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Antibacterial General Regimen

Summary:  Use medium to high dose vitamin C, oregano oil, and olive leaf extract.

Oregano oil from North American Herb and Spice Co., which is prediluted, can be taken 5 - 10 (up to 20) drops mixed in some water three times or more per day.  Oregano oil is one of the most effective single antibacterial supplements, followed by olive leaf extract. Oregano oil can be used internally or externally.

For olive leaf extract, Now Olive Leaf Extract is a good value. For long term use, however, Gaia Herb Olive Leaf extract should be considered. Although not quite as potent as the Now product, it is extracted using a safe water method.

Besides being effective for bacteria, oregano oil and olive leaf are also effective against fungi, so prevent problems with fungal overgrowth, unlike conventional antibiotics. They can also be used for viral infections.

If an acute condition is not improved 90% within 48 hours, increase vitamin C to high or very high dose, use double recommended of the oregano oil and olive leaf extract, perform The Water Cure, and use Colloidal Silver if available (8 tsp per day of 10ppm).

If detox reaction occurs, see Detox.

Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments

CAFL - Various general bacterial and antiseptic frequency sets. See list for specific types.

Bacterial_infections_general (if bacterial infection is chronic and the type is accurately diagnosed and neither frequencies nor antibiotics are effective long term, also use Parasites general and roundworms sets. Also see General antiseptic and specific types.) - 20, 465, 866, 664, 690, 727, 787, 832, 800, 880, 1550, 784
General_antiseptic - 10000, 5000, 3176, 2145, 1552, 1488, 880, 802, 786, 776, 766, 760, 728, 688, 683, 676, 666, 660, 464, 450, 444, 428, 120, 20
General_antiseptic_1 – 10000, 5000, 3176, 2720, 2000, 1865, 1770, 1550, 1360, 880, 804, 802, 787, 786, 760, 728, 690, 660, 590, 555, 465, 450, 428, 768, 523, 333, 14

TrueRife - Selected frequency sets in F100 format with comments


#36 minutes

#Sets that specifically address the type of bacterial infection may be more effective. (Pneumonia,Staph.etc)
#This is a general bacterial infection clean-up

duty 71.5
converge 1 1
pulse 1 60

1550, 880, 866, 832, 800,
787, 784, 727, 690, 664,

converge 0 0











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