Snoring Regimen

Summary: Use one rounded teaspoon of Nutribiotics Hypo-Aller-C mixed in water before bed. If this does not stop the problem within one week, add Enzymatic Therapy Air Power and for difficult problems, perform a nasal wash before bed each night.

The Nutribiotics product is a powder which is mixed in water to effervesce and form mineral ascorbates with a great deal of vitamin C. The Hypo-Aller-C contains a 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, and this increased amount of magnesium along with vitamin C makes it work better for most people than plain minerals. If this does greatly reduce the problem in a short time, Enzymatic Therapy Air Power can be taken in a one or two tablet serving size before bed, whichever is needed.

A nasal wash, even one as a simple "splash and blow" can greatly improve the problem alone, and is free. It is a good habit to do this before bed since besides reducing snoring, allows a better night's sleep with increased oxygenation.

Those who are quite overweight may experience snoring due to the amount of flesh on the throat and these remedies may help but not solve the problem. If this is the case, see The Zone Diet. Even before weight is lost, this diet can have a strong benefit.

Snoring can also have more deep seated causes that this regimen does not fully address. However, the vitamin C and minerals provide a good deal of cleansing action which may be sufficient, but in some cases, deeper cleansing measures may be required.