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Parasite Pictures and Videos - What parasite page would be complete without some disgusting pictures of parasites? Warning - NSFW / NSFL

Diagnosing Parasites Conventionally  Descriptions of tests used in conventional medicine.

Fish and Parasites  Ensure fish is well cooked before eating and don't look at it too closely...

Do Parasites Rule the World? is an article from Discover magazine that describes some parasites' effects on waterlife and how powerful a force they may be in the ecosystem. 

Historical Tapeworm Article is a reprint from the 1887 Universal Formulary Encyclopedia

Historical Gunn on Worms is from Gunn's Domestic Medicine, Year 1833, and describes various worms which can infest humans and their treatment. 


Electroherbalism's Antiparasitic General Regimen

The CDC Parasitology website has some good jpg pictures in the "Identification and Diagnosis of Parasites of Public Concern" section. They include for many parasites diagnostic findings with microscopy *and* for some of the larger bugs, macroscopy, which is what they look like in their "natural" state instead of mounted and dyed like most parasite pics are. They also have a great section on "Morphologic comparisons of intestinal parasites" for help in diagnosing parasites from stool samples. 

Parasite Image Library . Provides multiple views plus pictures of life cycles for many parasites.

Role of the Environment in IBD: A Powerpoint presentation from the DAVE project website (see above) that makes the case that worms infection of the intestinal tract _protects_ a person against irritable bowel conditions by perhaps decreasing immune responses which cause inflammation. It shows a map of where IBD disorders are worst in the world, but fails to mention that these are also the places in the world where a highly processed western diet is also consumed.

Geneva Diagnostics, formerly known as The Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, was the first large conventional lab diagnostic testing facility in the US to recognize the significance of pathogens like yeast and parasites and is still the most renowned.  They also do metabolic diagnostics.

Cells Alive! is a site dealing mostly with microscopic pathogens and explains in a simple way some aspects of cell biology plus includes many videos of the processes. It has a short pictorial article on how a virus (bacteriaphage) can infect bacteria (e. coli) and immunology topics like allergies, how mites cause itching, antibody production, and even the anatomy of a splinter

Parasite Humor

A patient walks into a doctor's office complaining of abdominal discomfort. The doc takes a fecal sample and discovers his patient has a tapeworm. He tells his patient, "Don't worry, I have the perfect treatment. Come in tomorrow with a hard boiled egg and a lemon cookie." The patient is a little confused, but does as the doctor orders.

The next morning, the doctor asks his patient to drop his pants and bend over. He shells the egg and inserts it in the patient's rectum. The doc closely monitors his watch and exactly two minutes later inserts the cookie as well. He tells the patient to come in tomorrow with another egg and another cookie.

The next morning, the doctor does the same thing: inserts the egg and exactly two minutes later inserts the cookie. This goes on for three more days in exactly the same manner and by this time the patient is really confused. Finally, on the fifth day of treatment, the doc says, "Tomorrow I want you to come in with another hard boiled egg, but this time bring a hammer instead of a cookie, ok?"

The next day, the patient comes in and the doc inserts the hard boiled egg as usual. He closely monitors his watch as two minutes pass...then three minutes...then four minutes...Suddenly the tapeworm sticks his head outside and shouts, "Where's my lemon cookie?!" and wham! - down comes the hammer. The patient is cured.


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