Recipe for B Vitamin Supplement

Thanks to Chris Gupta who found this recipe from an out-of-print book called Stale Food vs Fresh Food

Dried yeast powder & tablets cause aftertaste and indigestion, and are expensive. You can buy fresh compressed block yeast at bakery shops for a few cents a pound. Tell them that you are going to eat it, and you want the freshest they have. You mustn't eat it raw. It has to be cooked to kill the fermentation, otherwise you will have gas, and will not properly digest it.

To cook a pound of yeast, bring 1 cup of water to the boil in a pot on low heat, put in the yeast about 1/4 pound at a time and stir constantly, adding more yeast as it melts. After it is all melted, keep stirring a little longer until it puffs up and begins to boil. Put it in a little Pyrex measuring pitcher, cover with foil and put it in the refrigerator, where it will keep fine for a month or more if you don't foul it by drinking out of it or dipping into it with a spoon.

You can flavor it with honey, molasses, vanilla, or whatever you like. Pour yourself a few spoonsful each day, so one person would use up the pound in three to four weeks. You can take it straight from a spoon, or mix it into a beverage or food.

Yeast contains the B vitamins, proteins, and various energy-giving factors still only partially known to science. There is nothing else we have found which will pep you up as fast as yeast, make you feel better, and keep you going strong. It reduces the body's demand for blood flow, thereby reducing the work the heart has to do, letting it tick along in an easy regular way. Many people think they have a bad heart, with an irregular skipping pulse and a fluttery full feeling in the upper chest, when all they need is a little help from yeast. It seems to help people sleep better also.