Favorite Herbs - Some of the herbs recommended most often by Electroherbalism..

Safety Guidelines for Herbs

The Kitchen Herbalist

Taking Herbs During Pregnancy - discusses herbs which can be taken and which to to avoid.

Favorite Herb Remedies by Darlene Cheek is an article which details some herbs and their remedies, plus some recipes and notes on using and preparing herbs.

Herb Simpling - Simpling is taking an appropriate single herb in large amounts.


Folk Remedies and Holistic Cures is an excellent website with a compilation of mostly low cost remedies and cures for many home remedies.

Botanical.com, A Modern Herbal is probably the most complete information on the widest varierty of herbs online. Many of the pages contain antique plate drawing of the plants. Highly informative website.

Alt Nature - Has photographs of herbs, perhaps useful to the wildcrafter, plus careful recommendations on their medicinal use.

Michael Moore is founder of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and has a web page with an excellent collection of herb pictures, drawings, and lithographs, and texts on early eclectic herbalists.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage - Henriette is the keeper of the Culinary and Medicinal FAQs for the alt.folklore.herbs newsgroup and also features classic herb texts and an extensive database of pictures.

Howie Brounstein is an herbalist and one of the premier wildcrafters in the Northwest. He offers classes and information on some wildcrafted herb uses.

Starwest Botanicals is a well respected producer of bulk herbs and have their own line as well as herb extracts and essential oils, as is Frontier Natural Products.

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