Chronic Pain Regimen

Summary: Use 3 curcumin capsules per day and a non-acidic enzyme supplement in whatever amounts is necessary. Follow the Water Cure and The Zone Diet, ensuring an adequate amount of protein and essential fatty acids, especially omega 3's. Use a 1:1 ratio calcium magnesium supplement long term. Control infections, especially those of virus and bacteria. See the specific regimen for the condition causing the pain, if known.

Most chronic pain is caused by inflammation and most inflammation is caused by infection by bacteria or viruses, even if it is a subclinical infection that escapes detection by conventional medicine. However, mechanical damage to bones, joints, or other tissues can also cause inflammation, as can unrequited tension in muscles and the circulation system. Using a 1:1 calcium magnesium multimineral supplement like Now Full Spectrum Mineral Caps provides the minerals necessary to help repair damage to bones and joints, relax muscles, optimize nerve transmissions, as well as provide the magnesium which is critical for the body to use to fight inflammation. Magnesium also helps prevent fibromyalgia-like symptoms. See the Multimineral Section for more information.

For pure inflammation, and hence pain, control, use three capsule of curcumin per day. It is probably as or more effective as many prescription drugs for the purpose, not addicting, and the major side effect is it cleans your liver, too. Now Curcumin is probably the best for the money.

Many chronic painful conditions are caused by inflammation caused by the body fighting infection, even if the infection is subclinical and cannot be easily diagnosed. To combat viral, fungal, or bacterial infections, even ones that are difficult to diagnose, consider using a wide spectrum antiseptic combination like NutriBiotic DefensePlus. Its grapefruit seed extract with other herbs is probably the best choice for a single supplement to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi.. If parasites are suspected, use instead Eclectic Institute Para-Fight. This is sometimes still known as Intestinal Support, which is an unfortunate name since it is one of the best systemic anti-parasitic supplements, and probably why it was recently changed. Before that, it was known as Black Walnut Wormwood. Hopefully the ParaFight name will stick around a while to prevent confusion. Either way, it is an excellent supplement to fight all manner of pathogens including bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, protozoa, and mycoplasma infections.

Mechanical damage can occur from deposits in the body including stones, crystals, and other deposits. For pain caused by these, Planetary Formula's Stone Free is an excellent product, helping clean deposits from the liver, gall, bladder, kidneys, and other tissues and organs. As a bonus, a major ingredient in Stone Free is turmeric, the extract of which is known as curcumin, and one of the best herbal anti-inflammatories.

However, plain turmeric does not have a lot of anti-inflammatory action in the small amounts it is usually used. For pain relief, turmeric extract, called curcumin, should be used. Three capsules per day of Now Curcumin is the equivalent of taking many prescription drugs that have horrible side effects. The main "side effects" of Now Curcumin is that it also cleans the liver and provides antioxidant protection for the body. Now also makes a curcumin boswellin extract combination that may work as well when taken in sufficient amount.

Although turmeric extract (curcumin) is an excellent anti-inflammatory, plus has the benefit of controlling some bacterial infections, cleaning the liver instead of destroying itlike most prescription drugs, and is a better COX-2 inhibitor, it cannot be taken in the large amounts necessary to control severe inflammation since it can upset the stomach taken too much. Usually three capsules of curcumin is all that should be taken in a day. So if more action than this is needed, enzymes can be added to the regimen.

Bromelain potency is measured in either gelatin digesting units (GDU) or milk clotting units (MCU) per gram. MCU is generally double the GDU. Anything over 1200 GDU or 2400 MCU is a high potency product. 2000 to 2400 GDU (4000-4800 MCU) is maximum potency for bromelain. Inferior bromelain products can be as little as 200 GDU in which case six to ten times more capsules (36 to 100) at a time may be necessary.

Pancreatin potency is usually measured in USP units. High potency pancreatin products contain over 50,000 units of protease and amylase and 5000 units of lipase activity per serving.

A therapy that is usually effective for relieving acute or chronic pain quickly is high dose enzyme therapy. A non-acidic enzyme must be used for this purpose. Many digestive supplements contain acid components such as HCL (hydrochloric acid) or ox bile. This does help with digestion if there is insufficient acid production in the body, but makes this type unsuitable for high dose enzyme therapy since the acid components cause stomach upset and acid indigestion when taken in amounts too large. Therefore, a plain pancreatin or bromelain extract product is used. The best for the money is probably Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme. It is a 10x (10 times potency) pancreatin supplement that comes in small tablets that are easy to take in large amounts. Now Bromelain is pineapple enzyme and has properties similar to pancreatin, and can be used instead. Another populat product used for high-dose programs is Wobenzym. If pancreatin will not be taken for whatever reason, high potency bromelain (2000GDU or more) or Vitalzym can be used instead. For either of these, a reasonable dosage for acute pain is 10 tablets or capsules at one time. A schedule that solves many problems is 5 tablets or capsules before breakfast and 10 before bed, but as many as necessary can be used to achieve the desired results. A side benefit of using enzymes in large amounts are that they also help protein and fat digestion, which leads to further reduction of inflammation.

The Zone Diet is the best diet for controlling inflammatory conditions since it optimizes the balance of hormones in the body. Using an omega 3 supplement like fish oil provides the EPA the body needs to produce anti-inflammation hormones, and is usually recommended for the Zone Diet. See the EFA Supplement section for more information. Eat Right 4 Your Type should also be considered since the wrong foods can promote inflammation, especially the nightshade vegetables - potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers.

Although turmeric extract (curcumin) is an excellent anti-inflammatory, plus has the benefit of controlling some bacterial infections, cleaning the liver instead of destroying itlike most prescription drugs, and is a better COX-2 inhibitor, it cannot be taken in the large amounts necessary to control severe inflammation since it can upset the stomach taken too much. In this case, non-acidic enzymes can be used. The best for the money are probably plain pancreatin (Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme is the most potent) and bromelain (pineapple enzyme). Many digestive enzyme supplements are acidic and contain HCL or ox bile or other acidic components so can not be used in large enough amounts, but ones of this type are appropriate for using double or triple the recommended dosage.

Another good supplement to control inflammation is boswellia, also known as frankincense. There are various types of boswellia supplements, but a good one is Enzymatic Therapy Fatigued to Fantastic End Pain. It is a good all around pain supplement which in addition to boswellia, contains cherry extract (which helps remove mineral deposits) and white willow extract. White willow is a source of salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin, and provides direct analgesic action.

However, remember again that chronic pain is usually associated with infection, so do not ignore this part of the regimen. See the Antibacterial Regimen or Antiviral Regimen for more information.

Other measures that may be helpful include using a multivitamin to ensure that all nutrients for repair of damaged tissues and immune system function are provided.

Enzyme Therapy

Originally written as a part of an article discussing the use of enzymes to fight detox reaction from using bioelectronic therapies, a manifestation of which is inflammation which causes pain, the following compares various enzyme potencies and is useful when deciding on which to use for fighting pain, too.


The immune system uses enzymes to process debris as well as fight living pathogens. One type of immune cell engulfs microbes or debris and injects them with one or more of its limited number of enzyme “packets” to destroy them. Once an immune cell’s enzymes are depleted, the cell dies. It can even die before its enzymes are used up if the pathogen releases enough toxic byproducts when it dissolves. Antioxidants help protect the body cells from this type of damage, which is why antioxidants can be directly beneficial to the immune system.

Enzymes assist the body to fight detox reaction in other ways as well. Proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes like pancreatin, besides their many other benefits, help the body digest protein and fat. This provides more nutrients to assist detoxification. One of these nutrients is sulfur, which is found mostly in protein in the diet. Although an acid mineral, sulfur aids in the elimination of toxic substances, catalyzes enzyme reactions, and increases cellular all of which are necessary for the body to rebuild and maintain muscles and connective tissues. Enzymes are also one of the best supplement to use when there are congested lymph nodes, which can be the most painful manifestation of detox reaction.

Enzymes are also anti-inflammatory and fight pain, especially when used in large amounts. Enzyme Therapy involves using enzymes in sufficient dose to combat these problems, and is very effective and highly recommended for painful conditions. For this purpose, only non-acidic enzyme supplements are used since using too much of a product that contains an acidic component like ox bile or hydrochloric acid (HCL) can upset the stomach. Suitable enzymes products are usually either pancreatin, a pancreas enzyme, or bromelain, which is pineapple enzyme. Pancreatin tends to offer more digestive power for the money, but bromelain is better absorbed by some people, making it more effective. It may be a question of blood type as to which is more effective (see D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type) with blood type A’s doing better on bromelain and pancreatin being more effective for blood type O’s.

Examples of high potency pancreatin products include Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme 10x, supplement that comes in small aspirin-sized tablets and contains full strength pancreas enzymes. It has no odor, unlike many pancreatin supplements. Another example is Source Naturals Pancreatin 8x Digestive Enzymes, which although slightly lower in potency by weight, contains over twice as much activity per serving since it contains a full 500mg of pancreatin per capsule. Naturally Vitamins’ Wobenzym is probably the most popular enzyme product the world over to use in large amounts, although it is not as high in potency and more expensive than the Source Naturals or Enzymatic Therapy products.

Pancreatin potency is measured in USP units of activity. A reasonable amount to use to combat acute pain or detox reaction is 500,000 USP units. This would be 5 capsules of Source Naturals’ Pancreatin 8x, 12 tablets of Mega-Zyme, or 26 tablets of Wobenzym. However, Wobenzym does contain additional digestive ingredients such as papain, bromelain, and other nutrients, and the Mega-Zyme does include critical cofactors for enzyme absorption, so as little as half these amounts may be as effective. But this provides an illustration of why some complementary health advocates recommend using truly huge amounts of enzymes such as Wobenzym when fighting serious diseases, sometimes suggesting that the tablets not even be counted but used by the handful. This should not be necessary when using a high potency enzyme product.

Some people prefer not to use pancreatin, particularly vegetarians, and as mentioned earlier, blood type A’s may find bromelain more effective for their needs anyway. Bromelain is usually measured in either GDUs (gelatin digesting units) or MCUs (milk clotting units). Although it varies a good deal, MCUs are usually double the amount of GDUs, i.e., a bromelain product of 4000 MCU potency would be the equivalent to one of 2000 GDU potency. GDUs can be confusing, though. GDU is typically a measure of bromelain potency per gram, so when a bromelain products states it is of 2000 GDU potency and comes in 500mg capsules, it contains 1000 GDU per capsule. Adding to this confusion is some bromelain products, usually combinations, state the bromelain potency per capsule. Either way, a good amount to take per serving is 10,000 GDUs for acute detox and pain problems. Since bromelain comes in such a wide range of potencies, it is very important to ensure one of adequate strength.

Some bromelain products contain as little as 200 GDU potency in which case 100 capsules at a time might be necessary. High potency products include Now Bromelain, which is 2400 GDU and requires 8 capsules at time.

Rife Frequencies, Annotations, and Comments

TrueRife - Selected frequency sets in F100 format with comments


#30 minutes

# Stiffness and pain in a particular joint. Causes ... May be due to a single pathogen.

# Why this program works in as little as 30 minutes is not fully understood. It is possible that the electrical impulses generated by this set mimic the electrical discharges of the central nervous system and instruct the brain and body to generate specific neuropeptides, the key chemicals used by the body to heal. Proper communication between the brain and the area of pain may then invoke a rapid healing process that previously may have not been possible.

duty 75
dwell 180
pulse 4 60
160 500 1600 5000

pulse 2 60
1600 500 160

converge 1 1
160 324 528


#27 minutes

duty 60
dwell 180
converge 1 1
pulse 1 60
Dwell 360

dwell 180
pulse 4 50
165 505 1605

dwell 180
165 5005 55


#30 minutes

duty 75
pulse 1 60
Dwell 180
45 155 495 1595 4995

Dwell 180
Pulse 4 60
45 155 495 1595 499