Sinus Infection Regimen

Summary: Use Antifungal General regimen and The Water Cure. Perform Nasal Wash as often as needed. If immediate decongestant action is necessary beyond these measures because of pain, use an ephedra product like Enzymatic Therapy SinuCheck short term only as needed.

For chronic sinus infections, see Toxin Avoidance/Home, Solvents and Mold. For one week, try to completely avoid dairy products and the next week completely avoid grain products and see if one (or both) of these dietary restrictions should be followed.

There is also a regimen for Sinus Congestion that should also be read.

Enzymatic Therapy SinuCheck was an excellent nasal decongestant with a low amount of ephedrine per tablet, which was all it needed since it also included a number of herb extracts which made it more effective and worked at a deeper level than a typical ephedrine product. This product was discontinued during the temporary ban of natural ephedra products in the US, which for some strange reason did not extend to the huge market of high dose over-the-counter ephedrine sinus and cold preparations which contained the same active ingredient. Now the ban has been lifted and this product may be reintroduced.

For the regimen, using high dose vitamin C (either ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate), and good antiseptics like oregano oil and olive leaf extract will speed results, but what is really important is to keep the nose cleaned out with nasal washes often. The Water Cure also helps since mucus secretions are thinned when the body has adequate hydration. Even excellent antibacterial and antifungal supplements like those recommended have a hard time combatting the problem when the mucous is so thick that the infection cannot be expelled.

Decongestant supplements can be useful for temporary use to combat this symptom of sinus infection and if the infection is deep, can be more important than sinus washes. The quickest acting ones are liquid. An excellent, inexpensive one is Planetary Formula's Sinus Free. It contains horseradish, thyme, yarrow, and eyebright. Another is Dr. Christopher's Sinus Plus Formula, which contains brigham tea, marshmallow root, goldenseal, chaparral, burdock, and a few others. It does not work as quickly as Sinus Free, but is deeper acting. New Chapter makes a good supplement called Sinus and Respiratory Formula which contains a good deal of antiseptic action along with deep acting decongestants.

Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments

CAFL - A few of the basic sinus sets

Sinusitis (sinus and lung infections can be caused by a large number of pathogens including viruses like RSV, adenovirus, parainfluenza, influenza A, influenza B, rhino virus, et al. Common bacteria like strep pneum. are always suspect when condition is chronic, as are fungi.) - 952, 741, 682, 320, 160
Sinusitis_1 (all freqs for 5 min) - 1862, 1600, 1552, 1500, 880, 802, 784, 732, 728, 712, 683, 660, 548, 524, 464, 440, 400, 146, 120, 72, 20
Sinusitis_2 - 125, 160, 367, 472, 600, 615, 625, 650, 820, 952, 1150, 1520, 1865, 2000, 4392, 4400, 4412
Sinusitis_3 - 60, 95, 128, 225, 414, 427, 432, 456, 610, 614, 618, 1234, 2600, 5500, 304
Sinusitis_4 - 107, 160, 952, 942, 320, 741, 682, 1395
Sinusitis_frontalis - 952, 320, 682
Sinusitis_maxillaris - 160, 741

TrueRife - Selected frequency sets in F100 format with comments


#57 minutes

#Run This Program For Stubborn Sinusitis with allergies
# Place Bulb Over sinus and chest
#If you feel any heat, tingling or other effects, hold that frequency for 10 minutes
#1550 Indicates a Fungus infection
#2950 range indicates a Herpes virus

duty 71.5
converge 1 .03125
dwell 180
pulse .5 75
10000 7344 5000 2950 2900
2650 2600 1550
1234 740 880 787 727
330 165
duty 60
82.6 41.75 20.87 30


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