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Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Carrier Frequencies

>From seci@datablast.net Fri May 22 14:33:00 1998
>Does anyone know if there are any ISM frequencies other than the 
>27.12 MC that is currently being used? The reason we ask is because the
>specs for the John Crane designed AZ-58 give a carrier frequency of 
>" 4680KC +/- 20KC per FCC". Wouldn't this lower carrier put the sidebands
>much closer to the range of frequencies in the Rife lab notes?

Hello Jason and Rifers:


Section: 18.301 Operating frequencies

ISM equipment may be operated on any frequency above 9 kHz 
except as indicated in Sec. 18.303. The following frequency 
bands, in accordance with Sec. 2.106 of the rules, are 
allocated for use by ISM equipment:

ISM frequency Tolerance
-------------- ---------
6.78 MHz 15.0 kHz
13.56 MHz 7.0 kHz
27.12 MHz 163.0 kHz
40.68 MHz 20.0 kHz
915 MHz 13.0 MHz
2,450 MHz 50 MHz
5,800 MHz 75 MHz
24,125 MHz 125.0 MHz
61.25 GHz 250 MHz
122.50 GHz 500 MHz
245.00 GHz 1.0 GHz

Note: The use of the 6.78 MHz () 15 kHz frequency band is 
subject to the

Section: 18.303 Prohibited frequency bands.

Operation of ISM equipment within the following safety, search 
and resucue frequency bands is prohibited: 

490-510 kHz
2170-2194 kHz
8354-8374 kHz
121.4-121.6 MHz
156.7-156.8 MHz
242.8-243.2 MHz


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