Herpes Regimen

Summary: Use a red marine algae (RMA) salve externally. Use monolaurin internally. If the problem is not gone within a few days, add lysine capsules and a grapefruit seed extract combination internally like Nutribiotic DefensePlus. if the problem is severe, consider high dose vitamin C and enzyme therapy.

There are three major types of herpes - herpes simplex I (cold sores), herpes simplex II (genital herpes) and herpes zoster (shingles). Herpes viruses lie dormant in body tissues and are expressed periodically, probably as a result of stress, diet, and other factors. The main dietary factor that causes a breakout is excess arginine relative to lysine in the diet.

There are many arginine-rich foods and it is hard to avoid them all, it is best to be aware of them and ensure that the amount of arginine in the diet is balanced with an equal or better number of lysine-rich food sources. For insurance, most people who manage herpes holistically use 500 to 1000mg of lysine daily. Most protein sources includes a good deal of both arginine and lysine so they are not a problem for most people. The exception is nuts. Although they contain both lysine and arginine, the lysine in nuts, including peanuts and soybeans, is not as bioavailable as the arginine is, so this is a major problem food to cause outbreaks of herpes, as is chocolate.

Arginine is found in chocolate, wheat germ and flour, buckwheat, granola, oatmeal, dairy products, beef, pork, nuts, seeds, poultry, wild game (pheasant, quail), seafood (halibut, lobster, salmon, shrimp, snails, tuna in water), chick peas, and cooked soybeans.

Next to lysine, the most successful often used product to control outbreaks of herpes appears to be red marine algae, also known as RMA. It is often combined with lemon balm (also known as melissa herb which is a good antiviral) in both internal and external herpes products.

Lysine is found in most protein food sources but is not as readily available from the grain cereals or peanuts. Lysine is particularly high in fish, meats, and dairy products and higher than most other amino acids in wheat germ, legumes, and many fruits and vegetables.

A popular RMA topical which also includes emu oil, essential oils, and lemon balm is Vibrant Health's RMA Healing Ointment. There are a large number of lysine topicals as well, which usually contain lemon balm or other antivirals. The best thing to do is use an entire bottle of red marine algae supplement (Source Naturals makes a good one) as directed, then use it at a maintenance level of once or twice per week, along with a capsule of lysine per day taken long term. If there are any outbreaks, boost these to full recommended serving sizes and use a topical as needed.

Another popular supplement to control herpes is turmeric extract, also known as curcumin. This seems to make cells more resistant to invasion by the herpes virus, and its strong antiinflammatory action will also help control any discomfort caused by outbreaks. Cayenne pepper is a traditional supplement to help fight herpes outbreaks. Either of these can also be used externally (avoid mucous membranes and eyes!) by mixed half and half with lysine (crush a tablet or dump the powder out of a capsule), and mix with a little water to make a paste to apply as needed. Note that both turmeric and cayenne will stain the skin red/orange.

Zinc is important to the body's immune system especially in fighting viruses. Unfortunately, some of the best food sources of zinc are nuts and seeds, but it is also found in many meat protein sources as well as vegetables. If a zinc deficiency is suspected, it may be helpful to use a multivitamin or multimineral which contains it.

Shingles is another form of herpes virus - herpes zoster. This is the same virus that causes chicken pox. It often appears on the abdomen, but can occur anywhere on the body. Like other herpes viruses, outbreaks may be lessened by using lysine. One naturopathic treatment for herpes zoster is vitamin C and enzymes, but it often appears that using the same internal supplements for herpes simplex is more effective including using monolaurin and large amounts of lysine. However, enzymes taken in large amounts can decrease the inflammation and pain of outbreaks and possibly improve the immune system response to the virus. Since shingles is much more painful than herpes simplex, a topical is usually called for until the internal supplements get it under control. Until a commercial one can be had, a quick one can be made by crushing plain aspirin and mixing with a few drops of water and apply it as a paste. This mostly controls pain, but sometimes appears to help rid the virus, too.

Other measures to fight severe herpes infections are detailed in the Antiviral General Regimen.

Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments


Herpes_general (use 1488 and 2950 for 15min) - 2950, 1900, 1577, 1550, 1489, 1488, 629, 464, 450, 383, 304, 165, 141

Herpes_simplex_I (secondary. Cold sores: primarily non-genital, first try Herpes,general) - 322, 476, 589, 664, 785, 822, 895, 944, 1043, 1614, 2062, 1489, 2950

Herpes_simplex_RTI (based on Resonant Light Technology’s herpes set, most frequencies contracting spread. Also can be used for measles, chicken and small pox, mononucleosis, shingles, rubella, cold sores, epstein barr, variola, stoma stomatosis, and pyorrhea.) - 10000, 5000, 3176, 2489, 186, 372, 427, 446, 465, 484, 503, 522, 541, 560, 579, 598, 617, 636, 655, 674, 693, 712, 731, 750, 769, 788, 807, 826, 845, 864, 883, 902, 921, 940, 959, 978, 997, 1016, 1035, 1054, 1073, 1488, 1550, 1568, 1644, 1865, 1909, 2976, 5310, 5952

Herpes_zoster (chicken pox, shingles. Use 664 for 10 min) - 3343, 2320, 2170, 1600, 1500, 1160, 914, 880, 833, 802, 787, 664, 580, 3.9