Frequency Anecdotes 1999 - 2000


Here are a couple of anecdotes. First, Dan Tracy reports that he recently came down with the flu and ran some colds/flu/pneumonia frequencies (727, 770, 776, 780, 787, 800, 880, 4200) for 3 minutes each, 5 times during the day. Cleared it right up.

The second one is a local man who had systemic yeast problem for over 30 years with daily draining from his ears. He built himself an EMEM2 and ran 465Hz for 3 minutes several different times without success. Then he placed the EMEM2 on a bedside table. He went to bed with the foot plate contacting his body, and one hand on the copper wrap. He did runs up to an hour this way, and even fell asleep like that once. He reports that it appears to have solved the problem - no signs of it for a week.


latest flu (spring 99)

7760 10 minutes
7766 10 minutes
304 3 minutes


new cold freqs...suggest cut and paste this to your freq list 39.300 Khz hits me hard in the lungs..but that cant be right, the CB max's out at 20 Khz --Monroe

Greetings, Rifers!

I'd like to pass on recent experiences in dealing with the crop of cold-like illnesses going around our section of the country.

A very nasty 'bug', producing cold- like symptoms, was unresponsive to the 393KHz listed in Hulda Clark's book as the primary frequency for Adeno-virus. This frequency has knocked out most colds at the first signs of symptoms for quite a while now, using the HFA-4 designs and their predecessors

(To convert to Rife frequency range, dividing 393KHz by 512 gives 768Hz, which can also be used on the EMEM2 systems.)

But 393KHz didn't do it this time... I begin to suspect that it's a pathogen with a resonance well away from that frequency.

Next in Hulda Clark's frequency list is another of the Adenoviruses, with a detected range of resonance of from 371KHz to 385KHz This we're referring to for now as Adenovirus #2, although it's possible that more than one of the 47 strains of Adeno-virus resonate in this range.

(The NIH database on viruses mentions 47 Adenoviruses... plus an"Adeno-Related virus..."

Another, referred to as Adenovirus # 4, is said to resonate at 334KHz.

An "Adeno-related virus" was also mentioned at 568KHz

With the HFA4 devices, we're now running a sequence of frequencies , back to back, as is done with the R/B systems, and the EMEM2 and EMEM2+ system Three minutes each:


take a break for an hour or so, then run the sequence again. With a R/B or EMEM2 or EMEM2+, dividing all these by 512 yields:

725Hz---* I feel it in my lungs and teeth sockets-Monroe
746Hz---* I feel it in my lungs and teeth sockets-Monroe
768Hz---* I feel it in my lungs-Monroe
We still don't have further information yet on the other Adenovirus strains and their resonant frequencies; there are undoubtedly some that may resonate between the 334KHz frequency, and the 371KHz frequency, so an experimenter / researcher might start 'scanning' this range at smaller intervals...

I personally used the 334KHz recently for less than 5 minutes, stopping the onset of cold symptoms.

My wife also began to have cold symptoms, fever, chills, aches, but ran the full sequence twice with a hour break between, and the symptoms cleared up completely. (That was 4 days ago now.)

Two friends came by & ran the lower frequency sequences with the EMEM2+,

3 minutes each, on Saturday & Sunday, holding the plasma tube & using the ground plate, with the output power level set to about as high as was comfortable; they were already well into having nasty colds for a while. I haven't received reports on their progress since.

I expect that Brian McInturff's comments from a couple of months ago should be kept in mind; that you should 'zap' at the first signs of the onset of symptoms. He stated something to the effect that "Viruses cause cell damage, and cell damage produces symptoms." Once the cell damage has progressed, even if the virus is disabled / 'zapped', it takes a while for the symptoms produced be the cell damage to clear up.

Resonant frequency applications in dealing with colds & flu all can be effective, whether you're using a Rife/Bare device, an EMEM-2 or EMEM2+, or a high frequency adjustable contact induction device such as the HFA4 devices. Using specific effective frequencies is still very advisable.

I'll add this note to the Anecdotes page at the Alternate Health Approaches Forum:

Be Well!!


Subject: Re: Other Frequencies to use for Colds Date: Tue, 05 Jan
From: (Brian McInturff)
A very nasty 'bug', producing cold- like symptoms, was unresponsive
the 393KHz listed in Hulda Clark's book as the primary frequency for

"Colds" and sinus problems can be caused by a large number of viruses
and bacteria. However, it does appear a bug that is going around where
I live responds best to 333 and 666. 333 is a rife adenovirus freq that
I have tried a lot in the past and it was never effective before, but
this time it seemed to work.

I should also try


as Bruce detailed, when 333 is a hit in the nose.

* 333 I can feel in my teeth sockets--Monroe

Escherichia coli (E. coli; a major cause of infections in wounds and the
urinary tract): 282, 333, 413, 957, 1320, 1722

282 i can feel in my sides and on a line between my kidneys and in the
kidneys them self.--Monroe

Monroe's Bronchitis Coughing -

522 524 525 146 1500 1550



Try 250 - seems to have positive effects at least on the lungs with this stuff. I think the infection started in some of the flu shots that have been given. I know a person that started with this right after he got his flu shot. So far the 250 seems to be only helpful to the lungs, infection still goes on. --Jim Bare

Were you using the lung carcinoma frequencies in addition to the 2184, 2048, 2008, 2128 series? (462, 852, 1582 are Garvy freqs, 2104, 2144, 3672 may also be good).

[For lung cancer] Sequence is as follows 666, 728, 760,784,800, 802,880,1550,2000,2008,2120,2128,2150, 2180, 2280,7344

Exposure to 2120 is felt very strongly, 3040 seems to have a very strong effect too. The 1340 for fibrous tumors caused a fit of coughing and soreness in his chest. 250 relieved and relaxed this situation.

1340 I feel it in my feet--Monroe

All freq for 3-4 min each. 2128 up to 20 minutes then a few minutes up and down from that on 4 frequencies generally between 2126 and 2132. This will vary from session to session.

Will try out some of the Garvey freq's and see what happens.



I came down with a cold yesterday. Tried all the major known frequencies with little to no effect. Finally this moring during a sweep I stumbled onto 8232 Hz. This caused my general body soreness and brain fog to clear in about 20 minutes. Except for my sinuses, which are still raw, I'm doing pretty good at the moment.

8232 Hz - would appreciate feed back to the list if tried to know if this was just my strain of virus or if it is more wide spread.



Would pulsing the Kinnaman at the Schumann response freq (7.83Hz) increase the effect of the beam?


I talked with Dan Tracy yesterday and he gave me some frequencies that he has been using for Arthritis and Prostatic Cancer with him EMEM device.

Arthritis - 727, 1500, 4200

Prostatic Cancer - 727, 787, 880, 2127, 2008

Dan says he has really good success using the Bill Cheb helium filled phanotron with the EMEM.



When all else fails to treat an acute illness, I try a general parasite set. It is amazing how often this works even after exhausting many other frequency sets that should be more effective (for flu, e.g.). I can't figure out why - perhaps since there is more probability of hitting an unknown frequency (albeit at lower power) when using low freqs. Here are the two general parasite sets. The first one is mine, the second one Paul's.

Parasites, general (1) (cleanup with 728, 784, 880, 465) - 20, 64, 72, 96, 112, 120, 125, 128, 152, 240, 334, 422, 442, 524, 651, 688, 732, 751, 800, 854, 1864

Parasites, general (2) - 120, 128, 422, 644/642, 676, 688/690, 712, 728, 732, 800/802, 1550/1552, 1862/1864, 2112, 4412

I have been meaning to add a short set to the CFL which will be

Parasites, general, short set - 20, 64, 72, 96, 112, 120, 152, 651, 732


Based upon a couple of months exposures, this is the current arrived at frequency sequence that one person is using on their Lupus Erythematosis. This is a very advanced case, the exposures seem to heal the lesions and scar tissue forms over the damaged skin. Person has constant progress as long as she takes exposures, and relapses if stops exposures for more than 2 weeks.

633 - 5 min

2125 4 min

2008 8 min

3612 4 min

802 8 min

2489 3 min

702 3 min

802 seems to be primary, 633 is a close second. An active frequency will cause intense itching of the lesions followed by a slow gradual healing. I would not use these run times to start. Maybe a minute or two max and see how person reacts.



Some time ago I duplicated Jim Bare`s work on Paramecium C. As of late I have not been able to get the same results. However I do get some results - namely spontaneous mutation! Under influence of the MOR for Paramecium C (1150 - 1160Hz) the organism contracts to almost a circular shape, stays that way and lives. To my amazement the next generation (+/- 10 days to maturity), exhibit exactly the same shape. Anybody not present at the time of mutation would not recognize this organism as Paramecium Caudatum. I use a full metal Carl Zeiss of Germany microscope capable of 12.5x100 magnification (oil). Every experiment I undertake with the Rife/Bare frequency machine I follow the effects of the device on the micro-organisms through the microscope and so determine its effectiveness .

To avoid making unsubstantiated claims I almost solely work with slides and petri dishes. Very seldom in vivo. Recently I made an exception to this self imposed rule because my wife suffered very severe cold sores (herpes simplex) even on the inside of her mouth, so I treated her with a severe dose of exposure 20 minutes of 1 sec.pulses at 2950 Hz repeated this next morning and got rid of the attack within 24 hrs


In Callahan's book "Exploring The Spectrum" (1994), there is a fold-out chart inside the back cover of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. On this chart he shows an item in the UV range that says: "AIDs cure, 71 angstroms" There is no other reference to this item in his book. I have often wondered how that information was discovered!


Re: Distal Radius fracture

A remarkable occurrence with one treatment 10k-300sec, 5000-300sec 880-300sec, 727-300sec, 787-300sec showed a radius fracture 4 days after the first x-ray with 60% of the fracture line no longer visible and the remaining 40% much smaller spacing. The 2nd x-ray was taken twice and still showed the same. 60% of original fracture line no longer there.

Hospital staff remarked that x-rays are subjective. Right?? Also said that bone regeneration takes a minimum of 1 week to begin regeneration after a break.

A third X-ray is scheduled in two weeks at which time I expect patient to have no sign of fracture lines at all. Will keep you posted.

Note: "Homeopathic Symphytum Officinale 200C was also used.


Scientists in England made a program for the BBC about the influence of frequency emission on bio cellular structures. The program was broadcast on Dutch television 6/6/`99

Research clearly showed that as little as 0.2 to 0.4 % of 1Watt completely destroys the DNA within the cells in close proximity to the source. Tests were done in the 400 MHz range on rats.


Here are the frequencies he vega tested on the prostate cancer sample:

1. 00854
2. 01840
3. 02145
4. 02288

This is interesting. The person who provided the sample said coming down with the flu caused him to go downhill so fast he sought conventional treatment and got his prostate removed (Sonridge did not know this). 854 is the one and only frequency listed for influenza toxicum. I usually include it in general cancer sets since it is also a short set fluke frequency. It also happens to be a freq for medorrhinum, which is characterized by uretheral discharge (but more for women then men from what I can tell).

1840 is listed as a general Blaster 5 program frequency as well as for TB.

2145 is the main frequency for CMV and is also one of the frequencies described in a recently posted prostate cancer regimen.

2288 is unique.


Recently, I have been running a frequency sweep in addition to a 30 frequency schedule (from Bruce Stenulson list for prostate cancer) at 3 minutes per to see if I could isolate any additional frequencies. I got a reaction in the mid 800 Hz range and also one at 610 to 612 Hz. I found the 854 frequency to be right on with what I had observed.


I don't know what it is about this range, but I tried it again on another intestinal problem with excellent results. You may remember the very tough time I had about 4 months ago with a stomach flu that wouldn't go away, until I ran this range. This time I think I had a mild case of food poisoning. I ran the following, for about 10 minutes:

8200 1 sec
8204 1 sec
8208 1 sec
8212 1 sec
8216 2 sec
8212 1 sec
8208 1 sec
8204 1 sec
8200 1 sec

This range is so strong with me, I'm curious about how many others feel the same effect(s). I'd encourage everybody with an R/B device to try this range.


I have been for some time now looking at possibilities of how the frequencies may be affecting molecules and atoms. There is nothing conclusive yet. However, I would like to pass along one preliminary suggestion for "stimulating" L-lysine:

195.5 or one of its higher octaves 391 782 1564.1 3128.2 6256.4

I have rounded each number to the nearest tenth of a hertz to accomodate the Ramsey. If we were to use freq. generators with accuracy to hundredth or thousandth of a hertz, we may get even better results.

This number is based upon the mass-to-frequency conversion of the lysine molecule. I have reason to believe that this is the system Joel Sternheimer is using (the physicist in France using sound).


Would it be better to sweep a (say) 100Hz range on a short period (like 0.25 sec) or long period (like 100 sec)? With the 0.25 second rate, it would only be in the 4Hz window a few milliseconds, but would hit it 4x per second. Or would it be better to have it 100s where it would be in the 4Hz window 4 seconds but only once every 100s?

I can tell you how it works with my [lyme] disease. I had to use a sweep of 50 every hour or it didn't work. I started with 600 sept to 650, stopped for one hour and started again at 650 and went to 700. I think it has something to do with the molecules in the air maybe getting burnt or dried out.


A fairly new treatment for Parkinson disease is called Deep Brain Stimulation. This involves the removal of the top of the skull and implanting electrodes directly into the brain. The electrodes are then pulsed and the effect is the blockage of involuntary tremors.

What may be of interest here is that the frequency used is presently between 130 and 170 Hz. Two that commonly are used are 130 Hz and 169 Hz. These frequencies might be of some crossover useage.

Jim Bare


I tried 3100Hz on one of those small ants the other day and it seemed to agitate it a lot.


Some asked what freqs were determined and used by the volunteers.

I informed them that each person must determined individually.

However, I am posting the freqs determined and employed by the volunteers. You must remember that no one really knows why the volunteer responded to the freqs and what conditions were being addressed. Personally, what ever is eliminated is a plus for the individual regardless what that was the condition.

1. 300
2. 318
3. 460
4. 600
5. 1014
6. 1100
7. 1184
8. 1200
9. 1320
10. 1370
11. 1460
12. 1570
13. 1686
14. 1730
15. 1800
16. 1862
17. 1900
18. 1970
19. 2040
20. 2190

Another volunteer responded to only one freq, 1120, but it was successful in eliminating a physical distress in their abdomen.

Another volunteer with multiple problems most of which they were unaware of responded to the following freqs and is experiencing significant improvements in their health.

1. 300
2. 318
3. 450
4. 900
5. 1030
6. 1045
7. 1070
8. 1090
9. 1098
10. 1114
11. 1122
12. 1130
13. 1135
14. 1140
15. 1245
16. 1270
17. 1400
18. 1450
19. 1589
20. 1655
21. 1735
22. 1809
23. 1840
24. 2040
25. 2112
26. 2123

It must be pointed out that not everyone will respond to the sweep technique. I for one do not respond to any freqs.



I've had patients who have developed cataracts at a very young age and have never had any exposure to an R/B unit. I believe there may be several reasons for this occurrence.

A lot of people don't realize is that they live in a microwave broadcast zone. My old house was like that, lay in a direct line with the top of a mountain where all sorts of antennas were located. We had a satellite dish at the time and on some days , the dish was useless from all the microwave traffic being broadcast. You could at times even hear telephone transmissions being recieved.

Another problem that many people have is that they stand next to their microwave ovens when in use. I've seen people stand a foot or two away from the door and watch as the oven cooks away. There is not supposed to be much RF leakage from these, but a bad seal, or a door that no longer closes correctly, will allow a lot of microwave radiation to escape.

Another cause is to sunburn the eyes. This can occur when snow skiing or being out of doors without good UV blocking sunglasses on.

One other cause that comes to mind is the use of cell phones. There are laboratory tests that show this occurrence. A cell phone produces a lot more RF emission than a well built R/B and is held just inches from a person's eyes.

Jim Bare


The following list has the organism, It's MOR in Hz, and who discovered the MOR.

Vorticelli campanula fam. Ciliate MOR 2960-2975Hz (infusoria) G. Minor
Vorticella sp. 3572, 3599 From G Minor's rotifer MOR J. Bare

Balladyna = fam of blepharisma but smaller MOR 3130-3150 G. Minor

A very small fruitfly fam. Drosophila MOR 2167 Hz G. Minor

Rotifer sp. MOR 3572, 3599, 3677 G. Minor

Euglena sp. MOR 3225 M. Prescott
Euglena sp. MOR 6448 R. Wormus

Paramecium caudatum MOR 1150 J. Bare
Paramecium caudatum MOR 4500 M. Prescott

Blepharisma sp. MOR 924, 3050 J. Bare

Paranema sp. MOR 8296-8304 J. Bare

Turbatrix ( Vinegar eel) MOR 104 J. Bare

Large Cockroach sp. MOR 100 P. Jone


This is an excerpt of two letters sent to me by and HIV patient. Some of the results of his therapy are not too unusual with present Medical treatment. The abrupt increase in T cell count is very encouraging. If individuals wish to contact him, please write me directly and I will forward your inquiry.

Jim Bare

To whom this may concern, My sincerest appreciation for the Rife machine(s). I am an HIV/AIDS patient. I have been receiving rife treatments for about 5 months. The results seem to be miraculous. My viral load has decreased from 120,000 (units?) to nondetectable (below 50 units) in 6 months, and my t-cell count has increased from 179 (AIDS defining) to an astounding 1347 within 3 months. this is with medications and with colloidal silver as well.

I would like more information about using rife for HIV treatment, i.e., other success stories and additional therapies that may be incorperated with the machine. I also have an online friend who I think would benefit greatly from treatments. He lives in Joplin, MO< 3 hours from Kansas City MO. I was wondering if there is anyone in his area who might be able to treat him with Rife resonance therapies.

I anticipate your response and thank you once again for your research and continuance of the work of Rife.

Here is the information you have requested. The person treating me uses the Genie 1 software program. We are currently using the B/R machine. He has combined several sets of frequencies. We use the AIDS program twice a week, with the exception of on of those only being the HIV treatment once every other week. Currently we are athe 3 minutes per frequency and have allowed up to 5 per frequency occasionally. The frequencies we use are 1.44, 1550, 1500, 249, 418, 727, 787, 880, 2489, 3100, 3175, 3475.

I am taking the following medicines: Sustiva (efavirenz), Zerit (stavudine), Videx (didanosine) and bactrim. I do not recall the classes of each of these drugs, i.e. which of these are protease inhibitors, nucleoside analogs, etc. I also am taking 1/2 teaspoon of colloidal silver 3 times daily. I am currently debating whether to use essiac tea along with all of this, as your thoughts are more than welcome.

Thanks once again for your time and research.


An acquaintance of mine who is an electronic engineer informed me a few days ago that a company has just patented a system that can tell a certain living cell culture from others and even a dead cell culture from a live one. The method was created in an attempt to distinguish live yeast (in the process of making beer) from dead yeast... It is somehow useful to tell the quantity of dead Vs live yeast in the vat.

The process is to send frequencies into the vat (he did not know of the exact method which was employed) that are related to the particular organism in question (yeast) and then use sensors to detect the result of *resonance* with the culture at various frequencies. This has the ability to distinguish between live and dead yeast apparently.

Even more interesting, he mentioned that it was discovered that there exist three most useful frequencies/resonances to determine the state of the yeast. One of these frequencies related to the length of the DNA helix (and was in the audio range), that another was related to the radius of the yeast (also in the audio range) and the other was related to the square of the radius of the organism (not in the audio range).

I will attempt to find out more specifics before he moves to Hawaii next month.


I have a group of frequencies that seem to be effective for whatever it is being sprayed on people at the moment.


4534 and 8671 seem to work best.

If you try them , let me know how they work.



Here are the frequencies I used in the PET to treat my colds:

¦Step ¦ Freq¦Dur¦Amp
¦ 1 20 1 70
¦ 2 20 1 80
¦ 3 20 3 90
¦ 4 120 5 80
¦ 5 146 5 70
¦ 6 440 5 70
¦ 7 444 5 70
¦ 8 465 5 80
¦ 9 727 5 90
¦ 10 776 5 80
¦ 11 787 5 80
¦ 12 880 5 80
¦ 13 1500 5 80
¦ 14 1550 5 80
¦ 15 5000 5 120
¦ 16 10000 5 130
This also gives you an idea of how the PET unit can be programmed. The unit has 3 programmable buttons and each of the 3 programmes can have a maximum of 32 steps.

Freq in Hz., Duration in minutes, Amp means mV. All values can be preprogrammed.

I am open for further suggestions to improving this programme....




In this present bright sunshine weather i get severe eye irritation--need frequent medication and alays have to resist the rubbing or it gets very bad. i tried the two low frequencies listed in my frequency reference manual (2.8, 80). the eye irritation "melted" away like magic. no present irritation from the bright natural light. no eye irritation whatsoever. no medication--and i don't think any placebo effect involved.


Subject: [RF]: 11.78 MHz Experiment

I have conducted a test using 11.78 MHz as the only treatment for cancer virus. I used myself as the subject, and started the experiment by avoiding the grape plant extract and activated herbs that I normally use as well as 2128Hz and so on for two months. I then sent saliva samples to radionics practitioners for testing to establish a base level. After getting the results back, I treated myself with 11.78 MHz.

The equipment was a BK-4040. Splitters were used in both leads to provide contacts for both feet and both hands. Both feet were connected to the ground, both hands to the center conductors. Stainless sheets were used for contacts, and they were slightly moistened. Sine wave was chosen to minimize harmonics. No DC offset was used. The frequency was not pulsed. Output was turned all the way up. At lower frequencies, this would be about 8 volts RMS. I was not able to measure the voltage at 11.78 MHz. The frequency drifted between 11.775 and 11.785 MHz. Treatment times were 20 minutes a day, and daily treatments were used for a week.

I then sent saliva samples off for retests. The three practitioners that I used all agreed that the virus score went down by 20 points (the points are just readings on the dial). Over the years I have noticed that a person treating themself aggressively will have their score reduce by about 10 points a month. So 20 points a week is very unusual. In fact one practitioner included a note with the results wanting to know what I had done.

I concluded that 11.78 MHz has promise and should be investigated further. Weeks Parker's device should be considered for a frequency source for Rife/Bare devices.



I've come across some frequencies that I've never seen before. They are from a hand written note by John Crane, dated Feb. 1959. I have no knowledge regarding whether they are effective or not, however one person told me that they have had good results with them. At the Rife conference, Char checked a few of them on her database and found some correlations. I'm listing them below for your consideration, making it absolutely clear that I make no claims and accept no responsibility regarding them. If you decide to try them, please let us all know how you make out.



Tetanus - 244 (all figures are in Hz)

Treponema - 902

GC** & Typhoid rod - 824

Staph - 960

Strep - 1266

Pneumonia - 1238

T.B. rod - 1513

T.B. virus - 2565

B. Coli virus - 2872

Typhoid virus - 3205

Sarcoma - 3524

BX - 3713

** I'm not sure what GC means, but it may be Gonococcus.


You are right, many experimenters are reluctant to disclose their results with frequency devices for various reasons. l have been collecting a few "stories" from users recently, mostly using Stenulson's emem4. The details are sketchy and freqs used aren't always given, but those involved seem genuinely excited:

62 year old female, recent sudden onset of severe arthritis in right knee, one treatment with large bubble tube on knee, feet on ground plate, using 880, 728, 1550, "totally gone within the same day, back to walking daily again" Treatment was 2 months ago.

50 year old female, tooth coming out of socket, dentist ready to remove, flat coil hand held device used on 2720 and others, essential oils applied, dentist sez tooth will probably be saved.

approx 50 year old male with severe ear infection, several different antibiotics used with no results, hand tube used on ear and cavity behind ear, regular bacterial freqs, next morning ear draining nicely, clearing up (no follow up)

42 year old male with severe lymph blockage in head and face, used lymph freqs from Turf's page, "after treating one side of the head, that side looked totally different from the other immediately." Supposedly drainage was achieved.

39 year old female, chronic sinus infections, large bubble used as radient device, freqs from Turf caused quick drainage and subsequent reversal of infection.

48 year old male, swollen arthritic hands, large Allred bubble was used on 727, 880, 1550, 2720, relief was almost immediate and continued to progress the next day, symtoms began to return in about 10 days, no new report.

l hear rumblings of researchers having success with more serious maladies, but l have no reports at this time. Much work is being done and more reports, although anecdotal, will be coming. l personally feel that, with some of the more consistent, predictable devices being built now by some builders, the issue is no longer a concern of machine effectiveness, but that of correct freq being used. We have all seen what can happen if you luck up and hit the right frequency, now let's take the luck part out of it!!


Thanks Bruce for mentioning this! I also feel that until we reduce the freqs into a "common octave", we have no point of comparison. For example, how many of us are aware that 11,780,000 hz reduces to 2876 hz, or 1438 hz, or 719 hz?

Another good example is, 775 is a lower octave to 1550, and 776 a lower octave to 1552. Another one...5000 and 10,000... And from time to time I see octave relationships in the freqs from Turf's consolidated list.

Moving on... On 10/15, Mike F posted about Crane's 1959 vintage frequencies: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <This may have been discussed in the past but while looking at the newly posted frequencies from Crane a few match up pretty close to the Rife labe
notes Rf frequencies.
Crane Hz Rife KHz
Johnson to Rife
1935 letter
Typhoid Rod 824 900 760KHz
Staph 960 998.74
Strep 1266 1241
Pneumonia 1238 1200

I calculated lower octaves of the Rife KHz freqs, to see how they compare with Crane's, and came up with these numbers:
typhoid rod - 858 hz
staph - 952.5 hz
strep - 1183.5 hz
pneumonia - 1144.4 hz

Interestingly, the closest match (staph), is also the one in which Rife gave the kilohertz reading in greater resolution, using 2 decimal points.

Mike continues: <It looks like what Crane may have done is to take the Rife RF frequencies and divide them by 1000 to produce frequencies in Hz that would work with his pad device and a B&K 3011 to avoid emission of RF and conflict with the Fed's. These are the best matches I

have found but may have missed some. It is possible that Crane may have done this with all of the frequencies although I cannot reconcile Rife's 11,780,000HZ Bx frequency with 2128Hz or 3713Hz. The other general pattern is that virus have higher frequencies than bacteria. Any thoughts. Mike F

Does anyone know if Crane was using a square wave with the B&K? Because ultimately, any division of frequencies by 10, 100, 1000 etc, reduces to octave multiples of the odd harmonic 5. (10 = 5 x 2) (100 = 5 x 2 x 5 x 2) (1000 = 5 x 2 x 5 x 2 x 5 x 2)

Another interesting relationship that showed up from the 3713 Crane bx freq that Jason posted: The ratio relationship of 3713 / 2121.7 = 1.75 This is a lower octave of the 7th harmonic. In other words, the 7th harmonic of 2121.7 is 14,852 hz, which is *exactly* 2 octaves up from 3713.

Another interesting one: The 11th harmonic of 2091.6 = 23,007.8....which is an *exact* lower octave of 11,780,000.

And another: 2128 is the exact 7th harmonic of 304. goes on and on... Char


I saw a patient with prostate cancer on Tues. 19 Oct. and ran thru' the usual cancer frequencies with no +ACI-hits+ACI-. He came back Friday (Oct 22)complaining of moderately severe abdominal discomfort for a few days, so I ran 3176 Hz for 5 mins then 3040 Hz for 9 mins with no relief of pain. After 5 mins on 3713 Hz his pain was much improved and after 20 minutes he had no pain at all. Will keep you posted on his progress.

I was treating a child who had tonsillitis on the R/B and had his mother (who is allergic to wheat) change the frequencies. She misread the figures (my writing is not that legible I am informed) and ran 707Hz instead of 727 Hz. After a minute she complained of nausea and felt that her head was all fogged up. Has anybody else had that reaction on 707 Hz?

While treating a very sensitive lady with TB last year. She reacted to some of the TB frequencies with a cold sweat. She accidentally ran 1740 Hz and had an immediate reaction to that freq., so I ran it with the rest of the usual TB freqs. after that. After treatment with the Astropulse and B/R have not been able to culture TB bacilli from her sputum again.


Volunteer with acute Periodontal Disease of the upper right molar with root canal. A pus ball was observable on the gum next to the infected root area. Infection and Bone loss was determined by X-ray.

Dentist recommended pulling tooth and treating with antibiotics. Then a bridge would be installed to replace the tooth.

Volunteer decided to use PEFT protocol, which was run every day.

465 10 min
784 10 min
727 10 min
787 10 min
880 10 min
1560 10 min
1577 10 min
After two day the sensitivity around infected area was alleviated.

After 5 days the swelling in gum area was relieved and pus ball was receding.

Once the infection is effectively taken care of the bone loss can be restored by taking Vitamin E, 800 IU and EPA Fish oil, Omega 3, 1000 mg per day. Bone restoration will take several months, so be patient.

Cancer volunteer {running same regimen as above} had a Shingles area, approximately 2 inches in diameter, on the left side of forehead. The inflamation and symptoms dissappeared.

Symptomatically, the cancer volunteer is improving. MRI will be run in about one month.


I am just recovering from a cold that is going around. Although a cold is not a nice thing to have, it was another opportunity to test how effectively I can get rid of a cold with my PET (Rife/Crane device made by unit.

First of all, I programmed the unit for all the frequencies I could find to treat colds. The treatment was as follows:

Step¦ Freq¦Dur¦Amp
1 20 1 70
2 20 1 80
3 20 3 90
4 120 5 80
5 146 5 70
6 440 5 70
7 444 5 70
8 465 5 80
9 727 5 90
10 776 5 80
11 787 5 80
12 880 5 80
13 1500 5 80
14 1550 5 80
15 5000 5 120
16 10000 5 130

Frequency is in Hz, Duration is in minutes.

I started the treatment by attaching the pads to my thighs and running the entire programme. I certainly felt better after the treatment although the runny nose and the sore throat remained. My coughing started to get pretty intensive so I tried putting the pads on either side of my throat and running the programme. The tingling sensation from the pads was more intensive than when used on the thighs, yet I was surprised to find that the coughing stopped within minutes!!!

I ran the entire programme and have coughed only very occasionally since then.

The entire cold was virtually gone (I just needed to occasionally blow my nose and cough) within just 3 days. The friend of mine I must of caught the cold off was off work in bed for a week and is still recovering!

This is already the sixth cold I have treated with my Rife unit. Usually it works and once it did not (I must of had a cold not affected by the above frequencies that time).

I am interested in your experiences in treating colds and flu with Rife. What frequencies, etc. do you use? Do you agree with the frequencies used in my above list or should I add/remove some or change the duration?

I am looking forward to your comments as the next cold will surely come sometime soon!!!




Per Char's suggestion, the BX carcinoma pathogen frequency, 11,780,000 Hz was divided by two until the usable frequency of 2876 Hz was arrived at.

In October, a man with prostate cancer volunteered to use 2876 Hz as the only treatment. He was not on any other program or medical treatment. A radionics vibrational saliva test was used to determine base line virus level. He then used a B&K 4011 with contacts for hands and feet for 20 minutes a day, attempting to keep the frequency as close to 2876 as he could. Output was set to what he was comfortable with. A sine wave was chosen so that the frequency could be tested by itself. Neither gating or DC offset were used.

After a week, a saliva sample was again submitted for testing. Results suggest that 2876 Hz does have an effect on the virus. So far, there has not been the obvious symptom relief that has been seen with 11,780,000 Hz, but this person was not having much in the way of symptoms.

I suggest that those with carcinoma cancers who do not have access to a unit that produces 11,780,000 Hz use the 2876 as part of their program. I do not think that 2128 effects the virus, but it can help break up tumors. A combination of both is suggested.



Last week I gave a talk about Rife at a New Age Group and took my R/B machine along to demonstrate. The group were generally very sensitive and gave me some interesting feedback. I tried them out on 10 000, 5 000, 3176, 1131, 664, 465, 33 and as an experiment - 8. I wanted to see how sensitive people would respond to 8 because of its proximity to the Schuman wave (7.83Hz). Wow! What an intersting experiment. Most of them found 8 to be the most 'powerful' frequency (10000 came second incidentally). They reported relaxation, tingling sensations in different parts of the body, past emotional trauma's surfacing and it feeling "nice" (interpret that word how you will).

I think this frequency should be further investigated for its full therapeutic effects.

Mark, The Finchley Clinic (North London)


Been working on a hiatal hernia using the "stomach disorders" frequencies I got with my pad device from Jaguar Enterprizes and after the 3rd daily treatment my blood sugar fell from my average of 11 to 26 to 5 to 8. Feeling better, thought somebody with the affliction as well might get the same results. Has anyone had success with the Rife-Bare machine ? Here are the freq's I ran @ 3 min each: 2127 2008 880 787 727 690 666 125 95 72 20 450 Jerry Sand


I, of-course am still refining, but at this point I am mostly working on the regeneration of tissue damage done to my kidneys and nerve-endings (from diabetes); also quite sucessfully. (Although I personally have not found the particular protocal shown in the back of the manual that comes with the Biotec-2000 for "Healing" to be effective), 47 is an extremely valid frequency for the repair of damage already done to tissue and organs.


To all those fighting bacterial infections

Most of you have noticed that 727 or 728 depending on the list, machine, tuning etc. are prime bacterial freq's. After extensive playing with my system with my self as subject I had reached the point where I was in a lot better shape but still had some deep tissue problems. most notably in my lower back and leg bones. Eventually I discovered that 727.125 was about bang on for the mode for the MOR. The one 1/8 made me suspicious so I mult. by eight to get 5817.0 tried it and got a VERY good response. Treatment was about 5 min. five hours ago and so far I have experienced no ill effects other than Herx.


I had extremely good results on C. Pneumonia (assumed) 1880.1 etc. self as subject. Instrumentation recorded a hit. Herx. and sinus drainage with some blood. Two to three treatments later could not record a hit on self at that freq.


Sarcoidosis =synonym disease of Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann or lymphogranuloma benignum. A non malignant chronic systemic disease affecting virtually all organs. Frequencies reported to be of use in Hz. 2167- 2967-3289.and according to the "Garvey" freq.list 1522Hz. (listed under lymphogranuloma) Three to five minutes each pulsed at 1 sec.interval. Square wave generator set to 1.9V ptp delivered to a R/B system capable of 70W minimum.


Hi Monroe !

I know you have a tendency to push the outside of the envelope BIG TIME, so I have something for you to test. Then pass this on to others as you see fit. Please do not involve me in anyway what so ever, that is why I sent this to you this way.

( I dont know who sent this to me, email address doesnt exist, it comes back- doesnt exist! bill clinton, I couldnt if I wanted took measures to see that THAT doesnt did you do that? At lunch I ran into a couple of guys who do something called deep tissue massage, showed them this freq list and they knew exactly what I was talking about and it was no big deal to them, its not a new discovery to them...well that makes sense, since the Rife Ray Beam was discovered DECADES ago and JUST NOW we are re-discovering it...oh well it was new to me and maybe its new to you also so I hope this helps... - Monroe in Houston, TEXAS )

If you look at this really close and have a background in medical training of the muscles in your body, you might notice that THESE start at the head and slowly move down the body as the frequencys go up in range(higher)but these also have been used in a LOWER OCTAVE.

(I gotta go get a book on muscles from the library to know what is what...I just had a doctor buddy look this over and grouped it into body sections for me- Monroe in Houston, TEXAS )

After noticing what some people have said about OCTAVES and it seems to apply here. After all, we are talking about 'frequencies'. So dont get confused Monroe....this said to also have some effects when used at a LOWER OCTAVE of the numbers given in this list.

Uh..whats and OCTAVE? I need simple answer so that others will understand this also...and how do you do you figure it out, how do you do the math, and what does it all mean?

Try this one for example, take this first one, the occipitalis muscle at 52 hz. In this case, dividing by 2 will bring it down to 26 hz. The theory behind this is, that it brings the number closer to brain wave area. One could even go to lower octaves (in this case, 13 hz., 6.5, 3.25, etc.) ----and see if they work better. This could be very valuable experimentation indeed and YOU do ALOT of

(Monroe, It is curious that you found all those freqs. below 10 hz. helped your back pain the most. What you have been running is very intereting.)

So....we don't really know yet, whether higher or lower numbers work better, and could it vary with the individual?....that's possible too. All I know is these muscle frequencies have had some really terrific results when testing in lower frequency ranges.

So don't be afraid to experiement with these a little....some people might need the numbers raised or lower down or up a little from the stated frequency.

Oh and one other thing, if you or someone EVER has an uncomfortable reaction to any freq., would you do our group a favor and post it to the list to let us know what it was (the number and what happened).We will be watching for comments and results on both Rife lists.

who is 'our group'?

Well...List, there you have it...I personally dont know where these mucles are in the human body, so dont ask me okay...ha ha Its gonna take some out there with more knowledge of what is where....Hmmm maybe someone who works with muscles on a daily basis...what kind of professional would that be....Like maybe a Chiropractor? hint...hint Well here we go AGAIN turning to Dr. James Bare for some advice...and there should be some of you who also know about muscles, post your comments to the list and lets see what happens..

Yeah, I know this could just be just one big pile of Bill clinton and maybe its information or dis-information. Hey, I dont know...Well someone did alot of experimenting...makes me wonder if it was a government project thing, since its so precise...hey I dont know, I'm just guessing. Whatever the source is, THANKS and I am now sharing it with ya'll ( thats 'you guys' for those in other parts of TEXAS...way off in North, South, East and West TEXAS...ha ha)

So rather than dismiss all of this and blow it all off and it turns out to be something really good I decided to "pass it on down" to the list, so that someone else might benifit from it...cause if its all its cracked up to be...well it really does need to be looked at an not thrown in the trash ...I just didnt want to take that chance okay ya' I am just passing it on to the list as per requested... Oh yeah, speaking of trash...I did trash the letter it came in...since it was sent anonomsly...and bill clinton, I needed the hard drive space anyway. I figure if any of this stuff works then some of you out there will know and be out there testing it yourself. And HEY and post some of your results on it...and if it doesnt work...well then it doesnt....right now I tend to lean towards it does..the few I tried worked. And based on what the deep tissure guys I ran into at lunch at Burger King, near the medical center...okay so you dont need to know where I had lunch..ha ha

You too will notice that certain frequencies we NORMALLY run also effect muscles..or so this frequency list so says... (which ones, Monroe?)

304 everyone runs that ALOT...well your suppose to at least! 304 Thyrohyoid 120 for parasites 120 Pterygoid Internal Medialis, sphenoid division 432 sinus stuff 432 Teres major, superior division 464 good stuff 464 Pectoralis Major, costal division 522 lung stuff 522 Extensor Pollicis Longus,septal division

According to this list, then ALOT of the frequencies we usually run DO ALOT MORE than what we intentional target it for...(well we all knew that!)

List- since I dont know much about mucles, like some of you do...I cant test this as much as it needs testing...what good may come from this...I dont know...maybe help people walk again...just a guess on my part okay. We know the beam puts energy into cells then BLOWS IT UP...maybe alittle bit less energy could help it out...just a wild theory, okay. Maybe someone could re-post this with a short 'laymen's description' of what these are..yeah I know a medical book would be the best and some will never look it up in a medical book, you and I both know make it as simple as possible, okay

Each one teach one

Ya'll be careful with this information okay and your on your own......if you mess up, dont come to me for answers...I dont know them.

I am just sharing what came my way.

Monroe in Houston, TEXAS

Hertz Muscle Name

52 Occipitalis
58 Levator Palpebrae, superior division
60 Orbicularis Oculi, superior division
62 Orbicularis Oculi, inferior division
70 Depressor Septi
98 Orbicularis Oris, upper division
100 Orbicularis Oris, inferior division
102 Buccinator
110 Temporalis, parietal division
112 Temporalis, occipital division
114 Masseter, superficial division
118 Masseter, deep division
120 Pterygoid Internal Medialis, sphenoid division
122 Pterygoid Internal Medialis, palatine division
124 Pterygoid External Lateralis, upper division
126 Pterygoid External Lateralis, lower division
130 Rectus Superior Bulbi
132 Rectus Inferior Bulbi
134 Rectus Medialis Bulbi
136 Rectus Lateralis Bulbi
138 Obliquus Superior Bulbi
140 Obliquus Inferior Bulbi
270 Upper Trapezius, scapular division
272 Upper Trapezius, clavicular division
274 Sternocleidomastoid, sternal division
276 Sternocleidomastoid, clavicular division
278 Scalenus anterior
282 Scalenus medius
284 Scalenus posterior
286 Platysma, anterior division
288 Platysma, posterior division
290 Digastric, anterior belly
292 Digastric, posterior belly
294 Stylohyoid
296 Mylohyoid
298 Geniohyoid
300 Sternohyoid
302 Sternothyroid
304 Thyrohyoid
306 Omohyoid
308 Longus Coli, vertical division
314 Longus Capitis
322 Splenius Capitis, mastoid division
326 Splenius Cervicis
332 Semispinalis Capitis
334 Semispinalis Cervicis
346 Obliquus Capitis Superior
350 Interspinalis (cervical)
362 Cricoarytenoideus Lateralis
370 Thyroarytenoideus
380 Constrictor Pharyngeus Medius
394 Levator Scapula, superior division
396 Levator Scapula, inferior division

390 Trapezius, middle division
392 Trapezius, lower division
398 Rhomboid minor
400 Rhomboid major
402 Serratus Anterior, superior division
404 Serratus Anterior, inferior division
406 Pectoralis minor, superior division
408 Pectoralis minor, inferior division
410 Subclavius, clavicular division
412 Subclavius, scapular division
414 Latissimus Dorsi, thoracic division
416 Latissimus Dorsi, lumbar division
418 Latissimus Dorsi, iliac division
420 Supraspinatus, spine division
422 Supraspinatus, fossa division
424 Infraspinatus, superior division
426 Infraspinatus, middle division
428 Infraspinatus, inferior division
430 Teres minor
432 Teres major, superior division
434 Teres major, inferior division
436 Subscapularis, superior division
438 Subscapularis, third division
440 Subscapularis, second division
442 Subscapularis, inferior division
460 Pectoralis Major, clavicular division
462 Pectoralis Major, sternal division
464 Pectoralis Major, costal division

444 Coracobrachialis, corachoid division
446 Coracobrachialis, septal division
448 Deltoid, posterior medial division
450 Deltoid, posterior lateral division
452 Deltoid, middle posterior division
454 Deltoid, middle anterior division
456 Deltoid, anterior scapular division
458 Deltoid, anterior clavicular division
466 Biceps Brachii, longhead
468 Biceps Brachii, shorthead
470 Triceps, longhead
472 Triceps, lateral head
474 Triceps, medial head
476 Articularis Cubiti
478 Brachialis
480 Brachioradialis, humeral division
482 Brachioradialis, septal division
484 Pronator Teres, humeral division
486 Pronator Teres, ulnar division
488 Anconeus, olecranon division
490 Anconeus, ulnar division
492 Supinator, radial division
494 Supinator, ulnar division
496 Pronator Quadratus, proximal division
498 Pronator Quadratus, distal division
500 Palmaris Longus
502 Flexor Carpi Radialis, abductor division
504 Flexor Carpi Radialis, flexor division
506 Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, flexor division
508 Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, adductor division
510 Extensor Carpi Ulnaris, adductor division
512 Extensor Carpi Ulnaris, extensor division
514 Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
516 Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, extensor division
518 Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, abductor division
520 Extensor Pollicis Longus, ulnar division
522 Extensor Pollicis Longus, septal division
524 Extensor Pollicis Brevis, radial division
526 Extensor Pollicis Brevis, septal division
528 Flexor Pollicis Longus
530 Abductor Pollicis Longus, ulnar division
532 Abductor Pollicis Longus, radial division
534 Flexor Pollicis Brevis
536 Interossei Pollicis (Palmaris first)
538 Opponens Pollicis, flexor division
540 Opponens Pollicis, abductor division
542 Abductor Poliicis Brevis
544 Adductor Pollicis Transversus
546 Adductor Pollicis Obliquus
548 Extensor Digitorum Communis Manus, medial division
550 Extensor Digitorum Communis Manus, lateral division
552 Extensor Digiti Minimi Manus
554 Extensor Indicis Proprius
556 Flexor Digitorum Superficialis, medial division
558 Flexor Digitorum Superficialis, lateral division
560 Flexor Digitorum Profundus Manus, medial division
562 Flexor Digitorum Profundus Manus, lateral division
564 Interossei Dorsales Manus, fourth
566 Interossei Dorsales Manus, third
568 Interossei Dorsales Manus, second
570 Interossei Dorsales Manus, first
572 Lumbricales Manus, fourth
574 Lumbricales Manus, third
576 Lumbricales Manus, second
578 Lumbricales Manus, first
580 Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis, Manus
582 Abductor Digiti Minimi Manus, flexor division
584 Abductor Digiti Minimi Manus, abductor division
586 Opponens Digiti Minimi Manus, abductor division
588 Opponens Digiti Minimi Manus, flexor division
590 Interossei Palmaris, fourth
592 Interossei Palmaris, third
594 Interossei Palmaris, second
596 Palmaris Brevis

610 Spinalis Thoracis, lumbar division
612 Spinalis Thoracis, thoracic division
614 Longissimus Thoracis, superior division
618 Longissimus Thoracis, inferior division
642 Lavator Costorum, inferior division
648 Serratus Posterior, superior division
652 Serratus Posterior, inferior division
656 Diaphragm, right lumbar division
662 Diaphragm, left lumbar division
690 Pyramidalis
692 Obliquus Externus Abdominis, anterior division
694 Obliquus Externus Abdominis, lateral division
696 Obliquus Internus Abdominis, anterior division
698 Obliquus Internus Abdominis, lateral division
700 Rectus Abdominis, first division
702 Rectus Abdominis, second division
704 Rectus Abdominis, third division
706 Rectus Abdominis, fourth division, medialis
708 Rectus Abdominis, fourth division, lateralis
710 Iliacus
712 Iliacus Minor
714 Transverse Abdominis, upper division
718 Transverse Abdominis, lower division
722 Psoas Major, lumbar division
724 Psoas Major, thoracic division
726 Psoas Major, diaphragmatic division
728 Psoas Minor
730 Quadratus Lumborum, costal division
732 Quadratus Lumborum, lumbar division
734 Multifidus, lumbosacral division
736 Iliocostalis Lumborum
738 Longissimus Lumborum
740 Coccygeus, sacral division
742 Coccygeus, coccyx division
744 Pubococcygeus
746 Iliococcygeus
752 Cremaster
780 Gluteus Medius, posterior division
782 Gluteus Medius, middle division
784 Gluteus Medius, anterior division
786 Gluteus Minimus, anterior division
788 Gluteus Minimus, posterior division
848 Gluteus Maximus, iliac division
850 Gluteus Maximus, sacral division
852 Gluteus Maximus, coccygeal division
860 Piriformis
862 Gemellus Inferior
864 Gemellus Superior

790 Tensor Fascia Lata, anterior division
792 Tensor Fascia Lata, posterior division
794 Rectus Femoris, reflected head
796 Rectus Femoris, straight head
798 Pectineus
800 Adductor Brevis
804 Adductor Longus, inferior division
806 Adductor Longus, superior division
808 Gracilis
810 Sartorius
812 Obturator Externus
814 Quadratus Femoris
816 Vastus Medialis, upper division
818 Vastus Medialis, middle division
820 Vastus Medialis, lower division
822 Obturator Internus
824 Biceps Femoris, shorthead
826 Biceps Femoris, longhead, fibular division
828 Biceps Femoris, longhead, tibial division
830 Vastus Lateralis, superior division
832 Vastus Lateralis, middle division
834 Vastus Lateralis, lower division
836 Vastus Intermedius, medial division
838 Vastus Intermedius, lateral division
840 Articularis Genu
842 Adductor Magnus, vertical division
844 Adductor Magnus, oblique division
846 Adductor Magnus, transverse division

Hertz Muscle Name

854 Semitendinosis
856 Semimembranosus, tibial division
858 Semimembranosus, popliteal division
870 Popliteus
872 Gastrocnemius, medial division
874 Gastrocnemius, lateral division
876 Plantaris
878 Soleus, medial division
880 Soleus, lateral division
882 Tibialis Posterior, tibial division
884 Tibialis Posterior, fibular division
886 Peroneus Longus, cuneiform division
888 Peroneus Longus, metatarsal division
890 Peroneus Brevis, fibular division
892 Peroneus Brevis, septal division
894 Peroneus Tertius
896 Tibialis Anterior, supinator division
898 Tibialis Anterior, dorsiflexor division
900 Flexor Hallucis Longus, tibial division
902 Flexor Hallucis Longus, fibular division
904 Extensor Hallucis Longus, interosseous division
906 Extensor Hallucis Longus, fibular division
908 Flexor Digitorum Longus, medial division
910 Flexor Digitorum Longus, lateral division
912 Extensor Digitorum Longus, medial division
914 Extensor Digitorum Longus, lateral division
920 Adductor Hallucis, superior division
922 Adductor Hallucis, inferior division
924 Flexor Hallucis Brevis, first cuneiform division
926 Flexor Hallucis Brevis, tendonal division
928 Flexor Hallucis Brevis, third cuneiform division
930 Flexor Hallucis Brevis, cuboid division
932 Abductor Hallucis Oblique Head, peroneus division
934 Abductor Hallucis Oblique Head, metatarsal division
936 Abductor Hallucis Transverse Head, medial division
938 Abductor Hallucis Transverse Head, lateral division
940 Extensor Hallucis Brevis
942 Quadratus Plantae, medial division
944 Quadratus Plantae, lateral division
946 Flexor Digitorum Brevis, medial division
948 Flexor Digitorum Brevis, lateral division
950 Flexor Digitus Pedis, second
952 Flexor Digitus Pedis, third
954 Flexor Digitus Pedis, fourth
956 Flexor Digitus Pedis, fifth
958 Adductor Digitus Pedis, second
960 Adductor Digitus Pedis, third
962 Adductor Digitus Pedis, fourth
964 Adductor Digitus Pedis, fifth
966 Abductor Digitus Pedis, second
968 Abductor Digitus Pedis, third
970 Abductor Digitus Pedis, fourth
972 Abductor Digitus Pedis, fifth
974 Abductor Digiti Minimi Pedis
976 Extensor Digitorum Brevis
A follow up on 3713 Hz. The patient had pain relief while on treatment and for a few hours afterward but then complained that the pain returned later in full force. I then added 2876 to his programme and obtained pain relief again while on the BRG but the pain returned about 8 hours later. He had 3 treatments after that but complained of feeling ill after the treatments and when his PSA level shot up to 2980 he became disheartened and discontinued treatment.


Reports of the use of DNA frequencies with cancer is non existent. Research using the CAFL and bacteriological conditions has been very positive. Research with CAFL and cancer has also been positive.

Three volunteers with different types of cancer using basic Rife/Bare plasma tube devices reported employing DNA protocols. After one month, all three experienced acute adverse effects, which was confirmed by their oncologists. All three reverted to standard CAFL protocols. Volunteers are reviewing the protocol parameters.

Careful planning is required in any situation and good communication with one's physician is required so proper diagnostic procedures can be employed to monitor progress.

Most recent a volunteer with esophageal cancer reported, diagnosis, Adenocarcinoma. Prognosis, 2 months. Volunteer initiated basic standard Rife/Bare device employing CAFL cancer frequency protocol. After one month, MRI revealed no progression in the tumor. Volunteer has improved symptomatically. He can swallow, no longer suffers from GERD, acid reflux, and acute chronic headaches have almost disappeared. General feeling of well being has been achieved. He feels encouraged and expects to survive.

Recent acute Periodontal condition. X-ray of tooth revealed extensive infection of root and socket with bone loss and an abscess of the surrounding gum. Face opposite infection was sensitive to the touch and pressure on the area of the infected root was painful. Recommendation was to remove tooth, treat with antibiotics, and build a gold bridge to replace the removed tooth.

Employment of PEFT* using a basic Rife/Bare plasma tube device and protocol determined from the CAFL was employed. Basic mineral and herbs were used to support bone replacement. After one month all sensitivity has disappeared in and around the tooth. The abscess has essentially disappeared. A x-ray will be taken in a month to confirm progress and the restoration of the bone in and around the tooth socket. The main point is that the normal procedure is to pull the infected tooth, but the use of PEFT enabled eliminating the infection and the restoration of the tooth and bone.

* PEFT: Plasma Frequency Emission Technology. This is the technical name for Rife Technology. God Bless Paul


In treating cases of flu in Southern Ca. I have found that it is actually Swine Flu that I am involved with time after time. Those frequencies are: 413, 432, 663, 839, 995 and I also usually find that 10,000 to alkalize the system and sometimes 16000 to boost the immune system is also important. If the usual influenza frequencies don't work, you might want to experiment with these. Warning, if you wait 'till after it has taken hold, it is not going to be fun!


I'd like to remind everyone about the miraculous frequency that quickly removed my very debilitating stomach virus during the flu season last year. I ran a sweep from 8200 hz to 8216 for 10 or 15 minutes. I did not pulse the signal. Obviously I can't guaranty the same results this year do to the most likely altered strains. Also, I don't know if it would be effective for problems outside the digestive tract.


From a phone conversation with Dan Tracy yesterday, here is some information on anecdotal feedback from users of Doug/Dan and EMEM devices with which he has been associated: Of about 400 people, 350 of them with Lyme disease, all but 5 or 6 have shown some improvement. A few people are willing to communicate with inquirers who live near them, but many have gone on with their lives and don't want to be subjected to a barrage of questions. Tracy again says, "I never told anybody I can cure anything."

Tracy does not subscribe to the Hulda Clark frequency recommendations. He says that 742 Hz for Lyme doesn't work, but that 741 has been on his list for several other things.

I happen to have the manuscript of a 39-page account of the Tracy's experience with Rife, written by Dan's wife Jean. I am beginning to think that I should figure out a way to make it available to people who want it on a cost basis--about $3.00 would cover copying and postage if I printed enough to get 3 cents per page rate. My address is 321 Palomino Lane, #2-S, Madison, WI 53705-3442.

Let me reproduce here something from the chapter entited "The People." "The most remarkable story is about the young woman with may problems, who had been sick for most of her life. She had been going to doctors, and was in and out of hospitals for sixteen years. No one could find out what was wrong with her. She had many of the Lyme symptoms, so she was coming here for treatments on the coil machine for over a year. It would make her feel better, but never really took away her problems. When Dan made the new light machine [EMEM3], she was anxious to try it. Within an hour after the first treatment, she started having diarrhea, and passed worms and parasites of all different kinds. After almost four months of treatments on this machine, the diarrhea finally subsided, and she felt well again. Today she is like a new person, and has her life back."

This rings a bell with me because I know several local people who went from antibiotic treatment for Lyme to naturopathic treatment which included colonics and fasting regimens which flushed out parasites. This may have helped them as much as their improved diet; we'll never know!


A friend bought a light tube machine 16 days ago. I am his test subject as i have chronic asthma. I am keeping a daily note of how i am doing that i hope to post in 14 days with the idea that someone may be able to show it to one who also has a problem. My idea that someone else may be helped by seeing that it helped me. So far my lung volume has increased from 350 16 days ago to 540 this afternoon. Once last feb it was 500 for one day. All summer i hardly walk 35 feet at times. As summer is worst. Lungs still sound slightly wheezy but a sound bubbles breaking when exhaling is gone first time in 10 years.

A question. I took a small radio to his place this morning. It was about 7 feet from the light tube and was not set on a radio station but set to pick up the sound of the pulse from the tube which was set to a freq of 4200. His daughter walked past it by about 1 foot and the volume dropped. She is the only one this will work for, we tried 4 people and 4200 the only freq


Micro-Organism Log Dial Band Rife Lab Note Freq.

Teatanus 70 A 700 kHz
G.C/Typhoid 59 B 900 kHz
Staphs 60-1/2 B 998.74 kHz
Pneumonia 63-1/2 B 1.2 MHz
Streptococcus 67-1/2 B 1.241 MHz
Coli Virus 92 B 8.581 MHz
Typhoid Virus 9 C 9.6 MHz
BX 16-1/2 C 11.78 MHz


With a RB machine, the following frequencies worked for me last weekend; flu symptoms of severe aching, chills, headache were gone the next morning. (Note that I still had a runny nose and sore throat, though):

3 minutes each:

1000 (may have been 10000)



For about 15 years Ive had lower back trouble. It will all of a sudden start to ache and then WHAM! it goes into spasm, hurts like hell and I have to hobble around on a cane like a cripple. Often times I can bring it on by lifting or doing any strenuous work without a gack brace on. It usually takes about a week and a half to clear up.

The other night at the office xmas party it started to ache after dancing. The next morning I was well on the way to having a full blown back episode....

My question is, why do you suppose my back would feel 90% better after using the EMEM2 for an hour each on 432 (Lyme) and 465 (yeast)? Ive been able to do this twice now....




The dental frequencies listed by bioray are 635, 640, 1036, 1043, 1094. They worked for me getting rid of a chronic tenderness that had persisted for years after some dental work. Don Nichols] =======================

Hi Volunteer was experiencing pain in an area on the left side of neck and left shoulder. Volunteer was experiencing limited mobility of head and left arm due to pain. The head could not be turned back and forth 180 degrees, because of pain and muscle spasms. The left arm could not be raised above shoulder height. Scan was used. Output was paused at the freq that caused the pain. Pain increased and became intense. As time passed, pain increased significantly and volunteer said that the pain was getting to be more than what they could bear and asked to stop. Volunteer was asked if they could and would endure the pain for another minute or two. Volunteer agreed. Pain began to diminish and after two minutes all pain was alleviated. Program was terminated. Volunteer could now rotate head 180 degrees and could raise left arm vertically with no discomfort or pain. Volunteer has not experienced a return of discomfort or pain in subject area. Paul ===================


Use of Staph and Strep protocols from CAFL, waver, 2 Hz, 3 min dwell, resulted in 100% hits.

A rerun of the protocols 4 days later, resulted in an 80% reduction of hits. Reruns are anticipated until populations are reduced to zero(0).

Thus far ALS freq protocol has not been employed.

Significant improvement has occurred in motor and speech functions.

Higher frequencies, 26,000 Hz to 27,000 Hz, 2Hz dwell, resulted in significant improvement in calming, energizing, relaxation and of motor functions.

Contacts with volunteer expressed conversations with volunteer were improved enunciation and clearer speech.

Improvment in motor functions are apparently do to the removal of contributory effects of bacterialogical influences.

Initial indications are that permanent nerve function losses may limit further progress.

Additional Tetanus freqs were run with numerous hits. A rerun of Tetanus freqs is proposed.

Volunteer is hopeful of further improvements. Paul


list Several weeks ago a lady (~38 years old) used a model 4 EM device for her fibromyalgia. She stated that the next day she hurt worse than ever, practically unbearable. On the second day things were much better, and she has had several weeks of painless days since. l am trying to get in touch with her to get the rest of the story, and will report it if possible. She had been to the doctor, he had tested spinal fluid and confirmed fibro (never heard of that test). The freqs she used are as follows:

9000,5000,2128,2184,2720,2084,2008,1865,1550,965,880,864,742,784/788, 727,664,465,,328

I tried the MOR's on Char's list for human papilloma virus. They range from 140 - 159 with various fractions thereof.

Having a Geny-2, I programmed it as follows: 159 for 3 minutes, pulsed 1 sec, duty cycle 90%, add freq 1 Hz, step 1 then 157 for 3 minutes, pulsed 1 sec, duty cycle 90%, add freg 1 hz, step 1 etc.

I did this in groups of four, as 12 minutes using the pulsed mode is harder on the equipment (although when using pulsed as above on the Geny-2 just makes it a "swing" mode).

What this basically did was pulse between 159 and 160 for three minutes then switch to 157-159 for 3 minutes and on down the list.

I've been Rifing since January 10th of this year, and this was the most powerful collection of hits I've ever had. I'm thinking it is the method used. I've pulsed one frequency at a time with good results, but "every" frequency set (i.e. 159-160) produced strong hits based on my feeling of the effects. So maybe there is something to alternating two frequencies for 1 sec vs. running straight frequencies, or even pulsed straight frequencies.

Any thoughts out there?

Take care,

Bob D.


An elderly gentleman has been battling cancer of throat and jaw for about 10 years. His tongue has been removed. The problem of no tongue creates many problems: can't talk, lack of digestive enzymes plus difficulty in swallowing. Through all this he has an amazingly good attitude! His main concern is constant and debilitating pain.

A few months back a lady got a pad device for breast cancer. She had a very large tumor that was rapidly spreading. With the pad device she was able to reduce the tumor to small size allowing it to be removed without major loss of tissue (or body parts). Learning of the man's problem, she used the pad device on the man with jaw\throat cancer. The main benefit has been pain reduction.

Later, he sat in on sessions with a BR device and EMEM. He received similar pain reduction. Recently, his family got together to purchase a unit of their own. After much debate they selected the EMEM .

Within one week the gentleman has confirmed that he is now feeling the best that he has for many years. His pain is much relieved. He is able to get around much better at present. He and his family have much praise for the frequency treatments.

Frequencies: 2008, 2050, 2089, 2127 plus 3089, 4200, 727, 880, 666, 528, 465 and 20.


I've had problems with canker sores for some years now; they come and pester me for a long time, then disappear. I've sometimes had luck using Essiac herbal tea on them, and more recently with L-Lysine and Calcium along with my regular Vitamin E and C. This most recent time, nothing helped more than a very small amount of relief. Sunday morning the sores were really bad, and a friend suggested sitting in with a Rife-Bare plasma tube machine. I went there and we used Char's frequencies which were: (can only go to .x hertx on the generator.)
3 minutes each, and the tube was tuned just CCW off of minimum SWR (leading-edge spike seems to be sharper there). Tube using collars, no wrap. The next morning, the soreness was gone and the sores were healed over. That morning we ran the machine again, same frequencies and times. The following morning the sores had almost disappeared. Today (Tuesday evening) I can barely feel the spots where the sores were, but there is no soreness at all, and I expect in a day that all evidence of them will have disappeared. Wow! Have Never had this quick relief! It Works! Dave


My senegal parrot bird had a large pea sized tumor above his eye growing bigger and redder daily. We use R/B 880 , 1036 , 646 all for ten minutes for two days . Growth stopped shortly after wards. after treatments. It took about a month and a half and his body to dispose of the mass. No ill effects. Red ness disappeared in three days. carole

Several have requested the freq.. protocol I am using on my friend who is diabetic and has a bad infection in the foot.Here they are:1865----1550----802----787----465----444-----125----95----72----48---- 304.

These are run , along with the wound healing frequencies:800---727---220---190----80---20----1.2I started using these at 5 min. each. The detox was too great and I backed the time down to 3 min. each.I will go back to 5 min. as soon as the detox subsides.Jim suggested 2000-2200 range to promote circulation. So I am using a sweep of 20 min. from 2000-2200, before startingthe other protocols.I now plan to alternate sessions between burst and constant on, from this point on.UPDATE: After last night session, redness, edema, and soreness are reduced significantly. Skin is sloughing off of infected areas.No detox after last session. Friend is really amazed, as M.D. had told him the toe would have to come off if infection could not be stopped. He now is in a quandary, as to tell the Dr. about the treatment or not.This has been the most dramatic demonstration I have seen as to the efficacy of the R/B unit in the treatment of disease. IT WORKS.Bob =============================

With a RB machine, the following frequencies worked for me last weekend; flu symptoms of severe aching, chills, headache were gone the next morning. (Note that I still had a runny nose and sore throat, though): 3 minutes each:

1000 (may have been 10000)


I've been using the RBDT4 for over a month now and have been having good success helping relieve the pain of my arthritis and sciatica. Had to replace the PWR/SWR meter which failed. That is a hefty Balun in there.

Just a few days ago I noticed something incredible for me. I've battled a mycotic toenail condition on both big toes for over 20 years. I've tried everything on the market I could get. Dr's have written prescriptions guaranteed to work and I might as well put cold cream on it. I've even tried straight chlorine bleach. One old country doctor told me that he'd seen it like this before and nothing would cure it, I'd have it as long as I live. Now I see NO sign of any active fungal infection! The darkened and blackened areas have come off while in the shower. I don't expect to ever re-grow the entire nails because approx. 40% of the nail bed appears to be completely destroyed, but this is great! Frequencies I've been using are:


Three minutes each daily and when the pain gets bad during the day. Thanks for opening a new world to me Dr. Bare! Rod


The frequency sequence being reported as highly effective for Enlarged Prostate should probably be noted again: 2250, 2128, 2050, 690, 666. Users of both the EM+ and a contact / Pad type device have reported rapid improvement using this sequence. *** 2050 seems to be an excellent frequency for prostate plus urinary and kidney problems. A couple years back it completely eliminated a chronic urinary infection I had. Interesting part is the medical Doctors antibiotics didn't work. I passed the word on to others and some of them also got results.


Resistance to frequencies is a common problem that could be due to Pleomorphism. It may also be due to the accuracy of the frequency generator and the device employed. Don Tunney first reported that the variation required to maintain effectiveness is only about (+ or -) 2 to 3 Hz. The variation of any frequency that appears to have become ineffective should be varied by 2 - 3 Hz. Example: 2125 2131 2128 This procedure has been used to regain effectiveness of 2128 frequency. The procedure is first use the lower freq, then the higher freq, and finally the main freq. It may be best to start any protocol with this variation to possibly avoid such a condition. The effectiveness of every device varies and there is no effective simple procedure to measure a devices effectiveness. In the case of all experimentation, the invivo, in the body, situation must always take precedence over invitro, in glass, situations. The concerns of some have been disconcerting, because of some invitro reports. Even in the case of conventional medicine, the final test is invivo confirmation. Some anecdotal reports have actually confirmed the need for extended dwell times in some situations. One researcher's reporting on his foot fungus problems is an example where short dwell times, 3 minutes, aggravated the fungal condition, but increasing the dwell times to 5 to 10 minutes eliminated the fungal condition. Most Rife researchers are not professionally trained and tend to view reported data with the normal responses. It is the responsibility of Rife Researchers to use standard precautionary procedures when ever controversial or negative results are reported. Most persons are alarmed by such negative results. Just as positive results must be confirmed, so negative results must also be confirmed. Reports intended for confirmation must contain all parameters of the experiment so that any one can setup and duplicate the experiment. The average Rife researcher requires a turnkey type operation. Frequency lists still pose a serious problem of interpretation and determination of which protocols to employ. Diagnostic techniques and methods are still required to confirm physical conditions and the results of exposures to Rife devices. Take care and God Bless



The frequency sequence being reported as highly effective for Enlarged Prostate should probably be noted again: 2250, 2128, 2050, 690, 666. Users of both the EM+ and a contact / Pad type device have reported rapid improvement using this sequence.


Volunteer with cancer suffered five compression fractures of the spine and could not stand up straight and was essentially nonambulatory. Using then R/B device every day, the condition was reversed in about 6 months. Protocol used was: 2008 2128 465 784 727 787 880 1560 The volunteer began exercising on a regular basis as their health improved. Walking and working out in a gym. Weight and muscle gain was significant. The oncologist was surprised. Good diet, herbs, and minerals were all utilized. Take care and God Bless Paul


Here are some helper frequencies for the latest version of the flu. None of these is the "knock out punch". but do help a lot. I caught this stuff late last Saturday night and it really hit me hard. Will be back in office for first time this afternoon. Affects throat, lots of post nasal discharge, and extreme lung congestion. EXTREME weakness and malaise. No GI symptoms at all. I tried all the known flu freq's with no effects whatsoever. This stuff hits the immune system too and I kept getting slight bacterial infections which could be controlled. Expectorate would turn yellow and could easily be turned back clear with use of strep and staph freq's. Using the freq's I started to improve significantly within 48 hours of onset, but has taken until today to overcome weakness. Didn't find the 7728 till Tues evening and this helped the most. Jim Bare Again - these only help - will not knock it out. 7728 - a key freq run about 15 min 4888 8232 419 776 2413


I am a veterinarian who practices both traditional and complementary medicines. I have recently been treating a distemper dog who had been treated with antibiotics and steroids for some time and had survived the initial disease process. He had severe neurological impairment and was unable to walk unassisted. He had stayed at that level for a few weeks prior to treatment with a BioRay unit. . The dog is now up and walking and running. Even climbed up on a table and ate the owner's meal. Owner is thrilled! This has been accomplished over a month of treatment, initially at 3 days a week for the first 2 weeks. Then at 2 days a week. This is not exactly the same condition you describe, as distemper virus strips the myelin sheath off the nerves which causes nerve degeneration. Usually the condition is not reversible. I have used the following frequencies twice daily at one minute per frequency. The P stands for pulse. The S stands for sweep. 5K P4 2720 S4 2170 P4 1800 S4 1600 Pr 1500 S4 880 P4 787 S4 776 P4 728 S4 660 P4 444 S4 1865 P4 650 S4 625 P4 600 S4 125 P4 95 S4 72 P4 440 P4 20 10K P4 2489 S4 1550 P4 802 S4 440 P4 690 S4 522 P4 428 S4 Good luck and God Bless! Carol Buchanan


On 6-28-99, a female volunteer suffering from acute fibromyalgia scanned with an R/B With "U" tube with 100% Argon,, 37 to 3000 Hz at 2 seconds per Hz. Program was paused when hit was noted to record response and then resumed. Total scan time required is approximately 98 minutes. Volunteer was sitting approximately 7 feet from tube, which was located on coffee table. SWR was 2.0 Watts was 80.Frequency generator was a laptop. Basic program puts out 37 Hz to 32,762 Hz. Voltage from Laptop to CB was set at 2.0 volts to allow passage of Hz up to 34,000 Hz. Hits that were noted in various parts of the body are as follows: 300 318 460 600 1014 1100 1184 1200 1320 1370 1460 1570 1686-1688 1730-1800 1862 1900 1970 2040 2190 Volunteer ran this protocol daily, 3 min each, until there was no response from the freqs. Volunteer said that responses that were particularily strong were run for longer periods. After two weeks, all symptoms were alleviated with no Detox or adverse symptomatic responses. A few responses required up to 3 minutes to respond after initial response and these were run for lonbger periods. No Detox was experienced.Almost a year has passed and volunteer has since xperienced complete freedom of all previous Fibromyalgia symptoms. Paul


Volunteer with cataracts in both eyes as diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist. Vision has been getting worse. Cleaning glasses does not improve vision. Difficult to focus particularly the right eye. Volunteer used a basic R/B unit with a phanotron tube. Volunteer was not responsive to scanning, so they used shot gun approach. Protocol was run at 5 minutes each in waver mode for 3 consecutive days. Volunteer sat 3 feet from the tube. Watts = 50 to 90 SWR = 1.4 Protocol 1830 1600 9999 1552 2110 1335 1654 2187 2195 2211 Eyesight improved dramatically. Volunteer does not wake up with difficulty focusing eyes. Frequent wiping of glasses is not required. I asked volunteer if they were going to see the opthamologist. olunteer said why should I spend money to have the doc tell me I can see better. Volunteer's cataracts were only several years old, but they were gorwing rapidily. One person, 85 yr had cataracts removed surgically after quite a few years and the doc said they were rock hard, but they were able to break them up.I don't know how effective the R/B would be in such a case. Take care and God bless!Paul


One of Turf's frequencies for sinus opened my clogged left nostril very promptly. 4400 I tried it by pulsing 4399 4400 4401 4402 at one second each and then repeating the sequence for 3 minutes total and only got slight relief. By staying with the 4400 and pulsing this way: 4400.0 4400.1 4400.2 thru to 4401.0 at 1 sec each then repeating for a total of 5 minutes cleared it up very well. Bob D.


A friend, Marie, in the midst of an ongoing battle with elevated blood sugar levels and elevated blood pressure, stopped by this afternoon. She asked to try the EM+, so we set up a double bubble tube and had her place her bare feet on the stainless steel foot plate. We determined her personal "comfort level' as to the power output level setting, and used the "Magic Three" frequencies that our friend Mickie found to produce such dramatic results: 324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz for about 4 minutes each, in that sequential order. She reflected that she generally felt better - more relaxed, etc., after this brief session. She went home to check her blood pressure & blood sugar levels. Afternoons normally see her blood sugar higher than mornings; with a reading of 183 this morning, and having never seen it below 150 in many months, she was pleasantly surprised to report a reading of 120 late this afternoon. Afternoons also normally show her blood pressure elevated; this afternoon, it tested 122 over 76 ... the lowest she can remember in a long time.


The following list of frequencies is the protocol that we use for Herpes: 10000 - for 3 mins. 5000 - for 3 mins. 3176 - for 3 mins. 2489 - for 3 mins. 1488 - for 5 mins. 1485 - for 1 min. 1488 - for 3 mins. 1491 - for 1 min. 1488 - for 3 mins. 1486 - for 2 mins. 1488 - for 3 mins. 1490 - for 2 mins. 1488 - for 3 mins. 1487 - for 2 mins. 1488 - for 3 mins. 1489 - for 2 mins. 800 - for 3 mins. 728 - for 10 mins. 664 - for 3 mins. 464 - for 5 mins. 304 - for 3 mins. 120 - for 3 mins. Spreading out and back in from the central frequency of 1488 has proven quite effective. Meg


I told Bruce about the 2 heart attacks I had the previous year and the sudden onslaught of Rheumatoid Arthritis that had kept me in constant, terrible, demobilizing pain. I also had been diagnosed as Bipolar, Manic. He explained the EM+ and I asked him if I could try it. We just played with it a while and tried a few different frequencies (324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz) then we all went off to bed. The next morning I woke up after a wonderful nights sleep, and as I always do, I sat up slowly and reached for the wall to help myself out of bed. I was braced for the pain that always greeted me on arising. But I stopped in my tracks when I realized that my hand opened and closed just like a normal person. AND NO PAIN !!!! I was so excited I wanted to tell my husband so I JUMPED out of bed and TROTTED down the stairs and again, stopped in my tracks. I looked back and realized I had done all this with NO PAIN!!!! As I write this I still can't believe it!


Hi Folks:

I want to thank everyone who offered frequencies for Rocky Mountain Spotted fever in response to my recent request, and I am now in a position to give an update and report results on the whole episode, treatment of which included the use of a Rife-Bare-type plasma device. My beagle-mix dog, Toby, became acutely ill in early October, with high fever, chills and shakes, jaundice (yellowing) of the eyes and mucous membranes (noticeable in the mouth/gums) and very decreased interest in eating. I took him to the vet for tests, and we narrowed it down pretty quickly (particularly due to the jaundice, caused by liver damage/overload and red blood cell destruction which releases bilirubin) to one of the tick-borne diseases, probably Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF, which happens to be endemic in this area right now), Ehrlichia, or possibly Lyme (also endemic in this area, but a less likely candidate due to symptoms). The vet ruled out Babesiosis, since it does not cause red blood cell destruction in dogs, and so we skipped that test. The vet drew blood for general blood chemistry profile tests as well as for screening tests for RMSF, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme. The blood chem tests, returned the next morning, confirmed low red blood count (RBC) and reduced hematocrit (another indicator of red blood cell vitality) , high WBC (indicating the body was fighting an infection), elevated liver enzymes due to RBC destruction, and some other indicators of acute infection.

At this point, we were not yet sure of the causative organism. I started Toby on oral antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid (ALA), grape seed extract, Vitamin E (400 IU), milk thistle (aka Silymarin, which offers great liver protection) and Microhydrin (MH) (a powerful antioxidant) 2x/day to help his body manage the runaway oxidative reactions from the RBC destruction. Further, MH has been shown to support liver and kidny cells during crisis.

By early the next day, test results showed that Toby had RMSF, and that he was in a very acute phase. He was negative for Ehrlichia and Lyme. The vet offered me a prescription slip for doxycycline, the drug of choice for RMSF, which I accepted, but told him that I would treat Toby with more natural means, including the Rife device, and use the slip only in an emergency, if the other means failed (I never did use the script for doxycycline). I immediately started Toby on 1 capsule (orally) of olive leaf extract , 3/x day, since olive leaf extract has shown, in several articles in the journals to be highly effective against a number of pathogenic organisms, including RMSF. An added benefit of olive leaf is that it also offers some antioxidant protection in the bloodstream and sera in times of crisis. I also continued the oral Milk Thistle caps for 3 more days, due to the above-mentioned benefits, with occasional ALA and MH as well. I programmed the "Hammerhead" audio signal generator (Semoia PG63-2050) on my Rife-Bare-type setup for RMSF frequencies derived from Brian MacInturff's list as well as two or three general rickettsiae (RMSF is a member of the rickettsiae family) frequencies from that list, square wave, each for 5 minutes per cycle, pulsed at 4 Hz (only the last frequency on the list was a sweep):

375, 632, 862, 943, 788, 408, 3308, 720, 1062, and finally, sweep 306 to 310 (center 308) pulsed also, 4 min each.

I ran the complete program once every 1.5 days (one and a half days, approximately). Since I was traveling to the NY area with Toby during this crisis, this meant that I had to pack one of my Rife-Bare type devices in duffel bags and take it along with me! Incidentally, I ran about 65 to 75 watts (umodulated carrier) RF power into a straight 1" diameter x 18" quartz plasma tube (RTI, 100% Argon gas fill) driven by a "traditional" capacitive double spiral wrap. (Palomar Blue amp w/Class C mod, MFJ 949E tuner, MFJ912 balun.) Toby was an average of 9 feet from the tube for most treatments. Incidentally, as a side note, I became rather ill after my first 2 exposures to these frequencies, including chills and shaking, and I asume this was a Herxheimer cleansing reaction. I am suspect that I had had a very mild case of RMSF myself (complete with chills) about 23 days before Toby's acute episode (we both get lots of ticks as we live in the mountains and walk and hike them daily, and I never bother to check for and remove ticks since I do not fear microorganisms or bugs), but, for some reason, I recovered (e.g., lost any obvious symptoms) very quickly. That is probably due to my diet (95% raw, including raw animal products) as well as my frequent consumption of Microhydrin as well other antioxidants. Nontheless, I did have a day of two of malaise, weakness and chills for about 30 hours after each of Tobys' first two RMSF treatments. ( I averaged 20 to 30 feet in distance from the plasma tube during treatments.)

To make a long story short, Toby was remarkably better within 24 hours, and was back to normal within 3 days. I continued the Rife therapy for a total of 4.5 days, and the olive leaf extract for a full 6 days. Incidentally, Toby is on a 50% raw diet, and about the only food which he would accept during the acute phase of his illness was raw chicken legs and a bit of raw beef.

How much of Toby's rapid healing was due to the Rife device and how much to the olive leaf extract? My gut feeling is that the olive leaf extract, if only becasue of it's fast action, was probably responsible for at least 60% to 75% of the rapid recovery, and much of the rest due to the Rife device. It is possible that the Rife device alone (or with nutritional antioxidant support) may have worked almost as well, but I believe that the recovery would have been slower in that case. Since Toby was in rough shape, I had predetermind that I would use both modalities concurrently, along with some antioxidant support.

To answer some questions which I have recently been receiving via email: NO, I did NOT use any Ehrlichia, Babesiosis or Lyme frequencies while treating the RMSF; these organisms are NOT the same as the rickettsia which causes RMSF, and thus those frequencies were not indicated. In summary:

Toby is fine now, after using only:

-- Olive leaf extract (250 mg. capsule, 3x/day) for 6 days

-- Milk thistle (1 cap 2x/day) for first 3 days

-- 3 Rife treatments, using published RMSF freqs, about every 1.5 days

-- a bit of general antioxidant support (oral)

The only unexpected aftermath of this crisis is that while the lenses of Toby'e eyse had been showing some blue discoloration (clouding) from oxidative processes due to aging over the past 2 years (he is 8 years old), the blue discoloration is now markedly decreased and almost undetectable since the crisis. I strongly doubt that the Rife treatments did this (although I am aware of a number of anecdotal stories of such reversals in dogs and humans due to exposure to Rife plasma devices), since Toby has been regularly exposed (although unintentionally) to a variety of Rife frequencies on a frequent basis since March 2000, and this recent decrease in the lens clouding is very sudden. Perhaps the decrease in lens cloudiness is due to the milk thistle, or the other antioxidants, or all of them in combination with the Rife exposure. All I know is that the change in lens cloudiness was rather abrupt and sudden, taking place in the space of one week or less. Incidentally, Microhydrin (MH) has also been implicated in drastic reduction in cataracts and blue clouding of lenses in dogs (and humans), but Toby received MH only three times during this crisis, and in relatively small dosages, so I doubt that MH played a primary role in this phenomenon. Take care! in grace and peace, --Vinny


Last week Monday while working outside, I began having the symptoms of a cold which began around noon. It first attacked my nose making the mucus slightly more viscous than normal. That smell of sickness that one gets in colds began to get noticeable about 2 hours later. My taste buds also began to alter in a negative fashion. About 6 pm I felt the virus moving into my throat by feeling it become sore. Although I had no trouble swallowing, I felt that annoying scratch you cannot itch. By 10 pm I began to sneeze. By this time I was convinced that I had come down with a cold and that by the next day it would be worse. I would be in for at least a week of annoyance. Eleven hours after the onset of symptoms, I zapped myself with my Rife unit and went to sleep. I woke in the morning and all traces of the symptomology were gone. I gave myself another treatment later that day. They have not come back. I used the following protocol:

Frequency Seconds (all variance +/- 2)

7728 600 4888 600 8238 180 2413 180 880 200 787 180 776 180 727 180 440 180 746 180 567 180 7880 180 787 180 300 200 310 200 1234 200 9999 200

Perhaps this protocol might help someone. The first four frequencies were incorporated from an E-Mail recently posted on the Rife list, but I forgot by whom and I apologize. The other frequencies were obtained from lists on several web sites. I realize that I used 787 twice. This was an accident. It may or may not be significant.

Furthermore, realize that I got to the problem rather quickly (11 hours). This is very significant. People don't truly realize and accept that they have a cold until 24-48 hours after onset. By this time the virus has done enough damage that even if it is extinguished, the effects of this damage could persist and not completely resolve for several days. Also, since this type of organism replicates so quickly, it may take several sessions to completely wipe out if allowed to persist more than 24 hours. Nevertheless, good luck and I would like to hear any feedback, positive or negative, from individuals who have used this protocol.

Dar, M.D.


My favorite frequency is 2050 (2045-2050) Couple weeks ago I noticed I had the urge to head for restrooms. (Bladder!) That can happen on occassion but the third day I decided something wasn't right. Ran 2050 for about 20 minutes. Problem corrected. Seems to be great for urinary: kidneys, bladder, colon, etc. (Doesn't mean it works for others. Have to add the disclaimer you know!) GF


Yesterday, I may finally have found the "needle in the haystack," after praying I chose a sub-harmonic of my previously most effective frequency and tried it. Seems like a winner - I think it is the resonant frequency of the chromosomes themselves for taenia saginata - 45.9 hz. I'll know better for sure how I am doing in a few days. Meanwhile, I am continuing to spend practically 24-hours a day trying to make headway, not lose what ground I have gained. It sure seems easier with this new frequency. I am expelling dead tapeworm matter several times a day. I know they can't be growing back that fast.


I had excellent results [for cold and flu] with the following protocol this past October [2000]: Frequency Seconds (all variance +/- 2) 7728 600 4888 600 8238 180 2413 180 880 200 787 180 776 180 727 180 440 180 746 180 567 180 7880 180 787 180 300 200 310 200 1234 200 9999 200 Good luck. Dar, M.D.


We use the Rifetech units and have had 100% success with the following set run at 180 seconds @ 50% shape: 20, 26, 48, 60, 72, 95, 125, 180, 300, 444, 522, 555, 727, 787, 802, 880, 1500, 1550, 1865, 2050, 2720, 4868, 5000, 6989, 7001, 7009, 7702, 7762, 7767, 10000


A woman volunteer with pancreatic cancer used the Rife/Bare tube device. All pain was alleviated during the first exposure or light show. Pulsing can be done with a Kinnaman using the gating mode, 4 Hz. I always use gating and dev functions.

Pancreatic cancer:

Hz Seconds Dev Catagory 464 180-300 4 fungus 784 180-300 4 yeast 728 180-300 4 bacteria 787 180-300 4 bacteria 880 180-300 4 bacteria 1560 180-300 4 bacteria 2127 180-300 4 CA 2128 180-300 4 CA 2184 180-300 4 CA 2000 180-300 4 CA 2008 180-300 4 CA

All cancers have involvement of fungus and yeast.

Bacterial involvement is always present and many associative problems are due to the bacterial, fungus, and yeast that is present in the body. Introduction of penicillin for infection always aggravates fungus and yeast. You must be careful not to run more than 3 min or all of these at the same time, if they are very sick or recently had surgury. You can run the CA freqs by them selves and run the other freqs on the next day. Be sure to watch for detox symptoms. If detox appears do not run any freqs until symptoms subside.


There is a guy that had pancreatic cancer and used a Rife/Bare plasma tube device to get rid of the pancreatic cancer. I believe that he war in stage IV and was not expected to live. Last time I heard about him was that he had fully recovered and no longer has pancreatic cancer. Two of the frequencies he used were 2128 and 2008 for up to 45 minutes each every day. Of course one must start off at lower dwell times and build up to the 45 minutes. Detox will determine the rate of increase. Nutritional supplements are very important in the fight against cancer. God Bless Paul


The device is a home built Rife/Bare using a bubble tube. It is straight out of the Bare book with no modifications. 2128 hz has been the main frequency which worked (detoxed) well. PETscans showed no evidence of pancreatic cancer about a year ago and CATscans have shown no change for over 2 years. I now use 2128 for 20 minutes once a week and 2120 through 2136 (every 2 hz) for 3 minute intervals also once a week. I hope this helps. Randy


I posted some sinus frequencies that worked on me earlier: 1395 952 942 160

These worked well on myself and my wife. Each one by themselves will open our clogged sinus passages. They seem to provide temporary relief of 12 hours or greater.

1395 160 also worked on another volunteer (only two attempted). I found another recently that works on me (only person tried): 107 caused my sinuses to drain. These were either used at 3 minutes or 5 minutes.

My wife likes: 1395 5 minutes 160 5 minutes 1395 5 minutes And she has chronic sinus problems. Seems to help her sinus headaches also.

952 caused some chest pain and coughing in someone who apparently had some type of respiratory aliment going on. So proceed with caution if you also have that problem. These are for educational and experimental use only. Use at your own risk. They worked well on me. Bob D.


A volunteer who had contracted Shistosome blood flukes visited a Chinese herb specialist, because of some debilitating symptoms and had taken two packages of tea made from Chinese herbs. The presence of dead shistosome flukes in the blood was confirmed by dark field microscope. The mature shistosome blood flukes are about 10 to 15 times the diameter of a red blood cell in length, so they are easy to see. All the flukes observed were dead. Apparently, after ingesting the tea, all blood flukes were killed off, which was confirmed by the dark field.

Final results were confirmed by conventional microscope No live parsites could be found over a six month period.

An R/B had been employed every day after taking the Chinese herb teas using the freqs for shistosome from the CAFL, Brian McInturff's compiled frequency list and the darkfield.

CAFL listing for Shistosome: Parasites, schistosoma haematobium- 847, 867, 635 Parasites, schistosoma mansoni - 329, 9889 This is a very serious parasite that can be ingested by eating raw fish, sushi, or under cooked sea foods. Thousands of people in Japan and China die from this parasite. Although there is a treatment for the parasite, it is a long drawn out procedure. If you look it up on the WEB you can get all the details. In summary, the use and effectiveness of the R/B in conjunction with the Chinese herb tea were effective in eliminating the parasite and all the various stages of the shistosome's life cycle. Take care God Bless Paul


I built my R/B in Jan/Feb 2000. Ran Turfs freqs, 1830, 728, 784, 787, 800, 880, 9999 like for 3 minutes each, for 3 weeks, each night. Then I came home, back to the snow country. Seems like when I get back here, I never have time to do anything inconstructive, so I kind of forgot about everything til last week. I went to the quack for an eye exam (you're supposed to have one periodically when you're our age). I really thought this quack was going into a cardiac arrest. He grabbed at the previous report. (They always do that) found that he had diagnosed cataracts last Nov and couldn't find any. I snickered for a while and finally asked, Whats up Doc, are you missing something" He finally said , Yes, Cataracts. I said, "well you won't find them, cause they're gone" I know that the above freqs will dispell cataracts.<


5 days ago a delightful lady came to see me with a huge worry on her mind. She is in her mid 40's. Just been to the optometrist and her eye ball pressure had gone from 16-left/16-right, 3 years ago to 26-left/26-right. The optometrist had given her the run-down about Glaucoma and she was really worried. Last Wednesday I ran the Glaucoma freqs with her sitting about 5 feet away from the tube. 1600, 880, 787, 727 all for 5 minutes each. She didn't feel anything from the treatment. Next day (Thursday) she had her eye's tested again. Now 22-left/24-right. Still high but a little improved, the optometrist called for a second opinion. An appointment was scheduled for Monday (today). On Friday I ran the Glaucoma freqs again for 5 minutes each. Still no noticeable hits.

After reading a little about Glaucoma and blood sugar levels on Saturady I ran the Glaucoma freqs for a third time on her on Sunday (3 minutes each) and the Diabetes freqs for 3 minutes each except for where Turf's instruction said longer on specific freqs. 20, 35, 465, 6.8, 440, 484, 660, 727, 787, 800, 803, 880, 1850, 2008, 2127, 2000, 2003, 2013, 2050, 2080, 5000

I did not repeat the 880, 787 and 727 in the Diabetes as these were in the Glaucoma. Again, no noticeable hits or detox effects. My client came singing and dancing to see me this afternoon with the news that her second opinion readings were back to normal 15-left/16-right. The Optometrist had run numerous checks on two different machines and the readings were valid - he even retested the first instument that his associate had origionally used on her, it also read 15-left/16-right. The Optometrist was really mystified. She is now going to be re-checked each month for the next 6 months to check her progress. We agreeded not to Rife her again to see how she goes. Although she is now going to get her blood sugar levels checked with her MD. Results like this just blow me away. If you could have seen the light in this ladies eyes and the bounce in her step as she came up the stairs to see me. Ken U.


Volunteer was diagnosed by physician with Chlamydia Pneumonia and started Chlamydia Pneumonia Protocol on 6-19-00 using a standard Rife/Bare plasma tube device. Volunteer was approximately 4 feet from tube. Volunteer reported retest report on 7-12-00 found it was no longer present. Thats 23 days to do the job. Volunteer used R/B every 4 days. That equivalent to approximately only 5 exposures.

Protocol: Chlamydia Pneumonia 5 minutes each. Pulse 4 Hz. 471 942 1886 3772 7543

Mycoplasma pneumonia has been diagnosed in a volunteer by their physician. Volunteer will be starting protocol for Mycoplasma pneumonia in a few days. Protocol: Mycoplasma pneumonia. 5 minutes each. Pulse 4 Hz. 660 688 777 975 2688 God Bless Paul


LYME PROTOCOL The following protocol depends upon the sensitivity of the volunteer to the "X Wave" from the Rife /Bare plasma tube device. The protocol was designed to minimize Detox reactions and to accelerate the elimination of Lyme and other microorganisms that contribute to the demise of the volunteer. Lyme protocols as well as other protocols are noted to produce adverse Detox when long dwell times are employed. My research and a few other researchers have noted that the use of short dwell times result in adverse Detox reactions. Conversely, longer dwell times eliminated the adverse Detox reactions.

A study of dwell times and Detox reactions revealed that contributory microorganisms are a significant factor. Some volunteers have multiple microorganisms inhabiting their bodies and the toxins can produce similar or different symptoms. Elimination of the offending microorganisms result in the elimination of the noted symptoms, which result in the improvement of the volunteer's well being.

The "Response is not dependant upon the amount of power being used.. The scan was conducted from 37 to 3000 Hz, 1 seconds dwell time. A delta of two Hz was used. There was no pulsing or wavering. SWR was 2.0. Watts was 60. Volunteer was approximately 5 feet from the device. A standard Bare plasma 22" long U tube, 25mm diameter, leaded glass, with 100% argon. MFJ 912 Balun MFJ 949E tuner Palomar 225 Uniden 510 XL Modified per Jim Bares manual. SEC 1223-power supply with 3300 uf across output terminals. Kinnaman Frequency generator.

Using the Kinnaman in the manual mode the Hz was stepped by pressing the up arrow twice and pressing the 'E" key. When the volunteer noted a response, the Hz and description of the response was recorded. A "Response" is generally due to the person's nervous system to the "Wave", other wise it would be a symptomatic response., which is the effect of the concerned areas reaction to the affects of the "Wave". In most cases a symptomatic response requires more time. In some cases it has been noted to take as much as 3 minutes or longer.

The accumulated list of frequencies can then be used effectively to eliminate the offending microorganisms and their resultant symptoms. As each frequency is employed, the time exposed can be extended until the response is eliminated.

It is not unusual for a minimum of 80% of the frequencies be eliminated in one session.

The Scan technique can be used to diagnose the cause of many problems. Recent Scan of a volunteer revealed that the presence of Chlamydia pneumonia, Lyme, Staph, Strep, and Tetanus infections. Approximately 30 days later the doctor reported to the volunteer that they had Chlamydia pneumonia and Lyme.

As a precursor, Tetanus, Staph, and Strep, protocols from the CAFL list were run successfully. An initial run of a Lyme protocol with a 3-minute dwell time resulted in the volunteer running for the Head. Several days later, the Lyme protocol was run with dwell times of 15 minutes for each Hz. The only reaction noted was a feeling of tiredness.

The Doctor's prognosis is that his program will take approximately 1 year. Neurological recovery from nerve damage is expected to be approximately 70%. Recent posting of recovery from nerve damage does not reveal the prime cause and the nature of the dysfunction of the nerves. Basically once the myelin sheath is destroyed the nerve degenerates and it cannot recover. The regeneration of the nerve or a new nerve would have to occur to achieve recovery.

The significance of the scan is that it can pin point the frequencies required and possibly reduce the amount of frequencies used to achieve the desired result, which is health restoration. Of course prayer can be employed to accelerate the healing. God Bless Paul


The extended dwell time for Lyme is a first! So far there is only one volunteer who has experienced no adverse Detox using extended dwell time Lyme freqs. Some researchers have previously reported that longer dwell times reduced or eliminated Detox for some other conditions. This experiment was conducteed to confirm the effects of extended dwell times and Lyme.

If you notice in this experiment the first lyme freqs were run for 3 minutes each for a total of 9 minutes total. Immediately following the session, the volunteer had to run to the lavatory. The next session, 3 days later, was run at 12 minutes for each frequency or a total of 36 minutes. There was no detox. This essentially confirmed the effect of extended dwell times! The volunteer will continue with the extended dwell times. Paul


7-3-00 An initial run of a Lyme protocol with a 3-minute dwell time resulted in the volunteer running for the Head. Strong responses were noted for all Hz during run.

432 3 min 592-634 3 min 1590-1640 3 min

7-6-00 Several days later, the Lyme protocol was run with dwell times of 15 minutes for each Hz. All responses for all Hz were minimal or significantly reduced. The only Detox reaction noted was a feeling of tiredness.


7-9-00 Lyme protocol run was increased from 15 minutes to 18 minutes each Hz.

432 had no response and all other Hz had minimal and significantly reduced response. Detox noted was slight feeling of tiredness.

Indications are that using short dwell times (3 min) for Lyme causes increased Detox reactions as opposed to longer dwell times (15 min). Volunteers should use caution in exploring longer dwell times, because each individual is different and their response may be significantly different. God Bless Paul


Lyme Dwell Time and Exposure Frequency

In the past 3 1/2 years, research of R/B usage by volunteers using various protocols involves setting of individual frequency exposure time and time between exposure sessions. "Detox" may occur or may not occur depending upon many factors. In general, short dwell times, 1 to 3 minutes, may result in "Detox". Generally, employment of dwell times with a minimum of 5 minutes by volunteers resulted in no Detox, but they experienced reduction of symptoms. The R/B has consistently reduced most symptoms or eliminated them. The complexity and/or severity of the physical condition generally require a regimen of application of the required protocol to achieve a successful conclusion. This means that the frequency protocol's dwell time and time between exposures sessions should be ADJUSTED until the symptoms are eliminated. This is no different than when using any standard method or technique.

As with any medical technique or method, symptomatic responses decrease with time if the correct method is employed. The bottom line is that the volunteer should experience improvement in their well being. If the wrong method is employed no changes or the opposite may occur. Most bacterial conditions will disappear and symptoms will be reduced or eliminated by the use of increased, greater than 1-4 minutes, initial individual frequency dwell time and extended exposures of the protocol sessions. Remember that there are exceptions.

Example: A volunteer had visibly swollen lymph glands in neck and the head could not be turned due to pain. Swallowing was also difficult, stomach distress was experienced, and they suffered a fever. Volunteer employed antibacterial protocol for approximately 30 minutes. The reduction of the swelling of the neck could be observed and at the end of the 30 minutes it was gone. Swallowing became normal, stomach distress disappeared, fever was eliminated, head could be turned without pain or discomfort. Detox reactions have been rare with most volunteers. Symptomatic improvement has been the norm.

Most volunteers generally have a host of physical problems such as a need for kidney, liver, and colon cleansing. Also, according to some, the average person has approximately 2 lb. of parasites in their body by the time they are 50 years old. There is no doubt that the effects of parasites in addition to bacterial problems create many adverse symptoms or cause many health problems. Fungus and yeast are other common problems.

In the case of Lyme disease, adverse Detox symptoms have been reported, if you exceed recommended dwell times. The solution to this problem has been short dwell times, 3-4 minutes, and extended time between exposures, once or twice a week. There is general agreement with this protocol. In an attempt to resolve the Detox associated with Lyme disease, a Scanning technique was tried. Scanning involved starting with 37 Hz and progressing up to 3000 Hz at a rate of 1-2 seconds per Hz. Volunteers who are sensitive to the "X-Wave" experience a response to the Hz that are associated with their physical problems. In some cases, it has required up to 3 minutes for some to respond, but this type of response is a symptomatic response due to changes effected in the targeted area.

The determination of the required MORs for any physical problem is the major objective for this technology. Since we cannot duplicate Rife's microscope, we cannot achieve what Rife accomplished. However, some methods and or techniques are lending to the resolution of this problem. The use of the "Scan" definitely is a technique for those who are sensitive to the "X-Wave". Those who are not sensitive must rely upon other techniques. Running the individual frequencies from the Scan for extended periods until the symptoms are reduced or eliminated is effective in eliminating the problem. This technique can be time consuming, but it works. Some researchers recommend volunteers run parasite protocols to achieve a general cleanup as a precursor to running the specific frequency protocol for their appropriate physical condition.

The sudden appearance of parasites that may occur from the use of non-parasitic freqs or protocols can certainly be classified as a Detox reaction. This may be true also for the reaction of other microorganisms involved in the attack on Lyme disease.

The complexity and potential fear of discomfort is one reason for the fear of adverse Detox with many volunteers. Lyme disease is a classic example. If it is true that the initial session produces the greatest Detox, then a protocol could be to run the first session and then a step wise increase of the dwell times accordingly to effect a quicker end result.

However, this approach has not always produced a positive result in the termination of Lyme as demonstrated by some volunteers. One volunteer reported that they were using up to 30 minutes for Lyme with no further improvements. Amazingly, they were apparently not experiencing adverse Detox. This agrees with the experience of continued increasing dwell times. Since it has become known that there are at least three microorganisms involved with Lyme disease. Is should not surprise anyone of other opportunistic conditions or microorganisms that may be contributing to the Lyme volunteers problems.

Proper diagnosis of the volunteer's physical condition by a professional is required to successfully pursue a resolution of the restoration of their health A most serious problem is that there is no single diagnostic technique or method capable of accurately diagnosing Lyme disease! Persons with Lyme disease have been told that they have arthritis, MS, ALS, etc. and many other diseases. Present Lyme diagnostic technique is only 30% accurate at best. A volunteer's use of Extended Dwell Time for Lyme disease must be preceded by a program to eliminate as much as possible all opportunistic and contributory microorganisms that may be present. Professional supervision is highly recommended.

If in fact the initial Detox associated with Lyme disease is actually due to the Lyme microorganism kill off, then it could be expected that the Lyme Detox as in the case of all other microorganisms should fall off with increasing dwell times. The reproductive cycle of the Lyme microorganisms would also suggest a logical exposure frequency to prevent further increase in population.. If the destruction of the Lyme microorganism into smaller parts is achieved by extended exposure times, it would possibly enable the body's immune system to eliminate the debris with less Detox. Some devices that may prove useful in determining the progress in using Lyme protocols are the Bio-Tron and Synchrometer. The fact that microorganisms, such as Lyme can hide in many places within the body and avoid detection, requires a method or technique to determine when it is eliminated. Otherwise relapse will occur. Lyme microorganisms are known to form cysts and prevent detection in the blood.

The latest Lyme protocol was designed by the originator of Lyme protocol with 2 scans to reduce Detox effects. The recommended dwell times were 3-4 minutes each and exposures no more than once or twice a week.

One volunteer reported that the use of the recommended 3 minutes produced a severe Detox. This is not surprising, because everyone is different. Also, it is not known what other contributors were involved. No mention was made as to the type of device that was used or what frequencies were employed. As in most research, it is necessary to have all the facts before a logical conclusion can be reached. Some have reported that men are less likely to experience adverse Detox, but the volunteer that used extended dwell times without any Detox was a female. Cleanup of preexisting contributory microorganisms, staph, strep, tetanus, was performed indicating that the Lyme Detox is complicated by other existing conditions.

Pushing the envelope is required to achieve progress. Progressive increase of dwell time has been normal for most Lyme volunteers. Most likely, the initial exposure will have to be limited for those who have not eliminated preexisting contributory microorganisms.

Most recent volunteer reports that Babesia mycronti, pneumonia Mycoplasma, were conducted at 10 minutes per freq. for a total of 70 minutes and Lyme frequencies were all performed at 20 minutes each for a total of 60 minutes. That's a total time of 2hrs and 10 minutes. There were no Detox symptoms. Our mission is to continually progress to alleviate the conditions that rob us of our health. Our purpose is to promote the progresses that bring about that end.

In most instances, not including Lyme, a dwell time of 5-10 minutes has proven to be effective starting place for most applications, when proper preceding analyses are made and appropriate protocols are pursued. This means that appropriate protocols for fungus, yeast, staph, strep, parasites, etc., must be included in the overall program. With non-Lyme protocols, initial dwell times have been run up to 45 minutes with no Detox. In many situations, exposure frequency was every day. God Bless Paul


In August 1998, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer having a PSA of 4.0 and a biopsy result of Tc1 - Gleason 6. Over the next year and a half I had moderated the detectable tumor and the PSA with a herbal/ nutritional regimen. On 5/30/00, I was again tested, The PSA bolted up to a 4.8 and the tumor reappeared to a more significant size (a small grape) than before in just 3 months. I acquired your System 5 and started using it 6/19/00. I used David Calvert's suggested prostate cancer protocol 6 days a week in addition to therapeutic doses of herbal substances (PC SPES, MGN 3, Prost, Ann's Tea).

After 5 weeks, I was again retested. The PSA is now 2.1 and more significantly, the tumor is barely detectable. My Urologist was stunned - I am ecstatic.

I will continue the regimen for another 6 weeks and predict a future of being cancer free. I will update you later. Thanks Bruce and to David too for an complementary that promotes a healthy future prospect with a quality of life rather than the invasive, destructive traditional medical practices of excising. Tom


Volunteer with cataracts in both eyes as diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist. Vision has been getting worse. Cleaning glasses does not improve vision. Difficult to focus particularly the right eye. Volunteer used a basic R/B unit with a phanotron tube. Volunteer was not responsive to scanning, so they used shot gun approach. Protocol was run at 5 minutes each in waver mode for 3 consecutive days. Volunteer sat 3 feet from the tube. Watts = 50 to 90 SWR = 1.4 Protocol 1830 1600 9999 1552 2110 1335 1654 2187 2195 2211 Eyesight improved dramatically.

Volunteer does not wake up with difficulty focusing eyes. Frequent wiping of glasses is not required. I asked volunteer if they were going to see the opthamologist. Volunteer said why should I spend money to have the doc tell me I can see better. Volunteer's cataracts were only several years old, but they were gorwing rapidily. One person, 85 yr had cataracts removed surgically after quite a few years and the doc said they were rock hard, but they were able to break them up.

I don't know how effective the R/B would be in such a case. Take care and God bless!


Has this guy (with parasites) tried the "Sputnik" yet? I would highly recommend it if he hasn't. I purchased one and ran it through my digestive system 3 times. I don't think it's possible for any wormlike parasite to survive the electric pulse it gives off. It's very beneficial to the whole intestinal track as well. The only problem with it is when it passes along a certain portion of the intestine, the electric pulse can be felt in your leg and it will cause some involuntary leg jerking, which in turn rules driving out.

You can order a Sputnik over the web at ( The product is mfg. in Russia and distributed from Ireland. I would recommend, however, visiting the site page at < and walking through the info pages, which eventually lead to the order page. The sputnik is priced at US$79.95 normally. The practitioner's price is US$60. Shipping extra. You can place your order online through the secure server (regardless of what it says on the Internet) or by fax to +353 1 288 5149. The Turbo Sputnik (which has a much longer life span that the normal Sputnik), due to demand, is now the only capsule in stock. However, it is sold by us at the normal Sputnik price, of US$79.95 per capsule to non practitioners, $60 to practitioners.


In all 50 cases, Diapulse therapy was administered on a uniform basis. Application was first made to the ulcer site for 15 minutes at a pulse frequency of 160 per second, and a peak power setting of 6 (equivalent to 975 peak watts). Then the spleen was treated for 10 minutes at a pulse frequency of 400, peak power 4 (equivalent to 585 peak watts). watts).

Comparative x-rays taken before and after combined medical and Diapulse therapy revealed a significant number of healed ulcers and relief of duodenitis. Eighteen duodenal ulcers were satisfactorily healed withoutcomplication, as was a prepyloric ulcer.