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Introduction to Bioelectronics

Bioelectronic Therapies - This is the most informative introductory article and one of the chapters from The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists book.

Electrical and Frequency Effects on Pathogens

Zappers and Other Gizmos is an article by Richard Loyd which has short descriptions of many Bioelectronic Devices.

Introduction to Rife Bare  The popular James Bare RF plasma tube device inspired by Rife. There is an entire section on the Rife-Bare device.

Plasma, Pad, and Related Devices is a report from Paul Jone and discusses a few devices in more detail than the Gizmos article.

Recommendations for those who want to explore bioelectronics.


Pacific Health Products, sells two models of function generators, one programmable and one not. The programmable one is based on an Atelier Robin F125 and the non-programmable one is a basic Intek function generator with keypad input. Both come with a 10W amplifier, cables, and stainless steel handholds, foot pads and optional wrist straps (get them since they are much more convenient than handholds). Either can be used to drive a Rife-Bare device (without the amplifier) but it is highly recommended to get the programmable model for long terrm use since entering frequencies every three minutes, even on a keypad input, is grueling.







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