antibiotics when they began rife treatments.

Second, antibiotics can cause the spirochetes to literally "drill further" into tissue, and even hide more efficiently in cells. Have you noticed how stopping antibiotics actually leaves you worse off than when you started them? Thats not a coincidence - thats a true worsening of the disease condition. Because antibiotics occupy the “channels of distribution” in high concentrations, spirochetes residing in these channels instinctively move as far away from the poisonous drug as possible. In doing this, they move to deeper areas, areas which are further from the channels of distribution.

Third, in addition to causing an ultimate worsening of the infection, antibiotics cause the Lyme spirochete to change into it's non-metabolic state (some refer to this as a granule, or cyst). In this state, it is MUCH more difficult to kill, even with rife machines. Thus you are prolonging the process of getting well.

Fourth, and possibly most important, is that antibiotics lead to a direct weakening of the immune system. As discussed in the section about herxheimer reactions, the immune system is ultimately the "battleground" upon which Lyme Disease is defeated. By weakening the immune system you are lengthening the time it takes to get well, and stacking all odds against your own body. Not to mention the horrible yeast (candida) infections you will most likely become afflicted with, which can, in and of themselves, be a terribly miserable thing - very difficult to rid yourself of (unfortunately many of you know what I'm referring to).

If these theories aren’t enough for you, maybe this testimony will be: Doug, through his extensive experience in helping and watching others get well with the machines, noted an absolute, unmistakable connection between the use of antibiotics while undergoing rife treatments, and failure with rife treatments. Doug states that he has seen, many times, people fail to achieve the desired results with rife machines if they are concurrently on antibiotics.


Hundreds, maybe thousands of "rife machines" are available, and more with each coming year. Many are sold by profit-hungry criminals taking advantage of desperate people. Many are good-intentioned folks, manufacturing machines to the best of their knowledge, machines that may or may not be useful. And, there are a select few machines with true value to the lyme patient. Because there is no governmental organization regulating these machines, the task of deciding which machine has merit and which doesn’t can be quite daunting.

Now, a disclaimer: I have not tried every machine out there, and I am certainly not the leading world expert on rife machines. I will not denounce or devalue ANY "rife machine" in this paper. Instead, I will focus on the approach I've stated earlier:

GETTING WELL! I will focus on the machines that most of the people I know have used to get well. This is not to say that there aren’t other machines that can't also do the job. One such machine, that will not be evaluated in this paper, is the Rife/Bare machine. After intensive observation of the "rife community," I noted several machines which unmistakably popped up as good options.

So, to reiterate, I will do my best to give you objective data regarding the actual efficacy of machines used by those I know who have healed from Lyme Disease. I will focus on three machines. I chose these three machines for several reasons:

1. I own them, and have experimented extensively with each of them.
2. These seem to be the machines used by most people to get well, including myself.
3. These three machines represent a good “cross section” of what is available.

I also believe that each of these machines individually may be capable of a sufficient treatment program when used alone, especially the doug-machine and B3. I believe that owning two or three of them will greatly accelerate the process to healing, but if you cannot afford to own more than one, do not despair.

Also, before I give a description/analysis of the machines, I will rank them in terms of their effectiveness. Please note that this ranking IS not an absolute, scientific ranking. It is based on my own experience, as well as my analysis of the experiences of others. I will use a scale of one to ten to represent effectiveness, ten being EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE and one being MOSTLY USELESS:

EMEM3: 3
B3: 6
B3 with amplifier: 8
Doug-Machine: 10

It is extremely important to note here that this evaluation is based on my subjective experience, and my interpretation of the experiences of others. I have heard stories of people who have cured their Lyme Disease with each of the above machines, and I highly respect the inventors of each machine. I believe that these three machines represent the best in rife options for Lyme sufferers, and I have a tremendous appreciation for the people who dedicated their time and energy to building these machines and spreading the word. These folks are true heroes, and deserve due respect and honor.

As noted earlier, there are obstacles affecting successful outcomes in treating Lyme Disease with rife machines. The type of machine you chose represents one of these obstacles - the wrong machine can mean total failure.

Before going any further, I would like to recommend the B3 as the number one choice (the accompanying amplifier must be purchased as well). While the doug-machine offers distinct advantages over the B3, there are also significant disadvantages to the doug-machine, which render it a much more difficult machine to obtain and use.


There are two methods by which the frequencies can be delivered to the body:

1. An electromagnetic output device, such as a plasma tube or coil. This type of output device does not actually come in physical contact with the body. Instead, a person sits near the device (a few inches or a foot away). The person’s body is therefore placed in the sphere of the electromagnetic field, and the electromagnetic field penetrates the body, thus delivering the treatment.

2. The person’s body is used as a conductor for the frequencies. In this method, a person holds metal rods in their hands, and places their bare feet on metal plates. The electrical current carrying the frequencies is then sent directly through the body, from the hands to the feet, or visa versa, using the body as the conductor.

The B3 uses the second method, and the Doug-device and EMEM use the first method. Both methods are absolutely effective, yet both have their pros and cons.

Lets take a look at the first method. Because the frequencies are not actually being conducted THROUGH the body, and because they become dissipated while traveling through the air between the body and the machine, machines that utilize the first method need to be considerably more powerful than machines that utilize the second method. Thus, the Doug-machine uses a 2000 watt amplifier, while the B3 uses only a 10 watt amplifier. An advantage of the first method is that the sphere is so powerful that it literally penetrates everything - bone, brain, blood, organs, etc. A disadvantage to this method is that the further away any body part is from the machine, the less treatment that body part receives. Thus the coil on the Doug-machine needs to be held over various parts of the body.

Regarding the second method, in which current is passed directly through the body, there are also pros and cons. One advantage is that you need not use the machine in different positions on your body - holding the hand rods and placing your feet on the foot pads provides a full-body treatment. A disadvantage to this method is that the electrical current, in its attempt to travel from the hand rods to the foot pads (from positive to negative), chooses the “path of least resistance.” In electricity, current always moves from positive to negative via the route that has the least resistance. In the human body, there are several parts of the body with less resistance (such as arteries and veins), and the current will prefer to travel over these areas. Thus, the other areas, such as bone, tendon, etc., will receive less of a treatment. The good news is that the brain happens to be a part of the body with lower resistance, thus inviting current to pass through it, and achieving a very effective treatment of a lyme infection in the brain.

Also, while this doesn’t represent a pro or con to either method, it should be noted that the frequencies are oriented in different directions with use of the different methods. For example, when using the Doug machine, the frequencies (electromagnetic field) is coming from the coil and traveling away from the coil. So, a spirochete that resides in the skin on your chest would experience the frequency “coming at it” from outside the body, in front of the chest, if you were holding the coil over the chest. With the B3, using the second method of delivery of frequencies, the spirochete would experience the frequency traveling up through the chest (on its way from the feet to the hands). Combining both the first and second frequency deliverance methods increases the killing efficacy against the spirochete, since you are using two distinct “angles of attack.”

Using more than one machine increases effectiveness of the treatment, for the obvious reason that you are getting the benefits of both methods of frequency deliverance. I use the EMEM, Doug-device, and B3 on the day that I do my treatments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never use two machines simultaneously, instead, they should be operated one-after-the-other, as two machines running at the same time may distort each other’s signals and cause the treatments to be less effective.


In Royal Raymond Rife’s original machine, there was a “carrier wave” which carried the treatment frequencies. This carrier wave was somewhere in the mega-hertz range, with 1 megahertz being equal to 1,000,000 hertz (a much faster, more powerful wave than the frequencies used to devitalize pathogens).

A simple explanation of the carrier wave is that the actual frequencies that target the pathogens are “piggy-backed” onto a much stronger wave that penetrates more tissue. It has been shown (contact AAA productions, the manufacturer of the B3, for more information on this) that the lower frequencies, i.e., those used to fight Lyme disease (such as 432 hertz) have a hard time penetrating many parts of the body. Higher frequencies are more powerful, and thus penetrate better. Thus, rife found that if you piggy-back the 432 hertz treatment frequency onto a much higher frequency carrier wave, the treatment would be much more effective, and reach more areas of the body. The technical aspects of “piggy-backing” one wave on top of another are beyond the scope of this discussion.

Most modern machines do not use a carrier wave, and are only somewhat effective. This can account for the many stories you might hear of people being helped by rife machines, but not cured. There are reports of success without the carrier wave, but the carrier wave adds a much higher level of predictability and success to the treatment.

One of the disctinct advantages of a high-frequency carrier wave is its ability to penetrate individual cells. A wave in the lower frequency range, such as 432hertz without a carrier wave, will not penetrate cells, instead, it will simply go around them (as per our discussion of resistance, cells have higher resistance levels and thus lower frequencies are less able to penetrate them). Because lyme spirochetes are notoriously known to live inside cells in the human body, this carrier wave adds a TREMENDOUS advantage to treatment.

The Doug-machine and EMEM do not use carrier waves (i.e., when you run 432hertz on the doug-machine, thats exactly what you get running through your body). The enormous power behind the doug-machine probably enables it to achieve results that rival the results obtained with a carrier wave. As the EMEM has less power, I believe its lack of a carrier wave significantly decreases its effectiveness.

The B3 does use a carrier wave of 2.4 megahertz (2,400,000 hertz). This means that when running the B3 set to 432 hertz, the frequency that is actually going through your body is 432 hertz “piggy-backed” on top of 2,400,000 hertz.

One can obtain much more detailed and thorough information about the B3’s capability of running a carrier wave, as well as carrier waves in general, from AAA Production. The fact that the B3 does use a carrier wave, as well as the fact that you can buy it as a complete, fully built machine, means that the B3 is a great option for treating Lyme disease.

(an important note is that the efficacy of a machine can be determined by the presence of a herxheimer reaction. If you wish to try machines not listed in this paper, you can tell if they are effective by whether they cause a herxheimer reaction. Although I have heard of several cases where folks got well from lyme using a rife machine WITHOUT having a herxheimer, most people do experience herxheimer reactions, and thus, if the machine you choose does not cause herxheimer reactions, you may have an ineffective machine)


The story of Doug and his family is truly amazing. Doug, an avid boater and outdoorsman, was on a boating/camping trip with his family when he contracted Lyme Disease. Doug’s wife and two kids ended up contracting the disease as well. Doug tried all the conventional means of getting well, including a double-dose of IV Rocephin. However, he still found himself to be losing the battle. The severity of his family’s condition required them to hire a helper to cook for them and perform daily chores. Although Doug did not have direct knowledge of the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, he had heard of the possibility that microorganisms may be vulnerable to killing by electromagnetic frequency treatment. Having a background in mechanical engineering, as well as a makeshift “lab” in his basement, Doug began experimenting.

I would like to note that Doug’s ingenuity, energy, compassion and knowledge have been the driving force behind much of the modern-day success with rife machines in treating Lyme Disease. As you will read, the very popular EMEM device is actually based on Doug’s original design. Doug is a very humble man, but if you trace many of the successful rife machines to their roots, you will find Doug at their beginnings.

Over the years, Doug has opened his doors to anyone seeking his help with treating Lyme Disease. He has built many machines, and helped many people build machines. Doug has never charged a penny for his services or for any spare parts he has taken from his stock to help someone’s incomplete setup. This indicates to me that Doug really believes in his machine - why else would he spend his time and energy helping others for free?

Over the years, Doug’s machine has helped many late-stage Lyme sufferers with no hope return to health. The testimonials by Kay, Chris, myself, and many others are success stories because of his machine, and his kindness.

I traveled to Doug’s home with all the parts necessary to construct a machine, and Doug spent the day helping me build it. I learned most of what I know from Doug, and to this day we remain friends and talk frequently about how we can help others fight this disease.

Part of the reason for writing this book is to help Doug. Although he continues to help many people recover from Lyme disease, there is not yet a compilation of resources that people with lyme disease can read. This means that Doug spends an enormous amount of time and energy helping those who call on him. Hopefully, this writing will answer many questions and provide a foundation of knowledge for those who seek it, thus allowing Doug to talk with people who already have a working knowledge of treating lyme disease with rife machines.

Ok, back to the machine. Here is a letter written by Doug to an editor of a Lyme Publication regarding his success with the treatment:

Dear Editor,

This letter is long overdue. Remember, I was the one who called you from "Big City" with the electromagnetic treatment for Lyme disease?

I became interested in the effects of electromagnetic fields about four years ago, when I was ill with Lyme disease. In the spring of 1990, my G.I. tract was most infected. I was unable to eat anything but Ensure-Plus, and lost 20 pounds in 14 days.

I was put on an IV (2 grams Rocephin daily for a month). However, I was still losing the battle. A relative told me that back in the 1930's, researchers found that specific electromagnetic frequencies would kill micro-organisms.

I could see that this might be possible. I had nothing to lose, so I set up an experiment with two objectives:

1. Test and prove the theory that electromagnetic waves at fixed frequencies can kill the Lyme spirochete in vitro.

2. Try the same experiment in vivo.

Experiment #1 - In vitro


1. Leitz microscope body with Zeiss 100x oil lens. 1.32 NA and 10x eye pieces. 1000 power with dark field turret.
2. Spare lens.
3. "x1" slides with slipcovers.
4. Function generator--used sine wave function only.
5. 700 watt audio amplifier. (Started with 20 watts).
6. 400 gauss coil for microscope. Tried many different kinds. Put coil around condenser lens below slide.
7. Amp meter.
8. Volt meter.
9. Live spirochetes. Facilities to cultivate them. After observing the spirochetes for some time, I applied 625 Hz and noticed a number-of unusual reactions from the
a. Vibrarted tail and appeared broken.
b. Bent back and forth from center.
c. Spinning (100rpm).
d. Straightened out.

The spirochetes that reacted did die in 20 minutes to 2 hours. 600 Hz had the same effect. I knew that the response curve for resonance was symmetrical, so I went to the midpoint of 612 and found this frequency to be more effective. 920 seemed to be another kill frequency, and it occurred to me that I was on a harmonic of 306. I tested 306 and found it to be the most effective for killing spirochetes - in fact, my wife and I had a "Herxheimer" for three days, from looking in the microscope when its coil was running at that frequency.

EXPERIMENT #2 - In vivo


1. Function generator
2. 2. Amplifier
3. 3, Amp meter
4. 4. Volt meter
5. 5. Oscilloscope
6. 6. Coil - 4 ohms impedance -constructed of #12 magnet wire
a. 200 gauss -20 Hz - coil 20" diameter - 190T (33 mh)
b. 38 gauss - 305 Hz - coil 20" diameter - 47T (2.1 mh)
c. 420 gauss - 305 Hz - coil 4" diameter - 180T (2.1 mh)

The coil was held around head, chest, waist and legs.

Time: 30 seconds per positions - 3 minutes

Frequency: Start 625--611--305--and 20 Hz. Reaction: As with antibiotic treatment, there was a Jarisch-Herxheimer response with symptoms becoming worse before they went away. 20 Hz was also found to be effective, later tests show 27 Hz may be better.

The treatment continued once a month for six months before most symptoms disappeared. NOTE: Care should be taken in start-up treatment because of large Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. Expect two years for complete recovery.

That was just about four years ago. Since then, I have gained back 40 pounds and work full time. Today, I enjoy good health, which I know is directly attributable to the electromagnetic treatments. I have not had any antibiotics since 1989.

Many people in our support group have treated themselves, with equally satisfying results. They built their own frequency machines with some differences, but basically the same unit.

The most recent revision of the "machine" is a frequency or function generator (BK Precision Model 3011B) of sine waves fed into a 2000-watt amplifier (QSC MX2000) which powers a set of coils (different coils for different frequencies). The coils act as radiating devices when placed against the body have AC magnetic fields of a 100 gauss minimum which penetrates the body.

The electronic hardware set-up and frequencies have been added to over the years, and the latest frequencies are 27, 300-400 scan, 420-470 scan HZ at 100 gauss minimum. About seven treatments are required, exposing each infected area of the body for about 3 minutes per treatment.

The components are available off the shelf from a nearby electronics and music store, for about $1500.

Sincerely, "Doug"

(note: Most information in this letter has been replaced by up-to-date information, including new frequencies, and updated machine construction plans).

Regarding one advantage of the Doug machine, this is an excerpt taken from an email from Marc to me:

Though all Rife devices are imparting electromagnetic frequency waves (whether sine, square, whatever), what I get from some Gary Wade writings is, it appears the coil device, with its pulsed magnetic field, uniquely creates an electronic field at right angles to the magnetic field. So you have magnetic field at a frequency and a generated electronic field and, it appears, the creation of broad-band ultrasound which goes throughout the body (via body fluids). With this being the case, the hi-powered application of pulsed magnetic signal (in addition to the critical MORs), creates a "side-effect" of electronic field also capable of creating mortal oscillations.
The relationship is proportional too - if the magnetic field strength is increased by a factor of 100, the crossed electronic is also increased by a factor of 100.

This potential is quite significant. It would imply a the greater overall body herx of the Doug coil besides at the area applied. It also would imply that co-infecting microbes may be damaged along with the microbes being targeted with the MOR.

The Doug-machine is not sold as a complete unit. A person, if interested, must purchase the parts, and put the machine together.


The Ultimate B3, made by AAA Productions,,
(888) 486-4420, quite possibly represents the best rife treatment option for people with Lyme Disease. Although I believe the Doug-machine to be more effective, most people are unwilling (or unable) to shop for the parts and assemble the machine. Please understand that construction of the Doug-machine is by no means rocket science, and I strongly encourage those with interest to pursue building one. However, if you are very sick with Lyme and need to get started right away, the B3 is a great choice. As a matter of fact, even if you do pursue the Doug-machine and/or the EMEM, I still recommend owning a B3. It is superior in its ease of use and flexibility, and I count it an irreplaceable asset.

Of the three machines analyzed, the B3 is the only one made by a company that makes a profit by selling the machine. At first, I was highly cautious and skeptical - this company made money through the sale of this machine - what would keep them from using cheap parts and over-exagerating the claims? After speaking at length with the owner of the company, as well as with many users of his machine, I decided that AAA Production was an honest, genuine company. Since purchasing the machine, I am extremely satisfied with it and I am grateful for the opportunity to own such an effective machine. Marc holds the same opinion, as do Marie and John. I can honestly say that the dollars invested into the B3, as well as the dollars invested into the Doug-device, have been the most well-spent dollars of my life. These machines have given me the joy of life back, and in retrospect, I would have paid much more for them, and counted every penny worth it.

Until recently the B3 operated on a 2 watt power supply. It was effective, but I soon realized it could use more power. Marc began experimenting with ways to increase the power of the B3, and soon I did as well. To our excitement, we learned that AAA Production was about to begin production of an amplifier that would increase power from 2 to 10 watts. Upon purchasing and using the amplifier, I found the effectiveness of the B3 to increase dramatically.

In one of my emails to Marc, I mused about how power might effect the outcome of therapy:

One additional comment (changing subjects): I think power is important for the following reason. Say Bb's MOR is 306. With (for example) 303, you might get some vibration, but not death at a lower power - while at higher power, you might get enough disruption to actually cause death. So I think the "useful frequency" range broadens with increased power. Do you agree? I don't think you need to hit the OPTIMUM MOR to kill the microbe...the absolute optimum MOR for Bb may be 306.899834798737984, yet, 306 does the job....therefore implying that some variation from absolute MOR (306.899834798737984) still has effect. An extension of this is to realize what a Hz is...its just a human way of measuring wavelength. x waves per second. Whats a "second"? Just a human way of keeping time. So what I'm saying is that theres nothing magical about frequencies based on integers with "seconds" being the common denominator...truly optimum MOR's are probably irrational numbers with close to infinite decimal places. But again - 306 "does the job."

Another email between Marc and myself discussing the power amplifier:

Hi Bryan,

Yeah - How 'bout that amp!!!
This is moving everything into another level.
I feel real good about getting the head area handled. Yes, it is a very ideal hide-out for them and is why it is one of their first targets once deployed into the system after infection (within 4-5 days). Ron is right in there. This moves it really close to Dr Rife's original realm.

Lookin' good, lookin' good...


just got the b3 amp today - took her for a whirl - WOW. much stronger sensation than b3 alone, especially head inflammation and pressure. i'd say an hour pre-amp is about 10 minutes with the amp. even as i write and have been finished with the treatment for 10 minutes, i am still having major sensation. not quite as powerful as the doug - but now with the amp, DEFINITELY in the same ballpark. and quite possibly an equal to the doug, since the doug can only be run for a few minutes before overheating, whereas b3 can go indefinitely. also - sensation is different from the doug - distinctly different. i feel really good about the b3 now - i think that amp was just what it needed. Ron said the original B3 had the limited power because of some government regulation - alluding to the fact that he believes the extra power is a real plus.

with this new head inflammation and pressure from the b3 session with amp, i'm beginning to think that the head is the last area to clear the infection. most other body sensation (including heart, which used to be a big one for me) is really dissipated, and the sensation (even with amp) is minor. But the head inflammation remains significant. I'll bet the Bb "nest" in the brain, and re-seed from there. Makes sense - the brain would be the easiest place to hide out. Once established there, the Bb need not worry about the immune system. Also, I think the brain material is ideal for Bb living conditons. Or - maybe the body is equally as infected, but for some reason the head reads the sensation more acutely?

anyway - i think the Bb's number is up. they were never welcome here in the firstplace! i could just hug royal raymond rife about now.....


The inventor of this machine, a New York resident named Dan, was actually introduced to the machine by Doug, the inventor of the Doug-machine. Many people mistakenly believe that the doug-machine and the EMEM based on entirely different rife concepts. While they do utilize different schools of thought for their output apparatus (argon tube vs. inductance coil), the newer EMEM device is based on the original design of the Doug machine.

Dan was mainly interested in the machine to help his wife recover from Lyme Disease. Dan had been corresponding with a woman (her name will be withheld for privacy) who wrote a book entitled “Lyme Disease 1991,” a book which detailed her own struggle against Lyme Disease. Dan requested information from this woman, and when she mailed him the information, she included a letter by Doug detailing his success with his electromagnetic machine (what we refer to as the doug-machine). Dan was a mechanically inclined individual, and built himself a doug-machine after spending many hours on the telephone with Doug. I believe this was around 1993.

In a written story told by Dan’s wife entitled “Angel of the Northwoods,” she explains how Dan began with the doug-machine, and later changed the design several times, going through the EMEM series. There has been an EMEM, an EMEM2, an EMEM3, an EMEM3D, and an EMEM5. As stated in “Angel of the Northwoods,” Dan began to modify the design from the Doug’s original design because he believed he could make it more effective, in addition to the fact that one part used in the original doug-machine is no longer manufactured, making it extremely difficult to locate.

Many other people have used Dan’s newer EMEM design to produce similar machines, which are also usually labeled “EMEM” machine. I have encountered more than 20 makers of this type of EMEM machine, all with designs based on Dan’s machine. Dan’s newer, modified versions of the EMEM have become very well known because of this, and you will find extensive information about Dan on the internet, should you decide to research further. In a phone conversation with Dan, he told me that he has built over one thousand EMEM type machines. The original design of the machine did, however, originate from Doug.

I have reproduced part of Dan’s story, which is taken from a transcript of the “1994 EMEM Video Tape” (see appendix XXXX).

I should note that the prevalence of information circulating about Dan’s newer EMEM type machine does not indicate that it is more effective than the original doug-machine. Dan has simply spent more time building the machines, and talking to folks, than has Doug, and Dan’s newer machines have been reproduced more than Doug’s - so there is more information available for the EMEM. While there are many stories of success with Dan’s newer EMEM machine, I believe the original Doug-device is a superior machine, and produces faster results than the EMEM machine.

However, I believe that Dan has done a tremendous service to the Lyme community by modifying the original doug-machine and building hundreds of them for sufferers. While I believe the doug-machine is more effective, it has several major drawbacks:

1. It requires a QSC MX 2000 amplifier, which has been out of production for over 10 years (it may be possible, however, to use a newer amplifier), while the EMEM machine can be built with easy-to-find parts.
2. The completed machine weighs over 100lbs, which makes it difficult transport. Dan’s EMEM machine is small, portable and light weight.
3. Operation of the machine is more complicated and precarious than the newer EMEM. The Doug-machine overheats easily, and requires frequent setup changes to accommodate different frequencies, while the EMEM machine is simple to operate.
4. The Doug-machine is considerably more expensive to build than Dan’s EMEM machine.

These modifications done by Dan have opened opportunities for many people to own machines. For this, Dan is also a hero.

My experience with the doug-machine has been extremely positive, and I attribute most of my success in healing to the doug-machine. I would recommend obtaining a Doug machine for optimum benefits. There was definitely a time when I “plateued” in using the EMEM machine, and use of the Doug machine immediately placed me in the fast lane toward recovery.

However, if you find the above drawbacks to be insurmountable, then aquiring an EMEM type machine should provide you with some benefit. Kay in appendix one has been symptom free from Lyme disease for more than a year with just an EMEM-type device. Some achieve benefit with the EMEM, and some don’t. My guess is that Dan’s machine is capable of curing Lyme disease, but the treatment period would be significantly longer than the cure-period of the doug-device and B3.

Some EMEM machines come without digital readouts to adjust the frequency. I strongly recommend against these machines, because precise frequency selection is impossible. The model I purchased from Dan himself includes a digital-display function generator, on which the frequency can be viewed and selected. I purchased this machine from Dan for $620.00, including shipping. Dan never charges for labor, he only charges for the cost of the materials. Dan makes these machines, and donates his time, as a service to the Lyme community.

My final comment about the EMEM: I have known people who have used the EMEM for months, without improvement. When such a person moves up to a B3 or a Doug-machine, they usually begin to see rapid improvement. Marc is a good example, he originally owned an EMEM3D with limited benefit, but upon moving up to a B3, he actually considered selling the EMEM3D. My story is similar. On the other hand, I have also known people who have been cured with an EMEM type device. Bottom line: Dan’s machine is a great machine, and does help Lyme sufferers, but the B3 and doug-device are probably a better bet.


In an email to Marc, I used an analogy to describe the war against Lyme Disease:

Just like any war between two armies, a victory can never happen in one battle. There are always more battles on the horizon - more troops, tanks, and resources held back by the opposing force. If the opposing force is smart (Lyme is), it will allocate its resources intellegently and put up the best fight it can, based on what the opposition brings to the battlefield. Even when the soon-to-be victorious party is SIGNIFICANTLY SUPERIOR to the soon-to-be defeated party, it still takes a concerted effort, AND TIME, to do the job. Anyway, maybe the common cold would be like America vs. a couple hundred, stupid soldiers of an opposition....a simple one-time battle.

Bb MUST NECESSARILY have evolved this effective warfare tactic or Bb WOULD NEVER HAVE BECOME A REAL THREAT to the advanced defense systems of the human. Any real disease process in a human is necessarily a formidable opponent.

Although quite simplistic, this description is accurate, as you will see. It takes a long time to get well. Some (usually younger people or those who have been infected for shorter periods of time) experience shorter healing periods. The average healing time I have encountered through my own experience as well as the experiences of others, is about 1-2 years of using the machines.

Why does it take so long? I don’t think anyone really knows. There are numerous theories, most of which have some logical basis. The theory I ascribe to originated from Marc: when the spirochetes enter the body, they “seed” various locations with cysts (or eggs) that do not hatch for a period of time. As the disease progresses, the spirochetes continue to re-seed. If these cysts are not vulnerable to killing with rife machines (or antibiotics), then it would follow that, even during a successful treatment program, you would experience periodic worsening of the condition as these cysts “hatch” in stages. Then, as you continue to treat and as the body begins to recover, additional “seeding” would become more and more difficult, as the spirochetes would become less able to perform their life-cycle activities because they are being challenged constantly by a hostile environment (rife treatments). Thus, the slow recovery.

An additional theory that I find to be likely is that rife machines (or antibiotics for that matter) do not actually kill spirochetes. Instead, they irritate, or disrupt the organism in such a way that the organism becomes weaker. This “weakness” may not be enough to cause an immediate halt in the disease condition, instead, it might take several reproductive cycles (or generations) to weaken the organism sufficiently for the human immune system to win the battle. Rife machines possibly disrupt the DNA of the spirochete, leading to future generations with inherited disabilities.

Everything about the Lyme Disease organism is highly advanced and hearty. The spirochete can mutate to different forms depending on which part of the body resides in. This is an excerpt from an email I received from Marc regarding the advanced abilities of the spirochete:

I think I'm coming down to more of an understanding the "why" behind the long cure cycle with Bb.

I know you know most of this, nut I'm coalescing more now.
The short form is, they come into the host system, and takes several weeks to "acclimate" and "learn" the host's biochemistry, weak areas, etc., while dealing with initial immune response and learning it too. If abx (or any effective treatment) is done in this period, they can be taken out. But, once they learn the system and move into immune privilaged areas (brain, scar-forming skin cells, nerve cells, etc) and areas away from immune and oxygen-laden blood steam (joints, tendons, bone, lymph) it is extremely difficult to clear them.

Because of the corkscrew shape and pointed tip, they move much better through tissue and organs, than fluids like blood - like a jumper jumping from firm dirt as opposed to soft mud. Once disseminated, there are some astoundingly unique ways they elude immune action, from antigens being located on their inside (as opposed to outside like most pathogens); able to pierce white and B-cells, and "wear" the shell of the B-cell thus fooling immune cells; depositing packets of genes (called "klebs") into the host - acting as info "packets" to other Bb as well as an irritant to the host causing immune reaction, to changing antigen information on a regular basis so the immune system has to develop new programming for it, to antigens mimicking host's own cells and causing some auto-immune fake-out, changing to non-metablic state or into cyst form and not addressed by the immune until a later time when it activates, the mutation into slightly different strains...whew.

So, the body is in a state of "what the...? What is it...? Where is it....? and the immune is working all the time and that's hyper-sensitivities (allergies) to all kinds of things occurs with lymies - the body is reacting to anything toxic or perceived as negative to it.

The long cure cycle involves working to get them in all the "hiding" places and in their non-metabolic states. The abx only gets the available ones thus the high incident of "reseeding" and relapse. The Rifes get the available rather easily and then work at the hidden ones, which takes a little time it appears. And lastly, the continuous parade of "emerging" from non-metabolic state forms desperately trying to reseed and divide before extinction of the specie occurs in the host. This includes even a heavy and effective attack by the Doug. However, there IS, besides the immediate oscillation kill, the "vaccinating" benefit for the immune to "program" from the kill in its various growth stages, mutation, etc. This is the only explanation for symptoms that DO go away in an infected area and then do not come back. The immune has gotten the handle for that aspect.

Another email in which Marc further details the reasons behind long cure times:

On why the treatment timeline and why total coverage.

The entire must eventually be treated. Per Doug's write-up, and checked it with him, every inch must ultimately be covered. Now that I have knocked back the overall complex, it is much earlier for me to discern what the Bb is doing. It lines up with some university studies, doctor studies, and Dr Burrascaro's research:

The Bb become slightly different strains in different parts of the body. Those in the brain area are different, for example. They spread everywhere, but a core group go to immune privilaged locations. Chief among these is the nerve cells (in the glia) which includes the spinal fluid and brain. It is very difficult for the immune to eliminate them from the nerve cells which they invade - this behind is the tremoring, agitation, etc. In fact, one should note that each area of the body addresses infection or attack differently. The eyes get red and weep, the skin breaks out and welts/rash, the heart pounds, palpitates, etc., the nerves tremor (sometimes in rhythmic "waves", the muscles pull, poke, ache, swell, etc., and so on and so on.

As regards the brain area - even white cells, b-cells, can't cross the BBB. The extensive capillaries there are so small, very little is allowed to pass in. The meningeal tissue surrounding and protecting the brain is such a tight bed that, if white were in the brain area, even they could not pass it. Because of the lack of the regular immune in the brain, there is just specialized free floating antibodies handling foreign intruders. So, once the Bb make it past the BBB, the Bb in the brain area are able to reside there and re-seed the rest of the body as necessary via the spinal fluid and nerves.

Studies show too, impeded circulation (which we've discussed before) which, along with their toxins, the lessened blood flow and oxygenation, lessens the host's wellness (and immune) and is beneficial to them (being anaerobic). Imaging shows a "swiss cheese" circulation pattern in lymies' brain area, with these "pockets" of low or poor circulation.

Also, in a two-fold action, they effect the eyes. The pituitary, hypothalmus, etc. directly do bio-important activities from light, which is received via the eyes, which they sit behind. The imaging also shows an increased bloodflow to the eyes in lymies, resulting in sensitivity and aversion to bright light (again beneficial to Bb). Moreover, Bb takes up residence in the eyes, which are also difficult areas for the immune to treat. These also act to "re-seed" the body when needed.

Interestingly, if I look real careful against a white background or pure sky, I can make out the transparent outline of an expired spiro on my left cornea.

I have also had distinct feeling of spiros retreating further "in" the body to avoid the mortal freqs sometimes when I kick a freq sequence in during a time of Bb effect. I have also felt spiros causing a sensation in the bone area in the left leg.

Fibroblast cells are those that involved in making scar tissue. They are like the painters and refinishers coming in after body damage to form scar. Because they are like a "mop up" brigade, they have low attention from the immune. Bb penetrate these cells as well to hide.

And, because Bb actually moves better through solid tissue than fluid, a core group goes to the tendons, joints and bone - again where blood flow is less direct (which carry b-cells, white-cells, etc.)

Additonally, some Bb go intercellular in other cells, even immune cells themselves - b-cells, white cells and even macrophages

Finally, Bb changes form into L-form and into cyst form. Studies show, when the coast is clear, fully formed spiros will come out of the cysts to re-seed.

I've noted some of these aspects before but am listing them in a new unit of time to view that it all adds up to why abx, HBOT, and others tend to have limited success and why relapse (re-seed) is so likely.

And, why, though there could be a yet-unknown ultra-range freq that could massively deactivate them, currently I see only a systematic, persistent approach of hitting all the key freqs (which represent the mutations and strains. And - this is key - actual cure evidence supports material I've read stating that treatment should involve going through at least all the seasons once, and likely twice (12-24 months). Because, a concerted effort to "re-emerge" or re-seed appears to occur at season change points. BUT the important thing is - this systematic approach DOES, by actual case evidence, result in un-relapsing cure.



Hopefully now you have a basic overview of the various theories regarding why it takes so long to get well.

The most important fact to note here is not why the treatment period is so long, but simply that it is long. You must come to terms with this fact before you can expect to get well - you must mentally prepare yourself for the “long haul.”

I am eternally grateful to those who explained this to me before I began treatment with rife machines. If I hadn't had great faith in the therapy, there would have been many times when I would have threw up my arms, and said "forget it, this isn't working." What kept me going were the stories of the many people who told me it takes at least a year to get well. These stories served to keep me going - keep me heading toward the light at the end of the tunnel. I have compiled these stories for you in the appendix, in hopes that you will read them, and despite the roller coaster ride, put faith in this treatment.

Now lets talk about the specifics of the process of getting well.


So, how do you know if you are going "backwards or forwards" in your treatment? What will it feel like along the road to wellness? There will be MANY times when you are on the roller coaster ride, up and down, and you'll say to yourself, "is this really working? I don't notice dramatic gains - how do I know whats really going on?"

First of all, lets examine the nature of symptoms. As I see it, there are three categories of Lyme symptoms (yes, this is simplistic, but it should be a sufficient explanation):

1. Active Lyme Disease itself. This can be different for each person. This is what you would feel like without taking any treatments - this is Lyme Disease itself.

2. Herxheimer effect A: After killing spirochetes, your body will become flooded with toxins released by the dead bodies of the organism. This "toxic, gross" feeling is what most people are used to from “herxing” with antibiotics. However, there IS another type of herxheimer reaction:

3. Herxheimer effect B: When using rife machines to treat Lyme Disease (as well as some antibiotics), you will sometimes experience the immune system’s acute reaction to a “de-cloaked” spirochete. Normally, the immune system cannot “see” the infection, as the spirochete is so clever in its ability to hide. Rife sessions sometimes disturb the spirochete - irritate it - and thus, its "cloaking device" (aka, its ability to remain invisible) will be destroyed. The delicate protein layers that the spirochete hides behind get disrupted, and all of a sudden your immune system can "see" multitudes of spirochetes infecting various locations of the body. When this happens, you begin to experience MAJOR immune system activation, just as you would if you just came down with a violent cold or the flu. These symptoms sometimes feel totally different than your normal lyme symptoms, and they feel different even from a normal, toxin-herxheimer reaction. You will usually experience chills, headache, sore throat, nausea, etc. And - it is very different for each person. Some people experience enlarged spleens, cold extremedies, extreme fatigue, just to name a few.

During the first several months (or even a full year) of treatment, you are CONSTANTLY bouncing back and fourth between the above stated three "conditions," and you will be very confused about what is taking place in your body if you aren't aware of the battle. Once in a while you will feel 100% well, but these instances only last a few hours. As you progress further, these 100% times will be longer and more frequent.

Why must you undergo such miserable reactions to get well? When you get the common cold, you have symptoms that represent your body fighting the infection. When you hurt your knee, you get inflammation around the injury. There is no way to have a cold without feeling sick, and no way to hurt your knee without having pain.

In Lyme, when you have false "symptom free" periods, the body IS NOT EVEN AWARE THAT THERE IS A BATTLE TO BE FOUGHT. Feeling good can be a negative thing. If you are very infected, yet feel good - don't be fooled - the spirochete actually has you quite has succeeded in hiding from the immune system, and your body is not even fighting the battle.

On the contrary, when you use a rife machine, you will note that there is ALWAYS A BATTLE TAKING PLACE, which is indeed a good sign. The "horrible" sensation you have after a rife session - whether it be the herxheimer A or B or both, is actually a BATTLE taking place. If you are not experiencing this battle - then you are not on the uphill road. These battles are never pleasant - they are, by nature, very taxing to your body, and require extra energy. This can result in fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms.

As time goes on (months and months), the battles become more mild, the good times become better, and eventually, you can use the machines and not have reactions at all! This would indicate that the battle is over - you've won, and you are lyme-free. But in the meantime, you must be prepared for herxheimer reactions.

I hope I’ve made it clear that I know of no way to treat Lyme Disease with the machines without experiencing herxheimer reactions. If you are unwilling to undergo herxheimers, then I don’t believe you can get well. Someone unwilling to undergo a herxheimer reaction would be similar to someone unwilling to undergo surgery for a broken back - you may just end up in an ongoing state of suffering. Unfortunately, the herxheimer reaction must occur. As spirochetes are killed, you will feel the effects of their toxins. There are various supplements which can help lessen this effect, but you will always feel worse when in a herxheimer reaction.

Regarding treatment times:

Kay said that she knew it was time to treat herself again when the herxheimer reactions began to dissipate and her symptom complex began to resemble regular Lyme symptoms again. The logic here would be that when the herxheimer is over, and Lyme begins its regular activities, it is time to treat again. For Kay, this happened about 7-10 days after her rife session, so she treated herself every 7-10 days. She said that as she got better, that time period began to lengthen, indicating a less frequent treatment pattern.

For myself, this happened about every 3 or 4 days, so I treated myself accordingly. These variations between treatment times may be based on different strains of the infection, or possibly on differences between people, or both. In any case, you should use this model as a pattern by which you can plan your own treatments. It is extremely important for you to be “tuned in” to your own body, so you are able to tell the difference between the various symptoms. One should probably not treat more than every other day, and less than once a month.

You need to exercise caution as you begin treatments - the heavy bacterial load in the early stages of treatment can cause more severe herxheimer reactions. Start with only a minute, and work your way up from there. I mentioned that my treatments were very 3 or 4 days. I began with a minute per treatment, then went up to 5 minutes, then 20 minutes, etc. As I got closer to being well, I found that I required longer treatments to achieve the same level of herxheimer. This was a good sign - indicating that the bacterial load was lowering. My longest treatment sessions ended up at 3 or 4 hours.

In an email conversation between Marc and myself, I expalined what my first experience with the powerful Doug-machine was like:

I can tell I've improved so much since going to see Doug. That night in the hotel room before I saw Doug - that was terrible. I really thought I was going to die - or end it myself.

Did I ever tell you what happened after I used the Doug machine at Doug's house for the first time? You will think I'm making this up....but I'm serious. I only used it for about 2 minutes total, maybe 30 seconds on each frequency (we did 1440, 2112, 432, and 1064 as I recall). Wasn't even that close to the coil, just had the coil about a foot in front of my midsection. I drove back down to Grants Pass that afternoon (450 miles) to stay with a close friend. The whole drive back I had this euphoric - yes, euphoric! - sensation - love, peace, etc. It was so out of character for my normally emotionally screwed up self. Also - and this is what will trip you out - I had spinal convulsions that ENTIRE night, didn't sleep a wink. These convulsions were actually pleasurable though! About every 20 minutes I'd have this spinal "thrash," almost like a whiplash motion....totally involuntary, like a massive spinal "twtich" - but it would feel GOOD. It felt great, wonderful, sex almost. It was so strange. It wasn't a "herx" per say - although I did have a miserable herx the following day. I think the first treatment on a rife (happened to a much lesser degree with the EMEM and B3) can precipitate a wonderful, healthy euphoric sensation before the herx-crash (which can last for months). But that night - with the pleasurable spinal convulsions - my body was screaming "KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOU DID, GIVE ME MORE, DO THAT AGAIN." As pain is the body saying "stop that," pleasure is the body saying "do that again." I've had some of the same phenomena in a mild way since then, but nothing like that. Just those 2 minutes on the Doug totally changed my disease complex, more than anything else in the history of the disease. At that time I KNEW I had found the answer. And the beauty of it is that NOTHING can stop the progress....if my house burnt down tomorrow, I could have another Doug up and running in a few more weeks.... But it just amazes me that 2 minutes in front of some coil can rapidly and prolongedly change a disease complex, whereas the other $50k was just sort of chipping away at a huge iceberg.

i'll bet that spinal thrashing was some sort of massive die off in the spinal/brain area. sad to think that untreated, that would have probably lead to MS or something else horrid - or just horrible lyme. i'll bet that 2 minute session on the doug wiped out more spiros than any other rifing session i've had since then. i was really bad off that weekend - horrible symptoms in every way. again thats what i like so much about the doug. B3 relies on body pathways, whereas the doug simply "blasts" through everything.


Yes, the value of being "self-sufficient is worth its weight in gold (if not dollars). Your story is astonishing. You know, it's like muscle-testing. Its remarkable, that you can hold an item and muscle test and it will react immediately, pro or negative. That same "inner awareness" knows when something is not being handled (the anxieties, fear, anger, increasing somatics) and immediately when it is being handled (positive, euphoric, yearning for more).

That inner awareness, which is part of the intuition we refer to, is notable. I had a spine phenom in the other direction when the complex was expanding. I was doing the Zhang herbs at the time, and Dr Zhang felt it was healing herx, but I questioned that - it sure was strange - the spine would shimmy and vibrate convulsively in waves. Then I learned it was the way the cns fights in that area unlike the induced convulsing of the CWC potions). It stands to reason your experience was the opposite - if you were nuking at waist level, you were blasting the spine too and the heavy concentration of spiros that reside there (from where they can affect the cns and brain). That was a battle herx for sure, and the body reading dead and pieces in addition to flailing remnants of that first surprise attack. Marvelous.

I'm really curious to see what your first experience with the Doug is like. I've heard some lymies say that they used the doug machine and didn't feel a thing, even for weeks, even to the point of discontinuing the treatments. I wonder if this is just an individual difference, or - more likely - if that poor soul is unfortunately suffering from some other unknown disease - NOT lyme. Its hard for me to believe that someone who's symptom complex is really caused by lyme would NOT experience at least moderate phenom with the doug machine.
Yeah, I laughed when I read Mrs Graham's first session. She didn't really feel anything but had a good bowel movement (ha). But it was a lighter coil/amp too at that time. But, it could be possible that some don't have much reaction. If not, it is a serious indication, for it shows their normal body "perception" channels is very sub-par - which is a danger condition in terms of a lowered order of bio-operation.
I love hearing about your experiences - just terrific and I am keen to take 'er for a ride.


Another email conversation in which Marc and I discuss healing with the Doug-machine:

But heres my report: I ran it last night on some low frequencies, and had MAJOR PHENOMENA. It didn't feel like a herx - it felt strange. But, today, I KNOW it was a herx. I think the different herx phenomena was experienced because the stronger EMF (higher gauss) had PENETRATED UNCHARTED AREAS IN THE BRAIN. Thus the new phenom was related to infected areas being stirred up for the first time.

This is going to sound strange - but you and I do believe in intuition - Since beginning treatment with the Doug and B3, I've had these strange senses that (and keep in mind, the percolation of these thoughts bubbling up to a coherent line of thought is very recent)....senses that I am getting "deeper and deeper" (in the head area) with treatment. I would visualize an outer perimeter of brain area - maybe one inch deep around the surface of the head - getting nuked. But I always had this gut feeling that the inner area wasn't getting effectively treated. Well - these thoughts came to fruition when my gut feeling culminated last night with a very DISTINCT sense that that perimeter immediately closed in from outer brain area to inner head area, and met in the middle of the head with a "pop"-like finality. Sort of like an inner knowing saying - "thats the mark - this far and no further." I now believe that the current Doug setup is "the end of the road" for me. Not the end of the road in healing - I know it will take months or years to finish off the Bb. But its the end of the road in terms of THE MEANS NECCESARY TO EXACT A PRECISE AND EFFICACIOUS CURE. Also - interestingly - the other herx phenom that I got with the smaller coil DID appear with the larger coil - but much more intense. Not more uncomfortable - just accelerated and almost forceful. For example I sometimes get this intense sinus pressure after a session with the smaller Doug coil - but the sensation comes and goes, and is always sort of "barely there." With the large coil, it came on fast, was very real and intense, worked itself through some "course", and then went away all within about 20 minutes. So I think the 21 MH coil is about the max - this far and no further.
Fascinating. Yes - you know I feel intuition is paramount - and actually is what has led to the cure for Bb, if think of Rife, Doug, etc. It's the low-IQ types that parrot the "it isn't scientific" pap. It is actually the origin of science. From Newton suddenly putting his attention on a falling apple, to Einstein getting an idea of time/space as relative, to writer Arthur C Clarke ("2001 Space Odyssey) getting the notion of radar and a space suit (which were developed directly from his novels), to Rife getting the idea of viewing infinitesimally small life forms using their own freqs for illumination - and getting the idea of applying their own freqs to them in mortal resonance. And why did Doug "pull in" the Rife data when his life was threatened, and why apply it with a hi-power EM instead of the usual rife devices? No, the truth is, the prescience precedes the science.
Anyway, I fully support your feel on your "Terminator" coil as well as your feeling of how it fits into the total picture. I commend you on chasing it down..


The Herring Law of cure describes the way in which the body reverses a chronic disease. I have found this theory to roughly describe the healing process, especially experiencing symptoms that you haven’t experienced for a long time. For example, if you had nausea and tinnitus in the early stages of the illness, you can expect them to return while undergoing successful treatment. Without knowing this up front, you might become extremely frightened when you see that your rife machine is awakening symptoms you thought had gone away a long time ago. However, the disease will literally “reverse,” and as you get well, your symptoms will more closely resemble those symptoms of the early illness. I was quite alarmed when some very frightful symptoms began to reappear after having been gone for a very long time. But, in sticking with the program, it all “became clear” to me. Doug, who didn’t even know about the Herring Law of Cure, told me to expect this.

Here is the complete Herrings Law of Cure:
Hahnemann, Samuel: Organon of Medicine. Philadelphia. Pa., Boeriche and Tafel, 1901
In the treating of chronic diseases, the homeopaths have discovered that the elimination of these conditions proceeds in a certain specific order and rules have been laid down outlining this healing procedure. These rules are known as Herring's Laws in honor of Constantine Herring (1800-1880), who is considered the father of American homeopathy. Herring's three laws may be expressed simply as follows:

1. Symptoms of a chronic disease disappear in a definite order when the patient is properly treated in accordance with homeopathic recommendations. The symptoms usually disappear in the reverse order of their appearance-the most recent symptom disappears first; then an earlier symptom re manifests only to abate when the proper remedy is given. This process continues until all the unresolved disease conditions are eliminated, even though some may go back to early childhood. This procedure is called the reverse progression of symptoms. This procedure of symptom regression isn't restricted to homeopathy alone, but is to be expected when most natural methods of therapy are used to overcome chronic ailments

2. Herring's second law states that the symptoms tend to move from the more vital organs to the less vital organs and from the interior of the body toward the periphery or skin. This law functions because of the body's attempt to preserve itself. If a disease that produces morbid matter can't be eliminated, the body tries to deposit the residues of this condition in as harmless an area as possible. The skin is one of the safest, but the body also frequently uses the various connective tissues and joints for this purpose. Only when the disease process is overpowering does the body allow it to invade the vital organs, and even then the body makes every possible attempt to keep the disease processes out of the heart and brain. When a patient comes to us with disorders of the vital organs, we know the vital force is weak or these areas wouldn't be affected and therefore the cure will be prolonged. Under treatment, the symptoms will subside and recede from the more vital areas to the less vital areas, and the symptoms may even end with a healing reaction on the best eliminator of all-the skin.

3. Herring's third rule states that the symptoms move from the top of the body downward, disappearing first from the head, then from the thigh to the knee, ankle, and foot. We frequently encounter this last pattern, wherein the pain will go from the abdomen into the hip, then thigh, then knee and then in and out the foot. These patients often comment: "You know, Doctor, I'm sure when it gets down to the foot, it will just go out the toes and be gone." They usually are correct. The functioning of the third law is based on a principle similar to the second. Because the more vital areas are found in the head and upper portion of the body and those of less importance are encountered toward the extremities, the third law is a symptomatic extension of the second law. Its nature is important to the physician but not particularly to the patient.

From these laws, a patient may realize that under proper homeopathic treatment he could re-manifest symptom patterns from an earlier stage of his life, only if these conditions weren't fully corrected originally. If he had so lived that the body didn't have residual disease material, it wouldn't be necessary to go through this retracing regimen.
The homeopathic and natural healing physician look on chronic disease as the consequence of improper nutrition, emotional tension, improper treatment with allopathic medication and an over abundance of stress from which the body is not able to recover. The symptoms or the final manifestations that occur are merely an end result of these accumulated body assaults. While allopathy attempts to battle these manifestations when they become objectionable, the true natural healing physician directs his efforts to overcoming the underlying causes, thereby resulting in a patient who is disease-free, not one who is just symptom free.
There is an old saying; "You have to get worse before you get better." In general this is a lot of nonsense and it is used by many physicians to cover their inability to help their patients. With homeopathic remedies, however, this maxim may well be true. We attempt with homeopathic remedies to further stimulate the specific organs that are producing the symptoms. At first this stimulation may result in a short-term intensification of these symptoms, but this soon passes as the vital energy of the body responds to this stimulus and rapidly overcomes the disease. The homeopath is encouraged if his patient worsens slightly soon after taking the remedy, because this positively indicates that he has selected the correct remedy and it is having its desired effect. If the remedy is ill-chosen, it doesn't affect the proper tissues and no symptom will intensification result.
Summary of Herring's Law of Cure
Herring's Law of Cure tells us that we heal from the head down, from inside out and in reverse order as symptoms have appeared. This is the basis of all healing and we may have to get worse before we get better. If we are to heal the body of whatever disease it has, we must first believe we can heal. Then we must cleanse out the impurities and not suppress any discharge.


I saved this section for later in the book because I feel it necessary to have a strong grasp on rife concepts before one can understand the logic behind treatment strategies.

How often should one treat? Treatments should be spaced apart based on the herxheimer reaction. For me, this was about every 3 or 4 days, as I’ve mentioned. Marc treats nearly every day, while Kay treats every 10 days or so. Treating more often does not necessarily accelerate healing. When Doug was sick, he took treatments much more often than his wife, and they both arrived at health in the same amount of time.

How long should each session be? I began with a few minutes per session and worked my way up from there. I knew it was time to increase my session time when my herxheimer reactions were becoming mild. Unfortunately, the most effective treatments are those which are followed by herxheimer reactions. Treat long enough that you have an uncomfortable herxheimer reaction, but not so long that you are completely immobilized by the reaction. When I began to feel well, I was treating about 3 hours, every 4 days. Again, the session length should be determined by your response to the treatment, including the severity of herxheimer reaction.

How should one decide which frequencies to use? This is a complicated question, and I’m sure there is more than one answer.

If you can “feel” the frequencies while running the machine, concentrate on the frequencies which you can feel the most. If you cannot feel frequencies as they run, you should run frequencies which cause the largest herxheimer reactions. If you aren’t sure whats what, use the frequencies I’ve recommended.

Before talking about frequencies, I would like to explain waveform differences (sine vs square): Dr. Rife's original frequencies were sine waves. John Crane, who took over Rife's operation after Rife died, converted the frequencies from Sine waves to Square waves, and also reduced the frequencies by 10 times. For example, if Dr. Rife's frequency was 4200hz as a Sine wave, John Crane would use 420 as a Square wave. John Crane also removed the carrier wave from the machine (see discussion about RF carrier wave).

Don't worry about understanding the technicalities of this! It really isn't important. What you need to know, however, is that BOTH Dr. Rife, and John Crane had success with their treatments. So, the best way to approach treating Lyme Disease is to use both methods - use the “high sine” numbers and the “low square” numbers. Some people alternate between these, one session with high sine, the next session with low square.

For example, if you know that 432 is a good Lyme frequency, you should run the following on your machine:

432 as a Square wave
4320 as a Sine wave

and so on. It should be noted that many folks only use one or the other, not both, and still get well. If your machine only runs the low square numbers, you should be OK. My description here is what I’ve found to be optimal.

The Ultimate B3 comes PRE-PROGRAMMED with Lyme frequency lists in BOTH the lower, square format, and the higher, sine format. Thus, if you wish to run the original Rife Sine list, you just hit a couple buttons on the keypad. If you wish to run John Crane's lower list in square waves, you hit a few buttons. It takes all the calculations and technicality out of it.

If you are using different machines, such as the EMEM, or the doug-device, or other machines, you need to make these changes by adjusting your machinery. This is why I STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting a B3 with amplifer, even if you also use other machines. The B3 makes optimal treatments easy - I can even watch a movie while taking a treatment, it is that “thoughtless.”

In my own experience, the following frequencies have been most helpful:


Each of these frequencies should be “swept through,” such that running 520 would actually involve sweeping from 510 through 530. These frequencies would be run in square mode. They would also be multiplied by 10 and run in sine mode. There are many other frequency sets out there. You’ll find frequencies online, and in the B3 manual. Although I was skeptical about the validity of frequencies found on the internet, I’ve found that most frequencies recommended for lyme actually do work for Lyme.

While correct frequencies are important, don’t overanalyze the options. Many people have achieved success by running as few as 4 or 5 frequencies, and never more (read Mike Graham’s wife’s story).

The B3 is the easiest instrument to run. You can program the B3 to automatically sweep through frequencies, to run multiple frequencies at the same time, to run sine or square, and you can turn the RF carrier signal on or off. It is a highly versatile, easy to use machine.

The EMEM I own can be operated in sine and square mode, but the frequency generator is quite simple, with one knob that turns the frequency up or down. This makes sweeping difficult.

The doug-device is the most complicated. This machine runs frequencies in a similar manner as the EMEM, yet requires setup changes for different frequencies.

The following email conversation between Marc and myself details some technical information about frequencies and waveforms. Please keep in mind that you do not need to understand these technicalities in order to be successful with rife therapy. I include this information only for those who wish to know more about the technical aspects:


Thanks for that great informative email.

Do you use only the Sine lists in the B3 manual, or others?

The lists in the manual are quite complete in terms of other lists I've culled from the net. I have tried some that I fished for with the EM, but no great shakes when compared to the manual's multiples.

When running sine's, do you always use them in the "ten times higher" forms, or do you ever run sines as low frequencies (i.e. 432 vs 4320). Would there ever be reason to run square waves at ten times higher, and sine waves at the normal low frequencies?

Per what has been found in actual practice (and as indicated in the manual) the lowers run best as square only. However, the uppers can be run as square or sine. Apparently, the sine isn't found in actual practice to be as effective in the lower ranges (1-1000 hz). Squares, were developed in the lower range but can be run in the uppers too. This appears to be just from results in practical application and just have speculations to why that would be. Just the Rife sines were verified under a scope. Crane's squares have just been from trial-and-error over 50 years.

Also, is there always a relationship between a frequency and its "ten times higher" brother. For example, if you find a "hit" on a square frequency of 300, does it NECESSARILY FOLLOW that 3000 in sine is also a hit? I guess I'm wondering what the physics is that says that 432 is somehow related to 4320, etc. Why is a multiplication factor of 10 mean anything. What if you multiply 432 by something random, like 14? Are they related? See my question? What about the 10x relationship connects 432 with 4320? If 432 is a "hit" in square wave, and a hit in sine at 4320, would it also be a hit in SQUARE at 4320?

Only that the Crane squares were totally developed 1/10 from the originals. These were the ones that were getting results, rather than 1/7, 1/5, etc. So, his entire area of development was at that fixed multiple of the Rife sine. Yes, multiplying 423 by 14 will give you a multiple of 14x 432. But, if there is zero effect when applied it is useless. Squares at 1/10, do have an effect, and reconverting back to sines at 10x also have an effect. Therefore, the denominator is the type of wave. And the physics would be that there's a workable fixed relationship of sine and square being 10x apart. This I actually saw demonstrated by some material off the net where a guy was speculating it was the type of device that determined the result - i.e. a frequency on one machine would work but on another type it wouldn't. He ran a plasma for candida on a woman suffering from it at 4340 (10x the common 434 [Crane] for candida) and she got major hit. But I know the type of device he was using was putting out a sine, so in a way he was right, but it was the wave form not the device. But more importantly, he inadvertantly demo'd the Rife/Crane rrelationship.

Doug told me to always run his machine in square wave form, he said the sine wave output was too hard on the amp. It is news to me that "the wave that actually comes off the coil into the body is a sine wave." Thats interesting.

Yes, the output to the coil is square, but the coil causes it to become a 100% duty cycle sine off the coil, per Doug.

I, also, intentionally avoid predictable treatment patterns. As you do, I reach for whatever feels right. I do this to keep the Bb mixed up as to what I'm doing so they can never learn a pattern.

When you say:

"Lately, for some reason I have been favoring the Rife sine lyme lists, sine MOR, sine mycoplasma"

Do you mean the lists that are found in the B3 manual? How do you know these are accurate frequencies? Who compiled the lists? Just musings.

The lists are accumulated over the years by rife users as those which work the best for those conditions. Every list I see says its all experimental and your on your own, but these are those that get effects. I see Dan Tracy, Doug, Stenulsen, etc. numbers in the lyme list, for example. The list in the AAA manual is just those freqs collected. But it is pretty extensive as three are freqs in there for conditions I haven't seen on other lists. The Mycoplasma freqs I got from Dr Bare after a discussion with him.
As far as the square/rife being accurate, its just going back to the 10x relationship of square and sine being a workable constant. The 10x off the Rifes were getting results (though unverified with a scope) with the Cranes. And, when the reverse is then done (reconverting 10x back), those freqs were found to hit as well.
I often see notations that trying to recover Rife's work is an ever-evolving, work-in-progress and everyone is encouraged to see what works and if it does, contribute to the body of work. So if you find some good ones, square, rife, whatever, you know what to do with them:-)

I'm still getting great improvement and having high high's, and low herxes. The Doug continues to knock me off my feet with almost intolerable herxes.

Amazing, just amazing. Muy excellento on the improvement, bud(!)

Thanks again for your help Marc

And thank you for yours:-)


So, are these people who feel great now (including myself) really cured? I cannot answer that question, and I doubt anyone can. However, there are some very encouraging signs:

1. Doug rid himself of the Lyme infection in 1990, and has been symptom free every since, with maintenance treatments on the machine every 6 months or so. Many others have similar stories.
2. As one improves, their herxheimer reactions lesson, and eventually disappear. Exposing the body to MOR frequencies without any change in the health of the patient would seem to indicate that the infection is gone.

However, because of the uncertainty in answering this question, I advice continuing with maintenance treatments every so often. This might be once a week, once a month, or once a year. This might not be necessary, but it certainly cannot hurt, and might be a form of “insurance policy” against any remaining spirochetes that could potentially infect the body at a later time.


You will not get better without exercise. The human body was designed (or evolved) to exercise. Our evolutionary (or created bodies) REQUIRE EXERCISE. It takes the human body thousands of years (or millions) to change, and evolve to new behavior. Our sendentary, lazy, sitting lifestyle (sit in cars, chairs, airplanes, at work, in the movies, while emailing, etc) is VERY NEW, i.e., less than 300 years old. In the majority of history, humans were required to exercise just to survive. Our bodies haven't adapted to this new lack of exercise, and the activity that humans have been accustomed to for thousands of years (building houses, hunting for food, traveling by horseback [still a workout] or by foot, etc) is distinctly missing from our culture. It is one of the single largest health tragedies in America, but no one will face it because America is a lazy culture and we want all of our answers to be easy and not require anything of us. I don’t mean to sound harsh, and I am not referring to all Americans (some are exercise conscious). But if you are not used to exercising, you need to start, because you won’t feel great without it.

If you have aches in your muscles from Lyme Disease, you may notice that the achiness actually gets better with exercise. I don’t believe that achiness is actual damage to the muscles, instead it is a combo of toxin-buildup and immune inflammation. Exercise might modulate the immune system and will definitely flush out toxins. The achiness may get worse temporarily but should improve in the long run. Exercise WILL strengthen your body, even if it hurts. Muscles rebuild much faster than lyme can tear them down (thus MOST lymies can still walk, lift stuff, etc, even if limited). Some diseases eat muscles in a few months and you can't use them anymore - lyme can't do that, thus making muscles stronger IS possible. Obviously you shouldn’t exercise until you are ready to pass out. Moderation is key.

Exercise forces oxygen throughout the system. Oxygen is harmful to the spirochete. In addition, one of the spirochete’s strategies in taking over a host body is to block circulation. This circulatory “stagnation” causes many uncomfortable symptoms and body degeneration, especially in the brain. Exercise forces blood, at high pressure, through the arteries, greatly improving circulation. This sometimes has a dramatic effect in clearing up brain symptoms.

I was having a major herxheimer reaction during my recovery period. I was nauseaus, stiff, achy, with blurry vision. I went to the gym and got on the cardio bike. The first 30 minutes I felt much, much worse. All herx symptoms were intensifying to the point that I wanted to stop the workout. But, I kept going. At about an hour of cardio, I started to feel better, and at 1:30, it was a BREAKTHROUGH. I felt great; normal. Every herx symptom was greatly reduced, or gone. I proceeded to go dancing with some friends that night.

So, while I was recovering, regardless of how awful I felt, I exercised. Exercise also stimulates the immune system and raises body temperature, thus achieving a sort of “natural hyperthermia.” I am convinced that those who don't make a full recovery from lyme (obviously this can't be a blanket statement, but in general) are lacking EXERCISE.

I am not advocating being unreasonable and overdoing it. For some, a workout might be a 5 minute walk around the block. The key is that, as you exercise more, you will become stronger and be able to work up to more intense, longer workouts. As this happens, your health will increase.


Many people fall into this category. You’ve had negative Lyme tests, but you exhibit all the symptoms. Do you have Lyme?

First of all, “Lyme Disease” is not simply a single infection with a single micro-organism. Usually people with Lyme Disease have multiple co-infections with other pathogens. In addition, I believe that there could be hundreds of additional tic-borne infections that are currently unknown, and untestable.

In addition, as you may know, Lyme tests are usually innaccurate. A negative Lyme test doesn’t mean you are Lyme-free. Also - I’ve known people to test highly positive for Lyme disease and have no symptoms.

For these people who are unsure, the best course of action would be a trial run on the machines. Lyme Disease and Syphilis have long been known to be two of the only infectious conditions that cause extremely acute, unpleasant herxheimer reactions when the spirochete involved is killed. If you use a rife machine and have a herxheimer reaction, it is highly likely that you have Lyme Disease (and/or co-infections). This would be a sign that you should continue treating.

There are many who use the machines to get well without ever having noticable herxheimer reactions. This complicates things - just because you don’t experience a herxheimer reaction, doesn’t mean you are not being benefited by the machines. In this case, you would continue a trial of the machines for a few months and see if you notice improvement. If you read the story of Mike Graham’s wife, in APPENDIX 2, you will note that his wife didn’t feel anything while running the machines, yet Mike believes the machine was the most important tool in her healing.



In an excerpt of an email from Marc to me, Marc describes something that has been of great help to him:

Oh - I may have mentioned but forgot to note last note: the glass of home-made "ocean water" I take daily has been really good for me. It is the pure water that I warm up (for better mixing of items) and coral calcium, the ConcenTrace liquid trace minerals (couple splashes) and the RealSalt to taste. Sometimes I'll drink it warm, sometimes wait 'til it cools. I have noticed days where I've got a good herx going from the B3, when I go to work I'll have this and can feel a soothing, mitigating (and slightly energizing) effect. Which is understandable from the alkalizing, oxygenation and mineral-depleted aspect. I'll have several through the day.


how do you know this brand:
is a good brand?


I heard Dr Barefoot let it slip that marine coral is the best per him, but
even the dried or fossilized coral is good (or better than the processed calcium even from health stores). I must admit I just found the site, but will be ordering some, so I can status you. I tried, unaware at the time, the fossilized form first from a local store (at 29.95/ea), then the marine type like he recommends (also at 25.95), so I think I will have a good benchmark to compare this product.

The main thing I've found is that those cultures essentially disease-free, consume
100 times our calcium RDA daily. My interest is the pH, oxygenation and so forth,
so, I am going in the direction of strong dosage (and this brand has 1000mgs at the right ratio to magnesium) and even have been drink Cal Mag from the local health store.



It is very important to me that you know my motivation behind this writing. The treatments described are not profitable to me in any way. The materials needed to begin the treatments described in this writing are readily available at retail stores.

Instead of writing for personal gain, I am writing to tell others about what has helped me. As I got well, I was inundated with emails and phone calls from other sufferers who wanted to know what I was doing that was working. I write for these people, to answer their questions.

The primary motivation for this book is to organize and present a vast and invaluable, yet scattered, array of knowledge into a short, easy-to-follow resource.The information necessary to get well is already available on the internet and in the brains of many wonderful people - but it has not yet been organized and focused. There are Many of the wonderful people involved in the rife-machine cure for lyme disease including patients, machine inventors, etc., have simply moved on with life, and didn't leave any sort of "trail map" for the rest of the sufferers. Although most of the healed people I know do the best they can to help others in need, I saw a strong need for a resource - a "trail map."

Many people who have cured their lyme disease with rife machines continue to help people to this day - through phone calls, emails, personal conversations. Most of the people you will read about in this paper are actively involved in helping lyme patients every day. However, as I was proceeding through the process of becoming well, I noticed that "real life" (jobs, families, responsibility) had prevented most of these kind people from establishing an organized, thorough "road map." Each person who has healed through rife technology has a piece of the puzzle, and does their best to share it with whomever seeks. But - the puzzle remained fragmented. The sources were few and far between, and the information was scattered. There may be one exception, and that is Doug - Doug has been by far the most thoroughly knowledgable contributor on my path to wellness.

So in addition to writing this as a compilation paper to assist those still suffering, I have also written it as a tool for use by those who have recovered from lyme disease by use of rife machines, and now wish to help spread the news. I have considered and integrated the input of many extremely kind and knowledgable folks, and in turn, this paper will be available to each of them for distribution and/or reference in their own personal contact with suferers.

I consider myself only a tool - a link in the chain. I felt it my duty to put the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way that a permanent, thorough tool might be established for the good all who might benefit by it.


Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments


Lyme_1 - 864, 495, 485, 490, 495, 500, 505, 625, 610, 615, 620, 625, 630, 690, 790, 785, 790, 795
Lyme_2 (use 2016 and 625 for 10 min, others for 5 min) - 2050, 1520, 615, 2016, 625
Lyme_3 (use 920 for 10 min) - 920
Lyme_4 (borrelia afzellii) - 387500
Lyme_5 (borrelia burgdorferi) - 380000
Lyme_6 (borrelia garinii) - 382000
Lyme_and_Rocky_Mtn_Spotted_Fever_v - 7989, 1590, 239, 846, 422, 417, 1455, 39975, 40439, 884, 797, 758, 693, 673, 577, 4870, 4880, 578, 128, 579
Lyme_disease (also known as borreliosis; relapsing fever in humans and animals caused by parasitic spirochetes from ticks. Also use Babesia if necessary.) - 6870, 6863, 46866, 46851, 34170, 34112, 4200, 2050, 2016, 1520, 1455, 920, 884, 800, 797, 758, 673, 625, 615, 605, 432, 345, 344, 338, 254
Lyme_2 (use 625 for 10 min, 615 for 5 min) - 10000, 6870, 6863, 4200, 2720, 2050, 2016, 1520, 1455, 943, 920, 885, 884, 880, 864, 800, 797, 795, 790, 785, 758, 732, 727, 699, 690, 688, 673, 664, 673, 660, 644, 630, 625, 620, 615, 610, 605, 597, 534, 533, 525, 510, 505, 495, 485, 490, 500, 484, 432, 345, 344, 338, 306, 254, 230, 3
Lyme_hatchlings_eggs - 640, 8554, 203, 412, 414, 589, 667, 840, 1000, 1072, 1087, 1105
Lyme_secondary (254*) - 254, 525, 597, 644, 885, 699

TrueRife - Selected frequency sets in F100 format with comments


#42 minutes

#From 1 to 4 weeks after being infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, up to 90% of people develop an expanding, circular red skin rash (called erythema migrans, or EM, rash).4 While most people develop a red rash that may spread out in the shape of a circle, about 40% will develop what is called a "bull's-eye" EM rash, with a pale center area surrounded by a bright red rim.
#The rash is accompanied by flulike symptoms in up to 50% of people who have Lyme disease. The flulike symptoms can include:

#Fatigue (the most common symptom).
#Headache and stiff neck.
#Fever (may be high in children, but this is rare) and chills.
#Muscle and joint pain.
#Swollen lymph nodes.
#If Lyme disease is not detected and treated while early symptoms are present, or if a person does not have early symptoms that trigger the need for treatment, the infection may spread to the skin, joints, nervous system, and heart.

#Heart and nervous system problems may develop weeks to months after the initial infection (early disseminated Lyme disease). Symptoms of this stage may include:

#Persistent fatigue.
#Additional skin rashes (not from tick bite).
#Pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs.
#Inability to control the muscles of the face (paralysis of the facial nerves).
#Recurring headaches or fainting.
#Poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate.
#Conjunctivitis (pink eye) or sometimes damage to deep tissue in the eyes.
#Occasional palpitations, or in rare cases, serious heart problems (occurs in up to 10% of people)

# Rife can cause serious herxeimer reactions. Allow 3 months to one year for complete resolution of Lyme while Rifeing.

duty 71.5
converge 1 .03125
pulse 4 60
dwell 120

6870, 6863, 4200, 2050, 2016,
1520, 1455, 920, 884, 800, 797,
758, 673, 625, 615, 605,
432, 345, 344, 338, 254