Fibrocystic Breast Disease Regimen

Summary: Use Eclectic Institute Para-Fight (formally known as Intestinal Support). Use the Water Cure to assist detox. If detox reaction is severe, add a non-acidic enzyme product taken in large amounts.

Using an iodine rich antiseptic supplement like Eclectic Institute Para-Fight (formally known as Intestinal Support and Black Walnut Wormwood) usually yields complete and lasting results quickly and is typically all that is necessary. It is used daily until the problem is gone, then as maintenance twice per week.

Using a non-acidic enzyme like Enzymatic Therapy Mega-zyme or bromelain in large amounts may speed the process by assisting the immune system in removing the cysts. The enzymes (and the Water Cure) also assist the lymph nodes which can become overloaded processing the debris.

If there is not a 90% reduction in the problem within one month, use the enzymes plus add General Maintenance Supplements, using a multivitamin that has antioxidant herbs and the mixed tocopherols form of vitamin E. Consider using low to medium amounts of vitamin C, preferably using a mineral ascorbate product such as Nutribiotic Hypo-Aller-C. Often recommended for breast fibroids, but rarely if ever successful long term in solving them are GLA supplements like evening primrose oil. While these initially may provide some anti-inflammatory action, they often turn into a pro-inflammatory supplement within a month or two. See the EFA Supplement section for more information.

Some complementary healers speculate that the iodine from the black walnut is one of the most important parts of this regimen. If this is the case, then a very inexpensive supplement, kelp, should work as well or better since it is even richer in iodine, but there are no reports of kelp capsules being used exclusively. If you use kelp capsules instead of the Para-Fight for this regimen, or for maintenance, please report the results to Electroherbalism. Note that many women do not like to use kelp since it can stimulate acne.

Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments


Breast_fibroid_cysts (also use kelp capsules and mixed tocopherols if possible) - 1550, 1384, 880, 802, 787, 776, 727, 690, 666, 267
Breast_tumor_benign_TR (also include sweep from 19351.563 to 10406.25 by .03125 dwell 1) - 174, 482, 785, 1132, 5311, 3965, 405, 633, 191, 178, 731, 6646, 178, 739.8, 2959.4, 1234, 3702, 3672, 7344, 7760, 10357, 10380
Fibroids_general (also see Parasites, flukes, general) - 2950, 2189, 2128, 2127, 2008, 1744, 1552, 1550, 1488, 1384, 1234, 880, 802, 787, 776, 727, 690, 666, 465 , 267

TrueRife - Selected frequency sets in F100 format with comments


#1 hour 13 minutes

#Benign tumor

#A benign tumor is an abnormal mass or growth of tissue that is not cancerous and does not spread to other parts of your body. Benign tumors, benign lumps and other breast changes are common, especially during your period, during pregnancy and as you age.

#Some studies show that women who have never been pregnant, who have irregular menstrual cycles (periods) or who have a family history of breast cancer have a greater chance of developing benign breast changes.

#If you find a lump, see your doctor.

dwell 120
converge 1 .03125
pulse .5 75
duty 71.5
174, 482, 785, 1132, 5311,
3965, 405, 633, 191, 178, 731,
6646, 178, 739.8, 2959.4, 1234,
3702, 3672, 7344, 7760

10357 10380 # GRS "hit" frequencies

duty 75
pulse 64 75
dwell 1
sweep 10351.563 10406.25 .03125