Frequency Anecdotes 2003 - 2004


> Can anyone suggest a appropiate set of frequencies for Pancreatic Cancer?

Had a client with pancreatic cancer we ran our equipment on. You need frequencies for adenocarcinoma. I have a 5 day program for adenocarcinoma if you would like it. You can e-mail me off list. You also might want to try the new experimental glucose blocking Rife protocols I recently published. Can send you the pdf file off list.



Understanding Cancer and a new approach to Rife Cancer Treatments

Glucose Vs Oxygen

Cancer metabolizes much differently than normal cells.

Normal cells need oxygen to survive
Cancer cells need Glucose and despise oxygen.
Cancer cells are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, or without the presence of Glucose or sugar.

4. Cancer metabolizes through a process of fermentation.

The metabolism of cancer is approximately 8 times greater than the metabolism of normal cells.

The body is constantly overworked trying to feed this cancer. The cancer is constantly on the verge starvation and thus constantly asking the body to feed it. When the food supply is cut off, the cancer begins to starve and die unless it can make the body produce sugar to feed itself.

5. Cancer gets its energy by converting glucose into lactic acid in order to divide.

Glucose blocking principles

Glucose is a form of sugar, and therefore a carbohydrate.

A low carb (sugar free diet) diet consisting of 20 grams or less carbohydrates for the first 3 days will force the body into Ketoses. Ketoses is the presence in the blood of abnormally high levels of acidic substances called ketones. The normal body fuel is glucose. Ketones are produced when there isn't enough glucose in the bloodstream, and fats have to be used. When fats are used excessively as fuels, they are eventually converted to ketones. Headaches, lightheadedness, fatigue, and constipation along other symptoms of sugar withdrawal may occur during this process. Diet is continued throughout the 3-week treatment process. Consumption of red meat is important during this process to maintain normal brain function and prevent glucose starvation. Cancer obtains its glucose supply using the amino acid cysteine while the brain extracts its glucose using the amino acid methionine, available form red meat.

Heavy supplementation the evening of day 3 and in the morning of day four of cystine and glutathione. These two supplements are available without a prescription, are glucose blocking agents as well as oxygen carriers.

Avoid antioxidant supplementation. Large doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium and multiple other so-called anti-cancer antioxidants may result in ineffective treatment because these substances destroy the glucose blocking agents.

Application of Rife Technology

Begin the Rife Treatment before breakfast, continuing supplementation and treatments each of the following days before breakfast. These frequencies are designed to stimulate the cancer into a feeding frenzy in the absence of glucose.

These are the sets to use beginning morning of day 4:

#Cancer glucose burning harmonics

duty 75

converge 5 1

pulse 1 60

dwell 580

6622.51 3311.15 2127.5 1655.57

These harmonics can be used on Effectrolysis or Rife systems capable of higher frequencies:

duty 70

dwell 900

pulse 64 75

converge 3000 100

136160 847656.25 423828.12 211914.06

We are attempting to starve the cancer out by activating the cancers burning of glucose with Frequency Therapy while blocking and eliminating glucose within the cancer's environment. In principle, the cancer should begin to digest the oxygen carrying supplements in the absence of glucose. (Supplementation of food grade hydrogen peroxide may also be added to this regime to increase the body's oxygen levels)

You can run this course for 5 days, taking weekends off from treatment but continuing diet, then repeating the cycle again for a total of 15 days or 3 weeks. Weight loss of 10-15lbs can be expected.

After 3 weeks discontinue regiment, and resume a reasonable diet.

This program as yet remains untested, and no conclusions can be drawn as to its effectiveness. It is for experimentation only. Use at your own risk.



Received this e-mail this evening. Client came in with a chronic earache. I have had several failures in treating chronic ear infections, because of the difficulty in diagnosing exactly what is the underlying cause. So this time I ran the painbio.basic set you will find at the end of this experience. Used the Allred Handheld with grounding as pictured. After 2 treatments, given two weeks apart, the problem was resolved. (Also ran the

Effectrolysis allergy set on both occasions to stabilize her immune system)

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for my Rife treatments for my chronic earache!

Actually after thinking about it I have had an earache off and on for several years. I know it started over 4 years ago. Anyway the last couple years it progressed to the point that it was a chronic earache (left), toothache, eye ache (left) and left side of my throat ache. At times the pain was stabbing in my ear and would wake me at night. So I went to: the doctor he couldn't see in my ear because of all the wax; the dentist, x-rays showed nothing, and the eye doctor and my eyes were fine. But I still had my chronic earache and left side of face and throat ache.

Keeping a cotton ball in my ear for several days would calm the earache. But it returned usually within a week. Echinacea would clear things up, but it would come back about a week or so after I stopped taking it.

After first Rife treatment everything cleared up and would just briefly return for a few seconds for next two weeks after which I returned for a second treatment and it has been 3 weeks now without any brief returns. Thanks again Mike.


# Stiffness and pain in a particular joint. CAUSES ... May be due to a virus.
duty 75
Dwell 180
Pulse 4 60
160 500 1600 5000

Dwell 180
Pulse 2 60
1600 500 160

Dwell 180
Converge 1 1
160 324 528


Diagnostics has been one of the most challenging part to Rife Technology, but this program may give you a starting point. Natura Clinic in Kalamazoo Michigan has been using this set of frequencies created by Truerife researchers with astounding results!

The clinic uses the Allred handheld bulb, with the cords draped once around the neck of the client with the bulb held to the stomach.

They then hold the grounding tube in the free hand.

Each frequency in the set runs for 10 seconds total. "Hits" are recorded during the session. Both the number currently running as well as the previous number is recorded as a possible "hit."

These frequencies are then compiled and a new set is created with the hit frequencies.

Once this set is run, hits are recorded again and a final third set is created.

The program primarily targets parasites, but the frequencies can also be traced to many other pathogens as well.

It is not uncommon to record 15-20 hits while running the initial program.

This set was created by one of our researchers David Hoyt, after almost a year of research.

It is labeled: CleanupRunMeFirst.frq

Total running time: 20 minutes

# Diagnostic Program/Watch for Hits
duty 85
label flukes
converge 1 1
dwell 10
pulse 4 75

6766, 6672, 6641, 6578, 2150,
2128, 2082, 2013, 2008, 2003,
2000, 1850, 945, 854, 846,
830, 763, 676, 651, 524,
435, 275, 142
duty 45
Label pinworms
converge 1 1
dwell 10
20 112 120 773 826 827 835 4152
duty 75
label strongyloids
dwell 10
converge 1 1
332 422 721 732 749 042 3212 4412
duty 75
label ascaris
dwell 10
converge 1 1
152 442 8146 751 1146 707

dwell 10
converge 1 1

7766, 7764, 7762, 7760, 7344,
3672, 2720, 2050, 2008,
1947, 1674, 1550, 1500.
1234, 885, 880, 875, 800,
786, 728, 683, 512, 464,
440, 304
Duty 75
# Run these an extra 5 minutes total
dwell 10
7766, 7760
duty 86
pulse 64 75
dwell 10
7766, 7760
duty 75
label Trichinosis
dwell 10
converge 1 1
101 541 822 1054 1372
duty 80
label dental
dwell 10
pulse 64 75

10000, 3176

converge 1 1
pulse 1 75

7059, 5227, 981, 875, 835,
723, 626, 534, 436, 233,
222, 210, 183, 177, 142,

label epstein
converge 1 1
pulse 1 75

8768, 6618, 1920, 1920, 1032,
1013, 825, 787, 778,
776, 744, 738, 727, 669,
667, 663, 660, 465, 274,
253, 172, 105


In 1973 he proposed the theory that cancer cells are electrically different to normal cells and demonstrated that ultra high frequency currents at 434 MHz interact with cancer cells by non thermal resonance which creates a big increase in the cancer's sensitivity to irradiation.


I am struck at the frequency noted above; 434 MHz.

I have noticed that some people using Rife and Clark frequencies routinely divide frequency values by a multiple of 2 to get a harmonic frequency within a range they are interested in using therapeutically.

Along that line of thought, I find it most interesting that the frequency for Fasciolopsis buski, which Hulda Clark always finds with cancer is 434 KHZ.



Here is some data that may bear on the frequency accuracy question. The DIRP function on the FSCAN will pick up peaks from malignant cells which are typically no more than 10hz wide in the 11mhz range. I have found grouped peaks within a 1000hz range from 11.3mhz up to over 11.8mhz, depending on tumor, which generated radical and immediate effects on malignant cells.

Skin cancer is a good model because you can visually see impact of frequencies. Last month on 7/11 I did a DIRP on a basal cell carcinoma that had appeared overnight and was 3/8" in diameter and 1/8" high and growing fast.

A DIRP yielding the following frequencies:

11546700 11546730 11546750 11546760 11546870 11546900

Applying the electrodes at these frequencies for about a minute each using a wobble of 5hz eliminated the tumor in less than 10 minutes. There was noticeable shrinkage within 15 minutes and within a day only red spots in an area 1/8" in diameter from dead tissue.

At my pre-Rife Conference Workshop on October 1, I will show photos of this before, 15 minutes after, a day after, and three weeks after.

So in the case of the FSCAN, the frequencies may or may not be within a few hertz. However, the DIRP function combined with the transmission of identified frequencies is exact within a few hertz in a relative sense.

My view is that our technology is much more exact than what Rife used and that it requires us to be much more exact in terms of frequency than Rife was to get good results. You cannot blast away at 11.78mhz and kill malignant cells unless you have a system with so much fuzz and/or harmonics that you completely cover the region 11.3mhz to 11.9mhz. Then, by chance, you cover the frequencies needed using a shotgun effect.

Jeff Sutherland


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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 15:24:26 -0600
Subject: Re: Re: What kind of modulation?

The frequency accuracy available using digitial control is something unheard of in Hoylands and Rife's days. For that matter, take a look at just about any commercial frequency generator on the market to today, and most will say .5% accuracy. The commercial digitals aren't much better. At 1 MHz 0.5 % is 5000 Hz!

I would think that Rife's old instruments could count on accuracy in the full % range.

11,780,000 Hz. Was it possible Rife or Hoyland achieved 1% or better repeatable accuracy? With a vernier tuner ? He may have, for the frequency wasn't given as 11,781,000 or 11,779,000 Hz.

1% of 11,780,00 works out to ...+/- 178,000 Hz! For every additional 1 % instability/inaccuracy add 178,000 Hz !

Then again if the reciever used to measure, was equally as inaccurate as the transmitter, one might actually get a a cancellation of errors and arrive at the correct frequency.

Jim Bare


I have not had a chance to study all the history, but I have been experimenting with 11,780,000 for the BX or carcinoma virus since 1999. I was the Guinea pig. The exact frequency appears to be closer to 11,780,300 or 11,780,400. This frequency can wipe out the virus in less than a month of treatment. It is not known if this is an actual MOR, or if it is an upper harmonic. I suspect that the actual frequency would be closer to the Clark range. The lower harmonic at 2876 will also do the same thing, but it works much better if the frequency drifts a bit. The F105 could be tried for this as it can sweep in .01Hz steps.

17.6 meters also works. The effective frequency is near 17,034,000 Hz. That number divided by 2 also works. Again, I suspect that these numbers are upper harmonics.

1,604,000 does not appear to work at all. 21275 and 21280 do not appear to work either.

2128 works very well for tumors caused by BX, but I am not sure yet if it goes after the tumor or the virus or both.

Surprisingly, 727 has been reported to work well for tumors based on BX. Last week, a person reported that 727 caused pain in a tumor. Previously, I had reported that a man got over a prostate/bone cancer using only 727 on an old single coil EMEM3.

Frequencies that I have used were verified with a Fluke bench frequency counter. The counter was also checked with a 3 MHz frequency standard and is +/- 1 Hz. Hundreds of people have used these frequencies to self treat and many have reported their results and current freedom from cancer.

It should also be pointed out that a medical diagnosis is based on the type of tissue that the tumor occurs in, not on the type of virus. So there could be a medical diagnosis of carcinoma with the BY (sarcoma) virus, etc.

Richard Loyd

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The controversy concerning Rife's actual numbers came about by a lack of information. Today we have the information of where the frequencies came from and who they came from. The problem is no one takes the time to read it. This is why I put so much documentation in my post. Rife did not approve of Hoyland's instrument and this is what he had to say about it. "I spoke only Friday evening to a Mr. John Chamblin, a radio man now connected with Beam Rays inc., about the redesign and building of a device according to the old Rife Ray principles; as the present instrument has been so deviated away from that old principle that it is nowhere near the same...those devices which you have are merely working on a harmonic and not a true frequency; and in our research on electronics, we definitely know that there is no possible way of controlling electrical harmonics of a frequency." This instrument was audio modulated. But the frequencies did not come from Rife. Hoyland said they were his. Rife said he though Hoyland was using his frequencies but Hoyland wasn't. Since we also have a reverse engineered instrument by Aubrey Scoon which verifies Hoyland's instrument was an audio modulated instrument. It is clear where the audio frequencies came from. They were Hoyland's. By the 1950's these Hoyland instruments had proven themselves. They had given good results to the many doctors who used them. In the 1950's Rife must have relented enough to at least work with Hoyland's design. Besides he had at least one of Hoyland's instruments left and gave it to Marsh and Crane. The fact is they built Hoyland's instrument but with some changes. The changes were not good ones and time has proven this because Hoyland's instrument would work when tested with Rife's microscope. Hoyland's instrument produced harmonics at the Rife Ray #4 frequencies. The 1950's instruments with the changes didn't produce the #4 frequencies. The Beam Ray instrument was Hoyland's design and Rife didn't understand how it worked. If he had they would not have made any changes to it. Hoyland's instrument could kill microorganisms under the microscope and the 1950's instruments couldn't. The problem was Rife, Crane and Marsh didn't understand Hoyland's instrument. The audio frequencies were not true M.O.R.s. It was the interaction of the audio frequencies with the harmonic carrier frequency along with the gating that made Hoyland's instrument work. But Rife maintained many of his frequencies where much higher than the audio range. He said the cancer frequency was in the broadcast band of frequencies. The testimony given in the Beam Ray trial by Hoyland and Rife should really end the controversy over where the audio frequencies came from, but as I said, most people are not aware of the information and go on believing the audio frequencies came from Rife and they were his true M.O.R.s. Rife only had two audio frequencies on his lab notes the rest were much higher. The Rife Ray #4 frequencies started at 139,200 hertz and went to 1,604,000 hertz. The #4 instrument had bands in the audio range of frequencies. When it comes to harmonics of a square wave it is all but impossible to reach 1,604,000 hertz from the audio range. Power is the problem. If you had a broadcast station that put out one million watts you would only get 1.56 watts of power at 1,604,000 hertz using 2008 Hertz. It would not make any difference if you used 2008 or 6265.62 you don't have enough power to drive the harmonics to 1,604,000. This is most likely why Dr. Stafford had no long term success using the instrument on cancer. On the rest of the different conditions Dr. Stafford reported incredible results and this is why we would not want to disregard audio frequencies. If anyone wants a copy of the documentation of were the frequencies came from they can contact me off list at and I will send them a copy. Jeff


Re: Cataract treatment with pad device, one electrode between eyes and the othe on foot:

Not sure if any of the current will actually pass through
the brain, however research was conducted at the Indiana
University School of Optometry, where 46 patients with
age-related macular degeneration (AMD) were treated with
micro-current electricity.

Dr. M. Allen, an ophthalmologist, performed this procedure
by applying electrodes to the eye and hand. Excellent
results were obtained. You can do a web search to read more
about this (micro-current+eyes).

On the other hand, you have to be careful to adjust the
output for enough current to do the job (you can easily
sense excessive current - it hurts!).

When you apply pads from hand to hand the current (and
there isn't much anyway when using a normal pad device)
gets really spread out as it enters the much larger
chest area. Therefor only a fraction of the current is
passing through any one organ.

Best regards,

Bil Green

This is the home unit version of the Microcurrent Stimulation (MCS) unit (MicroStim 100 ILE) that was used in the studies described below. It is preset automatically to run through 4 frequencies in a preset 5-minute cycle before turning off. The four frequencies are: 292Hz for 30 seconds, 30Hz for 30 seconds, 9.1Hz for 2 minutes, then finally .3Hz for 2 minutes. Voltage is up to 22 and amps range 700 microAmps.

There are other microcurrent stimulation units available, but they have to be specifically calibrated both in frequency and timing to ensure proper gentle wave currents for your eyes. Most of these units are actually TENS units designed more for wound healing and bone repair.



The nanobacteria frequencies posted on my web site <> definitely have a profound affect.

"I ran the nanobacteria sanguineum frequencies posted by Dr. Sutherland on a 13 year old boy who had missed 2.5 months of school in the last 3 months. Mitchel had very little energy and slept until 2 pm every day. His parents were worried about his survival. After 3 hours on a bioresonance machine using the Nanobacteria frequencies, Mitchel is now a normal happy child. Thanks, Jeff."

The nanobacteria frequencies are precisely targeted to various forms of the organism. The jitteryness mentioned may be attenuated by taking EDTA prior to treatment. I use Life Enhancement Foundation's original product with EDTA and garlic only, four caps.

The latest program I posted for Rifers is below. Stenulson's and Beam Ray devices will transmit over 10000hz. Divide higher frequencies by 2 if your machine won't handle them.

repeat 8 #minimum for asymptomatic people
dwell 60
duty 50
converge 0 0
converge 4 1
end repeat

Jeff Sutherland


Receved this experience from a client after running the frequency set below:

Some of the new frequencies have really hit me hard. That Nanobacteria one gave me the jitters for the whole time. Never had jitters from frequencies before - they usually knock me out. This one made my legs jump and anxiety was overwhelming. I ran the program for 4 hours so far. Can't take too much at once.


The frequencies below I have broke down but they were developed by
Dr.Jeff Sutherland.


Having been in Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa we have seen many advanced cases of malaria.

Using the built-in frequencies of the F-Scan (880, 800, 787, 728, 20 Hz) for 5-10 minutes each we have seen immediate results on others as well as myself personally.

The symptoms are, for the most part, gone within 8-12 hours after treatment (this varies upon the severity of the malaria).

My personal experience was quite dramatic! I contracted malaria and did not recognize the symptoms until after spending two days in a near coma condition with very high temperature, sweats and joint pain. 20# weight loss in those two days reminded me that I had malaria despite taking anti-malaria drugs! F-Scan to the rescue! I ran the above frequencies for 15 minutes each followed by some "normalizing" frequencies (Bruce S list) then did the same the following day.

It took about five days before I felt completely back to normal but I had no more of the "typical" malaria symptoms!


Someone we know has been getting some excellent results helping mostly cancer patients. So far he claims that they are all "cancer-free", after using a resonant light device for approximately 2 weeks. He starts them off with the Immune booster protocol, and then starts them on the cancer banks. His only stipulation is that they take vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic acid. Do you find this a little strange...or not so much?


Aluminum high frequency welding

A friend of mine made a comment that since he started welding aluminum his arthritis had dissapeared. I asked him for some detail and he responded that he noticed the occurance some years ago and mentioned it to a older welder. The older welder immediately said "that welding aluminum HF would get rid of arthritis." I checked the welding frequency used and it was varied between 600 and 1000 cycles which appears to fall partially within the band of arthritis frequencies. Does anyone have any info or input on this ?

ED Lown


Hello all: This is my second posting to this site. Something occured last week for me and I choose to share it. My other posting (about two weeks ago) mentioned my use of a Rife machine to treat my ESRD (end stage renal disease) caused by PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), with good results in that (although) I had no 'lab work' to document improvement, but rather went by how I felt in my daily living.

This past week my machine 'blew a fuse' or worse, as replacement of the fuse did not cause the machine to function. Long story short, my friend/brother/engineer received an immediate call to build me another - fortunately for me, he had another nearly completed. It took him Saturday through Tuesday to finish building it and testing it - meanwhile, he asked me if I wanted it shipped overnight or ground; at that time, I thought ground would suffice.

So here comes the testamonial. Within those short few days, all manner of negative symptoms that I had previously experienced but that had resolved for the most part, again manifested. These included (but were not limited to) fatigue, stomach burning (severe), headaches, malaise, and just general grumpiness associated with not feeling good. The worst syptom perhaps, was severe leg cramps at night, tetanic in nature, resolved with chewing Tums (five or more at a time) - when I could finally get to the bottle.

A call was placed to DEFINTELY ship overnight which then did occur; the machine left out of its departure location Wednesday at 1500. We drove into town and received it at 10:30 Thursday. I came home and did my normal two banks, experiencing a mild but noticeable queasiness during the sessions which resolved immediatly thereafter. I again did those banks this morning, my usual times.

I cannot begin to tell you how improved I feel. Most appreciated, I had no leg cramps whatsoever, a great relief. I understand that I may not ever see a reversal in my renal function deterioration that I thus far have experienced (my BUN was high 70's, my creatinine 5.6 when last checked in early November 2003) - but I can absolutely tell you that from a Quality of Life standpoint, I am POSITIVE that every second I have spent receiving frequencies has improved me. As I desire to remain "this side of the grass" for some time, and feeling well while maintaining that stature, I am most grateful for the expertise of my friend/brother/engineer. Once again, I suggest all to visit . Without same, I would be looking at roots about now. Mary


Posted by : Michael Tigchelaar

The family I am dealing with have used a clark zapper with no results against autism.

This letter I just received after our treatment from his father:

Received this update from parents:

[i]Michael has made remarkable improvement since the "grounded" Rife Treatment.

For the first time in his life he asked a "Why" question on Thursday. It was a simple question but nonetheless the very first time he ever used the word asking a question.

His eye contact has improved immensely. He will look us in the eye for several seconds duration now. He used to occasionally glance at our eyes before. When we would tell him to look at our eyes it was almost as if it hurt him to do that. As if he couldn't take much of it.

He is improving on his communication ability as well. It is becoming very apparent that communication -- that is actually formulating words and sentences -- has been very hard for him. In his younger years we noticed that he would use words he found in his books to express himself. Lately he has been attempting to construct his own sentences and it is obviously difficult for him. Tonight he started and stopped himself mid-sentence 4 times before he was able to complete the word he wanted to use in the sentence he was saying to Julie. But he did not give up. It was a complicated sentence with big words in it -- like "episode" "ingredient" and "crucial." Not your average fair for a kintergardener. But it revealed his difficulty in communicating.[/i]

Here is the M.A.C. set as run on the Truerife T-150: (Mercury detox / autism /Candida)

#MAC Set / Mercury / Autism / Candida

#Mercury Detox
dwell 180
converge 2 .5
Pulse 65 75
48 75

dwell 75
converge 0 0
duty 75
1489 962 880 787 783 763 757
747 745 727 725 712 552 521
467 443 342 214

pause 600

# Candida1
converge 1 1
pulse 1 75

2489, 1395,
1276, 1160, 1044, 928, 877,
812, 728, 696, 580, 465,
464, 381, 348, 232, 116,

converge 0 0

784 348 232 116 58


Although diet and cleansing are obviously important to retrieving and maintaining good health, using a Rife device is not dependent upon either of these. Rife technology works because it works.

Any Rife device that delivers good and accurate frequency signals (either a manufactured unit, or a homemade unit using a frequency generator and electrode pads) should work quickly and thoroughly on nail fungus ­ whether it be toenails or fingernails.

Primary frequencies are:
781 to 790
5 to 30 min each frequency, depending on person, every other day or so.

Also applied every so often:

Also help sometimes for some people:

I have applied these square wave frequencies with electrode pads (stainless electrodes covered with cellulose sponge facing the skin), one at top of neck or waist level at spine, the other electrode placed with both feet in a tub of warm Epsom-salts water. (If you are dealing with fingernail fungus, put your hands in the water instead of your feet.)

A friend of mine used my frequency generator and pads while he was here over a weekend. He used the machine twice. (He used the first 2 sets of frequencies listed above, each frequency 10 minutes). A month later he was bragging to his friends at home in Oregon about his “Texas line” ­ while his toenails were growing out, there was a horizontal brown line on each nail that separated the old fungus-ridden nail (pre-machine use) from the new growing fungus-free nail (post-machine use). When the line finally grew out, all his new nails were healthy.

Another friend had chronic toenail fungus several years’ running. He used the machine 7 times, once a day for a week, as described above. His feet were fungus-free for several years. Since then, he occasionally has a recurrence of fungal growth, and he gets rid of the fungus again after only 1 or 2 applications.

Wayne, I have also have had wonderful results with getting rid of sinus troubles, as well as all kinds of pain. I encourage you to examine Rife technology closely ­ it has been a lifesaver for me.

I also have a Scenar, which always produces good results too. The technologies are different, though. Rife frequencies are used to kill critters, while Scenar helps the body to heal itself.

In my opinion, Rife, Scenar, diet, and cleansing are all perfect complementary techniques that work extremely well ­ both independently, and together.

Best wishes in your search,


I went to a food banquet last nite and I had bad stomach problems, which indicated some bad food. Finally at 1am I turned on my R/B and ran 37 Hz to 30,000 Hz with a dwell time of 120 seconds for 15 minutes (entire sweep repeated every 120 seconds). I was feeling very good so I turned off my R.B and went to bed. I slept peacefully until 6:30 am.

This is the second time that I used this program for what appeared to be food poisoning. The first time I was vomitting and retching! It was the only thing that eliminated the symptoms!

Toshiba laptop, MS GWBASIC Program. No Gating.
Uniden PC 68 XL
SEC 1223 power supply
Palomar 225
MFJ Mobile Tuner 945E
MFJ 912 Balun
U tube, Argon 6 torr


Electronic devices that produce 11,780,000 Hz and 17,033,662 Hz will help kill the BX
virus. For the BY, use 11,430,000. Best to use all of them. (A medical diagnosis
will not help you with this.) Sweep up and down 1000 Hz or more or use a unit
that drifts (such as the B&K-4040). Lower octaves at 2876 Hz and 2790 Hz will
kill the virus if the device drifts or does .01Hz step sweeps. 2008 and 2128 may
kill the virus. The Beck blood cleaner does kill the virus, at least those
circulating in the blood. The Beck device should not be used by those taking any
toxic medication or material which could be toxic if the dose were 20 times
higher. For melanoma, use cat's claw. For lymphoma, grape leaf extract or the
elder formula.


A researcher has reported that he has detected anthrax and botulism in all of dozens of Gulf War Syndrome patients that he has worked with. They have responed well to Rife therapy. The frequencies used are:

Anthrax - 224, 420, 930

Botulism - 253, 435, 668, 775, 2688

Suggested treatment time is a maximum of 10 seconds per frequency twice a day in the very ill. As health improves, the treatment time can be gradually increased to 2 minutes per freqency.

I would appreciate hearing of any results from use of these frequencies.



Seeing a couple posts regarding fleas, I am reminded that 4 years ago my cat came up with a dose of them while in Florida east coast. We ran 2374 on the R/B and they were gone over night. I put the location here because the same cat caught fleas again after we went back to Illinois some months later. We didn't have any luck this time, so I assume they are of a different variety in different areas. Good luck!! Harry


Richard, I went Rifing for fleas last night

I used the frequency for fleas listed in FreqGen, about 2750 Hz. but had to run a longer time.

After about 11 minutes, a flea fell off the dog, dieing on the floor.

Then there were two fleas, and then three. After about 15 minutes I stopped.

During that time my dog was at first bothered by the tube, which was making a high pitched noise but then settled down on his bed to take a nap.

All in all, a very interesting night

Dick .


Kuki, I have had triple bypass surgery , four angio-plastis , and have pacemaker leads( no pacemaker) attached to my heart. I use my rife machine weekly for Lyme disease with no adverse results. Skip


A suspected West Nile Virus (WNV) success story -- August 12, 2003 To all "modern-day Rife researchers": Recently a seriously sick young man in Florida, age 22, decided to experiment on himself with a radiant plasma frequency induction system. He utilized a sequence of experimental vibratory frequencies of 20-second duration each that were repeated over and over again in a certain sequence by means of a computer-controlled loop. He began with a non-contact mode and finished with two different contact modes. He said afterward that some of these frequencies seemed to hit “some nails on the head”. He said that he wanted to rid himself of what he suspected was a serious case of WNV. He reports that he believes that he accomplished his goal with only one "modern-day rifing session" which lasted about 90 minutes. His symptoms were nausea, early morning vomiting accompanied by sharp stomach pain, headache, stuffed up sinuses, stiff neck, occasional sore throat, fever, fatigue, gastro-intestinal complaints, loss of appetite, and some difficulty with concentration and memory. He was pale and somewhat bluish and puffy looking. He found out that these symptoms closely resemble those listed on the CDC web site as being the symptoms of WNV. See

He thinks he first experienced this illness after spending a weekend in the north woods of Florida near Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast of Florida. There were lots of mosquito bites. This first occasion resulted in an apparent spontaneous recovery in a few days or so he thought at the time. He wrote it off as "some kind of flu bug" that left him with "a stiff neck and feeling lousy" for a while. The second time this illness appeared, after a second weekend in the woods, there was no recovery —— not even after ten days of sickness. Suspecting WNV, he then decided, on July 21, 2003, to experiment with some modern-day rifing techniques using radiant plasma vibratory frequencies to kill the virus —— an approach that was pioneered by Royal Raymond Rife in the early 20th century.

The young man used a Dell Inspiron notebook computer with the XP Home Edition Operating System. On it he ran Patrick Robin’’s F-100 software, Ver. 1.5. This was fed into Patrick’’s F-155 frequency generator. See The output of the frequency generator was fed into Bruce Stenulson’’s 6C EM+ Control System. This device is used to not only control the power of the frequency signals but also has built into it some more features in order to achieve effective resonant plasma dynamics that radiate electrically and electromagnetically from the gas-filled tubes to which it's output can be connected. It appears to me that herein lies some explanation of why the 6C EM+ Control System produces such dynamic results. It is my understanding that the multi-stage signal processing that is implemented in this 6C EM+ Control System’’s design and operation is different from a system which simply uses an amplifier. For more information see

The 6C EM+ was fed into three different noble-gas-filled tubes made by Barry Allred -- a three-bubble tube filled with neon, a two-bubble tube filled with "E-Gas" (purple) and a flat spiral tube filled with a blue gas. It is my understanding that researchers using this system have reported that using various gases simultaneously enhances the effectiveness of this system. For the first forty-five minutes a non contact mode was used with just the two-bubble and the three-bubble tubes connected in series, using a 6C Control System power setting of 1220. Then for almost another forty minutes a contact mode was used utilizing a flat spiral tube as well as the two-bubble tube and the three-bubble tube already mentioned --- at a lower Control System power setting of 600. For tube information see Here below is the program and sequence of experimental frequencies that were run.

Following the program is a fuller description of how the equipment was used and the reactions the young man described as he was looping through this sequence of frequencies over and over again. I do not know the original source of these frequencies. Perhaps one of you reading this will recognize them and can fill us in with where you first saw them or created them. For that matter, anything anyone can add to this report would be appreciated.

The young man said that some of these "experimental WNV frequencies" seemed to be "hitting some nails right on the head". Fatigue, continued paleness, and a continuation of a stiff neck were the only noticeable symptoms that remained immediately after the rifing session. All these symptoms slowly faded away within ten days, he said. On August 4, 2003, when asked, the young man said he felt "fully recovered" with no noticeable aftereffects.

Description of the non contact mode: The young man was seated in a plastic arm chair with the three-bubble tube to his right, suspended vertically about chest high about 1 foot away from the arm of the chair. The two-bubble tube was to his left suspended vertically about chest high about 1 foot away from the arm of the chair. Both tubes were in series and in a sending mode with the 6C Control System power set at 1220. As the 45-minute session progressed the hits diminished in strength. After 45 minutes, when the hits could no longer be felt the switch was made to contact mode. Description of the contact mode: The 6C Control System's power setting was lowered to 600. The flat spiral tube was placed under his waistband against the skin over his stomach. This spiral tube was connected in a receiving mode. The three-bubble tube and the two-bubble tube remained on each side of the chair and were connected to the 6C in a sending mode as before in the non contact mode. However, now the young man reached out from the chair and held each of these tubes with his left and right hand respectively, maintaining contact with each tube with all five fingers of each hand. These contact mode changes resulted in hits being felt strongly again and often a change of location of the hits was noted as he repeated frequencies.

As this portion of the session progressed, the hits slowly disappeared again over a period of almost forty minutes except for pain and stiffness in the neck. The young man then turned off the Control System and centered the three-bubble tube behind his neck and against his neck at the pain location, holding this tube with two hands. Then the computer frequency program and the 6C Control System were restarted. By the time the first three frequencies were run once —— hence a total of only 60 seconds —— the pain was declared gone by the young man and the System was turned off again. Then the set of three frequencies nicknamed "Mickie’’s Magic Three" —— 324, 528 and 15 — were run for two minutes each in contact mode and the session was ended. -------------- # West Nile Virus experimental frequencies -- use at your own risk label loop dwell 20 duty 50 # built into the 6C EM+ Control System -- placed here to inform those who use other equipment 841 240 313 498 514 730 799 1115 484 434 404 686 697 1385 664 goto loop # It is suggested that the CAFL frequency sets for meningitis and general antiseptic also be considered -------------- Some comments from the young man re "hits" from these experimental WNV frequencies: 841 -- The first time I felt this frequency in my throat -- after that it just rumbled my stomach 240 -- Initially it made my throat dry -- a dry mouth then continued throughout the session -- I drank some water while rifing 313 -- Initially it rumbled my stomach 498 -- Increased the dry feeling in my mouth 514 -- Nothing special 730 -- First felt this in my chest and later just my stomach rumbling 799 -- At first I felt it at the top my head 1115 -- Nothing special 484 -- At first I felt it on the right side of my neck and later just stomach rumbling 434 -- Nothing special 404 -- At first this made my arms and back itch 686 -- This caused stomach rumbling, itchiness, and headache —— I felt it at the back of my neck and in my chest 697 -- Nothing special 1385 -- In non contact mode I felt it at first in my throat and the top of my head -- later in contact mode I felt it from my throat to my chest 664 -- I felt it in my face at first — then in contact mode I felt it in my chest ------------------- The young man waited until August 5 to run the meningitis and general antiseptic experimental frequency sets as found in the CAFL. He had experienced a painful insect bite on August 4, 2003 on his right hand and had a swollen right hand with infected-looking scratches and scrapes on his right hand. He used the contact mode as stated above. The meningitis frequency set produced no hits. The general antiseptic frequency set produced some hits on the right hand exactly where he was bitten, the right elbow, and itching of the right arm. The hand swelling went down during this one-time session. The next day he reported that he was experiencing back pain at the level of his kidneys as he was warned that he might. He said he was drinking a lot of water to try to speed up the flushing out of the toxins that he assumed was causing the back pain. The back pain and discomfort was reported gone by August 9. Here is the way he ran the general antiseptic set of frequencies. ------------------- # General Antiseptic frequency set label loop dwell 20 duty 50 1550 802 880 787 760 727 688 683 465 444 450 428 660 10000 5000 goto loop ------------------ At this writing, August 12, 2003, the young man still says he feels "completely recovered" and he said that he has gained four pounds in the last two weeks --- weight that he wanted to gain. To me he looks healthier than he has in six months. Good health! — Carlos LeClair


I had e-mailed you some time ago ,about my daughter with a brainstem tumor,We have been using a chinese doctor with aggesive acupunture and herbs,(who has a following of Cancer patients that are supposed to be dead years ago) that she gives us and I boil for a hour,then she drinks them 3 times a day along with 25-30 supplements. But we also have been using the Energy Wellness rife machine 3-4 times a week. We put the pads right over the tumor site ,base of the brainstem. Her MRI's were taken Last Thursday,and the Director of Radiology who has been taking her Mri's for a yr now totally is amazed .The tumor not only shrunk in size (almost 1 centimeter in both directions but changed consistancy and color ,she said it has become more porus and instead of black-grey on the MRI's it is now white with really defined borders which it didn't have in Feb.Of course we counld't tell her about the machine ,so we only told her about the herbs.Anybody with any medical backround really knows that in 2 months is too short a time to show this much progress with herbs and acupunture alone. Besides no one ever has this great news with a brainstem tumor! Thank you ,I hope this gets posted since so many nice people wrote in to help me and my daughter . If anybody out there needs a name of a really good chinese herbalist, this doctor has 5 brothers and sisters that were all trained in China and live in different states,I will be glad to give you her Phone number .This has been a great combination with the rife machine. Thanks ,Gail mother of Corrine


In 1992 I was told that I had Prostate Cancer ( Was 47 years old then ). I let them remove the prostate as at that time I thought it was the right thing to do and didn't know anything about Royal Rife. Even had the doc come in and tell me we got it all and you are going to be all right...SURE

Well in about two years time my PSA went from 0.4 to 1.0 and the doc told me that I had a problem and the cancer was back. Well you can probably figure out what went through my mind at that time. Well I let them talk me into taking 7 weeks of Radiation at that time and it wasn't to bad till about the 3rd week and then I started loosing some weight. Dropped about 6 pounds in a week. Well he gave me some high proten drink stuff ( free..Didn't charge me for it..Nice guy ) and things kindy straightened out and I finished up with the Radiation treatments. The only problem I had after that was my Colon was just about shot from the treatments. Had problems with stool movements when you least expected it and let me tell you, you sure don't want to fly on an airplane after doing it for a while. I also started having problems with my stomach and I'm still not sure what caused it as sometimes the pain was so bad after eating that I ended up up chucking everything I had put down there. !
I started looking at some stats that were published in a radiation magazine about people taking radiation for prostate cancer and decided I had better start looking around for something else as the great medical profession had just about done everything they could for me. I started with a Rife Bare machine after visiting Jim, and below you will find an account of all my PSA levels from day one including my last one this month. I have them done ever 6 months so there is quite a few. I will let you read them and form your own opinion about them. I sure as hell know it doesn't cause cancer. Owe by the way...Some of these at the beginning were low after the first one but they took samples of the prostate and found cancer on one side of it. And if you think the doc and his finger ( sorry ladies ) can find it, you better guess again as the doc couldn't feel anything.

9/92-9.3 PSA level Bad Bad
3-93-Surgery ( removed Prostate)
5/95-1.0 Bad.. Doc sent me to the Radiation man
6/95- Started 7 weeks of Radiation
11/95-Visited Jim Bare and saw my first machine
1/97-Built first machine
4/01-<0.1.....( Have over 700 hours in front of tube )

I want to note here that these numbers are what they sent me when I asked for them. I cannot and will not say this has killed all my prostate cancer as it would be [color=red]unfair for me to make that claim [/color]because of me taking the radiation, but it sure has waken me up as just about everybody that I know that has taken the radiation has never made it this long including my uncle.

Well there is the story.. As for me most of you know I run the and with just one more point here. I'm so disappointed in the medical profession that there is no words that I can use to describe what I feel. Sometimes it gets so bad that I could sit down and cry about what they have done to our children and the rest of the world for name of money. There is just too much proof that this could be the magic bullet to keep us all healthly and paying taxes.. Hint Hint



Some months ago, a Rifer sought viable help for emphysema. This has been a great concern for me since I lost my wife in a Michigan hospital in 1995, supposedly from this disease, but very possibly due to our 4th leading cause of death, the hospital screw up.

I recently met a 67 year old woman with breathing problems, pain, inhaler use 4X a day, etc. Claims to have been in this condition for 7 years. The classic ex-smoker, as I see it.

We used daily treatment for 3 weeks. Ran 1234, 3672, 3702, 734, 880, 787, 727, 120, 20, 80, and 95, dwell 5 minutes each. We then began walking and within another week, walked 3-4 miles every day. There was no more loss of breath and no more atrovent use.

For the tech minded, my R/B is a home brew with a Maxon CB, Tunney's tuner RB300 A. Semoia manual freq generator, 22" argon tube from Dave T. in Palm Beach. 80 watts indicated w/SWR of 1.0. My cost was about 900.00, when I built it 4 years ago. I have replaced one tube due to my own stupidity. Has been outstanding in treating cataracts, gout, root canal infections, warts, etc. Have also seen 2 poodles, blinded with cataracts, regain their sight. (3 weeks) Harry


Here is how my adaptation of Jeff's SARS program eventually looked:---------------
# SARS -- Carlos' comprehensive as of May 1, 2003
label loop
dwell 20
duty 50
converge 4 1
597.68 769.62 689.14 937.76 779.5 ##SARS Parasite frequencies
524.47 1048.94 ##SARS Coronavirus frequency octaves
499.25 998.5 ## SARS Metapneumovirus frequency octaves
778.12 1143 720.36 1001.86 ##SARS Frequencies of viral fragments -- from Jeff on April 19, 2003
648 563 701.6 654.4 ##SARS More remaining fragments -- from Jeff on April 21, 2003
Goto loop

After about ten consecutive days using this loop for 25-30 minutes each time I then used it intermittently whenever scary symptoms started to return --- like I was feeling a relapse coming on. I have to say that feeling was always scary or ominous. But each time the program would take away the symptoms. I was always amazed at this!


SARS Update: What Works - Latest Update

After treating two volunteers for a week, I identified the last remaining fragments of the offending organisms. As soon as these were treated, all trace of SARS was eliminated. Daily treatments for 10 days are recommended. Testing and retreating every fews days to a week thereafter is recommended. This is a persistent infection and some of it will hang around for a while, even without any clinical symptoms.

SARS appears to be an an infection by three organisms, a parasite, a corona virus, and a metapneumovirus. The parasite appears to be the transmitting agent carrying the two viruses. It also appears that if the parasite infection grows rapidly in an individual, it (1) makes them more infective than others, and/or (2) depresses their immune system allowing the viruses to proliferate more rapidly causing higher risk of death.

This could be the reason that only those over 40 are at higher risk of death and that death occurs primarily in healthy people over 40. People are more susceptible to parasite infections as they age and even if you are healthy, this parasite can suppress your immune system and allow rapid proliferation of the viruses. Both the parasite and viruses are nasty and can cause pain where there is an infection. This seems to occur primarily in the lung, sinuses, and lymph nodes. However, the parasite gets into the blood stream and can travel anywhere in the body.

Oscillicoccinum 200C will help control proliferation of the viruses in the early stages. I've always argued that this homeopathic remedy would prevent most flu deaths and I believe it could prevent most SARS deaths.

The F100 program I am using successfully to deal with several cases, including animals who can be infected by the parasite transmitted from people, is:

label start
dwell 14
duty 10
converge 7 1
pulse 64 75
9563 6157 5513 3735 1559 #SARS parasite frequencies
33566 255616 #SARS corona virus and metapneumovirus
1556 2286 5763 8015 #SARS viral fragments
162 563 5613 5235 #SARS remaining fragments
goto start

I run this cycle until I no longer get a positive reading for any of the frequencies and all symptoms are gone. It needs to be repeated daily for 10 days.

The acid test is whether this is repeatable by others. Two individuals have already had significant success. Let me know if you find these frequencies useful.
posted by Jeff Sutherland @ 7:42 AM


To cut a very long story short I had a very bad respiratory infection in February which left me with a very swollen sore throat. Then on top of that I got an infection under the right eyelid which was very painful and itched a lot. At the time all my plasma machines were in bits and I wanted to try something quick to help the eye, I'd had the sore throat for a while and was getting used to it!

Anyway, I tried using a signal generator on single frequencies, both square and sine with pads connected on each ankle. I tried running through some very wide ranges up to a few MHz and there was no apparent effect. Then the next day, I had no change in the condition - well, it was a little bit worse if anything. So I tried again, only this time I tried setting two generators, one running 1.604 MHz (as good a choice as any other!) on sine, and using the second (also sine) to AM modulate the first one. I ran through a whole range of frequencies but then noticed that as I swept the modulating generator through around 213 KHz that the eye started itching much more. I went back and forward through the frequency several times and each time it itched like crazy at 213. I then set it fixed to 213, got the itch and switched off the carrier. The itching went back to "normal". Only with carrier AND modulation it itched really badly. So I turned the amplitude up to max (20 V p-p) and left it running for a while. After about 5 minutes ALL itching suddenly stopped and the eye felt less inflamed.

The next day the eye was no longer itching and it was no longer painful when touched (the eyelid). BUT, what was really interesting was that the sore throat had gone as well!

The pads I used were standard TENS type stick on skin pads. One on each inside ankle. Both outputs were pure AC sine (no DC offset).


Since 1999 I have been experimenting with 11,780,000 with a 1000 Hz sweep upand down. More recently, I have added 11,430,000 with the same sweep.Both work very well. Both can be used in lower octaves. Just divide by 2over and over until a number appears that can be used on you equipment.

The problem with this is that if you use audio frequencies such as 2876, a1 Hz change produces a jump of 4096 Hz at the target frequency. That is why the F155 is a good choice with its .01 Hz step sweeps.



I know of only one case where the person had sarcoid infiltration of the
lungs. Cancer frequencies were used. The person wound up quite ill as it
turns out they were being over exposed. The sarcoid "nodules" were broken
down, causing microscopic bleeding to occur. This led to temporary breathing
difficulties. Would therefore urge caution with this disease.

Jim Bare


Started with a simple cold, turned into something more like flu.

Here are some freq's selected from a group that worked.
Had to run a second time because this virus wants to return.

Recommend run is 3 minutes per freq but I find 5 - 10 minutes each more

This is what worked for me: (second run)

These were included in first run

I think the ones that are effective are:

First run (ran all of the above) - felt great for one day - that evening it all returned.
Second run needed - but I selected freq's that I think were the ones that worked.

A day after second run I feel normal again.

Can someone run
alone to see what the results are?
If they don't do the job within couple hours then run the rest.
Would like to reduce freq's to those that are effective.
(Our lists of freq's are getting longer - a lot of them probably are not



About one week ago, I posted an excerpt from a patent that utilized 15 Hz to
influence Calcium gates in cells.

I decided to print out the full text of US patent # 4,850,959 ( available on
line from the USPTO web site), and found an interesting paragraph or two in
it about the time of application of resonant and non resonant fields and
blood glucose levels.

To summarize:

When the device is used following a meal...

Blood glucose > 180 mg/dL - resonant frequency Decreases glucose levels.

Blood glucose < 160 mg/dL - resonant frequency Increases glucose levels.

Blood glucose < 160 mg/dL - non resonant frequency Decreases glucose levels.

Resonant freq is 15 Hz or any of its odd multiple harmonics to about 285 Hz.

Non resonant frequency , is any non resonant frequency between 0.1 and 10 Khz.

Use of a non resonant or resonant frequency Prior to eating will increase
blood glucose levels.

Fields were applied between 0.5 and 1.5 hours after a meal, with preferred
at 1.25 hours .

Works with Type I and Type II diabetes. Stabilization occurs after a few
months of treatments.

Jim Bare


To avoid root canal surgery, I have found that 20, 120, 727, 787, 800, 880 for 5 minutes each may eliminate the problem. I also run 5K & 10K along with these. Run the set for 4 days to ensure the infection is, in fact, gone. Good luck. Harry


The 15 Hz alone has been used by some to eliminate

10 Hz has been used to shut down migraines when none of the
prescription remedies have worked for days.

The sequence of 324, 528, 15 is referred to as "Mickie's
Magic Three"; it has many reported beneficial effects when
run in that specific sequence. Many use it to end any longer
resonant frequency induction session.

Initial mentions of this sequences are in the anecdotal
research reports on The complementary Health Approaches Forum

Be Well!!



Do not know if this will work for every headache, but my wife got rid of a
4-day headache after running:

324, 528, 15

for three minutes each.

I had an all day headache today. Ran the above frequencies and it started
going away about halfway through 528.

So maybe the frequency is 528 by itself, do not know for sure.

Take care,



I found 11,430,000 listed for BY on the oxyrife site some time ago and it
has worked well. 11,780,000 also works well. When the virus is not known
for sure, both can be used. 17,034,000 is the conversion of the wavelength
in meters of super regeneration, whatever that means. I have not tried it
for cancer, but Aubrey Scoon has suggested that it was the real MOR for BX.


A woman with endometriosis, age 28, was told she had to have an operation. She was very emotional. She used a rife-type pad device for twelve sessions. She went back to her doctor for a sonar he immediately wanted to know what she did because there was not a sign of the disease.

Frequencies used: 461 514 620 625 722 765 788 922 [echo virus]
used with general parasite and liver and pancreatic fluke sets
246 800 1550

It is very important to balance the hormones.


Jimmy was diagnosed with ALL leukemia in August 1997. After much chemo and
so on, his condition changed to AML leukemia, an even more serious
condition. As his treatment continued, it became clear that the leukemia
was not clearing up but that he was dying of the treatment, and in May 1999
his parents decided to stop all medical treatments and seek complementarys.
Fourteen weeks later, Jimmy was well. He is now (March 2000) four and a

Jimmy used a contact pad type "Rife machine". The following frequencies were
used foot to foot for three minutes each, every other day for two weeks:
2127, 2008, 880, 787, 727, 690, 666, 590, 10000, 2008, 6.8, 1850, 450, 440,
428, 14, 15, 2030, 15, 2030, 15, 2030, 465. For weeks 3-6, each frequency
was used for five minutes. For weeks 7 on, seven minutes per frequency.
All this time, Jimmy was carefully watched to make sure this program did not
over-stress him.

Jimmy ate a vegetarian diet, took Microhydrin, Eniva ionic minerals, and
drank two quarts of distilled water daily. (A lot of water for a 4 year
old.) To each 8 ounces of water were added 10 drops of "Stabilized Oxygen"
which is a sodium chlorite solution similar to the Halox that I have been
using. He continues the stabilized oxygen water at the rate of one quart
per day.



I was feeling very bad two weeks ago, and ran these frequencies for influenza B (various strains) that cured last years fluu in four hours.This time it took about 10 hours, but it stopped it before it got going. I then must have freed up some room for something else, possibly strep, as I soon developed an extremely burny sore throat.

I sprayed the back of my throat with a 50/50 solution of Willard's Water and Colloidal Silver. Then I hooked up my homemade Hulda Zapper with flat carbon electrodes under my waistband and slept with the zapper on for 3-4 hours. When I awoke ... no sore throat. Flu and cold over in about 14 hours.

The frequencies run on a R/B all for 3 minutes each.

Then some sinus frequencies:

Take care,


I have been using my Don Tonney (spelling) Rife machine for breast cancer
for almost 7 years. It slowed the cancer down, but by Sept of '01, my
tumor had grown to 7" and was about to breach the skin. I went to a clinic
in Germany that was using SSR (Dr. Koch), and Mistletoe, along with other
complementary remedies. But it was the Mistletoe that shrank my tumor to the
thin slab of scar tissue it is now. But my cancer markers still were up
around 150. I broke out with Herpes, and started using a freq someone had
posted here, 2950. And I used it for 30-40 min once a day for a few days,
then off until the blisters came back, once a mth. Then my cancer markers
went down to 37.3, 37.7 being normal. What did this? I asked. Checking my
diary, the only change was the 2950. I hadn't been using cancer freqs for
about 8 mths, so I knew it wasn't them.
Is it possible that my cancer is caused by my Herpes, or is the 2950 freq
affecting cancer?
At any rate, after living with cancer for 10 1/2 years, I finally feel
that I'm on the right track. Mistletoe from Helexor, injected directly into
my tumor is what took away. I've never had chemo, radiation, or surgery.
Keep smiling...I am,


> does any one know what frequency kills pleomorphic sarcoma? This is
> an odd cancer. How would one find the frequency if not listed?

If possible, 11,430,000 and 11,780,000. Also 20080 and 21275. Also
2004-2012 and 2128. On these last two, long run times.



I have been using Turf's template with gating at 64HZ for several
weeks now with my F155 and achieved some dramatic results.

Some organisms that would take several minutes to kill now take less
than 20 seconds. It happened so fast a couple of times that I had to
retest to make sure the organism was gone.

Jeff Sutherland