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Is Your Rife-Bare Device Working?

I don't know if the following hold in all conditions, and I am  sure that some devices work well enough without meeting the  criteria, and there are probably ways to meet the criteria  without having a useful wave, but these are things I look for  to tell if my device is working.

Bring up device without the function generator (FG) on. If  haven't made the "Kinnaman" mod to the CB, bring the func  generator up at 1Hz or less and at minimum function generator  voltage that will allow beam to light. The beam will look  "fuzzy" and dim - not coherent. Enter 2000hz at the correct  voltage from the FG. The beam should change from fuzzy and dim  to bright and coherent (thinner, less fuzzy, and less  transparent). Try this at 464Hz. Beam will not get as  coherent as at 2000Hz, but there should still be a noticeable  difference between 464 and no modulation.

Note the sound coming from the CB (and/or tube). It should be  able to be heard at 1000Hz or more (200Hz or more is even  better and indicates good low freq modulation with plenty of  power.) It will probably get louder as the frequency rises, up  to 10K. If there is hearing impairment have someone with good  hearing assess the tone. A few people I know cannot hear what  I think is a loud tone from the device at certain frequencies.

[Vpk is usually measured as 2xVDC]

If these criteria are not met, first try increasing power level  from FG to CB. FG output levels much above 1Vpk should not be  used for long periods unless there is sufficient cooling of CB  and amp. Levels as high as 3.8Vpk can be used (some even use  5Vpk). Using high levels like this is important to be able to  get good modulation below 300Hz and above 13000Hz but can help  all frequencies if there is excessive cable length.

Next, try using next higher setting of amp (go from Med to Hi  power) to view difference. Try different lengths of coax  cables to connect components. I think "shorter the better"  although 18 ft cables should be on hand to use to compare  performance. Always try to minimize FG to CB cable. 

Grounding can help (or detract from) performance. Try  grounding different components to each other with various  lengths wire. Ground to the power supply, since it has an  earth ground connection. My system is currently performing  well by grounding only the CB (which grounds the rest of the RF  components and FG indirectly.)

If beam has a lot of standing waves and CB still not making a  sound, try dialing different tuner settings. As long as SWR is  2.0 or below, it is okay. In some cases, beam may look much  better and sound will be heard for SWRs around 2.0 and not for  SWR of 1.5. In this case, I would use the higher SWR.

If SWR cannot be tuned below 2.0 on antenna tuner setting "L",  try "K". Do not change setting while device is running.

Most of all, to test the device, find people who are sensitive  to the wave and demo it. These are some of the freqs I get the most "hits" on:


While some people say that they get good effects from using a  white or blue-white beam from a argon or argon/neon tube, I  think it is probably more effective when the beam is pink or  pinkish/purple. If burning white and it has internal  electrodes, the tube conditioning procedure will typically help.

Low frequency modulation is important if frequencies below  120Hz are used alot. Dial in 20Hz and ensure that the beam can  be seen modulating - blinking a bit. If it does not, boost  voltage level from FG to CB.

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