Frequency Anecdotes 2001 - 2002


There's been a lot of interest in the cheap to build electrocauterizer (and it does work exceptionally well for surface tumors), so i've added a graphic of it to . Perhaps it may help any who not being technically inclined may not know some of the components previously only described. Take care, Chris


I have one unsubstantiated report of a mite being killed with our RifeBare device. I have asked the vet concerned for video confirmation. He used 2871 on a wave packet sweep mode using the Hammerhead. This was not a dust mite but rather one of two types that cause mange on cats and dogs.


The F-Scan continues to produce interesting results. One researcher here in Seattle reports that it had helped or fixed everything he has tried it on including a case of bleeding Crohn's. Several have noticed that most people get a hit at around 1360 Hz and also at double that. One person described as 90% dead did not get a hit there. He died a couple days later. Paul J. ran a scan on a banana. Got several hits including 1360. We will have to try a cooked banana and try injecting a banana with various materials.

Those who take cs get hits at 81,000.

It is important to be well hydrated, remove watches, and do the test where there are no fluorescent lights.

A few days ago, I started coming down with some sort of cold or flu. Carelessly I let it develop until I had a sore throat, laryngitis, a bad sinus infection with very large amounts of drainage, and even had drainage from my eyes. No fun. So I ran a scan from 9990 down to 10 Hz keeping the limit high enough so that there was a manageable number of hits. Ran those using the F-Scan hand contacts. Slight improvement. Ran the scan from 9995 to 15 Hz. Again, there was not much improvement. So the next day I ran a Clark scan from 60,000 on up. There were 4 very strong hits with very high (around 300) resonance scores at 126,000, 127,000. 130,000, and 131,000. So I ran those using the hand contacts for 2.5 minutes each (the default setting). Half an hour later I was well. The next day, there were no significant hits at all on a Clark scan from 60,000 to 800,000. That was interesting in that I always get a lot of hits on the Rife scans. Dick <


Once again, I used a friends Rife-Bare machine in my occasional battle against canker sores ... This time, the sore had not fully developed (opened up), but was a raised, slightly whitish but painful spot about 1/8 of an inch across on the inside of my lower lip. Running the machine at 5 minutes per frequency at 1901, 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 and 1907 hertz (no 4 Hz gating on this machine) resulted in the canker sore being totally gone the next morning, about 20 hours later. 1904 Hz was the center frequency according to the debilitating frequencies developed by Char Boehm from the DNS database from the National Institutes of Health. Dave F


To Greg Swank at I had the occasion in 1998 to assist a patient with candida albacans in the lungs. This was acquired by too much penicillin for too long. I used a B K 4011, pad device, once a week for 6 weeks,using the Clark freq. of 384.2 kHz, to 388.4,kHz for 5 min. using hand electrodes only, amplitude turned up to just slightly uncomfortable, with a successful conclusion. I gleaned the Clark freqs. from her book, 'a cure for all diseases' I set the 384.2 kHz and manually turned the freq, dial slowly to 388.4 then back for 5 min. If this is impractical, set the freq. at the medium setting of 386khz. Keep in touch if you decide to try this. Bob Hasty


"A fellow named Harry said he used 1830, 728, 784, 800, 880, 9999, for 3 minutes each every day for 3 weeks and said his opthomologist confirmed his cataracts had disappeared."


Patient C traces a decline in her health to a shrimp eating party twenty years ago. They had shrimp prepared a dozen different ways. She began to feel ill right away, and never recovered her previous good health. When she came to run an F-Scan on herself, she reported that in the past she had passed many small worms, and a few up to six inches long. She could feel worms in her intestines that would "kick" and snap, and it felt like they held on to her intestine wall with teeth. Parasite remedies has helped some in the past.

A scan of 10,000-2999,990 with a limit of 50 produced nothing. The scan of 10 to 10,000 produced the following. The first column is the frequency, the second is the resonance level

9530 55
9470 73
8160 69
8130 68
8100 76
6810 53
6790 63
6760 52
6730 60
5440 69
5420 69
5410 56
5390 51
4100 67
4070 71
4060 53
4050 56
4040 66
2760 53
2730 82
2700 65
2670 63
1390 55
1380 49
1360 99
1330 53
1300 59
30 89
20 103
She ran the frequencies twice using an EMEM3D. At one point she said she could feel a large worm thrashing around. I suggested she consider running the frequency (1360 she thinks) until it quit. She felt it let go of the gut lining, and later she passed a segmented worm that was one inch diameter and thirty inches long. This was followed by three toilets full of matter that had been stored in the gut. It was as though a blockage had let go. There was also a lot of dumping of retained fluid from her tissues. She reports feeling a lot better, and that some moles have begun to shrink.

Dick http//


This is a repeat of a previous post, this time with the frequency list, and more details. I had previously understood that frequencies above 2,000,000 had produced benefit. The doctor tells me that it was the frequencies in the 800,000+ area that had made the obvious difference.


Tonight, January 8th, I got a call from a local researcher. He has been experimenting with scans in the range above the Hulda Clark frequencies.

He told me of a visit by a Seattle physician. This doctor had come down with some sort of an infection and had been quite sick for weeks. Nothing seemed to clear it up. So they ran a scan in the audio range, Clark range, and up to 2,999,990 Hz. The limit was set to 80, and they copied down the fequencies by hand as best they could. The first column is the frequency, the second is the resonance level. The frequencies were then run using the F-Scan as a contact pad device and they made some observations

4100 84
4040 109
2750 93 Felt strong vibration in hands.
2670 107
1390 90
1380 90
1360 160
1300 110
100 83
30 129
20 174
10 187

250000 93
464000 260
575000 213
626000 Felt strongly in throat, like a vibration.
811000 92
814000 143 Felt strongly.
822000 320
827000 96
828000 164 The doctor began to cough up a lot of material and ran
coughing to the bathroom.
829000 263
914000 95
917000 121
918000 116
919000 101
920000 133
985000 96
987000 149
988000 94
1396000 130
1398000 91
1765000 95
1793000 94
1832000 102
2048000 210
2049000 212
2050000 96
2973000 196
2978000 152
2979000 637
Within minutes it was obvious to the doctor that the F-Scan had killed the pathogen and that he was feeling much better. The doctor later told me that the F-Scan had cleared up the problem very quickly.


I found that most warts are dispelled by running turfs freqs for 3 min each for about 3 weeks, once a day. Had a kind of nasty one left and went to basal cell carcinoma freqs (3) for another couple weeks. Gone without a trace. Good Luck, God Bless, Harry


One of the letters I've seen had these numbers

sarcoma - 1755 carcinoma - 1820 streptococci - 848 staph - 678 streptothrix - 747

I think the letter was from one of the doctors working with Rife, I can't remember.



I want to thank all who helped with my request for frequencies for this years cold/flu. What worked follows below.

Well it's taken 5 days, but I think I've finally nailed what's going around; at least what devastating bug I contracted.

March 7th, I was at wits end. I came up with a set of frequencies based on Influenza "B" . My wife, a medical technologist, said that's what has been positive in her lab in town lately (I wished I'd had approached her with this 5 days ago ... I guess that's one for better communication in marriage!).

Some of the frequencies are DNA derived and some are from Turf's. It's a long set, but I ran them for only 3 minutes each.

Here they are

1186 951.6 (close to 952 that used to open my sinuses) 942 (also opens my sinuses) 797.2 746 740 731 722 679 652 568 555 537 536 532 530 4150 (Ran this as it got rid of a headache before) 1932 (Ran this as it opened my sinuses this time) 483 468

It's amazing how much better I felt 4 hours later. It can be so frustrating when nothing was working. I even did Hulda, Dan Dial, and Beck ... no results like the above frequencies and the R/B.

After running the above frequencies again 8 hours later, my sinuses became blocked. The usual sinus frequencies would not open them up. Then running three frequencies I had run before (that originally caused so much drainage I was hesitant to run them again) for Mycoplasma fermentans, my nose has stayed open for another 8 hours.

They are

878.2 880.2 706.7

I've run 880 many times before, but 880.2 made a real difference (amazing what 0.2Hz will do).

Hope this helps any others ... this flu was a killer.

Take care,

Bob D.


I have used the following on two clients (with Bell's Palsy) with a 100% recovery in 2 weeks 2.4, 3, 3.9, 7.83, 20, 27.57, 33, 35, 40, 47.5, 57.5, 72, 90.88, 110, 125, 194, 222, 304, 393.5, 464, 565.5, 600, 625, 650, 727, 776, 787, 833, 880, 932.5, 1250. I treated the people every day for 2/3 minutes per frequency.


The genomes at 7733 BP and 8115 BP for Foot and Mouth diseases yield:

Virus type O 7733 BP 585.92 Hz 1171.84 Hz

Virus Type C 8115 BP 558.38 Hz 1116.76 Hz


Testing with the device in Tanzania is still ongoing. Some initial evidence is accumulating that the device is working. But please don't jump to conclusions and claim that it is a treatment for Malaria. It is not. There is a long way to go to reach that point. Right now good data is being generated which can be used as a basis for a later full scale trial.

A sorting out of frequencies that work on Falciparum malaria has been the primary emphasis for a few weeks now. At this point there are five frequencies that show promise. More testing needs to be done,on more people, with these five frequencies . There are some consequences from the exposures. In certain people these effects could be very serious.

I've excerpted parts of two letters about results and effects of treatment. An effective resolution of the disease occurred in less than 48 hours.

An interesting side affect from the malaria induced anemia or the machine is that I developed a very low blood pressure reading, 75/52, and with much weakness and shortness of breath after the parasites were killed.

The good news is that another set (from Dave and NIH) did work on me this week. These frequencies are 1518, 1348, 1473, 1002, 1019. I used them each for 6 minutes. Total time of treatment was 30 minutes. I did this four times.

Saturday I tested positive and treated with only these frequencies Saturday evening. The side effects were extreme drowsiness. I also treated Sunday morning and evening with less or no side effects. I continued to have malaria symptoms through Sunday night. I treated for the last time Monday morning which I know I didn't need since I was already feeling well. Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning I tested negative. That is with using the Quantitative Buffy Coat (QBC) test which is extremely sensitive.


Unless one hits the exact frequency (I believe there are likely more than 24 types of mold..) for the organism, it may either have no effect or only weaken it. When I work on canker sores, I often have to go up to 4 hertz either side of the main frequency of 1904.65 hz to get it - and sometimes, it doesn't knock it out overnight (which I have seen in some cases), but weakens the bug, and the sore goes away more slowly in a few days. Still lots better than having it develop to an open and very painful sore that takes two or more weeks to heal.

You might look up the various DNA base pairs information in the DNA charts (see http// and then to the government's DNA databases) - which will take some work.. First find out what molds are active on bread (maybe a search), probably several of them, then look up the genome of that organism, and find the number of base pairs the organism has. Then divide that into 4531322.6 - and use powers of two ( X 2, 4, 8, 16 etc) to get to a frequency your equipment works well at, and try that, maybe varying plus and minus a few hertz, since the bread isn't quite the same as a human body. (my opinion, of course..)


While doing some updating work here, I found two viruses, recently decoded, that "hang out" in the parasite called Leishmania. The abstract of the article implied the possibility that the viruses might be part of the pathogenicity of this parasite.

One of the viruses is predominantly in "Old World" area Leishmania parasites, and the other one in the "New World".

Here's the numbers related to both of these viral genomes

Old World - 431.8 863.6 1727.2 (octaves)
New World - 428.3 856.6 1713.1 "

With regards,


Working with the F scan, I have now experienced 20,000 hz as a real hit for ascites. Actually between 19500 and 20800. I only found it last night but the swelling is down, kidneys working better and the scan still records small but significant hits at 19000 and 20000. So I used the F3 between 19000 and 30000 this morning and can walk without pain. What has worked without parallel has been acupuncture to the spinal nerves (muscles). I have been seeing an internist acupuncturist in Atlanta without really showing improvement from acupuncture until he looked at my spine. He said the nerves coming off the spine that innervate the organs are blocked. Removing the blocks through acupuncture (a painful process- why not chiropractic?) allow the organs to have vitality and they repel the cancer. Or something like that. It works. It looked like I was failing slowly but my vitality is getting normal and I can see healing as a real possibility. I have only had three treatments and they wear off after a few days but each one is lasting longer. Hope this helps. Sara


Volunteer was experiencing cloudy vision in right eye and kept cleaning the lense and was concerned when he could see the lense was clean with his left eye.

The normal eye freqs from the CAFL list with an R/B did not resolve the problem.

An EMEM 3 with a Phanotron tube with helium gas was used with 3Hz and 4 Hz for 5 minutes each. Volunteer said he could feel a slight sensation around his right eye during the exposures.

The sight in the right eye improved to the point where he does not have to wipe off the lense. The problem of cloudy vision was resolved.

The volunteer asked why I recommended those frequencies.

I told him that I prayed about it and that was the results.



Two volunteers had tooth infections that involved the root area and gums.

Both used the folowing protocol 960,660,666, 690, 727, 784, 787, 800, 880, 1560, 1840, 1998, 2489 for 5 minutes each every day for 5 days.

One used an R/B with a U tube with 100% Argon. The other used an EMEM 3 with a Phanotron tube with Helium at 15 torr.

After 5 days all symptoms had been eliminated.


R/B Volunteer diagnosed by physician with carpal tunnel syndrome. Used antiseptic frequencies with Pulse of 4 Hz and Dwell of ten minutes. U tube with 100% Argon at 6.5 torr. SWR 2.0, Watts 80. Distance from tube was 5 feet. MFJ 912 Balun MFJ 971 Mobile Tuner Palomar 225 Uniden 510 XL (All modifications) SEC 1223 power supply Kinnaman 1C

All symptoms were eliminated. Protocol, Dwell was 10 minutes each. Total session was 110 minutes. 465 660 666 784 787 800 880 960 1840 1998 1560

EMEM 3 Volunteer with inflamed and visibly swollen tendons in wrist area, Urinary, bladder infections, muscle tenderness in same arm, facial sploches and skin infection on hands and feet.

8 inch straight Phanotron tube with 75 torr helium. No spark plug. FG was ProFreGen from Bob Haining. Pulse was 4Hz. Dwell was 5 min each. volunteer was 4 feet from tube. Session was 120 minutes. All symptoms and skin disturbances cleared up.

Protocol 326,350,360,464,660,666,671,676,690,727,774,784,787,800,880,1560,1849,1998,2 489 2760, 3760,3770,7521,7543.



20, 80.9, 143, 166, 218, 224, 235, 241.68, 253, 275, 304.6, 317, 421, 430, 464, 470, 524, 620, 624, 660 + 690 + 727/728, 784, 787, 802 + 1550, 840, 854, 880, 1331, 1875, 1883, 2088.59, 2189, 2213, 2252.8, 23570.5, 2466.9, 2720, 3056.9, 3767, 4992, 5K (for 30 minutes)

Good luck. Regards, Nina Silver, Ph.D.


Further to my wife's melanoma with 12 in-transits tumors in her thigh with 3 full courses of radio-therapy (&12 operations), that occurred every 3 months, the final item that stopped these mets was rife. She has never had another melanoma since her last lesion in spring of 1995. Granted, she was on many supplements (many phyto-chemolytics), it was only,then, the rife that stopped it. The frequencies used were 100,1000,10000,666,728,1050,2050,2128, 2008,2217, 60, 80, 95, 880, 450,495, 45, 465, 787, 125, 20, & at times 10 & 7.5. It was 3 min dwell & with Kinneman using deviation of 5. It was used twice a week. The unit was pre Bare time using 2 vacuum tubes. It is an Argon tube, giving out a purple-violet color. She has never had another melanoma, although the surgeon invloved only gave her 20% for 1 year at that time. Of great importance, to me at that time, was that her lymphocyte count was greatly depressed which is a cheap man's indication, that her immune system is "shot" & she definitely would not win!!!!! So we started with a Rife unit in town in spring of '95 & she has not had another melanoma


I've recently been doing some searching in PubMed for virus(es) that can be associated with various types of cancer. There was some information available that strongly implicates the presence of JC virus (specifically, strain Mad1), in human colorectal cancer. Included at the end of this post are copies of 3 abstracts on this subject, with their accession numbers.

The DNA-related frequency available for the genome of this strain of JC virus (which is a polyoma-family virus), is 882.3 1764.5 3529.1 (in several octaves)

Then I did some looking at lung cancer. This is how I do one of these searches Go to Then type into the search box (as an example), lung cancer AND virus

One could type in any type of cancer of interest. Now there might be some extraneous articles not of direct interest, because of how the search engine does the search. But after going through some of the article titles and clicking on the links to read the abstracts (this is an important step!) can get an idea which viruses are currently being found associated with some of these cancers.

In the case of lung cancer, it turns out that human papilloma virus is showing up in a number of tumors. The most common strains were 16 and 18, with 6, 11, and 33 sometimes showing also. 16 seemed to be the one mentioned most often. Interestingly, these are also the strains of HPV that are often found in association with primary cervical or anal cancer and its secondary metastases to breast and lung.

Here are some PubMed accession numbers pertaining to lung cancer and HPV. One can just enter these numbers into the search box 10606184 10427955 10023336 9692825 and others

Some DNA-associated numbers for these strains of HPV genomes HPV16 - 1145.2 2290.5 (octaves) HPV18 - 1152.1 2304.2 HPV11 - 1141.3 2282.7 HPV6a - 1130.1 2260.2 HPV6b - 1145.5 2291.1 HPV33 - 1144.5 2289

There were some other interesting finds, such as another JC virus strain (CY) associated with medulloblastoma brain tumors; BK virus with neuroblastoma brain tumors; and possibly simian virus 40 with ovarian cancer.

Because most cancer-related viruses contain specific genes that have been determined to carry the primary oncogenic or cell-transformation potential, a future line of research could involve determining the frequencies associated specifically with those genes. This will take some time but could be a worthwhile endeavour.

For now, many regards, Char


Some people have asked me how I do my searches for additional strains of viruses found in the genome section of ncbi / GenBank. Here is the quickest way I have found up til now.

First you will need to get an approximate number of base pairs for a common strain of the virus.

Go to click on genome (in the bar across the top of the page) click on viruses (in the side panel on the left-hand side of the page)

Find the name of the virus you are looking for, and write down the number of base pairs.

Then, go back to the very first page you brought up, and click on "nucleotide" in the pull-down menu.

Then you can search for a range of base pairs numbers on the virus of your choice. Taking as an example, the JC virus on the genome page I found the main entry for this virus gives 5130 base pairs in the viral genome (accession number NC_001699).

Determine a range above and below this number. In this case perhaps plus and minus approximately 400 base pairs with 5130 as a center point. This gives a range of @ 4700-5500 base pairs.

To enter the search request for this, type in using EXACTLY this format 47005500[slen] AND JC virus[orgn]

The term "slen" means "sequence length"; and "orgn" means "organism name". The search engine will find all entries related to JC virus that contain base pairs falling between 4700-5500 base pairs.

In this case there will be over 30 entries that will show up. Sometimes different strains will have the same number of base pairs. Also, sometimes the entry titles are listed as "polyproteins" related to a virus. In this case, check the number of base pairs, because they most often fall right in the area of an already known complete genome. Essentially the "polyprotein" entry contains the coding for all of the proteins in the virus. And sometimes new strains are first submitted to GenBank as polyprotein entries, so it is worthwhile to look at some of those to keep abreast of new finds being sent in.

If a common strain of a virus has a higher number of base pairs, I make the range search bigger. For instance, in the area of 10,000 base pairs, using plus / minus 1000, to give a search range of 9,000-11,000 base pairs would be appropriate.

Hope this might be helpful. If there are any questions please post to the list to clear up any possible confusion.

With regards, Char


I am also having no success with a fatty lipoma using 47,84,606, and 709.

Also try 440 and 2K to 2200 (sweep, or in increments of 5 hertz with 30 seconds to 1 minute for each increment)


From "Consumer Guide To Rife Generators" In any pure culture there are always mutant strains, typically about 20% of the microbes present. These do not respond to the center frequency, but to a frequency of 1 to 2 hertz off the center.


Has anyone tried using a frequency of 66.5 Hz for any sessions? This seems to be a very interesting frequency. Its odd harmonics (square wave) will hit a lot of fungal type MOR's. Its even harmonics (triangle wave) will hit BX amongst other things.

This may be a good general purpose frequency to try because it may attack a lot of different pathogens in one hit.


Rife's lab notes give 11,780,000 Hz as the carcinoma virus frequency. Previous experiments with that frequency indicated that it would reduce virus levels when applied to the body using a B&K-4040 ( a unit which drifts), sine wave, and contact pads. Radionics testing has suggested that the actual frequency might be a bit higher, perhaps 11,780,300 or so.

The recent arrival of the new F-Scan software made possible some experiments. A volunteer who has been working on his prostate cancer was here today. After running a scan from 10 Hz to 10,000 and another one from 10,000 to 2,999,000, it was decided to attempt to detect the BX/carcinoma virus with the F-Scan using the second octave down. 11,780,000 divided by 2 twice is 1,945,000 Hz. So the scan was run from 2,944,900-2,945,200 in 1 Hz steps.

Strong hits were recorded at 2,945,179 and 2,945,180 suggesting a possible MOR of around 11,780,720. This is just a start, but it may be possible to detect the virus at a lower harmonic. Dick http//


I have used the Kidney Tonic time 440, 248, 8 880, 20 10000,800 5000, 3000 each for about 1-2 min and the results where that my swelling in my veins had reverted back to normal, the disyness associated with partial kidney malfunction had also cleared up. My Calcium over-excreation is getting back to normal thanks to both the hyperparathyoidism freq. 4.6 (90 sec, 9.50 (90 sec, and 9.6(calcium balance freq) (150 sec., and the Kidney Balance freq 9.2 hz. The proteus-Bacteria freq stopped my intestine infection 424, 434, 834, but most of all eliminating the calcium based anti-biotic from the tissues (ie forming red bumps on the skin) using Bill's Toxins eliminating freq 85, 87, 88, 14, 17, 20, 58. The pain in the right side subsidded immediately upon ingestion of Garlic, thinking that the pain must have been a kidney infection from the calcium phosphate stones. I have also been using ground apples, grapefruit seed extract, and distilled water. I ran the Fungal + yeast freq (465 hz) last night as the pain was slowly returning and immediately noticed white sticky discharge in urine, probably from inside the kidney. The Antiseptic freq seemed to do nothing. All the stones are gone, for now, and am awaiting testing for the fungal/bacteria that is coming out in the urine as small semi-white clumps. I have had more positive effects using the Uniden CB 510XL( R 93, D14, small cap in front of RED mod, but have not removed .47 cap, I have also adjusted the Core of L6 or L8? The White one from PA 375AB 1997 Board) vs the PC 68 XL(2 mods D9, L10-did not remove but used as a guide to adjust the minimal SWR and max power )

I would also appreciate any freedback freq for Nano-bacteria as I have not rulled this out as the cause of the stones.

Hopefully I can return to the original problem I was targeting which was my multi-drug resistant chlamydia trachomatis(what I believe to be?) urinary tract infection.



One woman who completely cured herself of MS set her Rife unit to pulse 4, and sweep 4 on either side of the main signal, for each of the following frequencies 20, 80.9, 241.68, 304.6, 660 + 690 + 727/728, 787, 880, 2088.59, 2252.8, 23570.5, 2466.9, 3056.9, 5K



I got to thinking about the readout on my spectrum analyzer. Went back and reset some dials and here is what I found.

The so called emission peak seen on the screen is made up of increasing to a maximum and then decreasing to a minimum square waves. If I input 500 Hz into my R/B device, the output on the analyzer will show a peak emission. When expanded, this emission consists of 500 Hz square wave steps. Each step is a total of 1000 Hz apart. This because the duty cycle is 50%. This means that yes, only the odd harmonics are generated by an R/B. Bandwidth of a peak is about 100 KHz regardless of the input audio frequency.

Suppose one uses a square wave of 500 hz - the output would have harmonics at 500, 1500, 2500, 3500 Hz, 4500, 5500 and so on.Or the 1,3,5,7,9 harmonics

On the spectrum analyzer think in these terms. The bandwidth of the peak may consume 100,000 Hz from beginning of the slope to end of the slope. If the first harmonic is 500 Hz, then it will start at some hypothetical "0" at the beginning of the slope, and extend to 500 hz of the bandwidth of the output peak. The next harmonic will start at 1000 Hz of the bandwidth of the peak and then continue to 1500 Hz in the bandwidth. The next harmonic after that starts at 2000 Hz and continues to 2500 Hz and so on until all the bandwidth of the peak is consumed. Shifting the audio frequency does not change the bandwidth of the spectral peak, it just changes the number of square waves that will fit into the bandwidth!

In order to output the second harmonic, one might try inputting to the R/B the second harmonic of 500 Hz , which is 1000 Hz. The square wave would output harmonics at 1000, 3000, 5000, 7000 and so on. Or looked at another way if using the 500 Hz as the fundamental this would be the 2,6,10,14 harmonics.

The problem is evident! Every other even harmonic is missing! That is 4,8,12,.. and so on. That is more specifically 4000,6000,8000 hz and so on are missing!

How does one solve this problem ?

Here is a table to show what is occurring

odd Odd odd
500 Hz 1000 2000

1 500 1000 2000

3 1500 3000 6000

5 2500 5000 10000

7 3500 7000 14000

9 4500 9000 18000

11 5500 11000 22000

Even harmonics of 500 are 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, ...

In the above three sequences 4000, 8000, 12000 are all missing. These would be the 8th, 16th and 24th even harmonic of 500 Hz. I would think that by the 8th harmonic that the energy would normally be quite weak and that having to use a fourth set would be un necessary. In this case the fourth set would have a 4000 hz fundamental.

Does this does lend creedence to your theory about the use of all harmonics? Don't know yet, but certainly would be worth a try!

For cancer at 2128, one might also use 4256 and 8512. in order to cover the majority of the strong second harmonics.

Jim later wrote:

Need to correct one other major item on this post. The frequenices and readouts were expressed as a time domain. That is a 1000 Hz signal produces a 1/1000 of a second overall time ,between pulses and exists for only 1/2000th of a second as it is a 50% duty cycle.

My first post was misleading insofar as it made it seem that for 10,000 Hz, there would only be 10 pulses across a 100 KHz bandwidth. In reality there are 10 times as many pulses at 10,000 Hz than at 1,000 Hz.

Sorry for the confusion!



Female volunteer with several children was disabled with fibromyalgia and could barely conduct house chores was scanned with an R/B and (20) hits were obtained. Scan was from 37 to 2200 Hz. Dwell was 1.0 seconds per Hz. Response was vocal and "Pause button" was used to pause program to record "Hit".

The same R/B was used to input those frequencies back into the body. After one session, volunteer was 95% free of all symptoms and remains free.

The R/B, Per Bare Construction, employed a 22" 25mm leaded glass tube bent into a "U" shape with argon at 6.5 torr. Wattage was 80 and SWR was 2.0. Volunteer was 8 feet from tube. Frequency generator was a laptop. Program was a GWBASIC SOUND FUNCTION program.

Frequencies (Hits) 3 minutes each with 4 Hz pulse. 600 1014 1100 1184 1200 1320 1370 1460 1570 1685 - 1688 sweep 1730 - 1800 sweep 1862 1900 1970 2040 2190

Additional frequencies used were 120 666 690 727 1840 1998

God Bless



I've found that when working on canker sores, sometimes I have to go several hertz off of frequency, and sweep every hertz, sometimes for up to 10 minutes, to knock it out. Example, if 1902 were the frequency, I'd start at 1902, then go down to 1899, then 1900, 1901, 1903, 1904, 1905.. I always close at 465 Hz, btw.. I believe that we are not hitting the organisms exactly on center, and/or they may mutate. - Dave wrote Any response from persons using RB technology for the treatment of lyme or RSD, or having experience with this condition, would be sincerely appreciated.


At our clinic in SA I treated a middle aged male after 13 years of fighting cancer with chemo and radiation.

He came to the clinic like death warmed up. We had just inaugurated our Rifetech pad machines and were very nervous about treating someone at the outset who was basically expected to go home and die.

It was thrilling that after 3 weeks he was told he was in remission!

He bought his own machine and has been faithfuly treating himself almost on a daily basis. In the meanwhile we relocated to New Zealand where we intend settling, but we maintained contact with many of our patients in SA, and were distressed to learn that this star of ours was diagnosed last week with full-blown lymphoma again!

I have just ascertained that he stuck to our original frequencies, plus he would treat himself for various parasites and regular detox and immune stimulation.

Our frequencies were made up of CAFL cancer set 1,2&3 plus a set for non-Hodgekinson's as follows

574 588 666 778 1078 1120 1340 1744 3524 3713 All were run at 3 mins+ with shape set at 35%

With detoxes, immune booster and Circulatory Stasis, this pulled him back until now.

Can anyone explain what went wrong or suggest a new line of approach?


Normally I would not write something until I tested to verify results but this needs to be shared.

I am jumping the gun for three reasons

First - people have suffered enough and to further delay this information would be just another injustice, SECOND I do not have any program on the go at this time to do the testing myself and THIRD for anyone to try this will do no harm. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

For newcomers to the list I wish to say I have been doing Rife research full time now going on six years, specializing in Cancer and its causes.

Recently I have made an important find concerning Cancer related to Rife technology as it is being applied now in my research applying specific frequencies for cancer using our RifeBare device.

Aubrey Scoon's recent letter states "Rife ..... believes (there) are 3 different pleomorphs of cancer. One is the BX virus, another is the e.Coli bacterium and a third fungal form which he calls Cryptomyces Pleomorphia.....".

THE PAST Inconsistent results with Cancer using Rife technology has been present since the 1930's, prevalent in the 1950's and still with us today.

THE PRESENT Somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks of using Rife technology, the effectiveness of all Rife frequency delivery systems diminish in cases where Cancer is in advanced stages. This does not mean the technology does not work but it does suggest we do not know everything about using it.

I find when the BX and BY viral loads are significantly reduced, another microbe, runs rampant. I verified this in June 2000 but did not identify the microbe as e-coli as such until recently.

THE FUTURE Use of additional frequency sets should improve results if BX-BY, E.Coli and Cryptomyces are addressed.

The Cancer puzzle and the relationship with the successful use of the RifeBare Photon Resonant Light Emission device is slowly being resolved. Here is what I have pieced together.

1. Rife said the TB microbe was in two forms, (rod and round)
and that each must be addressed otherwise the TB could run rampant.

2. Dr. Allan Cantwell MD years ago identified the TB microbe as being
the same as the Cancer Microbe.
3. Dr. Cantwell says the difference between TB and Cancer is determined
by whether a person is acidic or alkaline. Cancer will form in those who are
acidic. TB forms in an alkaline environment.
4. Testing two of my stage 4 Lymphoma volunteers confirmed high e-coli levels.

Based on TB existing in two microbial forms it is reasonable that Cancer producing
microbes also exist in more than one form assuming Drs Rife and Cantwell are correct.

I find it does not matter which cancer you are diagnosed with,
both frequency sets (Carcinoma or Sarcoma) must be used.

I would adapt the Cancer frequency protocols to include the following
for e-coli based on Aubrey Scoon's information
332.5 use 330 to 336 hz
798 use 795 to 801 hz
1729 use 1726 to 1732 hz
7847 use 7844 to 7851 hz
each for a minimum of 1 minute pulsed.

Anyone having frequencies for Cryptomyces, could you make them available?

Thanks to Aubrey Scoon for "triggering" my thoughts on this.

Don Tunney

the following are experimental numbers that worked for me, and were based on the math that Char produced some years ago

Herpes simplex 1 .. (haven't done anything with II)

I've had very good success (the first time, a fully erupted sore) with 1904.6 Hz and one hertz up and down from there, 5 or 10 minutes each.

The first time, with a fully erupted sore, it stopped hurting overnight, and on the 4th day, ALL traces of it were gone.

After that, I did not have as good of luck, but I was then working on developing sores, not eruptions, and maybe they are different.

Frequencies First time around, 1904.6 Hz later had to do 1901.4 to 1907.4 Hz, and the sore would stop developing, would take a week to go away (but never erupted or got worse..) Ran for 5 to 10 minutes per frequency.

Later on, it appeared that 1902.4 might be better, and I would still do one hertz (or even a half hertz) away, up and down by maybe 3 Hz. (1809.4, 1901.4, 1902.4, 1903.4, 1904.4, 1905.4 etc. .. I always close with 465 Hz also for 3 minutes.

From the US Gov National Institutes of Health Genome database http//

herpesvirus 1 152261 base pairs = 29.725383 hz x 64 = 1902.425 Hz herpesvirus 2 154746 base pairs = 29.248034 Hz x 64 = 1871.87 Hz

The divisor is 4526016.44, and the resultant frequency may need to be divided by powers of 2 (usually 16, 32, 64, 128 etc) to get a frequency that your equipment will work will with.

Your mileage may vary, and these are strictly experimental ... I do not prescribe, recommend etc, just report what some experimenters have tried. The database has 7 herpesvirus' listed...

Good luck, Dave


A volunteer suffering from aches and pains in various muscles and joints used an R/B and a scan from 37 to 10000 Hz for a total exposure time of 10 seconds which resulted in significant hits in various parts of the body. The volunteer stated they felt better after the session and also the following day. The dwell time for each Hz was only 0.001 seconds.

God Bless



Thanks for taking time to read my inquiry. I was dx'd with strep pyogenes (visual examination only) which has been a low grade infection, as opposed to the more aggressive strep varieties that I suffered with before.

Anyhow I ran all the common bacterial freq's such as 880 etc. I found alternate freqs that were specific to strep pyogenes which included 535. I ran the full bank (total of about 5 freqs) at 3 minutes each freq just to scan to note any signs of discomfort etc. When I came across 535, major changes began to happen, my throat became very scratchy and irritated. I decided to resume the freq the next day at longer duration, however after running it, nothing was noted and the infection remains. I scanned up and down 5 hz then 10hz with no different results.



Thanks for taking time to read my inquiry. I was dx'd with strep pyogenes (visual examination only) which has been a low grade infection, as opposed to the more aggressive strep varieties that I suffered with before.

Anyhow I ran all the common bacterial freq's such as 880 etc. I found alternate freqs that were specific to strep pyogenes which included 535. I ran the full bank (total of about 5 freqs) at 3 minutes each freq just to scan to note any signs of discomfort etc. When I came across 535, major changes began to happen, my throat became very scratchy and irritated. I decided to resume the freq the next day at longer duration, however after running it, nothing was noted and the infection remains. I scanned up and down 5 hz then 10hz with no different results.


The night before last, there was a segment on our late FOX news broadcast here about some research being done trying to find an underlying viral or bacterial to multiple sclerosis.

The researcher that was interviewed said that the spinal fluid of 90% of MS patients tested, found evidence of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection. That's a pretty high percentage...

So some rifers with that condition may want to give it a try.

Regards, Char

There are really 2 sets of frequencies, those of Rife and those of Chrane, an engineer who worked with him. We are currently the only manufacturer that offers both sets of frequencies.

Rife's Original Frequencies

There has been a lot of confusion about what the real Rife frequencies are. Click on the text to the right to see a copy of Rife's original lab notes where he writes down the frequency that he uses. In Rife's notes, 11.78 million is given as the frequency for carcinoma. That is not to say that Crane frequencies, do not work, they do. It is just that they are the frequencies of another researcher. The following are Rife's original frequencies. Don't expect any other machine on the market to be able to make these
frequencies, it is beyond their ability.

All frequencies are in the Millions of Hertz

1913 Flu 12.830; 6.181;0.330
Actinomyces Bovis .6780
Anthrax .9000
Anthrax symptomatic .400000
Asian flu 0.998690
Bubonic plague .160000
Carcinoma 11.780
Coli rod 1.4000
Coli Virus 8.5810
Debris 0.640
Diphtheria .800000
GC Typhoid 0.9000
Glanders .986000
Gonorrhea .600000
Hay Fever 0.7600
Influenza 1.674,000
leprosy .743000
Micrococcus catharrhalis 1.800000
Pneumonia 1.200
Sarcoma 11.430
Staphylococcus 0.998740
Streptococcus 1.6000
Streptothrix 1.3500
TB Coli Virus 8.1810
TB Rod 1.4250
Tetanus 0.7000
Treponema 0.8000
Tuberculosis .583000
Typhoid Rod 0.7600

Chrane Frequencies
While there are hundreds of Chrane frequencies available to the researcher, clinicians usually limit themselves to the top 18. For the average pathogen (cancer not included) about 15 minutes of exposure at the right frequency is enough to rid the subject of the offending life-form.

Clients should be instructed to write down on a piece of paper any sensations they may experience, and at what frequency. The second session can then be tailored to just those frequencies that the person reacted to. The subject then spends ten minutes at each of these frequencies, or until all sensations have stopped. This will effectively destroy 98% of the particular life-forms in question.

Some of the life-forms may have mutated over time, and may have a slightly higher or lower frequency. To destroy these mutated versions, the Rife Machine can be instructed to sweep above and below the target frequency. For example, let's say that on the first session, the subject reports a feeling of heat and tingling in the small of the back (the kidney area) at a Herpes frequency (1552 hertz). The second session would then include at least 10 minutes of the Herpes frequency In the middle of the second session the client reports that sensations have stopped. The third and final session could have the Rife Machine sweep from between 1542 to 1562 (10 above and 10 below the 1552 frequency) to catch the mutated versions. The client might again, experience the same sensations that they felt before, but this time for only a very short time.

If the client does not re-infect themselves, then they should be free of this life-form. It is important to remember that many life- forms share the same frequency. The subject above did not necessarily have Herpes. They may instead have had a similarly shaped pathogen that reacted to the herpes frequency.

It is always best to give a first time client all the top 18 frequencies. Although they may come to you with a diagnosis from a lab or a health care provider of this parasite or that bacteria, that diagnosis may be incorrect or incomplete. At worst, they will spend a few more minutes sitting back reading a book, or taking a nap while they are being 'Rifed'. At best, they will be rid of a set of infections that they never knew about which were lowering their

Parasites 72 Rubella 787
Parasites 95 Tuberculosis 800
Parasites 120 E. Coli 802
Lyme Disease 432 Streptococci 880
Candida 465 Herpes 1552
Common cold 660 Typhoid 1865
H. Pylori 676 Sarcoma 2008
Staphylococci 727 Carcinoma 2128
Diphtheria 776 Arthritis 2489

There are four ways that Rife and Crane frequencies can be of use to

Direct destruction

If you have a micro-organism, and you know the frequency, you can
destroy it. If a client has a terrible case of Shingles, we know that
that is caused by Herpes. Simply set the Rife Machine to the Herpes
frequency 1552, and let it run for 1/2 an hour. In most cases, it
will be gone in less than 3 days.

Plagues and epidemics

Looking through this chart you may be wondering, what use is a frequency to destroy the Bubonic Plague today. Aside from the morbid reality of Germ Warfare, hasn't the Bubonic Plague been wiped off the face of the Earth? Actually no, there are several reported cases every year. Of course, the odds of being one of the 10 or so people who get it every year are quite slim. However, almost everyone alive today who is of European decent is a descendant of a survivor of the Black (Bubonic) plague. That means that you can probably trace a direct blood line through the placenta along the female side, or the sperm and prostatic fluid on your fathers side of your family to a person who was infected with the Plague centuries ago. Homeopaths call this a miasm.

Don't be surprised if you, or one of your clients feels a slight tingling in the armpits (the Plague caused the lymph nodes to swell up) on this frequency. Does that mean you have an active form of the Bubonic Plague? No, but a watered down version of it may have been passing through your family blood line for the last 400 years, which may have been causing some health problems.


How about Diphtheria, or Rubella? Everyone in the U.S.A. gets a DPT shot when they are children. DPT stands for Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus. That means that some part of these micro- organism, were injected into the body, past the defenses of the intestinal tracts and the skin. Did part of the virus survive? The unfortunate reactions that some children have to these immunizations (death, mental retardation, immune dysfunction et. al.) every year tells us that these immunizations are not always deactivated before they are injected.

Families of micro-organisms

Although the Rife Machine is set for 18 frequencies, each frequency may be capable of destroying 100's different but similarly structured micro-organisms. One session may destroy 1800 different types of unwanted life-forms. Rife himself believed that there were at most 10 families of disease producing organisms.


Just discovered from Rife notes
anthrax - 900,000 cps
wave length super regeneration audion tube 1100 meters

symptomatic anthrax
400,000 cps
wave length of super regeneration audion tube 18,000 (The 18,000 doesn't fit
but that's what the way the notes is written) >>

What does this mean in terms of frequencies to use on our machines?



500, 633, 1365, 1370, 768, 414

Rife notes: Gefoye to Group:
Just discovered from Rife notes

anthrax - 900,000 cps
wave length super regeneration audion tube 1100 meters
900,000/512 = 1757.8

symptomatic anthrax
400,000 cps
400,000/512 = 781.25

wave length of super regeneration audion tube 18,000 (The 18,000 doesn't fit
but that's what the way the notes is written)

If this post gets forwarded anywhere, it is requested the entire post be
included, including the disclaimer at the bottom. Thank you.


Bacillus anthracis
frequencies with relationship to DNA or RNA coding sequences
Numbers are given in hertz. Starred items may be particularly important.
Choose one number from each line in the range of your choice, they are
***plasmid pX01 (includes coding for toxin factors)
797.3 1594.6 3189.2

***plasmid pX02 (includes coding for bacterial capsule)
752.5 1505.1 3010.1

**toxin factors:
lethal factor (lef)-
465.8 931.7 1863.3 3726.7
754.8 1509.7 3019.4

edema factor (cya)-
942.1 1884.3 3768.5

toxin-related protective antigen (pagA) -
986.5 1973 3946

*spore germination proteins
572.6 1145.3 2290.5
573.8 1147.6 2295.1
588.1 1176.2 2352.4

*774.5 1548.9 3097.9
631.4 1262.8 2525.7

capsule proteins
CapB -
948.4 1896.9 3793.8
811.7 1623.4 3246.8

CapC -
630 1260 2520

Cap A -
916.2 1832.4 3664.8

toxin-stimulating protein AtxA
867.4 1734.8 3469.5
791.3 1582.5 3165

capsule synthesis stimulating protein acpA
988.6 1977.3 3954.6
779.8 1559.6 3119.2

728.1 1456.3 2912.5

These frequencies are for experimental use only. In providing these
frequencies, there is no implication whatsoever that they could cure, improve,
or affect in any way a person's state of health. They are derived using
publicly available information from molecular biology,
physics, and mathematics. The person providing these frequencies is in no way
setting himself / herself up as a practitioner of medicine. You are using
numbers at your own risk.

142, 476, 511, 876, 1644, 2132, 2544, 1550, 802, 542, 569, 832, 3222,

SMALL POX (Secondary):
334, 542, 569, 832, 3222, 360, 471, 647, 506, 711, 880, 787, 727, 20,

Tuberculinum - 332, 522, 664, 731, 737, 748, 1085, 1099, 1700, 761

Tuberculosis (also see Tuberculinum) - 20, 740, 1840, 720, 1552*, 1600, 216,
802*, 784, 1500, 727, 690, 666

Tuberculosis aviare - 303, 332, 342, 438, 440, 532, 3113, 6515, 697, 698, 720,
731, 741, 748, 770

Tuberculosis bovine - 229, 523, 625, 635, 838, 877, 3353, 748, 757

Tuberculosis klebsiella - 217, 220, 221, 686, 1132, 1644, 2313, 6516, 729,

Tuberculosis rod form - 803, 1513

Tuberculosis secondary complications - 776, 2127, 2008, 465

Tuberculosis, rod, E. coli, TB infections - 799, 802, 804, 1550, 1513

Tuberculosis, virus - 2565, 1552


Ran across this article implicating simian virus 40 in glioblastomas,
some sarcomas and osteosarcomas, and other tumor types (see article
abstract below).
DNA-related freqs for this virus (depending on the strain) can run from
1719.6 hz through 1758.7 hz. Specifically, in two octaves:
1719.6 3439.2
1723.5 3447
1726.5 3453

1747.5 3495
1747.8 3495.6 (strain B1 from Sabin polio vaccine)
1750.5 3501 (strain B2 from Sabin polio vaccine)
1753.6 3507.2 (strain MC-028846B from Salk polio vaccine)
1758.7 3517.4

DNA frequencies associated with the large T antigen (a section of the
virus particularly associated with oncogenesis), from the various
2119.1 (B1 & B2 polio vaccine Sabin strains)
2137.9 (Salk polio vaccine strain)

Frequencies associated with the small T antigen (also associated with
oncogenesis by some researchers):
2159.4 (all strains)
J Neurosurg 2001 Jul;95(1):96-101

Detection of simian virus 40 DNA sequence in human primary glioblastomas multiforme.

Kouhata T, Fukuyama K, Hagihara N, Tabuchi K.

Department of Neurosurgery, Saga Medical School, Japan.

OBJECT: Deoxyribonucleic acid oncoviruses can induce neoplastic transformation of cells because their viral proteins interfere with antiproliferative cellular proteins. Simian virus 40 (SV40) is a DNA virus that induces the emergence of ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, mesotheliomas, osteosarcomas, sarcomas, and various tumors when injected into newborn hamsters. Recently, approximately 60% of human ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, and mesotheliomas were reported to contain and express SV40 DNA sequences. In this study the presence of SV40 DNA sequences was investigated in human brain tumors. METHODS: Three of 32 glioblastomas mutiforme (GBMs), but none of two ependymomas and five medulloblastomas, were found to possess SV40 DNA sequences when examined using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The DNA sequence analysis of PCR-amplified fragments disclosed that the samples were identical to the regulatory region of SV40. All three GBMs, which arose in elderly patients with wild-type p53, were considered to be primary (de novo) tumors. Although each of the three tumors was immunohistochemically negative for SV40 T antigen, in situ hybridization successfully demonstrated the messenger RNA for SV40 T antigen. CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study indicate that latent infection of SV40 in elderly people may be implicated in the tumorigenesis of certain primary GBMs.

PMID: 11453404 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]




The Plasma devices that Rife and Dr Milbank Johnson used were effective.

Dr Rife demonstrated the device’s effectiveness against cancer.

Today we are struggling to try and duplicate these devices and results.

Unfortunately, words and definitions of these devices are somewhat misleading. The reason for this may be partly due to the different disciplines and personal positions of the participants who arrive at different conclusions.

The plasma tube has been investigated and many opinions have come forth regarding the type of glass, the shape of the tube, the type of gas(s) used, and the electrodes employed.

No technical testing procedure has been proposed or devised that can evaluate the effectiveness of the tubes and devices. All results reported have been non-technical and anecdotal.

It is apparent that Dr Rife and a later researcher, Dr Milbank Johnson, had employed a technique that gave positive results that rated the effectiveness of the devices. A shank of horsemeat was loaded with ampoules of staphylococcus at various depths in the meat and the meat was exposed to the plasma device for three minutes. The tube was about 12 inches from the meat surface. All the ampoules subject to water bath and they tested negative as a result of the R/B exposure.

Today, many types of devices, plasma tube, Pad devices and EMEM 2, type devices can eliminate bacterial and viral pathogens, if one uses the correct frequencies. Attempts by modern researchers have failed to eliminate bacterial specimens in the same manner. This result indicates a major difference between the devices used by Dr Rife and those presently used.

Is it the amount of power? Is it the device? Is it the tube? Is it the gas?

Pads have no tubes, reports are that some success has been achieved with cancer. Tubes have also reported successes with cancer. Over all, the successes have not been consistent!

Cancer is a complicated and different matter. There are different types of cancer and everyone is chemically variant or different. Conventional Chemotherapy will vary with the type of cancer and with the individual. Perhaps an Oncologist could give some insight in this matter.

The diagnostics of Dr Rife’s era may not of been as sophisticated as today, but they were effective methods. Dr Rife found two viruses, BX and BY. Both of these frequencies are in the MHz range. Today we use the audio harmonic range. Dr Rife located the tumor with a pendulum galvanometer to enable him to place the tube over the tumor. Presently, we are showering the whole barn.

Based on today’s diagnostic techniques and methods there is no device that can duplicate the results of Dr Rife’s device.

Part of the problem may be due to the frequencies used. With the later development of the plasma and pad devices, harmonic frequencies in the audio range were employed.

Although the prime frequencies are essentially ignored and audio frequencies used. There is no conclusive data that confirms that harmonics are equal to the prime frequencies.

SOME PARAMETERS: Power level. Use of RF. Frequency Drift. Waveform Type and Shape. Carrier Frequency. Position and distance of volunteer to the tube. Dwell time of frequencies used. Dwell time between sessions.


Diet and nutrition are the prime factors for cancer recovery. There are thousands of protocols, but it is difficult to determine which one to use and as time progresses, new protocols may be required.

Questions directed to any physician should also be directed to any Naturopath. What is their success rate?

Some have eliminated cancer with herbs and minerals and without any device.

Some have eliminated cancer after standard medical techniques and with follow-up with a device.

Both pad and plasma tube devices report successes, but none report a rate of success.

The person with cancer is left with a dilemma. Conventional medicine cannot consistently eliminate the cancer and other methods can not offer a consistently better result.

If results are not reported, proper conclusions cannot be made.

Which path to take?


The Synchrometer and the FSCAN are the two prime devices today. The Synchrometer cost about $200.00 and the FSCAN costs about $4000,00 plus $450.00 for PC software.

The Synchrometer is very labor intensive. Dr Hulda Clark reported a scan could take up to eight hours.

An intensive scan with the FSCAN can take up to 5 hours.

The frequency of a pathogen can be calculated from its mathematical DNA designation. Calculations of bacterial microorganism have proven successful when the frequencies were used with the plasma type devices. Since frequencies are used for both tube and pad devices the results should be equal.

The use of calculated frequencies for cancer cells have not proven to achieve the same results. This may be a matter of equipment, time, and determining all the variables involved.

Until more is known about cancer and the variables involved the answer is elusive.

A recent prostate volunteer was encouraged to submit to surgery, Chemo, and radiation. He decided to take only the hormone therapy. At the same time he used an R/B and an EMEM 2 device with two stainless steel pads. He is now in remission. A PSA is undetectable.

A recent pancreatic cancer volunteer was operated on to remove a very large tumor and the cancer had metastasized and spread to the lymph glands. Aggressive cancer protocol was immediately employed using a standard R/B with a Phanotron tube with Argon at 7 torr. After several consultations with the doctor, a mild Chemo was initiated.
Pancreatic cancer protocol set-up is as follows:
All deviations are set at 4 Hz.
2128 15 min.
2008 "
2184 "
2084 "
2720 "
2452 "
6064 "
120 "
524 "
854 "
800 10 min.
728 "
880 "
666 "
464 "
5000 "
3176 "
9999 "
The R/B unit is approx. 24" from subject.
A timer is set at 240 mins to completely shut off the unit at end of session.
Sessions were run every day.
The doctors were amazed at the progress and "readings" from the doctors’ test
are continually improving.

In Summary: Does it work! Yes! Does it work with conventional methods? Yes! Can an R/B be use along with the conventional methods? Yes!

Reduction of tumors by surgery is a significant method of improving and achieving some success, since tumor reduction by other means is not consistent.

The EMEM 3 D has increased power and it has been reported to be more effective.

Decreasing the distance from the tube increases the power available to the tumor. This verifies why Dr Milbank was successful at only 3 minutes.

Another researcher informed me that the use of a pad device failed to relieve his sore throat. He then placed a straight plasma tube from an R/B very near to his throat. He reported he could feel the soreness disappear. The problem was eliminated.

My experience with some MHz range carrier frequencies with an R/B and a Phanotron tube resulted in some very rapid results < 5 seconds at a distance 8 feet.

The use of a BK 4040 that can out put up to 20 MHz has proven useful.

Jim Bare’s modification of the Uniden PC 68XL should prove to be more

It appears that we are approaching a new level of confidence and success.

In Conclusion: All devices can be successful against bacterial organisms. Not all devices are successful against cancer because of other contributory factors. Moving closer to the tubes requires less exposure times and increases effectiveness. Use of multiple devices can be helpful.

God Bless



I've been having a problem with a troublesome canker sore which just wasn't going away, so a week ago I started running a friend's home-brew "Rife-Bare" while soaking up the "rays".. we ran 1899.4, 1901.4, 1902.4, 1903.4, 1904.4 and 1905.4 Hz for approx. 10 minutes each. Two of the days I also ran the general purpose set #1 from Rife Technologies (RTI) model 4050 small signal generator. (Very nice small generator, although some programming modifications would make it a lot easier to use!!)

The frequencies around 1902 Hz were run for 10 minutes each, no pulsing, and later, the RTI generator was typically running 3 minutes on each frequency starting with 10,000 and heading downwards, generally using a 1/2 second pulse (on 1/2 sec., off 1/2 sec.) (Sorry, I don't have the complete list of 30 frequencies in Don's #1 set.) Tube is a straight leaded glass tube, 80% argon 20% neon, approx -4 torr vacuum.

I ran these every day for 4 days. No apparent detox, etc.

Over the last few months, I've been watching a wart near my left temple which was getting larger and larger, and two weeks ago it was over 1/4" in diameter and protruded perhaps 1/8".

Since the RB session, the canker sore has healed over and is no longer painful. The wart on my left forehead is GONE, with only a rough spot on the skin where it was. Coincidence?


A Rifer built an R/B IN 1999. He successfully used the R/B and freqs in the CAFL for his own cataract problem: 1830, 728, 784, 787, 880, 10000. 3 minutes each for two weeks. Eye doctor could not find cataract. Several other volunteers successfully used these freqs along with 1600, 1552, 2110, 1335, 1654, 2187, 2195, 2211.

Recently, volunteer with progressively worsening cataract in right eye applied these same frequencies for 3 minutes each successfully with an R/B. Eyesight cleared up after 10 days. Sessions will be continued for a total of 14 days. Cataract imparting sight is no longer a problem.

R/B, Utube, Argon, 6 torr
912 Balun
945E Mobile Tuner
Palo mar 225
SEC 1223 power supply
Uniden 510 XL CB, all mods.
ProFreGen frequency generator

Volunteer with cataracts using EMEM 3D with Phanotron tube, 15 torr helium, same frequencies, experienced same results after 2 weeks.
God Bless



A volunteer who had used the cataract protocol, 465,728,784,787,1335,1552,1600,1830,2110,2187,2195,2211,10,000, experienced significant improvement in visual clarity in daylight and at night, but halos around lights were still a problem at night.

A scan program was setup with GWBASIC to scan from 37 Hz to 10,000 Hz. The delta Hz change was set at 0.03 Hz and the dwell was set at 0.03. The total elapsed time for the complete protocol was approx. one minute.

A session of 20 minutes was conducted over a period of 4 days. Significant improvement in eyesight clarity was noted. The Halo around lights at night were reduced..

The scan will be continued to see if further improvements occur.
Straight Phanotron tube with Argon & torr.
MFJ 912
Palomar 225
Uniden 510 XL, full mods per J.Bare.
Samlex 1223. Power supply.

Watts were 60 to 70.
SWR was 1.8
Distance from tube was 3 to 4 feet.
Pulsing or bursting was 4Hz.

Scans up to 20,00 and 30,000 are planned. If an input voltage of 5 is employed, the Uniden 510 XL CB will pass up to 32,000 Hz.

Observations of Cataracts problems reveal that a variety of problems are associated with this eye condition. In some cases, parasites and bacteria contribute to the problem. Floaters and other material in the Vitrae humor contribute to poor vision and must be addressed.

Nutrition plays an important part in the development of cataracts and other contributing conditions and it is a major consideration in the battle to restore heath to one’s eyes.

Because of the variety of frequencies required, it was decided to use the scan. Simple diagnostic techniques are needed to follow the progress. However, one doesn’t need a professional opinion to tell them their eyesight has improved, when clarity is significant.


Previous post of volunteer with cataracts and R/B started on 10-9-01 resulted in reduction of cataracts in both eyes. Ophthalmologist stated that the cataracts were not a problem and next office visit would be in one year. Halo around lights at night are no longer a problem.

R/B sessions will continue. Protocol: 1830, 728, 784, 787, 880, 10000.1600, 1552, 2110, 1335, 1654, 2187, 2195, 2211 for 3 minutes each with an R/B. Sessions are run everyday.

EMEM 3 or 3D with Phanotron, helium, 15 torr also is effective.

One volunteer with long standing cataracts 10 years) has not experienced relief.

Research on floaters is continuing.


Hi list, I have a volunteer and find 2008 & 666
as the freqs of choice here {for carpal tunnel syndrome}.


For lymes disease I use: 432, 484, 610, 690, 790, 800, 864, and 4200 hertz. My first herx was so severe it lasted over 3 weeks. I quickly learned to watch treatment times


Thanks for taking time to read my inquiry. I was dx'd with strep pyogenes (visual examination only) which has been a low grade infection, as opposed to the more aggressive strep varieties that I suffered with before.

Anyhow I ran all the common bacterial freq's such as 880 etc. I found alternate freqs that were specific to strep pyogenes which included 535. I ran the full bank (total of about 5 freqs) at 3 minutes each freq just to scan to note any signs of discomfort etc. When I came across 535, major changes began to happen, my throat became very scratchy and irritated. I decided to resume the freq the next day at longer duration, however after running it, nothing was noted and the infection remains. I scanned up and down 5 hz then 10hz with no different results.


The night before last, there was a segment on our late FOX news broadcast here about some research being done trying to find an underlying viral or bacterial to multiple sclerosis.

The researcher that was interviewed said that the spinal fluid of 90% of MS patients tested, found evidence of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection. That's a pretty high percentage...

So some rifers with that condition may want to give it a try.

Regards, Char


> Is there some differentiation in the
> CAFL to indicate "proven" MORs.

No. Garvy's frequencies are determined with a Vega machine and usually work well (and also often coincide with genome frequencies) but do not always include frequencies that are often found most effective. The Garvy subset can be found in the Non Consolidated Frequency List.

> I noticed some (*)s but found no
> explanatory footnote.

These are found to be the most reliable for the condition listed, in my and others on the lists' experiences. Garvy's hard copy frequency list has many *'s in it. I only add them to the CAFL when I or others report that it is usually the best frequency with a Rife Bare.

> 727 and
> 728 occur often, not always in the same set. 880 and 1550,
> similarly. Personally, I'm putting those 4 numbers in every set I
> program to this procedurally incorrect somehow?

No, I think it is good practice. They may address common pathogens which are easily reinfected between sessions. If they are not run with every set, these common bacteria may increase in number due to extra "food" being available in the form of cellular debris from anything that was addressed in the set.

784/786/787 is another frequency which is commonly run by people who use 727/728, 880, 1550/1552. So is 800/802 although some feel this may negatively impact beneficial bacteria. I have not found that the case.

I think that 683/688 should be one of these "general" frequencies, too. It is for strep pneumonia. I find that 688 is usually the best frequency, but in some cases 683 does work best. I put a star near 688, but Garvy's star is on 683.

> tissues block or change plasma-carried freqs? I see one place in
> CAFL that positioning the body is required. Group?

I think bone absorbs the wave at least somewhat. If there is a problem in the lower back, for example, I think it is best to face the back towards the tube. As far as the tube position in general, I think it is typically strongest out the ends of a bubble tube when it is horizontal.


The determination of MOR frequencies is very important to eliminate problems. Although a specific pathogen name is not readily available with the FSCAN, the MV values can be used to eliminate problems.

The frequencies determined with an FSCAN can be inputted to an R/B to effect a controlled intensive session.

Experimentation with a small population has revealed an interesting aspect. (1360 Hz ) x 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 result in seven peaks that occur in most Rife scans. The maximum MV of each peak can be indicative of some particular pathogen activity. Running these MV values has proven to be effective in relieving various physical symptoms and/or problems.

Some have suggested that these peaks not be run. Actually, it is very important to run them all.

For a normal person without any serious problems, the peaks may be all be the same height and of a moderate value between 10 to 100. When serious problems are present, a MV peak value can occur in the range of 100 to 300. In some cases several peaks can be in this range. Generally the problems are reduced or eliminated and the MV values reduced when these MV values are run.

For those with an FSCAN, each one must develop a database and determine which MV values are significant.



You should have good luck with these frequencies. I put them in descending
order, combining the two sets together, added a few, and ran them in a long
set at 3 minutes each on my Rife/Bare.

I was to the point of almost going to my dentist as I felt I was getting
some huge infection of some type around a crowned molar. The pain was
getting intense. The first day I just ran the first 10 and got relief. Then
after two more days of running the whole series ... the pain is gone; and
that was two weeks ago ... the pain is still gone!

Here's the set I used:

5170, 3000, 2720, 2489, 1800, 1600, 1550, 1500, 1094, 1043, 1036, 880, 832, 802, 787, 776, 727, 685, 666, 650, 646, 640, 635, 600, 465, 190, 95, 60, 48, 47.5

Of course these are all experimental, but that's what they did for me.

Bob D.


Volunteer had a basement closet with very strong mold odor.
The closet had both wood and concrete sections.
An R/B was used.
U tube with 6 torr argon.
24" long, 25mm dia leaded glass shaped into a U shape.
The length of U was 11".
Tube Wire wrap was two 18 gauge bare Copper coils, 4 turns each coil. Each
turn is set 1/8" apart.
Coils are wound CW and CCW and slipped over each end of tube.
Coils are connected to 912 Balun
MFJ 912 Balun
MFJ 971 Mobile tuner
Palomar 225
Uniden 510 XL. Fully modified per J. Bare instructions.
Kinnaman frequency generator
Freqs taken from CAFL frequency list were run for 10 minutes each with 4Hz
880, 886, 942, 1823, 2411.

Odor was completely eliminated with one session.


I have found that an R/B unit w/bubble tube (phanatron) running the plain bacteria freqs
will eliminate the pain [of a tooth infection] in one session. I run the freqs for 5 minutes each and add 3000, 666, 95, and 80, which address pain. Harry


cholesterol plaque that builds up in the heart
Play safe!
dont run it for a long time, you dont know the status of others hearts


See my website:

Go to "updates" and scroll down to 03-03-01 for Flu 2001 you see my story.

Quickly, the frequencies used were:


Then some sinus frequencies:


If the flu starts out with chills, these will probably work (all at 3

Take care,Bob D.


Volunteer had a car with a leak in the trunk which resulted in mold odor in car.
An R/B was used.
U tube with 6 torr argon.
24" long, 25mm dia leaded glass shaped into a U shape.
The length of U was 11".
Tube Wire wrap was two 18 gauge bare Copper coils, 4 turns each coil. Each turn is set 1/8" apart.
Coils are wound CW and CCW and slipped over each end of tube.
Coils are connected to 912 Balun
MFJ 912 Balun
MFJ 971 Mobile tuner
Palomar 225
Uniden 510 XL. Fully modified per J. Bare instructions.
Kinnaman frequency generator
Freqs taken from CAFL frequency list were run for 5 minutes each with 4Hz pulsing:
880, 886, 942, 1823, 2411.

R/B was set on back seat of car. Two sessions were run.

Odor was completely eliminated with one session, but volunteer said that they could now smell cigarette smoke from the car upholstery



Volunteer with cold and flu symptoms tried various remedies with no relief!

An Clark FSCAN, 60, 000 to 2,999,999 Hz, was run and initial 29 hits were used.
After 2 hrs passed, all cold and flu symptoms were completely eliminated.

Additional freqs from FSCAN TO R/B are planned for other conditions.



Volunteer with Shingles between waist on abdomen from both sides to approx
navel area.
An R/B was used with Herpes Zoster and genome frequencies from CAFL list
Herpes Zoster: 664,3343,914,2170,1600,1500,880,802,787
Herpes Zoster Genome freqs: 579.9,1160,2320

The rash itching began to subside after one session, but continued sessions
every day for 5 days. Small discolored spots remain where rash was prominent. Sessions will continue until all traces of rash are gone.



>If the Rife Lamp produced any Ultraviolet Light it could cause minor
> problemswith the eyes.

The only tubes that produce any significant UV light are quartz. Theglass tubes that most people use do not. Even with quartz, the UV isunmeasurable more than a few inches away from the tube.

Theonly reason I can see for eye problems apparently caused by rifing is by the body using minerals and perhaps antioxidants to process the debris. The resulting lack of them, especially selenium, but also probably calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and other nutrients, is what causes the problem. I would use the Water Cure, take a cal-mag, and a multivitamin that contains a good amount of selenium (at least 70mcg). Eat plenty of vegetables for the potassium and use a half and half potassium sodium salt to salt food if necesasry. If there is still a problem after a week, I wouldadd an eye supplementlike Now Eye Support orEnzymatic TherapyDoctor's Choice for Eye Care. The worst case of eye damage I have seen that seemed to be caused from a bioelectronic therapy (in someone who used a photon sound beam) was in a person who was "addicted" to coffee enemas and did themonce or twice per day long termwithout adequately replacing electrolytes and other minerals. She got to the point of having to hold reading material within6 inches of her face. Once, shesat in on aRife Bare session with1830Hz for a long period afterusing a packet of Emergen-C. Shewoke up the next morning and could see perfectly, even without her glasses, but the effect was only for a couple of days (since she was still doing the enemas and not replacing minerals.)


A local MD here in Seattle had a patient F.E. with late stage prostate and
bone cancer. He told F.E. to get a Rife machine, and he was able to obtain
a single coil version of the EMEM3 that was produced at that time.

Six months later, the MD called me to say that the unit seemed to be doing
some good for F.E., and after a year he called to say that F.E. was now
cancer free.

Shortly after that, F.E. contacted me for a nutritional consultation and I
had a chance to learn the details of his treatment. Somehow he had gotten
the idea that he should only use 727 Hz. So he would run 727 with the
phanotron tube as close to his abdomen as he could get it for fairly long
run times - half an hour or longer each day.

A radionics saliva test showed that moderate levels of BX virus remained.
727 appears to have reduced the tumors and even had some effect on the
vurus. The virus score would have been much higher untreated.

The EMEM3 uses a spark gap and produces a damped wave as pictured at



I am in the process of reversing the effects of a cortical steroid and nano-bacteria infection in my kidneys as well as dealing with a parasitic bacteria Infection in the urinary tract to the bladder and in the bladder.. and Reversing the effects of a compromised immune system due to the steroid as well as a weak Adrenal gland response in controlling Acid/Base/Salt balance.

I have been using the following protocols and have been getting results slow in some cases Rapid in others.

Upon an allegeric reaction to certain foods such as sour cream and others my immune system seem to attack my back and cause inflamation etc...I have used the following protocal out of curisoty one night and got 90% results instantly the protocal was from FREX called PEMPHIGUS using 694 Hz 893 Hz and 665 Hz each for 300 Sec using a Geny-2 Sound Card hooked into a Rife/Bare 510Xl Cb sytem etc....

Results The Pain Stopped immediately with the first Freq, and even some of my Swollen Lymph Nodes resided as well but not by much,,,Also didnt want to run an immune ihibitor freq if thats what they do too long due to my Bladder infection with a parastic Bacteria.. Overal A score of 9.6 was achieved using these freq to stop an immune response to certain foods locacalized on the back, and has resided somewhat to this day.. I have not figured out if bacteria in the sour cream was the cause, solvents or just a messed up immune sytem due to the steriod...

2nd.........I have been using an alakalizng agent called Water Oz body Alkalizer to get rid of the Kidney Pain associated with too much Acid However I must Note that this Alkalizer is very strong in that it might lower the Urine Ph down too far into to 7.5 range which would allow for a yeast infection or other to take ahold...Somethig to watch for Besdides the alakalizer I have been using the Fungus, Mold General freq from Frex whenever I get a Bladder infection other than the Parasitic puss producing varity I all ready have..and to get rid of any new forming Kidney stones,,However I feel that Diet and Adrenal Glands might be More responsible to correcting this than targeting Nano-bacteria, or a combination of both... 728,880,784,464,886,866,414,254,244,2411,321,555,942,337,766,1823,524,374,743,132,866 from 10 sec each up to 100 min each along with running Nano-Bacteria Freq....3219,2545,3023,1195,755,804,1272,1511,1195,2390 for about 100 to 300 sec each...

Results......Most of the stones/yeast bladder infection gone however feel freq that may strengthen the Adrenal gland are what is producing the results....Also I have used Collodial Silver as a back up which Has also worked on both the Yeast infection and the Parasitic Bladder Bacterial Infection...However I dont feel very confident as a 100 % cure..

3rd I also have used The Kidney-Insufficincy Freq to help with kidney pain/Back Pain...... from somewhere Cant remember the one who makes crystal Argon tubes?

10, 40, 440, 1600, 1550, 1500, 880, 802, 787, 727, 650, 625, 600, 465, 73, 40, 444, 1865, 146, 240, 125, 95, 72, 20

Only get Result when Used for min of 100 sec each anything under 100 sec for each freq dont get much of a response

Results...Pain in my right back and kidney has been lowered to yet another threshold of acceptable behavior,,not yet a 100% but slowly working its way there.

And the one Ingediant that Seemed to Help the Most as far as repairing or killing bacteria was OOO gel Heavily Satured Ozoned Olive Oil that was applied to the back area where the Toxins etc where leaching out,,The pain immediately went away and my scabs of open skin on my back have cleared up as well as some pain to the right kidney somewhat cleared up as well...

My last attempt to achive 100% balance will be to take Adrenal Glands to get the Adrenal Functioning normally and continue on the Collidal Silver---For the Parasitic Bacterial infection as well as any yeast flair ups and OOOgel which seems to RAPIDLY REPAIR INJURIES and SKIN/(ORGANS?) but it seems to be working ..Also to recieve an F-scan to see if I cant lock Onto the Parastic Bacteria And Once and for ALL Permainlty KILL this Evil thing.



I am not surprised that you had a headache after continued use of 20 & 880 Hz for dental pain.

We have found that 20 & 880 Hz are the two most needed frequencies where tooth pain occurs. They are also commonly the two most effective frequencies to fight problems in the mouth and sinuses. If you "overdo" these 2 frequencies, particularly 20 Hz, it can result in headaches, nausea, and other flu-like cleansing reactions, including lymphatic swelling and pain.

I would try Rifing (we call it "blasting") for 5-10 minutes per frequency every other day.

1) IF you still have a headache and the tooth pain remains, there is probably a long-standing or wide-spread infection in your mouth/sinuses. In that case, I would reduce the time further, 3 - 5 min per frequency, and blast every 3rd day or 4th day, until you can blast without getting a headache.

2) IF after blasting for 5-10 minutes every other day, the headache is gone but the tooth pain remains, I would increase blasting time to 15-20 minutes per frequency, every other day. Then, if the body tolerates that, I would try blasting every day for 15-30 minutes per frequency over the problem area.

When there is no toxic reaction, we have blasted a problem area leaving 20 Hz running as long as it takes for the mouth pain to quit. The best part is, when its gone, its GONE!!



We have not dealt with this particular disorder, but we have had limited exposure to muscular dystrophy and to multiple sclerosis. We saw people gain the best results using Galvanic stimulation. It provides a good workout for muscles (and nerves), and helps to ensure the best possible circulation to the areas involved.

If it were me, I would do what we call a "body blast," placing one pad at the top of the spine, and the other in a pan of water with both feet. The POS DC pad would go on the spine. I would also try the POS pad at the top of the spine, and the NEG pad at the base of the spine. I would also try reversing this configuration, with the NEG pad at the top of the spine, and the POS pad at the base of the spine. I would also try stimulating involved muscle groups directly, sandwiching them in between the two pads.

Using these same pad configurations, I would also use 20 Hz freely, i.e., 30 to 60 minutes at a time. I have seen 20 Hz provide excellent muscle and nerve stimulation, reduce swelling, and stop pain.

I can say that when 30 min of Galvanic stimulation, followed by 30 min of 20 Hz were used systematically, over a period of time, it has restored body systems that have shut down, such as urinary activity. It is my opinion that correct nutrition as far as possible, plenty of good clean water, using electrolytes 20 minutes or so before blasting, and keeping the colon cleaned out, particularly after blasting, is imperative.

I am not familiar with 153, 522, or 146 Hz. Using 880, 787, and 727 should help ensure that the boy's body remains as free of infection and inflammation as possible, and perhaps help prevent them from starting. 5K Hz is a wonderful healing and regenerative frequency, and could be run as long and as often as desired -- same for 10 Hz. They might help to strengthen his body, I don't know, but I would certainly try it.

I would say that the Galvanic and 20 Hz stimulation would keep his muscles as strong and as supple as is possible, for as long as is possible. And who knows?? That might be for a long, long time. I sincerely hope so.



Referring to Lynn Wickman's request on protocols for General Anxiety
At our Rife Health Centre we use the following frequencies for GAD:
1.5 hz for 3 minutes
6.8 hz for 5 minutes
7.8 hz for 5 minutes
95 hz for 3 minutes
10000hz for 5 minutes.
3 times the first week
2 times the second week
and then once a week until the client feels comfortable to discontinue the
--Gerard Smit


These frequencies worked for a wicked flu I had last in March (2001) in
Albuquerque; the symptoms began with very bad chills, and progressively
became devastating. These are basically for influenza B, and they knocked it
in me in 4 hours. I ran them for 3 days afterwards, but after running them
for the first time, 4 hours later I joined the land of the living. Following
these are some cold frequencies that worked on my wife this past week.

1186 (all 3 minutes, not pulsed)

Then some sinus frequencies:


My wife had a bad cold/flu this past week. A recent poster posted a series
of frequencies run on a volunteer with an F-Scan. I converted those to 3
digits and a decimal (for my Geny-2, R/B range), and ran them on her one
Her symptoms decreased 50% immediately; they were 90% cleared up the next
day. We ran the same frequencies
the third day (not the 2nd due to time constraints) and that finished it
off. Here they are:

886.7 (all three minutes, not pulsed)

Also ran :
880 (all 5 minutes, not pulsed)

Hope these help.

Bob D.


I'm in the N.Y. metro area. This one kicked my butt the last 3 day's. Temp 102F, non productive cough, headache/sinus pain (practically nucal rigidity), body and joint pain. Zapped all my energy and kept me sleeping most of the time. Last night I finally wised up and ran some frequency's from Turff's CAFL (with a 2Hz pulse for 5 min a freq, unless specified) along with some sinus ones. I fell asleep during the session, when I woke up my fever had broke and my headache and sinus pain was gone!

Now my wife and 3 yr old were in the room next to me (less than 5 feet away). They had just started showing symptoms. My wife "feels lousy" but no fever and she's functioning, cough is still there. The 3 year old is hit hard like I was. I rifed them this morning using the added freq's from Jim. I'll add yours ,take the pulse off, do a 3 minute frequency and do them again tonight. My main concern is to break the temp.

Influenza (aches and respiratory) - 440, 512, 683, 728, 784, 787, 800, 875, 880, 885, 2050, 2720, 5000 for 5 min, 7760, 7766 for 10 min, 304 for 3 min
Sinusitis frontalis - 952, 320, 682
Sinusitis maxillaris - 160, 741


Dr Henry Lai, Prof. at University of Washington presented a paper at the Rife
2000 conference in Edmonton, Alberta on the destruction of malaria parasites
with magnetic flux. Dr Lai showed how iron ingested by the parasite from red
blood cells respond to the magnetic flux, 4 Hz, and are heated and destroyed.
He also stated that breast cancer cells require iron to metastasize. Thus they
should also respond to the magnetic flux.


My understanding is that SCIATICA generally results from pressure on nerves where they exit the spinal chord in the lower back (lumbar).

Some of the possible contributing factors:

Vertebrae misalignment, damage

Swollen / Herneated disks, or disc deterioration

Excess Calcium buildup in nerve channels within the vertebrae

Research performed with the EM+ system, with the plasma tube applied directly to the spine, using a pulse repetition rate of 326 Hz has produced dramatic results in reducing / reversing adverse calcium buildup, while 'normalizing' calcium metabolism, and reportedly not adversely affecting normal bone mass. This has been relayed to the list in the past, and is included in the EM+ Researcher's Anecdotes at:

15 Hz and 25.4 Hz may help reduce swollen disks; results have been observed with these frequencies when used in the full contact mode on the EM+ systems.

Others may be able to offer comments on whether or not these frequencies produce the same results when they are used as modulation on an RF carrier; discussion in the past by some seem to indicate that frequencies below 400 Hz may not be as effectively induced when using the modulated RF carrier method of induction.

Osteopathic / chiropractic adjustment may help with spinal misalignment issues.

Pulsed magnetic signals have been shown to stimulate regrowth of deteriorating cartilage in osteoarthritis cases, according to research work by Dr. Steven Kalli at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in NY. This suggests directions for further research.

More later as time allows!
Be Well!!


Seems to be lot sciatica lately. Just went thru it myself. Typically, lasts 4 - 6 weeks - so just hang in. If lasts longer - may be something else like pinched nerve. Tried lots frequencies - nothing worked. Finally went away by itslef - just a smy doc told me it would.

However, if it is the result of fibromyalgia - where you think you have arthtritis from head to foot - but it's not arthtritis - that a different problem. For that run the cancer frequencies in the 2000 range: 2008 2050 2080 2127, and general purpose, low range: 880 800 778 728 600 420 320 120 and try something around 3800



Regarding Mike Livengston request for strokes: The Mercy Clinic in South
Africa that is run as a charity clinic by the Sisters of Mercy has several
pad devices. I have programmed the following sequence of frequencies in
their machines: 2.4/5
(The last number indicates duration in minutes)
They treat about 7 people per day for strokes and have very positive
results. I took pictures of the patients with strokes being treated with
these Rife devices and shall get it scanned and published on the South
African Rife website (
---Gerard Smit
Rife Health Centre


After about of 2 months of testing, I have had incredible results
using the frequency of 360 Hz on a number of subjects with various
afflictions, most noticeably, skin and blood problems. Instead of
just resting the feet on the wet pads, I have found that putting the
feet in two separate tubs of water is far more effective. This seems
to have a similar effect to the new B.E.F.E. or Aqua-Chi machines
that are very popular now. The 360 Hz frequency seems to have a very
powerful normalizing effect on the blood pH.


If the inflammation of the sciatic nerve is due to a "critter" as you so
eloquently put it, then the Rife plasma freqs may well be very effective. A
common cause of inflammatory low back pain is sacroiliitis. I have seen
this respond in my practice with treatment at 1550 hz and 666 hz. I have
personally resolved low back sprain/strian in my low back in 2 days with


I'm wondering if anyone has any frequencies for stachybotrys, a really nasty
mold found indoors, and which can infest houses to the point where they can
no longer be lived in. Even the dead spores are highly toxic.

> These are DNA derived and are unproven and untested:

Stahybotrys chartarum



Volunteer asked for help with thyroid problems. On medication for
about five years. TSH tested at 0.03 (0.30 - 5.00 Normal range)
and had never been in normal range even with medication.

Tested positive for parasite in thyroid. No infection detectable
outside of thyroid. Two minutes holding FSCAN electrodes with
microscopic thyroid slide introduced into circuit (plate zapping) at:

53479, 157795, 255598, 355785

Volunteer felt better over the weekend with some detox effects
(headache) but tested negative for parasite on Monday, three days
later. Agreed to retest thyroid function at Mass. Eye and Ear in
next six weeks.

Six weeks later, lab tests showed TSH 0.68 (0.30 - 5.00 Normal
range). Physician was impressed. Next step, volunteer will self
administer homeopathy in order to improve thyroid function and try
to reduce medication working with physician.

For frequencies under 10000HZ range, use octaves. You need to have a
method to find exact frequencies. For this particular parasite, the
lower frequencies represent the eggs and two larval stages and the
frequencies are fairly stable. Often the adult will respond to
multiple frequencies within a 200HZ band. Scan with the FSCAN to
pick these up.

Since I always drive my EM6+ using the FSCAN as a frequency
generator, I have found that the EM6+ will strongly emanate
frequencies up to 500KHZ, even though the tube does not light up
over about 10000HZ. So you can treat at higher frequencies. Repeated
FSCANs can document that the tube is having the desired effect.


I'm starting a list of pathogens
that I regularly find in Boston area Starbucks. I'll keep the frequencies
below 10KHZ so any Rife device should be effective at knocking it out.

5554 - bacteria causing stomach pain, tested positive in Starbuck's cup

These pathogens are typically in the milk used at Starbucks that gets
through the pasteurization process, so it is resistant to heat. Lack of
proper sanitary procedures can make it endemic to a Starbucks location.
Chlorine is the only easy way to kill this since heat is useless (of course
you then may have chlorine in your coffee which produces a wide variety of
carcinogens when combined with organic material). Garelick Brothers milk
(used by Starbucks) appears to be the worst offender. I use organic milk at
home and have few problems (although they are not immune).


{Feb 2002:} Yesterday a doctor whose whole family is sick with flu and having a hard
time, wrote me with variety and strain information on this bad flu (98%
is Influenza A strain H3N2). For now I did a workup on the Influenza A
virus (general), which has 8 separate genome segments. Here are some
numbers for these segments and some proteins they code for. I am sending
these out to a few people, and if there is decent feedback on these, I
will post to the lists.

Best wishes Char
segment 1
966.7 1933.4 3866.8
993 1986 3971.9

segment 2 (same size as segment 1)
966.7 1933.4 3888.8
995.6 1991.2 3982.4

segment 3
1013.4 2026.8
1052.6 2105.1

segment 4 (this segment codes the hemagglutinin antigen)
636.4 1272.8 2545.6
665.6 1331.2 2662.4

segment 5
723 1446 2892
756.4 1512.7 3025.4

segment 6
800.8 1601.6 3203.2
829.6 1659.1 3318.2

segment 7
1101.8 2203.6
746.4 1492.8 2985.5
975.4 1950.9 3901.7

segment 8
635.7 1271.4 2542.7
817.6 1635.1 3270.2
775 1550 3100


We treated a terminal Non-Hodgekinson patient in SA.
We used a pad machine and usually treated the patient twice a day (at his
own request!).

We used the basic cancer series with Hodgekinson's series until we got the
Non-Hodgekinson's set after a week, but also used Circulatory stasis, CAFL.

The Non-Hodgekins series I programmed were as follows:
Commence with 60 second cycles and increase time if Herx is not a problem.
Put patient on a Potassium supplement, particularly if treated frequently.

Patient was declared in remission by his oncologist after 4 weeks, and is
still well since July 1999. He has invested in his own pad unit and does
regular maintenance treatment (plus treating friends and family)!


Gonorrhea is not a problem in developed countries, but the frequency for Gonorrhea is the most useful frequency when it comes to the common cold. Either the common cold is a respiratory version of Gonorrhea, or shares enough of the same structure as to be destroyed by the same frequency as Gonorrhea. Thus, although the Rife Machine is set for 20 frequencies, each frequency may be capable of destroying 100's different but similarly structured micro-organisms. One session may destroy 2000 different types of unwanted life- forms. Rife himself believed that there were at most 10 families of disease producing organisms.


The true frequency for Carcinoma as stated in Rife's original lab notes is 11,780,000 MIXED with 17,033,662 - and as far as I am aware there is no surviving lab note which says anything about a Sarcoma frequency in those sort of ranges.

The original Rife machine worked by mixing two waves (one sine and one maybe not) of the above frequencies and then feeding them into a 6 tube power amplifier which was connected to a plasma tube. But this also only worked at specific voltage and current settings as well. There is no evidence that I am aware of that Rife himself ever claimed that 11,780,000 was the one true frequency for carcinoma.

There is other evidence that tends to imply that it was actually the 17.034 Mhz component of the original machine that was the real frequency that allegedly worked against cancer, not the 11.78Mhz one - that's not to say that 11.78 has no benefits.

There are numerous other examples of misleading claims on the Oxyrife web site.

And in general NOBODY today is making an original Rife machine as far as I am aware - most people (including the experts who have researched the matter for many years) have no idea what an original machine actually consisted of.

Best wishes



It is not established or generally agreed upon that Rife mixed 11,780,000 with any other frequency, and 17,033,662 is not mentioned in his notes as far as I know. It does not seem likely to me at least that Rife would have listed one frequency and one wavelength if he meant two frequencies that were to be mixed. The mixture of these frequencies (the BHive frequency) was tried by several people years ago and no cancer recoveries were ever reported. It turned out to be a dead end according to Jim Bare in a communication to me in January of this year.

In 1999 Weeks Parker produced a circuit to produce 11,780,000 at 5 watts to drive a linear amp. Few paid attention. That year I reported to the rife-list on an experiment where I used 11,780,000 with a prostate cancer patient with the BX virus. Before and after radionics testing was done. Three independent practitioners in three states were used to evaluate the results. None knew what was being tested but all were surprised at the large drop in virus levels in just a week. I enjoyed the comments, such as "pretty good - how did you do that!? They also tell me when things are not working.

I have since done a before and after test using 11,430,000 for the BY. Similar results.

Currently, using 11,780,000 with a sweep of 500 Hz up and down at 100+ watts output into either a phanotron or antenna is producing much faster results than any other radiant system has reported. Remarkable changes in just a few days are being seen.

Suggestion: How about a few others trying to use these frequencies? Those who do soon find out what works.



>Someone asked me what freqs to run for an autistic child.
The parents say the symptoms first appeared soon
after an MMR vaccine. There are no autism freqs in the CAFL.
Besides the "Measles Rubella Vaccine" frequencies, does anyone
have any specific frequencies they have used with success?<

I have had repeated success by using all the Herpes frequencies (I have
found 7) and Coxsackie B4, all of which I have found to be passed on by
strains of MMR vaccine used in the UK. I have been unable to reverse any
action but certainly halt it.


My input re: prostatitis: The lit I have suggests alternating days with
group A and B below. I used if for BPH too with some success.

A) 666,6901,2050,2112,2128,2250, 5 min ea.
B) 15,528,666,690,2050,2128, 3 min ea.

I had a prostate infection, before I had an emem unit, and chose supplements
over a zeepac. I took colloidal silver, goldenseal, eccinacea, garlic,
roremary, watercress, parsley, C, B complex and zinc. This combo does a good
job kicking infections. It's worked on throat, pharynx, and UTI's too,
besides the prostate infection.




I contacted a severe probable strep throat infection, as it was going around
the hospital where I work.

DNA derived frequencies for S. pyogenes and S. mutans worked very well
knocking out the very burning, sore throat in about 12 hours time.

Strep mutans plasmid:

Strep pyogenes

Misc strep

I programed my Geny-2 to run the first set starting at 799.9 , pulsed at 1.0
sec and stepped 0.1 for 24 steps, running for 5 minutes.

What that did was start the frequency at 799.9 and continued increasing 0.1
Hz every second up through 802.9, then repeated for a total of 5 minutes.

Then it went into :
all for 5 minutes each.

A few hours afterwards the burning had stopped. It felt like it was over in
12 hours total. Then, my nose started to continuously run until I ran
frequencies for Alternaria alternara which is the culprit in 43% of chronic
sinusitis suffers (Mayo Clinic 1996).

Take care,

Bob D.


At last weekends Rife Conference, Stuart Andrews discussed the 1939 Beam Ray
instrument. An approximate measurement of the carrier wave frequency for the
device was 4.6 MHz.

I found a letter dated January 24, 1958 written by John Crane, and he states
that the exact carrier frequency is 4680 Kc. This was apparently the ISM
frequency of the time.

Jim Bare


Here are the records of my BP monitoring for the past 80 hours after I tried
out the flu frequencies from Bruce Stenulson. I have no comment on the
effectiveness of these frequencies to my flu, since I stopped using it after
I discovered they lowered my blood pressure (BP) in order to monitor the
lasting effect of this frequency treatment on the BP. They seemed to last
from 48 to as long as 66 hours as you can tell from the following records.

The equipment I used was 6CEM+ attached to a double bubble plasma tube with
Geny-2 program. The power output level was 600 in a range of 0 to 1200. I
sat about 4 feet from the plasma tube. No direct contact with the tube.

The frequencies were
625, 646, 654, 662, 670, 678, 686, 694, 702, 710, 718, 726, 734, 742, 750, 758
In short, they are 625, and 646+8i, where i = 0 to 16. But I could only use
i = 0 to 14 to fit into one single program from Geny-2. The time of exposure
was 3 minutes each. I started at 11:30 AM, and ended at about 12:20 PM,

I used an Omron digital wrist BP monitor, model HEM-608 except at HMO office

BP=145/93 at 1:00 PM
BP=130/78 at 3:30 PM at Kaiser Permanente HMO doctor's office
BP=125/77 at 5:00 PM
BP=127/82 at 8:30 PM
BP=128/80 at 10:22 PM

Above readings were taken while I had a body temperature of 100.5F at HMO
office at 3:30 PM, 38.0C at home at 5:20 PM, and 38.3C at home at 10:15 PM.

My pulse rates were not recorded, but I remembered them to be about 130 to
135, with one at 145. I don't know if these high rates were due to the flu
or as a result of the frequency treatment. This is something that should be
taken into consideration before anyone would try to duplicate my experience.
In the past I found that using wrist BP monitor seemed to increase my pulse
rate compared to the normal rate. A pulse rate reading of 110 was not
unusual to me. Also higher pulse rate seemed to give a lower BP reading.

3/21/02 (Body temp=37.0C at 6:25 AM)
BP=106/67, P=135, at 6:20 AM (P=pulse)
BP=102/67, P=123, at 10:45 AM
BP=114/67, P=115, at 5:15 PM
BP=113/79, P=112, at 10:55 PM

BP=114/83, P=119, at 8:37 AM
BP=115/73, P=110, at 2:30 PM
BP=114/76, P=102, at 7:00 PM
BP=127/72, P=111, at 8:30 PM

BP=142/81, P=105, at 7:35 AM
BP=147/90, P=99, at 11:40 AM
BP=135/86, P=116, at 3:10 PM
BP=141/81, P=111, at 7:00 PM


I have been using the technique of scanning for several years and the results
have always been surprising and positive. As many of you know that there are
over a thousand frequencies on the CAFL list plus additional lists coming on
line as time progresses. Scanning allows one to utilize thousands of freqs to
resolve a condition without having to know the specific frequencies required.
Additional research is required to explore this technique.

My first encounter with scanning for personal reasons was when I contracted
food poisoning.
The effects were devastating. The gas, the vomiting, and the diarrhea
discomfort were quite distracting.

I was not sure which frequencies to run, but I wanted to cover the whole
spectrum. I fired up my R/B and selected the scan program on my laptop. The
first program was from 37 Hz to 10,000 Hz. The delta was set for 0.3 Hz and
dwell time for 0.003. The complete program required 1:43 min. This is
approximately 0.01 seconds per frequency. I ran the program for approximately
10 minutes. I noticed that the gas, diarrhea, and vomiting symptoms had

I then switched to a program that ran from 10,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz and ran that
program for about 10 minutes. I then switched to a program that ran from
Hz to 30,000 Hz and ran that program for about 10 minutes.

I sat up on the sofa for about 2 hours while my body was normalizing before
going to bed. I slept well.
I felt normal in the morning and experienced a tired feeling, but no food
poisoning symptoms.

Recently, I experienced what may have been kidney problems with discomfort and
pain in my lower back on both sides. I ran the CAFL freqs for this condition,
but no relief was experienced.

I selected the scan programs from my laptop and proceeded to run 37 to 10,000
Hz. After 3 cycles of this program, the symptoms were alleviated. I also ran
10,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. I repeated the program over several days to assure the
problem was resolved. The Delta and Dwell times were set at 0.3 and 0.003,
which is approximately 0.01 sec per freq. I have not tried to increase the
dwell times. In addition, an auto Zapper with wrist straps was used once a day
at bedtime. The Zapper automatically runs the Hulda Clark protocol.

The R/B device used consisted of the following:
U Tube with 6 torr argon gas.
MFJ 912 Balun.
MFJ Mobile Antenna Tuner 945 E.
Palomar 225 Linear amplifier with cooling fan on top.
Uniden 510 XL CB. Modified per Jim Bare's instructions.
Samlex SEC 1223 power supply.
Toshiba Satellite T1950Ct laptop. Modified so speaker terminals are connected
to a 4-pin mike jack mounted on the left side of laptop.

Program is GWBASIC and is run in MS DOS.

Previous SCANS were run for determining MOR's on volunteers that are sensitive
to the freqs could be set for dwell times up to 1 to 10 seconds.

This is a reposting!
The volunteer used an R/B with a Phanotron tube and the SquareOne program
on a laptop every day until all symptoms were alleviated. Volunteer has not
experienced any relapses. A volunteer with fibromyalgia scanned and about 20
hits were recorded. Freqs were run for 3-5 minutes each. Freqs that had strong
responses were run for 10 min.

Phanotron tube, 7 torr argon.
912 Balun
971 MFJ Mobile Tuner
Cobra XL-200 linear amplifier with cooling fan.
Samlex SEC 1223 power supply
Toshiba laptop

The freqs determined were as follows:

For volunteers who are sensitive to the freqs, the results with the determined
freqs can be dramatic as the symptoms are relieved.

Progress can only be realized as results are reported and confirmed by others.
Always remember, everyone is different and no single technique or protocol
necessarily work for everyone.

God Bless



Aubrey's discovery that the original 1939 Beam Ray used frequencies that
were 10X the frequencies we now use was very exciting. One of the things
that puzzled me was that how did John Crane decide to use frequencies that
were 1/10th the rate as Rife was using? After thinking this all through,
it is possible that the conversion was Rifes idea and not Cranes. It is
known that Rife was an accomplished musician. He certainly would understand
the realtionship between octaves and frequencies.

Here are some thoughts on the subject

If Crane used a frequency that was 1/10 the original frequency , this would
create a harmonic interval which should cause a linked sypathetic vibration
to occur. Take 2128 Hz for instance. Each interval of 2128 could be
considered as one octave.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Octave #

2128 2128 2128 2128 2128 2128 2128 2128 2128 2128

2128 4256 6384 8512 10640 12768 14896 17024 19152 21280

Now if Crane used an interval of any other harmonic number above, only the
1st, 2nd and 5th harmonics will produce harmonics that go to 21280. That is
the 1st, 2nd and 5th harmonics would be capable of producing sympathetic
vibrational response.
1 2 3 4 5 Harmonic #
4256 X 5 = 21280 or 4256 8512 12768 17024 21280

10640 X2 = 21280

We are presently using square waves, wherein only the odd harmonics are
expressed. What that means is that of all the harmonics produced by 2128,
only 4256 will produce the exact harmonic frequency of 21280 Hz! It might
therefore be worthwhile to run the primary frequency and then it's first

For example:

728 - 1456

800 - 1600

465 - 930

Rife's using a 10X divisor would assure sympathetic vibration occured all
across all octaves up to the actual resonant frequency.

Jim Bare


Domenic Spinale has contacted me off list and pointed out I've used the
word "octave" incorrectly . The intervals are not octaves, just harmonics.

Please change to Harmonic #
>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Octave #
Please change to Harmonic # ^^^^^^

>Rife's using a 10X divisor would assure sympathetic vibration occured all
>across all octaves up to the actual resonant frequency.

Please change to harmonics


Some have divided 380,000 by 440 for a frequency of 864. Here are some effective Lyme frequencies:

312, 345, 432, 484-504, 592-634, 690, 785-795, 800, 864, 1590-1640 "Doug's" program
is 432 or 864, 592-634 (3-4 minute sweep) and 1590-1640 (3-4 minute sweep). The two sweeps are very effective and seem to have less die-off symptoms than 432.

Dick Loyd


tracy wrote:
Using Nina Silver's recommended Rife frequencies (page 207) for skin cancer
on a volunteers nose which had covered the entire nose and looked quite
messy was taken care of in nine days. The frequencies used each day were
760 for 10 minutes, 2116 for 30 minutes, 2280 for five minutes.

In addition to the use of the Rife/Bare plasma ray beam machine, St. John's
Wort tincture and CS/WW was used 6 to 10 times daily applied directly to
the affected area. Willard Water was also consumed at 6-8 ounce glasses
daily. The diet mostly alkaline forming foods was not changed. The nose now
looks very good and he one happy fellow.


There have been anecdotes reported on HV devices
Here are mine (from my homemade design):

My wife had a severe toothache and I ran my HV derived
machine @ 800 Hz without telling her. Her toothache was
gone in 2 minutes.

I treated my stomach ulcers @ 676 Hz and am no longer
passing blood and no reflux-gas since.

A friend was having a a genital herpes outbreak and I ran
the machine @ 556 Hz & 832 Hz. The sores went away by
the next day. Treatment continues to wipe it out completely.

All above were done using pulsed Bedini scalarbeamers behind
the plasma tube, so it's not strictly a HV device...

I'm convinced. Not a waste of time or money.

Sincerely, Keith


The three I add were 6000, 35 and 12.

"Bruce K. Stenulson" wrote:
> Frances-Jo wrote:
> >
> > I only have three freqs for thyroid. Does anyone have any more that
> > have worked? Thanks.
> > --


There are a couple of "magic bands" I've recently found, one around the 1
Mhz region and the other around the 3.5 MHz region. You can prove this
using a frequency generator and an oscilloscope. The response works with
square, sine and triangle waves, but square waves seem to produce the best
response. Set the probe from the oscilloscope about 1 foot from your body.
Attach a set of electrodes of somesort to the output of the freq generator.
Attach the electrodes to your body by grasping or direct attachment if
using stick on types.

As one tunes through the frequencies there will be a base line emission
from your body that will show up on the oscilloscope. At around 1 to 1.2
Mhz a peak will be noted in the signal registered by the oscilloscope.
Generally about 25% higher than the base level. Same thing happens at
around 3.2 to 3.6 Mhz, except this is a very large peak which will be seen
on the oscilloscope. I've seen peaks anywhere from 25 to 100 % higher than
the baselevel.

The primary carrier freq Rife used was right in the 3.5 Mhz region. This is
also the area of the old ISM bands.

ISM emissions can be extremely high in the actual ISM bands. Depending upon
the application and device anywhere from 30 microvolts per meter at 300
meters to unlimited emissions is possible. One can use an ISM device
outside of the ISM bands but... emissons drop off to anywhere 15 to 50
microvolts per meter. Also outside of the ISM band you are responsible for
interference !

A good radio receiver will pick up a signal with 0.1 microvolt strength. So
30 microvolts permeter is 300 times what the radio would need to receive
and demodulate the signal!

More can be read about frequencies in the 1 Mhz region by doing a web
search for body composition analysis or body impedance analysis.

Jim Bare


I have a little dachshund that was in so much pain that he couldn't even
stand up. The vet said he would need a $2,000 surgery to correct his
herniated disk. I ran a Rife/Bare on him, using only 2720 (bone
regeneration) for 45 minutes for three days in a row. On the third day,
he was just like new, running around like a pup. Since my wife didn't
believe his recovery had anything to do with the Rife device, I quit
using it. Four days later he was completely immobile again. Three days
in a row using 2720 fixed him again. I used the device three more times
on him over a period of one week. That was two years ago, and he hasn't
had any signs of slowing down or pain since.

This experience, although on a pet, made a believer out of my wife.


I know of a lady with serious slipped disk problems who used a Rife pad
unit to treat it on a daily basis. The conventional doctors were unable to
help, apart from pain killers, and the Rife unit slowly but surely cleared
up the problem (and her hay fever disappeared as well). She now leads a
normal life and recently gave birth to a baby daughter (unthinkable while
she was suffering only a year earlier).

The programme used was as follows:

Hz Min. Volt (130 = 13 Volt)
10000 10 130
880 5 90
787 5 90
727 5 90
125 5 90
95 5 90
72 5 90
444 5 90
1865 5 90
10000 10 130
5000 10 120
20 5 70
20 5 90

I obviously accept no responsibility for this programme and give no
guarantees. I can only confirm that it did work well in this one case.


For those of you with dental problems I've found the CAFL list's frequencies
to be very powerful.

First of all, last March I had an infection of some type in my jaw or tooth
(wasn't exactly sure). However, it was reaching the point where I was going
to call my dentist for an emergency appointment.

After looking at the CAFL, I decide to put all the dental frequencies into
one group and arrange them in descending order. These amounted to alot of
frequencies, but they worked. Next day the infection was gone, and hasn't
come back since.

Using the Geny-2, they comprised two sets:

Set #1:


Set #2:



> I noticed that you said that for some organisms you must be within
> 10Hz of the correct freq. I have even heard people say that you must
> be within 1Hz. Wouldn't you think it would be a percentage of the
> correct freq that is important? Being off a few Hz at 100Hz is
> a whole lot different than a few Hz at 10,000.

That is correct from what I can tell.

> j> different specific organisms respond to a frequency range. Let's
> j> assume the organism response is normally distributed and you hit
> j> the "exact" frequency or the mean of the normal distributed frequency
> j> band for the organism and wipe out two standard deviations on either
> j> side of the mean. The upper 5% and lower 5% still live and grow new
> j> populations of organisms outside the range of destruction of the
> j> original frequency.

I have been playing with one of Tunney's new Progens. It comes
preprogrammed with 19 sets of frequencies (out of the 40 total.)
A majority of frequencies in the sets which are preprogrammed
are now sweeps/scans. They are generally set to sweep the
maximum amount allowable by the device (9Hz) on either side
of the base frequency, for a total of 19Hz. This leads to
some long sets and a couple last over 2 hours. I would
assume he has found that this method is more effective
than using specific frequencies for longer periods. The time
per single hz is generally 20 seconds. This validates
what I have found - that even 10 seconds per Hz on the
exact frequency is generally sufficient - the trick is
finding the exact frequency, especially when there are


There is a young lady with glioblastoma using a radiant plasma device at
11,780,000 +/- 1000 and 11,430,000 +/- 1000 along with EPBWBR and enzymes.
Latest CT scan showed no remaining tumors, latest MRI showed a very small
spot left.



My sister-in-law has multiple sclerosis. I have a Biotech 2000 ray tube unit that uses a small laptop and an additional unit for lower frequencies under 38. I will post her story at the end of mine.

She started treatment 11-11-01. I used the frequencies that were posted on the internet last year and are also in Nina's Rife Handbook under MS: One woman who completely cured herself of MS set her Rife unit to pulse 4, and sweep on either side of the main signal for each of the following frequencies: 20, 80.9, 241.68, 304.6, 660 + 690 + 727/728, 787, 880,2088.59, 2252.8, 23570.5, 2466.9, 3056.9, 5K. (My machine would not accept 23570.5 so I used 2370.5 instead). Each frequency was done for 4 min and she did treatments 2 times a week. (Thursday & Sunday). She had mild detox for about a month and a half. On 1-3-02 I increased each frequency time to 5 min. and added a few more. (470 for twitch for 10 min, 315.77 for a vibration in her spine & legs for 10 min, 10K & 47 for healing for 5 min., and 5.5 for hormones for 5 min.) On 1-23-02 I added an additional day (Wednesday) and did only 5000 for regeneration for 1 hour. On 2-13-02 I increased the 5000 time to a 1 1/2 hr session. She is still on this plan and will continue this until all MS Symptoms are gone.

Here is her story:

Hi. I'm a 37 yr old female that was diagnosed with MS 4 yrs ago. Here's my story. I was on my way to work one day when I noticed that my left lower leg was tingling as I got out of the car. For several days I tried to convince myself that I was having a problem with my sciatic nerve do to being in the car so long. As the week progressed, the tingling turned into numbness. The fatigued I was experiencing made me want to do something drastic. At one time I remember thinking, if only I would get in a car accident, that way I could rest for a couple of weeks. Sounds crazy, doesn't it! I saw several doctors everyday for a week. They monitored me to see if they could figure out what the problem was. After many tests and an MRI, I was diagnosed. I have had most every symptom associated with MS over the last 4 years.I was having an exacerbation every 3-4 weeks. I progressed this way for 2 years. During the exacerbations I usually was not able to walk on my own without falling or crashing into something. I had trouble seeing, muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, numbness, severe skin pain, balance and coordination problems. I usually recovered 90% between exacerbations. My sister in law introduced me to the Rife machine 8 months ago. I have not had a true exacerbation (one that required medication) since last August. The numbness I've had to varying degrees is gone a lot of the time. I've had very little here and there and it only last for days instead of months. The fatigue is so much better. Right now I'm not taking any medication for fatigue at all. The skin(nerve) pain is a lot better also. Instead of noticing the pain every day, all day, I only notice it once in a while. My balance and coordination are great! I've been learning to ride my daughter's scooter! I cannot say 100% for sure that the Rife machine is the reason all of my symptoms are better, however, I do believe it is the reason the majority of them are better. Good luck to you, I think using the Rife machine is worth a try.

Hope this helps.



Report on using the Motorola 300W AN762 Amp in a rife-bare built by Dave Trebing ( with a phanotron.

Over the past 3 years I have found 1550 to be a universal frequency to kill fungus. With the EM device it takes 5, 30 minute sessions. With yours (21 patients so far) it takes one. Diarrhea in a few is a small price to pay. Two needed pro-biotics.


Volunteer used 120 and 500 Hz for 10 min each for acute diverticulitis with
a standard R/B unit with a U tube with Argon.

All symptoms were aleviated completely to the amazment of the volunteer who
never experienced such a rapid recovery.



Several years ago a Seattle researcher had a friend with breast cancer with
surgery scheduled for just two weeks away. The researcher built her a 200
volt pad device in which the current was limited to 1 ma. 2128 was used
with contacts both sides of the tumor. Two weeks later she showed up for
the surgery and was pronounced tumor free and the surgery was cancelled.
Since then, several others experienced similar results with no failures.
Alas, some component in the device appears to have failed resulting in the
unit getting fried.

More recently, a researcher reported that a case of Rocky Mountain spotted
fever was not responding to any Rife treatments with various devices. The
variable frequency violet ray unit described at was used and the problem cleared up
very quickly. This is a very high voltage unit and all the voltage that
lights the tube goes through the person's body.

Since that time, I have modified my EMEM3D so that the ground wire from the
phanotron tube can be disconnected and capped. A ground plate and also an
output pot in the line to the Darlington have been added. A person can make
contact with the ground plate and place the phanotron where desired. The
output is turned up as desired. Again, all the voltage that lights the tube
goes through the person's body. This unit is also used with a violet ray
bulb or Enhancer bulb. Results have been very good, even with conditions
normally being treated with drastic measures.

I do not know if these results can be achieved in the 50 volt area.