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The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists Book

The latest versions of the Rife frequency lists - the CAFL, NCFL, and CAFL Cross Reference plus a few articles - are available in a paperback book called The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists. The complete description of the book is given below. Note that there is nothing in the book which is not also available in electronic format on this website. This is the Third Edition which includes a revised CAFL Cross Reference List among other additions and is over 100 pages longer than the First Edition.

The retail price of the book is $29.95 and it can be purchased at Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Pacific Health Products, Kelly Research Technologies, Eruditor, among other merchants. In the US, it can be purchased directly from Electroherbalism for the discount price of $24.95. Lots of 10 books are available for an even bigger discount and include free shipping. Non-US and worldwide sales are available from the publisher. Click here for details.
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The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists Description:

The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists, Third Edition, contains frequencies that people use for electrotherapy instruments such as EMEMs, Rife machines, Rife-Bare devices, function generator pad devices, Hulda Clark function generators, Tesla therapy devices, and other complementary bioelectronic instruments. This compilation includes the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List and the Non-Consolidated Frequency List, also known as the CAFL and NCFL, and the newly revised CAFL Cross Reference List (CAFL XREF) as well as the chapters "Introduction to complementary Bioelectronic Therapy Devices," "Electrical and Frequency Effects on Pathogens," and James Bare's "Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Associations." The Electroherbalism frequency lists are some of the most-used references for frequency researchers the world over.

Product Details:

Printed: 284 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect binding, 60# white interior paper, black and white interior ink , 100# white exterior paper, full-color exterior ink
ISBN: 978-1-4303-2127-9
Publisher: Lulu.com
Rights Owner: Brian McInturff
Copyright: © 2007 by Brian McInturff Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States
Edition: Third Edition


* Rife machine frequencies
* Brian McInturff
* James Bare
* Royal Rife
* Hulda Clark
* electrotherapies
* bioelectronics
* Rife Frequency Lists
* Non-Consolidated Frequency List
* Consolidated Frequency List
* Electroherbalism

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