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Cosmetics and Hair Care

Cosmetics and hair care are some of the hardest body care products to find in formulations that do not contain toxic ingredients. Luckily, Aubrey Organics makes almost all of their products without petrochemicals or other toxins, and they have a wide range of hair care products including conditioners, gels, hair spray, and many shampoos for every hair type..

Aubrey Organics products are somewhat expensive but one of Electroherbalism's trusted brands, so worth it.

A company called Real Purity has been making non-toxic cosmetics for years and they have expanded their line to include hair, skin, and other body care products. It is worthwhile visiting their site to view their products since then Aubrey Organics will appear to be a real bargain although Real Purity does offer most of their products in $1 trial sizes so one can try them out inexpensively.

Badger makes some body care products like face oils and balms, but no cosmetics or shampoos.

Non-toxic and inexpensive make-it-yourself body care, makeup, and cosmetic recipes can be found in Hulda Clark's Cure for all Diseases book.






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