Migraine Headache Regimen

Summary: Clean the liver, ensure adequate consumption of minerals, especially magnesium, follow Eat Right 4 Your Type, and avoid potentially neurotoxic chemicals.

First, clean the liver and ensure adequate consumption of minerals. Cleaning the liver is generally as simple as using a liver cleanse regimen although in most cases it is sufficient to merely use a good combination liver cleanse like Futurebiotics Silymarin Plus. In some cases it may be necessary to progress to a full cleansing regimen including liver flushes if the liver is in bad shape.

Using a 1:1 ratio calcium magnesium supplement like Now Full Spectrum Mineral Caps will also help clean the liver as well as provide the necessary magnesium. One of the many symptoms of magnesium deficiency is migraine headaches. See the Mineral Section for more information. Minerals should be used long term to ensure 100% RDA of magnesium. Liver supplements are generally used for three to four weeks then on a maintenance basis of once or twice per week.

Some people are sensitive to various chemicals used in foods, chief among these are aspartame, dyes, and MSG. Some people even have problems with the components of natural foods, especailly grains. To reduce the possibility of this being a factor, follow at least loosely Eat Right 4 Your Type.

If these measures do not solve the problem within one week, add a multivitamin such as Now True Balance or Life Extension Two Per Day to the regimen to ensure that there are sufficient B vitamins for the body to produce the chemicals necessary for normal brain function. Minerals like calcium and magnesium, though, are also necessary for their production and usually more important. Another class of nutrients needed by the body for normal brain function is essential fatty acids. See the EFA section for more information. Some people on low fat diets (or diets otherwise deficient in EFAs) can experience severe headaches and consuming adequate amounts of oils is necessary. It is just as important to avoid bad oils (hydrogenated oils as found in margarine and processed foods plus trans fats in fried foods).

If the problem is not solved within an additional week of ensuring that all necessary nutrients are being addressed as outlined above and that the liver is clean, then it may be necessary to follow an antiparasite regimen. Using the main supplement specified in this, Eclectic Institute Para-Fight (a black walnut wormwood clove combination) will also clear up any bacterial problems in the gut which may be affecting B vitamin production and absorption.

Another method used to reduce circulating toxins, including endotoxins, in the body is the Water Cure. It is practically free as well. For this purpose, ensure that a good salt is used like Real Salt, or use a potassium/sodium mixture.

Feverfew is an herb that is a popular supplement to help prevent the occurence of migraine headaches. One company, Nature's Way, once made a feverfew and magnesium combination. Feverfew is not really a first line defense against migraines in Electroherbalism' opinion, but might be helpful as an addition to the above regimen. Feverfew may help reduce blood vessel spasm and provide some antioxidants as well as some antiparasitic action, but these are more thoroughly addressed by the other supplements.

Anecdotes from CureZone:

[NOTE that minerals can "pinch hit" for each other. Using sodium or potassium can preserve the precious little magnesium stores most people have. Also note that minerals, especially magnesium, regulate blood pressure.]

Anecdote 1: After suffering for 50+ years with migraine headaches I found something that would stop a migraine headache in its tracks and reverse any symptoms in 30 minutes. It is a common vegetable found in any grocery store.

I give full credit to Dr Donald Lepore ND author of 'The Ultimate Healing System' book. He said in his book that migraines were caused by a sodium deficiency. Sodium here is not sodium chloride (table salt). In fact too much salt is a trigger substance that causes migraines. Dr Lepore then listed several foods that were high in sodium.

I also read that a persons blood pressure goes up and down during a migraine headache. I bought a blood pressure monitor and took my blood pressure during a migraine. The blood pressure went up at the start of a migraine and down about the time the pain starts. So I got to wondering if I could take something to lower the blood pressure and add sodium at the same time. I found it.

The solution was celery juice. It absolutely stopped the migraine and removed the symptoms in 30 minutes or less. I juice four stalks of celery and drink a shot glass (1 1/2 oz.) of juice. When I drank four oz. it caused diarrhea. I only drink the juice when I feel a migraine coming on or to lower my blood pressure.

My second best discovery for migraines is to put a pinch of potassium chloride under my tounge and let it disolve. This will slow or even stop the progression of the migraine and give you some time to get or make some celery juice. Potassium chloride is simply a salt substitute made by Morton Salt Co and sold in grocery stores for a couple of dollars. I have a container of this salt substitute in my car, pickup, and work. I keep a fresh supply of celery juice in my freezer.


Anecdote 2: For several years I've been getting a not-horrible-but-yucky, two day headache about once a month, no doubt hormone related. Otc pain relievers did nothing, nor did diet changes, fasting, herbs or supplements. Coincidentally, the day I was taking my new juicer out of the box, I was getting "the headache". I remembered reading about fresh celery juice on this forum, so I tried it. Headache was gone in minutes! Not ironclad proof yet, but I think this may be "IT"! Try celery juice if you haven't! And thank you CZ.


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