Frequency Anecdotes 2005 and later


Just letting you know my friend has Duypuytrens Contracture and it's hereditary - runs in his family. I got youre frequencies from CAFL.

1.2 Hz is out of the sound spectrum and I used the conversion factors, multiplying it by 64 and again by 516 to get a set of 3 frequencies, 76.8, 250 and 619.2. I burned a CD with those and gave him a treatment with dramatic results. Right away he said "I can feel my arm again and it's been a year since I could do that. He's a guitar player and it was his left hand that was affected. We tuned up my Start and he tried out his hand and could do several things that had been impossible before. After his second treatment I could see the tendons in his left hand start to recede under the flesh and muscle again. So it's looking good.

Since I last wrote my friend, Giovanni, got a Rife frequency (original list) cancer disk and cured a Medical Doctor of a tumor after he was given only 3 months to live. He was still alive three years later and the tumor was gone.