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Description4 oz glass bottle. EBPB is an antiseptic made for maladies caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is excellent for coughs, colds, flu, sore throat, lung and sinus disorders, and many other acute and chronic infections. A similar formula is marketed by Dr. Richard Loyd of royalrife.com to combat viruses associated with cancer since it is a premier formula to combat any virus at a deep level such as necessary to fight cancer or other illnesses which may be caused or exacerbated by viruses and to build deep immunity without the direct white blood cell stimulating effects of echinacea making it valuable to fight chronic maladies. However, it works almost as well as OliveOrThyme for acute problems without the strong taste. It still tastes somewhat astrigent.

Ingredients: Extracts of elderflower, black walnut hull (fresh when in season), peppermint, and burdock; asorbic acid, Approx 35-40% alcohol. 

Directions: Shake well before use. Use 1/4 tsp three times per day or more as needed. EPBP can be added to a cup of hot water to evaporate the alcohol before using. For an intensive regimen, can be used 1 tsp to start then 1/4 tsp per hour, with a cup of water.

There are 96 quarter teaspoon servings per 4 oz bottle.


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