Hulda Clark's Diet Suggestions

1. Avoid processed foods as much as possible since they may have traces of toxic chemicals and/or metals left over from the manufacturing process. This includes bottled water and any other packaged items. Also, dyes and petrochemicals (like propylene glycol and polysorbates) should be completely avoided.
2. Wash fresh produce that will be eaten raw especially well (in plain tap water) to remove pathogens that may still be on it.
3. Always cook fish, meat, and other animal foods thoroughly. Eat no unsterilized dairy products.
4. Avoid moldy and otherwise toxic foods (e.g., bruises on apples, aflatoxin on peanuts and especially in peanut oil, green and grey sections of potatoes plus their eyes, to name a few).

Any of Hulda Clark's books detail her rather strict food handling, cooking, and processing guidelines thoroughly. In her recent book on dealing with advanced cancers, she takes her food strictures to a new level, specifiying onerous methods of food preparation before eating, such as mixing in drops of hydrochloric acid (to destroy bacteria and parasites) and microwaving to sterilize raw foods (even salad) as well as avoiding many foods including fruits and vegetables which contain certain naturally-occurring chemicals which may stimulate advanced cancers.

There are a few things that Hulda neophytes will be surprised to hear. She says to use white bread instead of wheat (any bread should be avoided by most people anyway according to The Zone Diet and Eat Right 4 Your Type). Wheat is stored in silos, sometimes for a long time. Mold grows on the hulls which are used to make whole wheat products. The inner germ is safer in this regard. Something she does not mention is when the wheat is being "pumped" into the silo, the farmer will throw a handful of sevin dust or other pesticide in periodically to disperse among the wheat and keep the bugs at bay. Whole grain foods *are* usually more nutritious and include more fiber, but Hulda says when there's a contest between nutrition and toxicity, always pay more attention to the toxicity issue. She gives ways to detoxify some mold and other contaminants in some foods so they can still be eaten.

Hulda also recommends using dairy products, but only when they are sterilized. Not just pasteurized, but sterilized. The main cause of mucus production and digestion problems, she says, is not the milk or any of its constituents, but more from the harmful bacteria it contains, even if it is pasteurized. Dairy products can be used in baking and cooking as long as they get hot enough. The milk which is sold warm on grocer shelves is already sterilized. It does not taste as good since all the enzymes have been destroyed, but it is bacteria-free. She says to otherwise boil milk before using (it can be put back in the fridge to chill it). I personally will use ultra homogenized milk products, which include most organic milks since they at least they have less potential for harmful bacteria. Also, I have seen people still get mucousy drinking or eating even sterilized dairy products, but it does appear that bacteria is the main culprit in many if not most cases. I have also seen people change to only sterile dairy products, like start drinking the milk sold warm instead of regular pasteurized milk, and be relieved of even serious digestive disorders, so this is probably an important factor to consider.

In Hulda's book The Cure for all Diseases (also reprinted on this website), she has a chapter on "Body Wisdom and Why Bad Food Tastes Good." It explains why people crave harmful foods like candy and other sugary foods, potato chips and other fried foods, excess salt, and caffeine. She gives tips on how to "outwit the cravings."

Of course, Hulda spends much time in her books explaining how to avoid other toxins, bacteria, molds, and parasites in foods. See the section Toxin Avoidance or read any of her books to find out more.