Muscular Dystrophy Regimen

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Muscular Distrophy and Myasthenia Gravis are two stages of the same disease. The condition can be completely arrested with a very specific vitamin therapy which I will include below. Ingestion of hydrochloric acid via supplementation will increase the blood oxygen levels and if applied intravenously at concentrations of 1:1500 to 1:500 using 10cc in a saline solution a much greater benefit will be obtained. A steam tent injected with a small amount of ozone will also help her breathing significantly. Make sure that the tent is not made of rubber as the ozone gas will destroy the material in very short order. [Note the dangers of breathing ozone in too-high concentrations before using this therapy]

This is a transcription of the 1948 book 'Your Life is their Toy' by Emanuel M. Josephson


"The influence of vitamin E on muscular dystrophy in animals has been reported by a number of observers. This is a report of successful therapy of Myasthenia Gravis and muscular dystrophy in the human with wheat germ oil and vitamin E in conjunction with other therapy."

"In early Myasthenia Gravis ranging in duration in the human from one to five years, I have had consistent success in cases that have failed to respond to other forms of treatment with a therapy consisting of balanced dosage of ephedrine and suprarenal cortex hormone; glycocoll, gelatine, high sodium chloride and a diet rich in vitamin A, B, C and G. Complete relief of the pareses of muscles of the eyes, face and body was obtained. The results are lasting and contrast sharply with the ephemeral results obtained with prostigmine."

"In more advanced cases that show marked muscle changes, no success followed this therapy until wheat germ oil, vitamin E or a-tocopherol were added. It was then learned that materially greater improvement could be obtained also in the early cases by the addition of those substances."

"A study of the creatine output in the urine revealed that these cases show a relatively high loss, which rises with the administration of glycocoll. I was able to confirm observations previously made on the effect of a-tocopherol in raising the renal threshold of creatine and reducing its loss from the body in the urine."

"The influence of the various forms of vitamin E on the muscles is readily explainable on the basis of the importance of creatine and its compounds in muscular activity. The response of the early cases of Myasthenia Gravis to the therapy without vitamin E is due to the fact that the threshold is not sufficiently lowered to deplete the muscles of the creatine provided by the glycocoll and the diet. When the threshold drops to a point so low that insufficient creatine is retained for muscular activity extreme forms of the disease develop."

"The response of both Myasthenia Gravis and muscular dystrophy to the therapy indicates that they are different stages of the same condition.
It also appears probable that the role of the vitamin in preserving fertility may depend on its influence on the muscular factors involved in the procreative function. The vitamin also plays an important role in the function of heart muscle and in the prevention of myocardial disease."

"An increase of the diseases due to vitamin E deficiency in the diet is a natural consequence of its elimination from the diet as a result of the denaturing of foods. It is probable that there exists a wide array of sub-clinical conditions characterized by modern degrees of muscular weakness and fatigue as a consequence of this deficiency."

"Serious consideration should be given to restoring universal use in the diet sources rich in vitamin E, such as freshly ground and unprocessed grains, in the interest of preserving both vigor and fertility of the race." E.M. Josephson, M.D.

"Nature indicated medical censorship by rejecting the report with the suggestion that "it would appear more appropriately in a medical journal." Dr. J. McKeen Cattell, editor of Science, returned the report with the statement that it had been rejected by a referee, the American Medical Association censor that passes on all articles pertaining to medicine that are submitted for publication. The referee was reported by him to have characterized this succinct report of an important discovery, based on several years of study and a wealth of clinical material, as

"An uncritical, uncontrolled clinical study with a number of speculative
statements and therefore not suited to Science."


"The questionable judgment or sincerity of referee and editor is made clear by the fact that within one week after the long delayed rejection of the report, its contents were fully confirmed by an article by Dr.
Franklin Bicknell which appeared in Lancet. Science (and Dr. Weston Davis' Science Service) carried a full length report of the work of Dr.
Bicknell a few weeks after it had rejected my paper. In this manner does the Holy Office of the Inquisition of medical science operate. It confirms the ugliest predictions made by Weston Davis. It is a measure of the corruption, chicanery and medievalism which has crept into science."

"On further study of Myasthenia Gravis I found that vitamin E is effective in treating the disease up to the most advanced stages. In the final stage of the disease, the mineral, manganese must be administered in combination with vitamin E. The tumor of the thymus gland, thymoma, which frequently develops in the advanced stage of the disease and may be fatal in its consequences, clears up completely under the action of the manganese, as does the rest of the disease process. When manganese treatment is stopped, the thymoma and the other signs and symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis, return and the patient suffers a relapse which again clears up when manganese treatment is resumed."

"The influence of the dietary treatment with manganese of the tumor of the thymus gland led me to to study the influence of manganese on other enlargments of the thymus gland, such as those which occur in certain infants and children, and in status lymphaticus that threatens life.
These enlargements respond to the administration of manganese and clear up completely so long as the patients get enough manganese. When the amount of manganese which they get becomes insufficient, the enlargement returns."

"These studies have opened up a fundamental and important new chapter in medicine. They reveal that the thymus has much the same relation to the utilization of manganese as the thyroid has to iodine."

"Despite the life-saving and scientific importance of this discovery, it was rejected for publication by the leading medical publications, including the Journal of the A.M.A., the Endocrinology and others, on the grounds that "it would not be of interest to our readers.""

"Science does not stop, however, with the politically dictated suppression of publication of reports of scientific books which the American Medical Association seeks to repress. It is amusing to to consider that the perpetrator of this breach of freedom of speech and publication is none other than the professor who was ousted from Columbia University with his son because of the latter's insistence on freedom of speech in encouraging resistance to draft during the World War; and who was enabled to publish Science by the support of friends, gained by a plea for freedom of speech in science."

'Your Life is Their Toy' - Emanuel M. Josephson, M.D. - Second Edition -

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